Man! That was a good game. My team, Mike, Brian, and myself, won. It was a close game though, 28 - 25. Allen was honestly the best basketball player I knew. He made just aobut 18 of the other team's points. Melvin and James were decent.

I was exhausted, playing with 5 other college dudes could make you tired pretty quickly.

'Hey Tristan!' James called out, 'you coming? Mike and the others already hit the showers'

'Yea,' I replied, 'Be right there.'

James and I were roommates, so we were the closest, you could say. He was probably my best friend at college.

As we entered the bath room I saw a couple other guys, brushing their teeth. Well, it was around 9:30p.m. so most people were getting ready for tomorrow, Monday.

When we entered the shower room, I saw Melvin, Mike, Brian, and Allen showering. I started to undress and James started to take off his clothes, also.

'Good game James! You too Tristan,' Mike yelled out.

'Thanks, you did good too.' James answered back.

'Hey man you know you gotta hole in your briefs,' I told James. I just noticed it as i grabbed my towel.

James joked back, 'Maybe its cause my dicks so huge.'

'Pshh! You wish.'

I grabbed my towel and went to the showers. As I walked into the steamed showers, Allen walked out.

'Hey Melvin!' Allen called out, 'I'm going back to our room. Tired, see you guys later.'

'Hey guys, yall know Tracy Jerplens. She gives gooooooooooooooooooooood head.' That was random. Mike just blurted out all of a sudden.

James was the only one who answered back, 'Yeah, she blew me a couple weeks ago. Shes okay, just okay.'

My penis started to stiffen, I guess because we were kind of talking of blowjobs.

I guess James noticed because he gave me a weird look and mouthed 'control' and smiled.

'Woah! Seems like Tristan can't handle the talk,' Melvin said.

All of a sudden, Brian, James, Melvin, and Mike were staring at my dick.

Then I noticed Melvin and Brian started to get hard-ons.

'Wow,' James said. 'Yall get horny easy. Need to relieve more.'

Then, suddenly, I realized I was rock hard.

Brian then commented, 'Nice Tristan.'

'What,' I tried to act confused, but I didn't do a very good job.

'You know what. First time I've seen your stuff full and it's pretty big.'

'Uhh, thanks? I mean why are you staring at my meat?'

'You act like you never compare or look at other men's stuff.'

'Well whatever.' I acted like I didn't care.

We all finished at the same time and walked over to the benches together. As we walked James slapped Melvin's butt, in a playful way.

I turned and saw Mike looking at my butt. 'Are you trying to stare at my cock?' I said in a cocky way.

'Your small stuff?' Mike joked back, 'I bet I'm bigger than you.'

'Is that a challenge?'

James looked over and said, 'Just compare already and see who's really bigger. I'm the largest of all anyways.'

To my suprise, Mike came over and gave us a ruler. 'Found it on the floor, next to the trash can.'

'Okay, I'm the judge. I'm doing the measuring.' James demanded. 'Get hard already.'

'Alright, I'm ready!' Mike called. 'Hurry up before I start to go soft.'

'The line right before 7 inches!' James announced. 'Damn Mike, you're pretty well off.'

'My turn,' I said. I was pretty sure I wasnt going to beat Mike's measurement.

'6 and a half. Mike's the winner!' James told everyone.

'Woah, im kinda suprised,' Melvin said.

'What?! Why,' Mike told him, raising his voice just a bit.

'Well I mean, no offence dude, but well your meat is kinda small when its soft.'

'So that dont mean nothin.'

'Hey James you said you were biggest? Prove it,' Brian randomly said.


Then James pulled down his briefs and started stroking his dick.

Wow he was big when he was hardest...

'Damn dude! Almost 8 inches,' Brian shrieked. 'Guess you were right.'

Brian, then dropped the ruler. Next thing I knew James put Brians mouth to his crotch.

'Man stop playin,' Brian pleaded.

'I'm not playing. I'm tired of pretending. Blow me already! C mon Brian.'

Out of nowhere, Brian started to suck James's big, hard cock.

'Yeahhhh!' James moaned.

Melvin, Mike, and myself, of course were in complete awe. We were shocked.

'Well stop staring and come on and join!' James said then started to moan again.

Just then I noticed Melvin and Mike were rock hard. Then my tree grew too..

In the next second Mike went down on Melvin.

Woah, is this really happening?

I guess I felt a little left out.

I went up to Brian and told him to move a little. Then I put my hard-on inside Brian.

'Damn you're tight!'

Then, James came all over Brian's face.

'Yum,' Brian yelled out and then smiled.

Then, Brian pulled my cock out and started to suck instead.

Then Melvin came and Mike was covered in cum.

'Fuck! I'm about to blow my load.' Finally I let it go all over Brian's face.

'Wow that was my first time ever really doing that with other men,' I told.

'Did you like it?' Melvin challenged.

'Actually yeah, I did.

'Tomorrow me and you,' James said looking directly at me.

I couldn't wait till tomorrow.



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