Let me begin the story with my decision to move into an apartment off campus at the beginning of my junior year. Cody responded to my ad and he moved into the apartment as my roommate.

Although both were juniors, we were very different in almost all ways. He was a PE major and on the wrestling team; whereas, I was on the cross country team and I was a biology major.

Cody weighed 225 pounds; stood 6-feet and 5-inches; dark features including dark black hair and dark brown eyes; chiseled chest; muscular thighs; big bone frame; thick red hot lips; a gym pumped body; pumped quads and calves; a tight ass; arms larger than my thighs; melon sized biceps; and hung like a proverbial horse (10.5-inch cut cock). He had a reasonable amount of chest, stomach and crotch black hair. He was all man.

I, on the other hand, stood 5-feet and 9-inches; weighed 155 pounds; blond hair and sky blue eyes; very light complexion; a rather hairless body; very slim with a very low fat count; a long distance runner that kept me in shape; and a smooth 7.5 inch cut cock that I was often told by fuck buddies to be beautiful.

The two things we had in common were that we both were 21-years-of-age and loved sports.

As I entered the apartment that Friday, I heard the distinct sounds of someone engaging in sex. I could hear moans, heavy breathing and grunts coming from the bathroom. I became instantly aroused as a young testosterone driven dude.

I noticed that the bathroom door was partially open so I became an instant voyeuristic guy. The sounds were provacative for my big libido. I could not resist as I quietly looked inside the open door. There stood my hot roommate totally naked with sweat running off his body from wrestling practice plus he was wildly wanking his horse cock. It was as rock hard as a tire iron with drops of goo formed on his piss slit and dangling off the edge. He was using his second hand to finger fuck his big round ass. He was in total bless. Fortunately, he was turned sideways to the door where I could see both a portion of his ass plus his cock. He was looking in the other direction from the door.

I had never been more horny even when having sex with some of my fuck buddies and especially with my cross country teammates. Over half of them were gay. I had had their cocks up my ass several times as I am a bottom. But I had never had sex with a man as big and strong as Cody . I began craving his hot giant body. I lost control and even not aware of where I was at that moment. I could not take my eyes off Cody.

I put my hands down my running shorts and grabbed my now rock hard cock. Soon I felt sticky warm precum on my fingers. Before i knew what was happening, I had dumped my running shorts and briefs. I speed up wanking my rod and soon was making loud noises that caused Cody to look around and spot me in the door. WOW, was I in trouble?

Almost instantly, Cody sprung a huge smile and told me: "Hey, rommie, why are you standing out there. Get in here and help me relieve both our horny conditions. I have a confession to make. Although I'm bi-sexual, you are the hottest and sexiest man or woman I have seen. All week I have dreamed and masturbated about getting into your pants. Now you have caught me. Man, I'm lucky today, right? You have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen."

"Oh shit, Cody, you so turn me on. I'm gay and have had lots of cocks but never anyone as the hunk you are. I am crazy with lust for you."

I ran into the bathroom, Cody grabbed me in his arms, held me in a bear hug, put one of his big hands on the back of my head, used his thick big lips to part my lips and plunged his rough tongue to the back of my throat. I put my hands behind his broad back and we went wild giving each other wet kisses as spit ran down our chins. It was some sloppy kissing. Our bodies were locked together as our cocks slid across each other while producing more sweat and precum. The sticky feel was awesome.

Since neither of us had showered since practice and the sex was producing a flood of sweat, I smelt the rich, masculine odors of his sweaty manhood and body. WE continued to kiss and hump for some five minutes when I said: "Oh man Cody, lets suck cock and you fuck me. I have never been more aroused and horny. I need your gigantic sausage in my man pussy. I have to have you right now or I will expire from my desire for you."

"Hell, yea, Ken, I want that smooth blond pink ass of yours. I have peaked at it several times when you were changing for bed. I need to tell you that I have shot a couple of loads without touching myself in bed when I spotted that gorgeous butt of yours. I have to have that man pussy tonight. Lets go to my bedroom with a big king sized bed. I want to take you there tonight."

We were still naked as we got on Cody's bed and he had me get on my back. He had me lift my legs high and hold them next to my chest while he got down and began to kiss and suck on my balls. Soon I felt his tongue under my balls as he sucked and ran his tongue on my ass crack. Before long, he was taking turns finger fucking my ass and plunging his tongue around the rings on my ass muscles. He gave me a terrific rimming. I felt my heart pounding as I felt the air from his big nose blowing over my ass and pubic hairs. He had my ass soaking wet from all his spit. Man, I was being prepared for his horse cock but I would have to wait until we both sucked cock.

After some 10-minutes of eating and fingering my ass, he took his strong hands and gripped the base of my hard cock while he began to kiss and run his wet tongue across my cock head enjoying the leaking goo. Next he started inch by inch taking my tool deep into his throat. Before long, he was bobbing up and down on my experienced cock that was then as hard as steel. The warmth of his mouth and hot breath on my cock had me near explosion. I had never had such a powerful and awesome blowjob. I knew this was not the first cock he had sucked. He was a champion cock sucker.

As I moaned and lifted my butt up to meet his mouth on my cock, I finally said: "Oh holy shit, suck my cock. Yea, that is it. Oh hell, you know how to suck cock. Don't stop. Suck me, suck me, suck me, drain my balls. I need you. I'm about to come."

As Cody pulled off my cock, he said: "Not yet, buddy. It is time for you to fuck my mouth with your gorgeous cock. I need to taste your juice in my mouth. Your cock looks like a velvet glove. I want to feel it in my mouth. I need that soft taste of your cock shaft and the salty goo from your cock."

This hunk had me lower my legs and lay flat on my back. He took his huge butt and planted it on my chest, put his log size legs on each side of my arms and began to part my lips with his giant cock. As he began to plunge inside my throat, my mouth was stuffed with a huge tool. There was no way to swallow or suck the entire cock as I began to gag. Soon I spit lots of gag flood over his partial cock in my mouth. I began to hyperventilate and could hardly breath. That turned Cody on more as his cock was soaked in my throat juices. Even thou I was unable to take all his cock, I loved it in my mouth and we started a long series of getting about 3/4ths of the big sausage down my throat over and over. He face fucked me for some ten minutes while I plunged a finger into his ass. It was so great as I sniffed at his cock and crotch once again smelling the rich masculine odors coming from his cock, balls and ass. I felt the odor and sweat as he face fucked me. My cock was bobbing up and down with pure lust and pleasure up against my stomach. The bed clothing was getting soaked. The odor of man sex filled the room. It was as if we were in a gay bath house.

I sucked his cock fro some ten minutes when he was near coming so he pulled out. We rested for a little while while we kissed. The big event still lay ahead. I wanted that horse cock up my ass. Could I take it all? What position would we use to fuck?

When the time arrived to fuck, he had me get on my stomach, spread my legs as far apart as I could manage, he put a pillow under my crotch and cock, he had me grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart, he used his fingers to fill my ass with strawberry smelling lube, rubbed lube all over his cock and got ready to fuck.

I gave the word: "Baby, I am ready for your cock. Go deep inside me. I want your cum in my gut."

As I felt the tip of his huge cock head began to part my outer ass ring and slowly enter me, I welcomed him into my man pussy and eagerly took what he offered inch by inch. By golly, he succeeded in getting all 10.5-inches into my ass. He began to slowly drive in and almost all the way our with his engorged cock over and over. He reached new parts where no cock had ever been before in my ass. I felt his hard broad cock shaft rub on each side of my ass walls and I could feel his cock rub past my prostate as he massaged it. The slick lube and his oozing precum produced a wonderful grease for the piston in my ass.

After some 5-minutes he sped up and began to fuck my ass with fast thrusts. He lowered his huge body on my whole body as he used his powerful hips and legs to fuck me like a wild primitive beast. Although I felt a huge heavy load on my body, I was delirious with pleasure as he fucked me for the longest time. He had great staying power. He began to suck on my earlobes and lick my neck. I never wanted the fucking to stop. This was the best sex I had ever had.

"Oh Baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, that is it. I want you to never stop. Give me your man seed. Fill me with your semen. I am yours."

At that moment, I felt his cock harden and swell inside me. Soon his balls contracted and released a volcanic explosion of warm cum that flooded my ass and covered his cock. When he was finally spent, he pulled out and shot the rest of his residue of cum on my sore ass.

He turned me over and noticed my purple cock head and steel hard cock oozing precum. He came down on my cock as he rapped his lips tight on my cock. He used his hands to squeeze the base of my cock. I only lasted for about 30 seconds when I shot a huge load of my seed down his throat. He swallowed it all. When I was finished, he came off my cock and we kissed. The smell and taste of warm cum was so good.

As we began to recover from the hot steamy sex, I said: "Cody baby, can you fuck me ever night? I want you so bad. This is the best sex ever by any two horny studs."

"Hell yes Ken, as I said earlier, I have never wanted an ass as bad as I wanted yours. You have the perfect man pussy fro my big cock. I am so glad we found each other. I think my cock will want your ass again in a couple of hours. Lets shower and go get something to eat before round two."

"Yea man, lets hurry back and you fuck me again. I think I am now a sex junky after this session. Love your cock and big strong body."

Here is the story:

On Friday afternoon of the first week of school, both Cody and I went to our different sport practices. Cody got home about 15 minutes before I did that evening. We had the practice of showering after we got home each day.

We had not discussed sex or what our sexual preferences were as we had only been roommates for a week. But I was an active gay man.


Naughty Eric


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