This story of fiction describes scenes of vivid gay sex between two gay adult athletes following a sweaty Lacrosse practice. You need to be at least 18-years-of-age to read this story and wish to read a story about gay sex.

Rick Martin, a really nice guy, who has commented on some of my gay stories here at GayDemon, has agreed to be a fictional character in this story. He suggested a scene of two male Lacrosse players getting it on in the locker room.

My name is Eric, a 20-year-old Lacrosse player, who had just transferred to this small private liberal arts college as a junior. Two weeks ago I made the the college's Lacrosse team after transferring from a major university where I had lettered on the Lacrosse team for two years. Two days later we had our first practice where I met the team including the first string starters that included myself. Seven of these players were 22-year-olds and seniors. Rick Martin, Zeke and I were all 20-year-old juniors.

At the end of practice, the seven seniors went out to have a beer, leaving we three to take the team's gear to the locker room where we would shower before going to the college cafeteria for dinner.

As we were starting to undress and shower, Zeke's cell rang and it was his mother. He had to leave to pick her up at the mall as her car would not start thus leaving Rick and me alone in the locker room.

As we pulled off our jerseys, I got my first look at the incredible hot and good-looking Rick. Man was he ever hot. He had medium well trimmed curly blonde hair; light sexy blue eyes; a gorgeous face ( my favorite feature on a guy); stood about 5-feet and 11-inches; looked to weigh around 160 pounds; and a contagious smile, dimples and a cute twinkle in those beautiful eyes.

When we were down just to Rick's briefs and my boxers, I almost went into a trance when for the first time, I saw his trim tanned hairless body; muscled biceps; chest and stomach as flat as a wash board; ribbed solid abs; and fuck he was hiding what looked like a policeman's night stick in those briefs. As a horny young gay man, I just could not take my eyes off that hot body and especially that hidden big manhood package.

As he caught me starring at his crotch, he grabbed his crotch, slid his hand across that huge pole and said: "Hey Eric, do you like what you see? You can't take your eyes off my crotch. By the way, a moment ago when my back was turned to you, I caught you starring at my bubble ass through the mirror on the wall. Do you like my ass? Does it turn you on?"

I felt that my face had turned blood red. Yea, I had gotten caught and I confessed: "Yea, Rick, you are as hot as hell. I've never seen a more fucking irresistible hunk. I guess I've given away that I'm gay?"

Rick came up so close with his lips just a couple of inches from my mouth and gave me a shitty grin and said: "Eric, you're one hot stud yourself. Look at that body of yours with that light well-kept brown hair, dark brown sexy eyes, slim ribbed body, smooth tanned hairless chest and stomach except for the slim treasury of brown fuzz from your naval to your crotch, and that rock hard missile in your boxers must be at least 8-inches. I guess you to be about the same height and weight as me."

"Thanks Rick for the compliment and understanding my horny condition and animal urges as a gay guy."

Then I got the best news of my young life when Rick responded: "Eric, do you want to touch my tool? Would you like to feel it? Go ahead and put your sexy hand inside my briefs and play with it. It won't bite you but it might spit at you."

Rick had a wonderful sense of humor that I loved. As I reached my hand out for his briefs, Rick stuck his hand inside my boxers and grabbed my rock hard leaking cock and began to jack me off. In the meantime, I had shoved my hand inside his briefs and took hold of his huge sizzling hot wet cock. I felt what had to be wet pre-cum leaking from that stone hard boner.

As we began to jerk off each other's cock, we embraced and Rick parted my thick lips with his thick hot tongue. We went wild kissing, as our dueling tongues struggled for position. The wet kisses produced gobs of saliva that ran down our chins and onto our sweaty bodies. The manly smells from the Lacrosse practice, our over heating bodies and the man odors in the locker room had us wild with lust for each other.

After some five minutes of this hot jerking of each other's cock and battling tongues, we ripped off each other's briefs/boxers and the jock straps. As Rick spread his muscled hard athletic legs far apart, I got a clear view of that incredible man killer cock that turned out to be wow 11-inches long with a shaft the size of a large beer can. The big man meat stood straight up and out toward me with a big Y-shaped vein on top of his pulsating cock.

I got down on my knees of the tile floor, grabbed the base of that missile and began to circle my tongue around the large purple mushroom head. Rick was so turned on that he grabbed the back of my head as he shoved his wood down my throat. I'd never been so stuffed with such a hard and huge object in my mouth. There was no room to breath except through my nose that was also covered with Rick's blonde pubic hair. Man this was the best ever feeling and smell.

The smell of his cock, pubes and the taste of the sweetest pre-cum I'd ever tasted had my cock ready to burst. I sucked this dream boy's cock with total pleasure and ecstasy. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined that I would give a blowjob to such a world champion dick. His cock was so big and hard that my tongue was trapped underneath his cock and became useless. I felt the pulsating nerves in his cock veins throbbing making my cock stiffen even more. I'd never experienced my cock this hard and erect before. I never wanted to stop sucking on that fresh meat. But after at least five minutes of my pleasuring his cock, Rick pulled his cock out of my mouth and said: "Babe, I've got to fuck that man pussy of yours before I get my nuts off."

"Oh Baby Rick, I don't think I could ever take that huge cock up my ass. I've never had a cock in my pussy over 8-inches. Three more inches would do me in. You might rip my ass walls and they would bleed. But I'm so hungry to be fucked by you. Could you just insert part of that snake inside me, please?"

"Eric, my pussy boy, lets see how much you can take. I'll be gentle and I won't hurt my new fuck buddy. I'm really hot for you and that round tight ass. Man you are so cute and so kind. This could be an awesome year for you and me."

I began to be so excited as I put a large athletic towel on the floor, got down on my stomach, spread my legs far apart making room for Rick's crotch and waited to receive that police-like stick. He used gobs of his spit to wet my ass and his big cock.

I felt Rick get down between my legs, felt his sexy legs touch my legs and soon his big mushroom head began to slowly part my ass rings. As I felt his cock invade my slick ass, he pushed it deeper and deeper into my man pussy. He then laid down his hot body on top of my frame and began to thrust his tool deep inside me as his body pressed down hard on my back, ass and legs. Holly Louise, I could not believe it when he managed to ram that entire horse cock all the way inside my widening pussy while his body humped my frame.

He began to speed up as he thrust his red-hot boner deep into me over and over. He would come almost all the way out and then thrust all the way back in. It was not long before the pain went away and I felt his big cock massage ever inch of my ass including making me wild with lust as he worked his cock across my sensitive prostate (my gee spot). At the same time, I felt his over heating body hump my frame with each thrust of his cock deep into my ass.

The fuck went on for at least ten minutes when Rick made an incredible move. He began to turn his entire body in the opposite direction from my head and toward my feet while keeping his stone hard cock inside my ass. Before long, he had managed to have his feet up next to my head and he was fucking my ass while his head was down next to my feet. It was similar to a 69 position. WOW, how did he do that? What an incredible fucking position and he had made the turn while keeping his cock in my ass.

I began to suck his smelly toes while he sucked my equally smelly toes and feet as he continued to pound my ass with his big dick. What a unique fucking position. He fucked me for another five minutes when I felt his cock stiffen even more as his cock pushed my ass walls out further. Then I felt a cataclysmic eruption of fluid from his cock filling my ass. This thick cum in my ass was so hot that my cock shot a mother load of my sticky cum on the tile floor without me touching my stone hard tool. After Rick was spent, he continued for some time to leave his still hard cock in my ass while he creme began to seep out of my ass. I loved the feel of his sweaty body on me.

Finally, Rick pulled his softening dick out of my ass, he turned me over on my back and we got into a 69 position as we sucked the residue cum from the two cocks. We then kissed, showered and Rick said: "Eric Baby, this was the best sex of my young gay life. I love your fresh ass. Lets see if we can become roommates at the residence hall. This is the beginning of an awesome sex life for us. Thanks for starring at my body and making it so easy for me to fuck you."

"Oh Rick, you have me crazy loving your body. I thought it was impossible to have this kind of hot sex. You were like one of those porno stars with those moves. Man you would be a hit in those movies. You are so sweet and kind. This is just the beginning, isn't it? By the way, how could you fuck my ass for at least 15-minutes without shooting your load? Man you have some awesome staying power."

"Yea Eric Baby. Do you want to know my secret? You see, I was so horny before Lacrosse practice in my dorm room that I took out my 6-foot rubber doll man, plunged my hard dick into that rubber doll's pussy and shot a massive load. If you wish, I'll let you fuck my rubber man's ass. It is really soft and hot."

"Rick Baby, you just caused my dick to began to stiffen again. I'd love to try out that rubber man of yours."

"Eric Baby, lets go to dinner and then over to my dorm room. I'll let you fuck my rubber doll and then I want my cock up that gorgeous ass of yours at least one more time tonight."



Naughty Eric


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