'Alright boys,' shouted the coach as the bus pulled to a dead stop at the hotel. 'Now, you have thirty minutes to take your bags up stairs and get ready to leave!' The boys piled off the bus and filed into the hotel. One by one they recived their room keys left. Two teens named Mark and Allen raced to their room and through open the door.

'Wow, check out this shower it's huge,' bellowed Mark. Mark turned on the shower to see how it ran when he felt a hand push him under the running shower. 'That wasn't cool Allen, shouted Mark' 'Now, I'm all wet'

Allen walked into the showers and over to Mark smiling and said. 'Let's be wet together.'

At that note Allen and Mark began kissing their tongues exploring each others mouths. Mark removed his shirt then Allen began licking Mark's pecs and nipples. 'Allennnn,' moaned Mark. As the heat between the two increaesed. Allen sank down to his knees and slowly unbuttoned Mark's pants. Using his teeth Allen unzipped the fly and grabbed Mark's pants and pulled them down. Allen kissed the front of the boxers Mark wore.

Allen undid his pants and pulled his seven inch cock out and began stroking it. 'Allen suck me,' pleaded Mark. Allen pulled down Mark's boxers to reveal a hard cock ready to be pleased. Allen kissed the head and began licking up down Mark's shaft. 'Oh yeah, that fells fucking good,' shouted Mark as he rubbed his nipples.

Allen took as much cock as he could at one time. Listening to Mark being pleased made Allen speed up. Allen's head and hand were moving in perfect rhythm. Allen moved faster and faster with each passing second. He sucked Mark's and stroked his meat until! 'Fuck I'm going to cum,' shouted Mark. Allen just kept working his head pretending he didn't hear Mark. Then Mark let out a loud moan of excitement as he shoot his load down Allen's throat. Allen ate every drop in a greedy fashion.

Allen stood up and Mark got down on his knees and finished off Allen's cock for him. Allen pulled his cock out before he released and shoot Mark in the face. 'That was awesome,' Allen.

'Yeah,' replied Allen.

Then there was a knock at the door and coach's voice could be heard. 'You boys are five minutes late what are you doing in there blowing each other?' 'Move your asses.' With that Allen and Mark got dressed in dry clothes cleaned up and left.




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