My name is Derek, a university psychology professor. who was 28 years-of-age as this story begins. I am a blond haired, blue eyed, 5' 11" tall and 170 pound guy with a solid muscled shaped body. I work out three days a week.

Just over four years ago on the first day of Fall Semester classes, I go to my introduction psychology class and immediately notice a really hot freshman in the front row who seems unable to take his deep dark brown eyes off of me. He looks deep into my eyes with a suggestive smile. I think:"Derek get control of yourself." After the class ends, this gorgeous stud comes up to the lectern and introduces himself as Tyler and ask if I would agree to be his faculty adviser. I thought the request unusual as he is measuring in business and I advise the psychology majors. But of course, I agree to become his adviser.

Tyler is a handsome lightly tanned Italian with beautiful brown eyes and well-trimmed black hair. He is about 5' 10" tall and weighs around 165 pounds. He tells me that he had worked for two years after high school and is entering college as a freshman at age 20. He works out three or four times a week.

As the semester progresses, Tyler starts visiting my office around three times a week always with questions about the course. He pulls a chair up close to my desk and as we talk he deliberately starts rubbing his leg up against one of my legs. Each time I get a raging hard on that I conceal by pulling my chair up close under the desk. I often get a wet spot in my shorts. Because of this occurrence, I always keep an extra pair of short and pants in my office so I can change before my next class. I often see that Tyler has a huge bulge in his pants as we talk.

About one month into the semester, Tyler invites me to dinner. I nervously accept and we spend the evening discussing various subjects while consuming a seven course meal and some wine. At one point, Tyler shares with me how excited he was to learn from a review of a recent book that Alexander The Great was Gay. I knew where Tyler was headed so I quickly change the subject.

Tyler continues to visit my office several times a week. As the semester is coming to a close, Tyler takes me to lunch and informs me that he is leaving school and joining the U.S. Army. Now I have ignored his advances thus I probably will never see this hunk again.

But four years later, I receive a great pleasant surprise. As I come into one of my upper division psychology classes the first day, there is Tyler on the front row with that sexy seductive smile. WOW! Tyler is now 24 and I am 32. He is returning to the university as a second semester freshman after serving four years in the U.S. Army. He is looking in great shape and handsome as ever.

About a week into the semester, Tyler visits my office and invites me to dinner. It s obvious that he was not giving up on me. He is persistent. I am not going to blow this chance and I agree to go with him to dinner. We have a great dinner and consume several glasses of wine. Tyler shares with me that he sometimes has very unusual feelings. I know where he is headed.

As Tyler pays the bill and we get up to leave, he ask me: "Derek can I come over to your condo for an after dinner drink?" I instantly say yes.

When we get to my home, I show Tyler my place. As we enter the large walk-in bathroom, Tyler notices that I have a large sunken bathtub with jets on the side to aid the bubble bath soap that he sees beside the tub. This is his chance. He ask: "Derek, may I take a bubble bath? What a neat room and exotic bathtub." I assure him that is fine.

I draw the water, put on some sexy music, place the bubble soap in the water and turn on the jets. He turns to me and says: "Derek will you start undressing me?" I remove his coat, tie,shoes, dress shirt and pants. He stops me from removing his red hot briefs and he begins to lap dance in front of my growing crotch.

I notice his huge bulge and a very wet spot in the front of his sexy briefs. As he rubs against my crotch, I feel both our rock hard cocks rubbing against each other. I am now on fire. He now has me where he wants me. He has caught his game as a hunter.

After several minutes of dancing, he orders me to remove his briefs with my teeth. This is rally hot. WOW! I can smell his precum as I remove the last piece of clothes. He has a movie stars smooth hairless body. For the first time, I get a view of this gorgeous raging hard cock that is at least 8-inches and with at least a 5" girth. He puts his cock, standing at attention, against my open mouth, grabs the back of my neck and plunges his red hot dripping cock down my throat. He thrust and thrust his eager cock all the way into the back of my mouth as I taste his delicious precum. He is forcing me to deep throat the most beautiful thick and long cock I have ever seen or tasted. His cock is so smooth, slick and wet that I feel like I am sucking on a lollypop. I am now leaking gobs of precum in my shorts.

I have been seduced by Tyler after four years. I am so glad. There is no turning back as I have already sucked his huge cock. Tyler knows that we both are lusting after each other.

Tyler enters the jetting tub and I notice his throbbing cock is bobbing above the bubbles. Tyler says to me: "Derek, come over here and jerk me off and play with my balls." I instantly obey and does his cock ever feel so slick in the water as does his balls. I take one hand and jerk him off and use the other hand to fondle his balls. Tyler is throwing his legs out of the water while moaning and grunting with great pleasure. As I dip my hands into the water, my dress shirt sleeves get soaked from the bubbles.

I had now sucked his cock and jerked him off. I am ready for an evening of really steamy sex. I suggest that Tyler shower and I will go prepare the bed and get some imported massage oils for massaging his beautiful body.

I prepared the bed, ripped off my clothes and put a silk blanket on the bed for Tyler. He comes into the bedroom with his 8-inch cock standing at attention and still leaking some precum. Tyler gives me that now familiar sexy smile and says: "Baby, am I ever ready for sex."

I have Tyler lie down on the silk blanket on his stomach and I start massaging his body from head to his feet using the exotic oils for at least 15 minutes. My new lover is soaked and slick as butter. As I massage his ass cheeks, he raises his ass up into my hands giving me the signal that it is time to get serious. I oil his ass crack and begin to finger his asshole pushing the oil into his enter ass. He loves the feeling as he grunts and begs me to finger and eat out his fucking ass.

I lick and suck his oily asshole and crack. I put one, then two and finally three fingers into his smooth shaven asshole. He loves the feeling. I plunge my tongue as far as I can into his ass entrance and continue to tongue fuck him for 5 minutes. Tyler reaches a hand under his stomach and begins to jerk his aching cock. He begins to buck his ass up and down. He takes his now cum covered fingers and sucks the white seed. His ass muscles grip my tongue that gives me goose bumps.

After 20 minutes of my servicing Tyler, he takes charge and says to me: "Derek, turn on your stomach." He takes lots of lube, drenches my smooth shaven asshole and spits into my ass. I feel his tongue licking and sucking my hot ass. I have never experienced such a hot and sharp tongue drilling my ass and so very deep. He knows how to eat ass. I beg hm to never stop. I feel as if my 8" cock is growing larger. I reach underneath and play with my hard boner and collect cum to put in my mouth.

I get a big surprise from Tyler when he says: "You are my first sexual experience as I have been a virgin until tonight. I have waited for you buddy for four years. I have lusted for you all the years I was in the Army." I am shocked and ask: "Tyler, baby, if I am your first fuck, how do you know so many erotic moves?" He smiles and answers: "Well baby, ever since I met you, I have watched hundreds of Gay adult porn movies so I could please you and make the hottest sex you have ever had." I respond: "Well, you hunk! You have succeeded. Let me fuck you. I want that slick man pussy so bad I can taste it."

Tyler breaths hard and says: "Oh Derek, please fuck my ass. I want all your 8" inside me---please please FUCK ME! Let me be your bitch." I put Tyler on his back and place his legs and feet on my shoulders. I reach for the lube and a condom. I put lots of lube on and in his ass as I know he will be tight. Again Tyler surprises me: "Derek baby, I cleaned or douched my ass before I came to dinner and I am totally clean. Please fuck me raw. I want to feel your cock skin in me and I want your jizz inside me. I want your hot juices to become part of my body. I want to melt into you. I am wild about you." This makes me marble hard.

I start dry humping Tyler with my rock hard cock going up and down over his stomach, rubbing our wet cocks together, rubbing my boner into his ass crack and putting my cock under his balls. We go wild humping for 10 minutes.

Tyler pleads: "Derek, please do not tease me. I want all your cock inside me."

I start entering his tight ass as he pushes his ass up to meet my rod. First, I slide one inch, then two and then three inches into his wet man pussy. I continue to slowly enter this hot pussy until my balls are touching his hot skin. WOW! he has taken all of my huge cock. Tyler moans and says: "Oh, Derek, it hurts but do not stop. Fuck me, please." He finally relaxes and we move into a rhythm that gives us both remarkable pleasure as I pound him over and over. His ass muscles tighten aaound my cock that puts me over the edge. I yell: "Baby, my bitch, I am cumming, I am cumming. Get ready for a flood of my cum that you want so bad."

Tyler cries out: "I feel your warm cum soaking my ass. Oh, yes, I have part of you inside me. You are mine, baby." I explode a huge load. I pull out and give Tyler my cock dangling with streams of my cum as he eats it. He loves his cum meal and more of me is his.

Tyler takes charge again. He puts me on my back, he gets on top of me, puts his knees around the side of my head and thrust his rock hard and stiff cock all the way down my throat. Oh, the cock taste so good including the precum. He begins face fucking me harder and harder. I think my jaws are going to burst as he fucks my face for at least 10 minutes.

I know he is ready to come when I feel the head of his cock expand, his balls rise up against my chin and his face draws into a lustful look. The shaft begins to throb and the first drip of cum leaves his piss slit. Tyler yells: "Oh baby, I am going to drown you in my over due cum load that I have waited to share for four years." Oh I am so hot from his dirty talk.

He truly drenches my throat with one large burst after another. His warm cum is so sweet. I love this man's cum. I am forced to swallow most of the cum as it is so deep in my throat. He pulls out and we French kiss to share our cum and bodies. This is the best sex I have ever had.

Tyler spends the night in my arms as we get some sleep. As he leaves for school the next morning, he ask: "Derek, darling, will you be my lover?" I quickly respond with a yes. Tyler kisses me while inserting his tongue down my throat, spits in my mouth and says: "Oh, Derek, you have not yet felt my big boner in your ass, have you?" We both get a huge boner and agree that we can take care of that problem soon.

After Tyler leaves for school, I feel the most intense heat in my loins. My aching cock stands straight up and is throbbing, jerking, twisting and jumping out of control. I reach for my 10" dildo, stretch out on my back on the bed, lube the dildo and my ass, lift my legs up to my chest and thrust the dildo up my ass. I fantasy that the dildo is Tyler's big cock. Soon I explode a huge load of cum on my abs, stomach and chest.

I think of tonight when Tyler will be back with his beautiful cock. I can hardly wait.



Naughty Eric


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