When I first met Jake was the day I arrived to college. I asked to be put with a girl, knowing that if I was put with a guy he would soon find out about my secret that I am a gay. I was glad they allowed an exception to my dorm situation. Except soon after settling in I found that they made a mistake by rooming me with the biggest jock at the school. Jake, my new roommate was in Princeton on a full scholarship for football and I was there on a academic scholarship, you could see why I didn't think we would get along.

As soon as he walked in the room I felt like he could see right through me. I had made the plan that I would hide being gay as long as he thought I was straight. But after seeing how breath taking he was I knew I couldn't last long before he caught me looking at him. For the first week or two I would change in the bathroom but after realizing he was used to being naked around other men, that I could use changing in the open would be a good way to get a better look of him.

When the school year officially started I found that I and jake had most of our classes together. This excited me and scared me at the same time. It was good because it means we interests in common and that we could study together, but the bad news is the fact that I can't talk to a boy, or I should say man that is attractive to me without making no sense and sounding stupid. Later that day was when we had one of our first conversations other than the usual small talk that acquaintances have. We talked about our classes, which made me know for sure he thinks I'm weird.

The following days went by like any other, except for Halloween Friday. Everybody was going to a party including me, I was lucky enough to have my best friend from high school living a few blocks away from the dorms in a sorority to go to parties with. Most people knew for a fact I was gay and didn't say much about it. You see when your gay and out about it in school there's not many ways to take out your anger when you're the butt of every joke. I chose the gym. By my senior year no one talked about me. But any ways I went to a party hoping Ryan would be there but not his friends. He was actually kind of nice to me when he was alone. His friends just made him act different. But when I did see him alone I got over excited. I told Hillary he was at the party alone. But when I went to say hi, he was gone. I had figured he went home with a girl or got to drunk and went home to crash.

Hours later after drinking too much I came home at three thirty in the morning, after taking my time unlocking the door I came in to find Ryan going through my things. All I could say was (in a very slurred voice) 'what in the hell are you doing?' as soon as it left my lips he froze. I repeated myself, this time saying it slower to sound serious. He stood up, turned around and said he was simply sorry with no explanation. After that I think I fell on the floor because that's where I woke up that Saturday with a terrible hangover.

Jake and I didn't talk for nearly 3 and a half months, until of course we woke up on Tuesday morning in January to find that the power was out (and heat) and snow drift covered all exits in our building. That was when my and Ryan finally talked about what happened that night in the room.' I was trying to prove something for myself' saidJake, after pleading for him to explain.

Me: Prove what?

Him: To prove to myself that you are gay.

Me: Why didn't you just ask? I would have said yes.

Him: So you are gay?

Me: yes, I thought u would have known and called me a fagot like your teammates do.

Him: I would never.

After hearing him say that he was fine with it I also decided to tell him that I was extremely attracted to him. I was freaking out enough that I even told him. That was when the day I knew we had a special bond. We were close after that conversation. I started to get used to telling him about my day and he became very protective of me. For example, putting a kid in crouches for throwing a piece of paper that said fagot at me.

I started to feel like me and Jake had something more than a close friendship, And I decided to ask him I he would be willing simply kiss me. If he enjoyed it, to try and take our friendship to the next level. I decided to do one afternoon after studying...

Me: Do you like me?

Him: As a friend or more?

Me: ......(long pause) both....

Him: Well Jake I have thought about this before and I came to the conclusion that I would enjoy trying it out with you...I just don't know what I could really do with you that would give me a sure answer if I'm attracted to you or not.

Me: would a kiss kill you?

Him: I think I'll live.

It was awkward at first well for him it must have been, but I was just trying to saver each moment. We were close our faces inches away I could feel his breathe on my face, it was hot and it made me want to kiss him even more. Nearly a minute later was when I couldn't stand being so close and not kissing him.. but as I went in for the first kiss he jumped ahead and kissed me first. I was amazed and how sweet his mouth was on mine, his lips so soft but still had a perfect firm feeling like he was the man. I was shocked on how fast we were kissing I couldn't help myself that the man I had been obsessed over for months was now laying on top of me. As bad as I wanted to ask him if I could take of his shirt, was as bad as I didn't want to stop and take of his shirt anyway.

The kiss continued for 5 then 10 then 25 minutes until we soon found ourselves shirtless and out of breath. 'I'm guessing you enjoyed it?' I said 'much more than I thought possible' he replied with a breath taking grin. That was when e realized he should have been at the gym 10 minutes ago. He grabbed his shirt and said bye, grinning and showing off the cute dimples on his cheeks.

Jake left me with a million things running through my mind, will it get serious? , is he going to forget this ever happened or is this the end of our friendship between Jake and me. I was dying for him to come back not only to try the kiss again but to see if that changed the way he felt about me. I found myself slowly going in and out of consciousness waiting up so late for him. It was already 3:45am and I started to feel like he didn't want to come back yet, that he was ashamed or something. But when I woke up late the next morning he was there in his bed looking through a magazine and occasionally looking at me. As soon as he say me sitting up he started to apologies for getting home so late when we had so much to talk about, we decided to stay in for the day and talk about what happened last night, And if It could or would happen again.

After spending a few hours about how we're going to go about this. Jake also agreed to explain the whole story the night at the Halloween party. He told me that a buddy and he were talking about how I might be gay and he said' have you ever got with him to try out guys' Jake said 'hell no' but really realized he was attracted to me. Before coming on to me wanted to find proof that I was gay.

Jake and I also decided that we wanted to go at a good speed in ourq,'kind of relationship' to make up for lost time. We planned a special night for use to lose our man on man virginities. Since he was the man of the relationship in a way he felt it was his responsibility to plan it. And he did but I could barely remember the details, I just remember seeing him standing there smiling and attacking him. I wanted him so bad I could barely get the clothes off... I undid his first then pulled off mine, I was kissing him with deep passion feeling every muscle in his upper body move as he kicked off his shoes and socks. I had my pants off by the time he even got his button undone! 'lets try and calm down and make this special for the both of us' Jake said as I started kissing up and down his neck. And as hard as it is to say I was going as slow as I can, It was killing me knowing there was a man hung like a horse on top of me. I did my best to go slow we kissed for more than 15 minutes until I could feel he was hard. I pulled down his boxers to his ankles were he kicked them on to the floor. He did the same for me. I began giving him a hard but slow hand job while he kissed and licked my nipples. The only thing that ran through my head the whole time was this isn't a dream for once, its happening, its really happening!!The love of your life is on top of you right now while your hand is on his 8in a half inch cock!!!

To be continued...

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