I'm a 35-year-old college professor in my 7th year as a faculty member at a private liberal arts college teaching in the field of biological and natural sciences. During the week of Fall student registration, the baseball coach, Sean, approaches me accompanied by Sam, his second year baseball player and said: "Professor Bo, let me introduce Sam, my sophomore second baseman. He registered today and learned that there was a misunderstanding about returning to the house he and four of his buddies had rented last year. Sam has no where to stay. I understand that sometimes you rent a room in your house to one of our lads. Could you help me out? Sam is a 4.00 student, is quiet, rather shy and is not one of those party jocks. Sam and his family have no problem paying the rent."

"Sure Sean, I would be happy to help out Sam. I was at some of the baseball games last year and Sam you were outstanding as a player. In fact, am I not correct that you were the league's batting champion last year?"

"Oh thank you Professor Bo. I promise you will hardly know that I'm a guest. Yea, I did win the batting title last year. My goal is to become a major league baseball player."

That evening I got home around 5 PM. Sam and his parents arrived at 6 PM. I helped them unload Sam's belongings and we said goodbye to his parents that had to catch a 9 PM flight back to their home in another state.

Sam turned out to be a perfect roommate. He was always very well groomed and kept his room meticulously clean. Sam was very polite, helpful around the house on the weekends and respectful regarding my demanding schedule. He too had long days at school and baseball practice and often did not get home until around 6 Pm where I had dinner ready for him. He was a perfect son as an only child of his highly respected and wealthy parents.

I could not have been more pleased with my decision to rent him a room. In fact, I had become very fond of Sam and we both had come to enjoy each other's company. Our personalities and chemistry were perfect matches.

After Sam had been living with me for four weeks and it was a rainy Friday evening, I decided to go to bed around 9 PM following a busy week plus the rain always made me lazy and sleepy. I said goodnight to Sam, took a quick shower, got in bed wearing only a pair of tight white briefs and began to read a biography of a famous scientists.

In about 20 minutes, I heard a knock at my bedroom door and Sam said: "Professor Bo are you asleep?"

"No Sam, I'm  propped up in bed reading. Come on in."

"Professor Bo, I'm sorry to disturb you but I'm having a hell of a time solving this math problem Could you help me?"

"Sure Sam, sit down on the edge of the bed and I'll take a look at the problem."

As I moved over near the center of the bed making room for Sam with him dressed only in a pair of thin white briefs, I had my first close up view of his almost completely naked body. It was the most beautiful stud's body of my entire life.  My gay radar went into full action as I looked at that perfect specimen.

Sam had the blondest almost white well-trimmed hair; deep blue eyes, smooth light hairless skin except for a light fuzz under his armpits and and well-trimmed blonde pubic hair; weighed around 170 pounds; stood about 6-feet; the most solid muscled arms and bulging biceps; flat and ribbed chest, stomach, and abs; beautiful strong hard thighs and legs; a smooth  hairless body that shinned and glowed; and feet as smooth and perfect as a male model. Since  he had just showered, he smelt so enticing from the creme and what appeared to be scented cologne.

As Sam turned to the math problem in his textbook, I moved up close behind his back and looked over his shoulder to view the equation. Oh hell, my body made contact with Sam's back as my crotch rubbed up against his thin white briefs. As my cock felt the radiating heat from his butt, I felt the most intense shivers running throughout my entire body that caused my cock to grow to its full 9x6 erect rock hard blood filled tool. When Sam felt my hard boner plow into his briefs, he pushed his butt back hard against my aching cock, he dropped his textbook on the  floor and turned his face toward my face.

Carnal lust had turned us into primordial animals needing to be sexually ravished. I placed Sam's face in my hands, took my tongue and swirled it across his thick soft pink lips. He opened his mouth inviting my tongue to explore his hot throat. I thrust my tongue to the back of his throat and soon our tongues were were battling like two swords dueling. I felt his hot breath and spit spraying  my face. While we gave each other wet sloppy kisses, I felt Sam reach behind my back, put a hand down my briefs and began to finger my ass. I took one of my hands and ran it inside the front of his tight briefs. I discovered that Sam's 8-inch cock was steel hard, very hot and oozing pre-cum.

After several minutes of our kissing, Sam fingering my ass and I jerking off his cock, Sam took charge, used his hard athletic body to throw me on my back on the bed, took his hands and pulled off my briefs and then removed his own briefs. We were then in the nude. Sam threw his naked muscular ribbed hard body on top of my frame. As he began to hump me, his horse cock came down hard on top of my cock drilling hard. While he humped me, he used his soft sexy lips to kiss my forehead, my neck and pierce my ears with his sharp tongue. Soon our crotches and pubic hair were soaked from the growing sweat and oozing pre-cum from the piss slits. The manly smells, wet bodies, the grinding of our giant sausages against each other and the touch of of flesh against flesh had us in ecstasy. In all my sexual exploits, I'd never experienced such intense and arousing pleasure; yet, we were just getting started on a mind blowing sexual night.

After what seemed like hours of pure pleasure, Sam spoke: "Professor, you caused me to become horny as hell when you pushed that hard cock into my back. Now, you are going to be my bitch tonight. I'm going to show you a hell of a good time from this hot jock. You are not my first lay but fuck you may turn out to be my best one yet."

"Oh Sam, I've never been more crazy for a man. Give it to me. I'm yours, go for it. You are my sex master tonight."

Sam came off my body, kept me on my back, spread my legs far apart, sprawled his body face down below my feet on the bed and moved his face and mouth up into my crotch. He grabbed the base of my stiff twitching cock, swirled his tongue around my cock head over and over, put his lips tight around my cock head and sucked out my pre-cum, next he slid his thick tongue up and down each side of my fat cock shaft for the longest time, and finally he slowly took my steel rod inch by inch to the back of his throat until he was deep throating my favorite organ. He must have spent at least ten minutes giving me the most erotic blowjob. Man he had strong jaw muscles and hard lips as he sucked my cock until it felt almost numb; yet, my still throbbing cock seemed to get even harder.

When he seemed satisfied, he pulled off my cock, put a pillow under my butt, and began to lick my ass and rotate between rimming my rosebud with his tongue and thrusting two or three fingers deep into my man pussy. He rimmed my ass and finger fucked my asshole for several minutes. Hell, I even felt him use his middle finger to give my prostate the most arousing massage.

I had become so horny, I finally begged: "Oh fuck Sam, please feed me that huge cock of yours. Drive that big snake deep in my ass. Fuck me, please fuck me."

As Sam played with my mind and made me even hornier, he asked: "What did you say, tell me again, do you want my big sausage up that man pussy of yours? Beg for it, Bitch. I can't hear you. What did you say?"

"OH Baby, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE FUCK ME. Give me that huge dick. Come in me."

Now that he had me totally in heat and crazy with lust for his big manhood, I told him where I kept my lube. He lubed his cock, got on his back on the bed with his horse sized slick cock standing at attention, had me put my ass down on his face as he spent a couple of minutes rimming my wet ass with his wet tongue. He had me lube my ass and then as I faced him, I lowered my burning ass all the way down on his huge tool. When his cock was all the way inside me, he began to use his jock hard hips to push up and down while I moved my ass up and down on that missile. My ass was stuffed with that young stud's hot stiff cock.He fucked me harder and harder until he was ready for another position.

At this point he became kinky. He found a couple of my winter neck scarfs, kept me on my back, and tied my wrists to the headboard with the scarfs. He spread my legs far apart exposing my ass for his upcoming pleasure. He had also discovered one of my hairbrushes and began using it to run it up and down my body. Man, the stiff brush tickled my body but was so sexy. He ran it under my armpits, across my stomach, down my thighs and across my butt. I went wild bucking up and down from this kinky playing by Sam of my trapped body. Sam was not only hot as hell but he had turned into a mischief fucking cute guy.

Again I begged: "Baby, FUCK ME !!!! FUCK ME!!!!! Don't tease me, fuck the hell out of my man pussy. OH FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK ME !!!!"

He was then ready. He got down on his knees to the entrance to my ass, put his cock head at the entrance to my puckering rosebud and thrust his huge manhood deep into my ass. As he fucked me, he gradually laid down flat on my frame and fucked the hell out of my ass. He used his stiff cock to explore the entire insides of my private ass. Sam plowed his hard athletic body down hard on top of me and humped as he pounded my ass for the longest time with that young fresh steal hard cock.

Then I felt his hot breathing on my face become rapid, his face grew flushed, the stress on his face telegraphed a nearing orgasm, his cock became harder, his nuts tightened up against my skin, the veins in his cock began to pulsate and he let loose a torrent of his hot, sticky and rich warm semen deep into my inner ass. The feel of his wet cum filling my man pussy and the hard thrusts of his cock deep inside me caused my cock to swell and a rush of my ropey cum shot out of my piss slit and landed between our entangled bodies.

When we both were spent, Sam pulled his still semi-hard cock out of my ass, he got off of me, untied my wrist and he laid down beside me as the cum began to dry on both our bodies and said: "Professor, how did you like your first fuck from this rock hard jock? Man, I got so turned on that nothing could have stopped me from fucking your hot pussy. But it was all your fault because you started this hot sex when your hard cock poked my rear end. Thanks for that. I guess we can wait until tomorrow to solve my math problem."

"Hey, Sam, that was the best fuck of my life. I've got an idea. Why don't you start sleeping with me in this big king sized bed and keep me warm. There is plenty of room and we can try this hot sex again."

Sam grabbed my still semi-hard cock that had started growing again, jerked it hard and said: "Professor, you've got a deal. Does this mean lowering my rent?"

"Sam, what rent? This sex will more than take care of your rent. In fact, maybe I need to pay you a bonus for how fucking hot you are."


Naughty Eric


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