As the new academic year begins, Austin, the college baseball coach, provides room and board at his home for his new outstanding freshman shortstop, Chase. With the year's baseball budget significantly reduced, coach Austin subsidizes the budget by opening his home to his new star recruit.

Chase and Austin's personalities are perfect matches for living together. They both are mild mannered, possess a great sense of humor, love the game of baseball, are neat housekeepers and devoted to hard workouts to stay in shape.

Chase is a 19-year-old baseball star. During his senior year in high school, he batted 500 with 36 home runs. He was also the top academic student in his class.

Chase stands 5' 10" and weighs a rock hard and well trimmed 158 pounds. He is of Swedish ancestry featuring deep blue eyes, short trimmed blond wavy hair and a hairless body except for his underarms and crotch area. He is muscled with a zero fat count and a beautiful smooth cut 8-inch cock with unusually large balls. He has a bubble smooth ass.

Coach Austin is a 30 year-old single man in his fourth year as the college baseball coach. He is a great example for his players as to fitness and a dedicated workout schedule. He stands 6 feet and weighs a solid 167 pounds. His body is muscular and rock hard. Austin is a second generation Irish American. His features include hazel eyes and a head covered in well trimmed dark red hair. He has a smooth body with a string of fuzzy red hair flowing from his chest down to his crotch. He has light red hair on his legs and a smooth shaven ass. Austin has big balls and a sick cut 9.5" gorgeous cock.

Austin picks up the story at this point.

As we finish the third week of school, I give the players the day off from practice on that third Friday. Chase gets home around 2 PM after his last class. Although he knows I do not get home until around 5:30 PM each day, on this given day, I come home at 3 PM to pick up some baseball data.

When I enter the house, I hear loud moaning and hard breathing coming from the TV/DVD player as well as Chase. When I enter the living room, I observe Chase lying on the floor with his pants and briefs down to his ankles with his huge 8" cock in his hand as he is wildly jacking off to one of my Gay adult videos. Chase is moaning and wildly bucking his hips up and down as he lies on his back. I can see spit on his cock as well as precum on the head of his cock.

My first reaction is to gasp causing Chase to quickly pull up his pants and turn blood red in the face. I go over to him, knell down and say: "Chase, do not be embarrassed. Masturbating is a very normal act for a young stud like you. In your present horny state, you should not stop. It looks like you could use some help in getting off to this hot Gay video."

Chase breaks out in a huge smile and begins starring at my now stiffening cock that is attempting to escape my pants. He regains his composure and says: "Coach, I could use some help. I need to relieve this five day built up cum load. What do you suggest we do?"

Without answering, I remove Chase's shoes, socks, pants and briefs. Chase removes his shirt so he is now butt naked. I take Chase's rock hard cock in my hand, add gobs of my spit and begin wildly jerking him off. Chase is so turned on that he starts bucking his ass up and down to add pleasure to my grip on his blood filled hot cock.

He begs me to not stop and he starts reaches for my over heating crotch.

I ask him if he has ever had a blowjob from either a man or woman. He answers: "No, Coach. Just before you got here, I saw two hot guys on the video giving each other blowjobs. I am so horny and would love my first blowjob. Please suck my cock. Please Coach."

I am now on fire. I stand up and rapidly remove all my clothes until I am butt naked with a raging rock hard cock.

I am also so turned on by Chase's white and blue baseball cap he is till wearing. I love to see a guy fuck while wearing a cap. It is such a hot and horny scene.

I put a pillow under Chase's bubble pink ass as he continues to lie on his back on the floor. I get down between his sexy red hairy legs and start wetting his asshole, his balls and his cock with my growing supply of spit. He is in for not only a hot blowjob but also the licking and sucking of his man pussy and ball sac.

I begin by using my tongue to make long wet strokes from his ass, to his balls and up the cock shaft. I kiss, lick and suck up and down from his ass to his cock over and over. Chase and I are smelling the rich masculine odors of his sexy manhood as well as our leaking cocks. We are both adding to the scent from our sweaty bodies.

I insert a finger into Chase's pulsating very wet man pussy. He is begging for more and more. I have never seen a young stud so horny and wild for sex. I pound his ass with my fingers.

It is now time to give Chase his first full blowjob that he is so craving. I kiss up and down the large hot and wet shaft. Next I slide my tongue up and down his shaft for a long time. I pause and kiss his soft pink inviting lips and insert my tongue deep into his mouth so he can enjoy the precum I have recovered from his leaking cock.

Chase moans, breaths hard and begs: "Oh, Coach, I love the taste of my cum and the odors from my ass. I am so horny."

I go back down on his trobbing cock and begin to slide hius overheating penis down my throat. As an experienced cock sucker, I have no trouble swallowing the entirte huge tool over and over. I love the feel and taste of one of the most smooth and delicious cocks I have ever had in my mouth.

Chase is producing more and more precum for my meal. His white thick cream has a salty and yet sweet taste that I love. The juices from his cock and my mouth are creating a sloppy sound as I suck this beautiful cock faster and faster.

Chase is bucking wildly and I am amazed how long we go without Chase exploding in my mouth. When he nears a climax, I pull off his gorgeous cock and place more kisses on his sexy lips.

After a brief rest, I suggest we get in a 69 position so we can give each other a blowjob that will be Chase first cock sucking of a man. He loves the idea.

Chase has learned qucikly how to suck my cock in the same way he picks up tips in baseball practice. He is a quick study. First, he takes my cock in his hot hand and jacks me off as I leak precum on his hand. He is good. Next he licks up and down my cock while applying gobs of spit to my rock hard cock. He begins to swallow my erect cock inch by inch. My goodness, he soon is deep throating me without gagging. He is already a pro cock sucker. I have never had a hotter and more smooth mouth blowing my cock. I am near cumming.

We suck and lick each other's cocks for the longest time. We are both leaking strings of precum, sweating and smelling many Gay man odors. It is heavenly. I love his athletic body but more important I love this gentle man. He is the best.

Before we both go beyond no return, we stop and rest. I get an unbelievable request from Chase. He looks deep into my eyes and says: "Coach, I thank you so much for letting me stay with you this year. You are the kindest person I have ever known and I truly love you. Please fuck me. I want your beautiful blood filled cock up my ass. As I learned from the video, can I be your bitch? I crave your cock inside me. Fill me with your seed."

In my excitement and horny condition, I take chase's face in my hands and plant sloppy kisses on his lips and plunge my tongue deep into his throat. Our tongues mingle and produce lots of wet spit. I then say to Chase: "Baby, the answer is yes. Tonight I will end your virginity by fucking your man pussy. You will be my bitch and your ass will belong only to my cock." Both our cocks begin to twitch with the anticipation of the fucking that is about to take place.

I take Chase to the bathroom where we both clean oursleves and have a douch bath to prepare for bareback sex and ass eating.

We got to my bedroom and I place Chase on his back on the bed. Our cocks are once again fully erect as I mount his beautiful body. I lie flat on top of him and begin wildly humping as our cocks rub against each other and produce more precum on our bodies. We wildly engage in sloppy kisses as I continue to grind my cock into his crotch.

We are moaning and breathing hard with our lustful desires as our bodies heat up. After some time in this sexy position, I start moving down Chase's body while kissing and licking his neck, his armpits, his rock hard nipples, his chest, his abs and finally reaching the head of his steamy cock. I give him another brief blowjob before going for his man pussy. Chase is twisting and moaning with pleasure as I prepare to fuck his eager pink ass.

Chase is begging for me to fuck him. I take a pillow and place it under his ass and lift his legs up to his chest. I have him place his hands under the back of his knees to hold his legs in place. I begin to tongue fuck his ass.

After several minutes of tongue fucking, I take a bottle of lube and use my fingers to lubricate his ass by inserting my lubed fingers into his man pussy to create a wet and sclik entrance for my cock. I lube my cock and slowly enter this virgin ass inch by inch bareback. Chase lifts his ass off the pillow to assist my deep pounding. Chase moans and begs: ""Oh, Coach, your cock hurts me. Please slow down." I slow down until the pain turns to a desire for my full cock.

This young athletic stud is amazing as he gradually accepts my entire 9.5" down his channel. I begin to drill his man pussy harder and harder. The lube, my precum and the sweat from my cock and his ass are producing a remarkable sloppy piston action. I have never enjoyed any man pussy this much.

I fuck this stud until I feel my cock head enlarge even more, my balls rise and release a monstrous cum load out of my cock piss slit that begins to drown Chase's pussy with my seed. I count eight huge bursts followed by four small bursts. This has to be my largest load cum ever.

The feel of my cum in his ass causes Chase to erupt with a huge river of warm cum on his abs, stomach and face. We are drowning in cum.

Now spent, I pull out and suck my cum from his ass. I then kiss Chase so he can share the taste of my large cum load. Next I lick his cum off his body and kiss him again. We are sharing our cum with each other. I lie down on top of Chase as we kiss and melt our bodies together enjoying more eroticism.

During the next few months, we share my bed each night and have many more nights of hot sex.

In November, Chase goes home for Thanksgiving. On Friday following Thanksgiving, I receive a call from my buddy Chase. He tells me how much he has missed me during the week by saying: "Coach, I miss you so much and tonight I am so horny. I need to masturbate. I am nude on my bed and I need to jack off. Please talk dirty to me on the phone. Please tell me what you are going to do to me when I get back on Sunday." I get an instant hard on and horny for this stud.

"Yes, baby, when you get back, I will throw you on our bed, rip off all your clothes and devour your whole body. I am going to suck your big cock until it explodes in my mouth. You will deep throast my cock until I feed you my huge cum load. You will swallow all my cum. Then you will pound my ass as I clap down hard on that gorgeous cock of yours and not let go until you explode in my man pussy. Then you will eat the cum out of my ass. I will do the same for your man pussy."

We are both moaning and our breasthing is intense over the phone. Chase cries out: "Coach, I am jerking my rock hard cock in my hand and can you hear me strike my cock against the phone. Can you hear the sound of my hard cock?" "Oh, yes Chase I can." This puts up both over the edge as we both shoot a huge load on our bodies. I then suggest over the phone: "Baby, lets both eat our cum before we hang up. Mmmmm this taste good."

We both breath easier and Chase says: Coach, good night and thanks. I can hardly wait to see you Sunday." I respnd: "Good night, baby. I can hardly wait and I love you. See you Sunday."



Naughty Eric


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