I've been a professor of psychology and anthropology for five-years at the university with an emphasis on behavioral psychology among young adults. I'm 37-years-old, stand five feet and 11-inches; weigh a muscled 170 pounds from working out five-days a week; white bleached hair; deep blue eyes; and blessed with an 8-inch, thick cock shaft and large cum filled balls. It is public knowledge that I'm a single gay man.

I hold a Ph.D. in psychology with a secondary field of study in cultural anthropology.  Last summer Ivan and ten other college students spent the summer with me on an anthropological dig in South America. That is when I got to know Ivan's family and they became like a secondary family to me as my parents and younger sister live 3,000 miles away from where I teach.

Ivan is 19-years-of-age; stands 6-feet tall; weighs a slim 170 pounds; dark brown hair and eyes; athletic build as a soccer player on the university team; long thick 8-inch cock with a tight big set of balls; and beautiful olive smooth skin (his father is an immigrant from Germany and his mother is an immigrant from Argentina---they are naturalized U S citizens). Both Ivan and his sister were born in the United States.

This event took place ten days ago on a Saturday evening when I had dinner with Ivan's family. Following dinner, Ivan asked me if he could come over to my condo to discuss a paper he was writing for one of my classes regarding some of the artifacts we had discovered over the summer during our diggings in South America. His parents and sister had tickets that evening for a concert at our university. Ivan and I arrived at my condo around 7:00 PM.

Ivan and I had a glass of wine and we examined three of the artifacts that Ivan was using to write his paper. Then I asked Ivan: "Why don't we go over to my sofa and relax. We can chat about your upcoming soccer game against the "1" team in your league next week and discuss game strategy?"

"Yea Trent that sounds great. Enough about my paper for this evening."

After about an hour of talking about soccer strategy, I was getting very horny but I'd never brought up sex with Ivan. I knew he had never dated and that he was very shy about the topic sex. But man I wanted to question him. He was so fucking HOT. Due to my friendship wiht his family, our age differences and the faculty-student relationship, I was convinced he was forbidden fruit even if he might be curious about man sex. This was and would continue to be only a fantasy in my head as to fucking him.

Then I got the surprise of my life. Ivan turned toward me and asked: "Trent may I ask you a very personal question?"

As I gazed into his unbelievably seductive sparkling yes and noticed he was blushing with a nervous expression on his face, I lost complete control of my stiffening cock. I tried to hide my growing tent in my pants as I answered him: "Of course Ivan, you can ask me anything you wish. We are now like family and brothers."

"Well, I've wanted to discuss something with you ever since we met last year and you became like a member of our family. Here goes. I guess you can notice that I'm really nervous and almost speechless right now but tonight I'm getting up the nerve to ask you about sex. There I just let it out."

As my cock took control of the situation, I bravely placed my hand on his hot thigh and I replied: ""Oh Ivan you know how much I admire you and your family and my love for all of you. Relax and let it all out. Whatever you want to discuss is only between you, these four walls and me. Go for it."

"Well OK thanks Trent, I've never had sex and I'm not sure if I'm straight, gay or bi-sexual. I'm very curious about sex and I know you are such a handsome man but very discreet and you do not sleep around. I like that about you. I trust you so much that I can tell you I masturbate ever night. How about you? Do you masturbate a lot?"

"Hell yea Ivan ever night, I'm one horny dude. Tell me how and where you masturbate. It will make you feel good to share."

"OH thanks Trent for this conversation. Each night I lock my bedroom door, pull out magazines of nude men and women, get naked on my back in bed, jack off until I shoot a big load on my stomach and chest. Sometimes I shoot so far it hits me in my face and I get to taste my own cum."

"Oh Holy Cow, Ivan that is so fucking hot. Sorry you just got me stone hard. How do you clean up all that cum after shooting your youthful load?"

"Trent I usually use Kleenex so mother will not find my mess. However, sometimes I take one of my socks and clean myself and I've even put a sock on my hard cock and shot my load in the sweaty sock and then put it up to my nose and smelt it---it gets me really horny.Trent how do you clean up?"

"Ivan sometimes I shoot my load in a condom, sometimes on my body, sometimes in my hand and eat the cum and sometimes I shoot my load in the toilet to avoid a mess. Shit look Ivan you have a huge bulge in your pants. Are you turned on right now?"

"OH YEA TRENT, I want you to make love to me. I've been hot for you ever since we met last year. Please lets suck cock and I want you to fuck me. Don't you think I'm gay, as I desire your body. Man you are one hot dude. Just promise me that this is our little secret. I know I can trust you. Gee my cock is throbbing and I feel shivers all over my body. Can we get naked and go to your bed?"

I'd never felt hornier and certianly my stiff cock had never been more eager to fuck a man's ass. I'd have Ivan that very night and shit forget about the forbidden fruit. His fruit would belong to me that evening. We went to my bedroom, I began to undress this hot 19-year-old soccer stud. I slowly removed his shoes and socks, unzipped his sexy tight blue jeans that looked liked he had been poured into them, pulled them off and I pulled his polo shirt up and off his head. I left his tight blue sexy briefs on him that were packed with that huge package.

Then I instructed Ivan: "Baby, this is your night to lose your virginity. Now take my clothes off and we can get down to business. Man you have me so lusting after you."

Ivan's face was then very bright red and he had begun to breath rapidly, his cock was thrashing around in those sexy blue briefs trying to escape and holy fuck a big cum ring was growing in the front of those briefs. I could hardly wait to get my mouth on those briefs and lick and smell that hot crotch and pre-cum.

As Ivan's hands shook violently, he managed to unbutton my shirt and take it off, pulled my undershirt up and off of me, unzipped my pants and took them off as I had already gotten out of my shoes and socks, he put his thumbs under the elastic in my boxer shorts and jerked them down and off of me causing my 8-inch rock hard cock to hit him in his abs as we stood close to each other. When my leaking cock hit his body and spewed some warm pe-cum on him, he let out a loud moan as he fell back on my bed on his back with his legs and feet hanging over the edge.

This was my signal to go after his hot body. I got down on my knees and began to use my hands to rub across that hot hard cock inside his briefs. Ivan beagn to buck his hips like a wild horse as I took my mouth and lips and began to lick and suck on that wet ring on his briefs. The young fresh smell of his semen and the odors from his clean crotch had my cock throbbing like never before. I sucked on those briefs for several minutes inhaling those incredible odors. As I continued to lick his briefs, I took one hand and slid it down the back of his briefs and began to stick a finger up his virgin tight ass. I kept this up for about ten minutes until I knew Ivan was in total heat. As he began to grunt and yell with pure lust and pleasure, I ripped off those now wet briefs of his and released his huge aching cock that was spewing pre-cum which I ate.

I stood up for a few minutes and began to become almost mesmerized as I was fixated on looking at the most beautiful naked male form I'd ever seen stretched out on my bed on his back revealing his entire frame. Ivan's legs were spread revealing his awesome pink pussy and fresh meat. His natural smooth olive tanned hairless body except for the hair on his head, underarms and trimmed pubic hair glowed like a Greek god statue. His big dick was standing at attention, his sparkling sexy eyes were focused on my eyes and his seductive smile was inviting me to fuck him. My animal wild instinct kicked in and I had to devour this hot jock.

Then Ivan said: "Trent Baby, look at your bobbing cock, you want me as bad as I want you, isn't that so? Let me be your bitch tonight. I'll just be totally submissive and you take charge of my horny body."

Those sexy words and invitation were as sweet as a Beethoven symphony to my ears. I had Ivan move up further on the bed so his legs and feet were off the floor. As he lay on his sexy back, I lowered my enire naked body on top of him and I beagn to wildly hump as our hard cocks pressed against each other. I slowly planted my lips hard against his wet juicy lips as my tongue parted his lips allowing me to drive my tongue deep in his mouth. As we violently humped, I gave him sloppy French kisses. We sucked on each other's hot tongues for several minutes. Where had he learned to kiss like this? Man, he was a great kisser.

After several steamy minutes of our entangled bodies had us wild with lust, I whispered in Ivan's ear: "Baby, I want to give you a warm oral bath with my tongue from your head to your feet that will send you into ecstasy and a volcanic orgasm."

I felt Ivan's entire body become rigid, his cock throbbed, shivers ran up and down his spine his breath became rapid and he moaned. I knew I had him in an animalistic condition for wild sex.

I started using my lips and tongue to kiss and lick his ears and ran my tongue deep inside his ears; next I plunged my tongue under his armpits and washed them with my spit until they were totally wet; then I used my tongue to go up and down his hairless chest; I sucked hard on his rock hard nipples; I plunged my tongue into his sexy belly button; I spent lots of time on his stomach and abs; I by-passed his pulsating cock and used my tongue to wash the inside of his very hot thighs; then I licked up and down those really hard legs; next I used my tongue to lick the bottom of his feet and sucked each of his ten toes in my mouth; and finally he was so wild with thrashing his whole body  across the bed I could hardly finish my oral bath of him. He was yelling and grunting like a stuck pig as he begged me to suck his cock and play with his balls. I obeyed. I got between his warm legs and took the head of his cock in my mouth and pressed my lips down hard on that leaking cock. Then I took my tongue and began to lick up and down the underside of his huge cock shaft driving him mad as I played with his big balls---I also sucked his balls into my mouth. It was then time to really give him a hot blowjob. I slowly began to take his cock inch by inch deep into my throat until I had that whole tool deep in my mouth. I spent some five minutes coming down and off that cock as I felt his cock pulsating in my mouth. Ivan bucked up and down as he begged me to suck his cock faster. I use my fingers to play with his ass and even drive a couple of my fingers inside that ass getting him ready for my big cock up that virgin asshole. The smell and taste of his clean cock and balls had my cock and balls aching for relief.

As I realized Ivan was getting close to the line, I stopped so he wouldn't come. I spent more time kissing his delicious lips. 

"OK Ivan Baby, get on your stomach. I'm going to give you your first hot rim job and yea fuck the hell out of that virgin man pussy until I unload all that cum build up in my balls."

"OH YEA, Trent baby, I want you to rim my ass and fuck the hell out of my ass now."

I spread his legs far apart exposing his gorgeous tight pink ass to my mouth and cock. I began to use my tongue to lick up and down his ass crack that sent Ivan into a wild bucking of his hips and he yelled with pure pleasure.  Ivan was going to be a real loud yeller during sex that turned me on even more. I put my mouth and tongue at the entrance to his ass and went wild plunging my tongue as deep as I could into his pussy. The sloppy sound of my tongue in his ass had Ivan even hornier.

After about five minutes of giving him his first wet rim job, I asked Ivan: "Are you ready for my big cock?" He answered: "Yea, give it to me, Baby."

I took a bottle of lube, poured his ass full of the lube, lubed my hard cock, lubed a sexy red condom and put the condom on my aching cock. His ass was so tight that the first two tries of thrusting my cock in his ass failed ass failed as I only got the head of my cock in him. Ivan was in pain and said: "OH BABY, your cock is so big. It hurts me but don't stop. Fuck me and make me your bitch. I don't want to be a virgin anymore."

I put a pillow under his crotch and asked him to breath normally and relax. I used my muscled legs and hard hips and succeeded in breaking his tight ass ring and plunged my big dick all the way inside on the third attempt. I had popped his cherry. Man, it felt so great to have my cock in such a tight ass as I slowly began to come in and out of his hot ass until his pussy adjusted to my big iron hard cock.

In a lustful high pitched vocie, Ivan said: "OH YEA, fuck that feels so good. Fuck me harder."

As I began to thrust my throbbing cock faster and faster deep in his young soft ass, I plunked my entire body on to his back and shoulders. This was my favorite position to fuck a guy while he lay on his stomach. I drilled his ass for some ten minutes when he then began to use his ass muscles to squeeze my cock hard causing my balls to release a huge load of my semen that filled the condom. At that same moment, I heard Ivan yell: "Oh Shit, here I come." He spewed his big load onto the sheets. 

When we were both spent, I pulled my cock out of that young now non-virgin ass, took off the condom and dumped the semen into Ivan's waiting mouth. We kissed and as I ran my tongue deep in his mouth, I too enjoyed the cum meal.

As I lay beside my new hot gorgeous bitch and true friend, I said: "Well baby, how did you like your first fuck? This is just the beginning of great sex with you. Next time I'll fuck that ass from several different positions and if you wish you can suck my cock and fuck my ass."

"YEA Trent, I can hardly wait. I love the gay life style. I guess I'm a true gay horny bitch. I love being your bitch. I love you."


Naughty Eric


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