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Chapter 2

When I got back to my room, I still couldn’t believe what happened. First day at Tufts University and I already had my first sexual experience. Well, I didn’t have actual sex, but sucking Paul’s dick was amazing and so was him smearing cum all over my face with his cock.

Since I didn’t let him fuck me, I doubted Paul would want to get together again. The way he muttered “fucking freshman” made it pretty clear he wasn’t interested in guys who wouldn’t go all the way.

I wanted to have sex. It was all I fantasized about. I just was nervous doing it the very first time I was naked with a guy -- and I choked.

When I walked into my dorm room, my straight roommate, Tony, looked at me funny.

I thought to myself: “He couldn’t know I just fooled around for the first time.”

“What’s that on your eyebrow,” he asked.

I spun around to look at the mirror and saw Paul’s cum, which I thought I had washed off already.

I quickly I wiped it off and said to Tony: “Oh nothing. Must have gotten some food on my eyebrows when I rubbed my eyes after I ate.”

“Then why is it in your hair, too,” he laughed.

Tony jumped from the bed to look closer. “Oh my god, that is your cum on your hair. Where did you jerk off? I can’t believe you can shoot that far.”

“I didn’t and it isn’t,” I said lamely and unconvincingly.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone,” Tony assured me. Tony knew I was gay. I was surprised that he never suspected that it was someone else’s cum.

“If you can shoot that far, make sure you don’t hit me at night while I’m sleeping,” he laughed.

Later that day, while at dinner, I got a text from Tony: “Hey, I hate to do this to you, but can I have the room for a few hours. I met a girl with nice tits and I think she might want to have sex.”

“Um, sure,” I responded. “Good luck.”

I headed over to the campus center to kill time while Tony fucked. While there, a bunch of friends from orientation asked if I wanted to go with them to an off-campus party. “There will be a lot of alcohol and weed,” they offered.

I didn’t smoke, but the idea of having a few drinks appealed to me.

As we walked into the party, I realized I knew no one else there. The party was at a private house that must have been shared by a few upperclassmen.

Felt like there must have been 100 or so people there, all of whom had a head start on enjoying themselves. A bunch of students looking quite mellow from weed, and a lot more with beer bottles or large plastic cups filled with varying mixtures of liquor.

This was a long way from my boring homeschooling days. Coming from a household in which I was never allowed to drink, not even a beer, I was in heaven.

A cute girl was passing out drinks. I didn’t quite understand her convoluted explanation of the contents of her creation. 

It also was hard to hear her given the extreme noise, a mix of really bad music – some awful techno crap -- and lots of people talking or shouting at the same time.

It also was hard to stand still with a constant stream of people moving in and out, far in excess of the fire code. After having 3 or 4 drinks spilled on me, I decided to seek refuge on the staircase going upstairs.

My drink – whatever it was – was quite good. Really strong, too. Since I was thin -- almost 6 foot and only 140 pounds -- I felt the alcohol quickly.

“I stood up to look around, and almost fell down the stairs, saved by someone grabbing my arm and steadying me.

“I think you should sit back down,” he chuckled. “How many of those have you had.”

“Just one,” I explained.

“Ahhh, not a regular drinker, huh?” he quipped. “I’m Aaron, what’s your name.”

“Andrew,” I said.

“Nice to meet you. You seem to be bothered by the music, want to go somewhere quieter?”

“Umm, sure, I guess,” I offered.

“Put your arm over my shoulder so you don’t fall,” Aaron explained, as he guided me upstairs.

Aaron lead me to the edge of a bed, and then walked over and closed the door, the sounds suddenly muffled. “Is that better?”

“Yup, a lot,” I said with relief.

We talked for a long time. Then, without skipping a beat and a bit randomly, Aaron pulled off his t-shirt, revealing a gorgeous body. 

Aaron was thin, but had a ripply six pack, a nice summer tan, and an enticing thin happy trail leading to the top of his boxer briefs, which were sticking out above his low hung jeans.

I must have been staring at him as he leaned against the dresser. “Like what you see?”

“Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to gawk,” I fumbled.

“Haha, it’s ok.”

And erasing any doubt about whether he was gay, he walked over and lifted my shirt up over my head.

He took my hands and stood me up. I wobbled at first, but he put his arms around me and began to kiss me.

I was surprised but quite delighted. But then ruined the moment by falling down.

Aaron helped me from the floor: “Maybe we should do this laying down.”

He laid me on the bed. I was still unsure if this was his room or not. And my head was spinning from the alcohol.

Then Aaron straddled me and started kissing my neck. His lips felt amazing and I could feel my 6.5 inch cut cock hardening rapidly.

I looked at his gorgeous blonde wavy hair, and his strong back. And because of the way he was straddling, I could see his crack at the top of his briefs sticking out from his jeans.

For a thin guy, he had an amazingly curvy ass, which was revealed even more as he slid down my body and started sucking my nipples and his ass was lifted by his position.

Aaron’s tongue felt amazing. Going to Tufts definitely was turning out to be so much more fun than being homeschooled by my mom.

Then, I felt his hand slide inside my boxer briefs. Without even intending, I let out a moan. Which he must have taken as a green light.

He sat up and with both hands unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to about my knees. He also slipped off his jeans. Which revealed a nice bulging cock in his briefs.

My cock was fully hard and his hand reached inside and released it from my underwear.

Without even waiting to pull my briefs down further, he dropped down and took my whole cock in his mouth.

Being fully drunk did not dull the sensation of his tongue working my cock, engulfed in his wet mouth.

Without thinking, I grabbed his head, and started fucking his gorgeous face.

Aaron never gagged, but after working me into a frenzy, he slid down and started working my balls taking them both in his mouth.

As he slid my briefs and pants off, he lifted my legs and then dropped between my ass cheeks, which he spread with his hands, and – for the first time in my life – started tonguing my ass, as he slid in his forefinger to massage my prostate.

When I thought it couldn’t get better, he shifted around, so that he was sliding his 6 inch uncut cock into my mouth.  As he laid atop me, he continued working my hole with his tongue as he jerked my cock skillfully.

As he fucked my mouth, I had a great view of his perfectly rounded ass. Which I squeezed with my hands as he thrust his cock in and out my mouth.

The mixture of sensations was incredible, made even more so by my continued belief that the room was moving at the same time.

Aaron then moved my cock back into his mouth, and I lost it. I shot my load deep in his throat. That triggered him exploding into my mouth. The taste of his warm cum was amazing. I gulped it down. The feel of his sweaty body atop mine was amazing too.

Then, I don’t know what happened, as I blacked out.

Several hours later, I woke up to an empty room. I was still completely naked except for my socks. My clothes thrown all over the place. And no sign of Aaron.

I quickly checked my phone. No texts from Aaron. No note anywhere in the room. I realized I had no idea whether he lived in this house. What year he was. Even if he went to Tufts. Or if he name actually was Aaron. I looked around the bedroom and could not find a single photo indicating whose room I was in.

The last thing I remember is massive amounts of Aaron’s cum going down my throat.

I nervously reached down to see if there was any cum near or in my ass, either Aaron’s cum or anyone who may have visited the room while I was passed out. Didn’t seem to be. Although I definitely could still taste Aaron’s yummy cum in my mouth.

The feeling of blacking out was unsettling. But more unsettling was the eruption in my stomach. I stumbled over to the wastebasket and vomited violently, dispensing a colorful combination of the things I ate and drank that evening.

After wiping my face, I grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed and brace myself for “the walk of shame” through the party, which was still going on strong. I found everything other than my multi-color Andrew Christian briefs. I wondered: “Did he really take them as a souvenir?”

With my dick flopping unrestrained inside my pants, I walked through the party unnoticed, almost like an out of body experience, and then back to my dorm room. My roommate Tony was there, grinning like he definitely got laid.

In contrast, I must have looked like shit, because his expression quickly changed to concern: “What the fuck happened to you? You look really sick.”

I just crashed on the bed, laying on my back. There was some vomit on my pants, so Aaron asked if I wanted them off. I nodded without much energy.

As he pulled off my pants, Tony said:  “Dude, where the fuck did your underwear go?” These were last words I heard before I passed out again.

…to be continued

College Freshman in Boston

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