The story begins during my first week as a freshman at a university if Virginia. The first day in my history class I meet Stan and learn that we both are history majors. After class, we go for a coffee and share our anxieties as incoming freshman. We are both out of state students with Stan being from Florida and I from Tennessee.

WE discover that our first semester schedules are identical with each of us registered for 18 credits and in the same classes.

Stan is a handsome tanned guy with black curly hair, brown eyes, stands 5' 11", weighs 160 pounds and has amazing red sexy lips.He has a rock hard lean and tanned body. His family ancestry is Greek and Italian.

He comes from a wealthy family in Tampa, Florida. He dresses in the latest men's fashions from major clothing houses in New York. He always looks as if he just walked off the front cover of a men's popular magazine.

Stan is pledging a fraternity although he is going to live off campus for privacy.

My name is David. I stand 5' 8", weight 150 pounds, have flowing blond hair with bangs, dark blue eyes, a slim tanned body, smooth almost hairless chest and stomach and sexy dimples. My grandparents came to the United States in 1936 from Switzerland.

I come from Nashville, Tennessee. I have been given a full tennis scholarship at the university. I am living in the athletic dorm. I am some what shy and reserved until I know someone well.

I soon learn that Stan and I have very different study habits. I always plan ahead in all my assignments and preparing for exams. Stan, although a brilliant student, he is an incurable procrastinator. He loves preparing the night before for a test as an example.

These different study habits result in our being great friends. Stan starts depending on me to always be available for all nighters just before each exam. I become his study partner for all our classes. I prepare well in advance for all my classes and set aside the night before each exam to drill my procrastinating buddy.

We become inseparable except when Stan is out on a date to satisfy his huge libido. The friendship become closer than even twins. We have no blood siblings. It is as if we are soul brothers.

The bond is based on several factors. First, Stan is incredibly grateful for my willingness to adapt to his study habits. Second, we enjoy the same music, foods, sports, political views and humor. Third, we share all our secrets with one another. For example, the first week of school, I tell Stan I am Gay and a virgin. No one else knows my secret.

IN November, my father gets a job in Europe with a 500 fortune company and my parents move to Europe. Stan's parents become my American family.

To further explain our intense friendship, Stan attends every one of my college tennis matches. And when I am playing tournaments not part of the college team, Stan drives me to and from those trips in his red corvette. We are always together---real buddies.

At the end of our freshman year, I spend the summer with Stan in Tampa. He drives me to tennis tournaments all over Florida. His parents often fly to the city and watch me.

The intensity of our friendship would make a great book defining true friendship.


During the third week of our sophomore year, I go to Stan's condo on a Thursday night for another all night cramming session for a Friday exam. The test is our "Western Civilization" class the next day.

Around 11 PM, we are propped up on pillows against the headboard. We take a break from studying and Stan starts telling me about his latest sexual encounter. "David, recently I was having unprotected sex with this hot co-ed. I was wildly fucking her pussy when I got close to coming. I decided I could plunge in deep one more time and then pull out. But I lost control and shot my seed into her pussy. She missed her next period and she told me she was probably pregnant. But today I learned she is not. I dodged the bullet."

"Stan, buddy, I am so happy for you. I hope you will use protection the next time." Stan gives me a big hug and says thanks.

This makes me so horny. Oh, I love Stan. I try desperately yo avoid an oncoming raging hard on but to no success. "Buddy, that story makes me so horny. Sorry for the hard on."

Then the most shocking move by my dearest friend.

"David, my bosom buddy, I can see your huge cock is trying to escape those pants. I too have a huge hard on. Since we are the best friends on the world, why don't we take off our clothes and jack-off? Buddies do this all the time. We can empty those cum filled nuts."

We rush to get out of our clothes and begin jacking off. I have a thick 8" cut cock and Stan has a huge cut 9" cock. We are propped up on the headboard. Stan and I are wildly jerking our own cocks when suddenly Stan reaches over and puts my hand on his cock as he begins playing with my aching cock.

Soon our hands are covered in precum. Stan takes his hand off my cock and puts it up to his mouth to taste my warm cum. I follow him by sucking my hand to taste his cum.

Next I hear the most beautiful words of my life. "David, I have enjoyed fucking all those hot co-eds but what I realize tonight is that I have never loved anyone the way I love you. The love is so intense, emotional, spiritual and complete. I am consumed by my love for you. The friendship has grown to the point that that I even lust after you physically. I feel as if we have become one. My love for you is greater than any heterosexual desires I have ever had."

"Oh, Stan, I love you with all my heart. I need you to make love to me. You are my soul mate."

Stan jumps on top of me and begins humping our naked bodies. His huge cock is sliding across my now really leaking cock. To hell with studying tonight, we are wild with our love and desire for one another.

We hump and wildly deep kiss for at least 5 minutes. I thrust my tongue deep into Stan's throat.

Stan suggest that I fuck him. He wants me to fuck him doggies style. I place a large blanket on the floor and put Stan on his stomach. I spread his legs far apart, put a small pillow under his crotch, lube his ass, finger his ass to wet his asshole and channel, lube my steel hard cock, and begin running my cock up and down his ass crack. I even run my hard cock up his back to his chin several times. Stan is bucking his ass and cheeks up to met my cock.

I put on a sexy black condom and begin to slowly enter his beautiful virgin ass. WOW, his ass is so tight that I slowly pull out and back in until I am to able to dive all the way in after four tries. The pleasure for both of us is incredible. I fuck him for at least 15 minutes. I fuck him like a prize bull fucking a cow.

Stan moans and pants while sweating uncontrollably. "Oh, my darling, I love your warm slick cock in my ass. Oh, holly cow, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!! Drive deeper into my gut. OMG, My own cock is so hard feeling your boner deep in my ass. Baby, shoot your load while in my ass. Fill that condom."

This sexy talk and the feel of Stan's lubricated ass wall is too much for me. I surprise Stan. I pull out, take off the condom and turn Stan on his back. I get on his chest and plunge my cock deep into his throat and shoot blast after blast of jizz down his throat. He gags but loves my seed.

I kiss my buddy and we share the cum meal.

Stan with a very sexy smile says: "David, my love, it is now time for you to take my experienced cock up your ass."

Stan puts my head and neck on a pillow on the floor facing away from the bed. He spreads my legs and feet far apart. Next he places my feet and legs up against the side of the bed. He lubes us both and moves above my ass to get a down stroke.

He starts entering my virgin ass. The downward thrust results in him going all the way in with his first try. My horny buddy goes wild fucking me harder and harder with no pause. OMG, I feel this huge cock tearing my ass up and raw. Oh, it feels so good to be fucked by the one person I love most on the planet. The feel of becoming one body is what I have dreamed about for months.

"Frank, baby, I love you more than anyone in this world. Your cock, your ass, my cock and my ass belong only to us, baby.Oh, Baby, your ass muscles are camping down on my cock. You are going to milk the cum out of my nuts. Oh, I am cumming, I am cumming. Yes, Yes, Yea, Yea, Mmmmm!! Here it comes."

As Stan is not wearing a condom, he shoots a huge load of his hot cum up my ass tunnel. I feel so drenched in cum. He is doing to me what he did to that co-ed by filling my asshole with his creme.

Stan sucks my ass and eats the cum. With a full mouth load, he comes up and spits into my mouth. We kiss and again share the delicious meal.

Web lie back in each others' arms. We have never been happier and more in love.

"Stan, baby, we have a friendship that others' dream about. I love you and I will go where ever you want to live after college."

"David, baby, I too love you more than anyone. Lets tell our parents about our love and pledge to never be apart in the future. You are my true love."

"Yes, Stan baby.



P.S. The next day we both got an "A" on our exam.


Naughty Eric


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