When I was in high school, I’d always thought of my college years as my way to break out and try new things. I was gay, and while I wanted to let everyone know, the closet was so...cozy. So I learned how to not be so gay. I joined my school’s basketball team and hung out with mostly “bros.” I wouldn’t call myself the most attractive thing to roam the land, but I don’t look bad. That made it a lot easier to find one beautiful beard named Katy. She was a really pretty red-head with a thick ass and some big knockers, but she was such a huge bitch. Being with her was like a job, but it paid. In return for putting up with her horrible “queen b” attitude, no one questioned my sexuality. Katie thought it was “cute” when I said I didn’t want to make love until marriage. Luckily, I didn’t plan on staying with her longer than the school year.

Fast forward to August of the next year. I was packing all of my clothes into my truck. I’d been admitted into a college in southern California and was going make the trek by myself. It took a lot of coaxing of my parents, but I reasoned that “I needed alone time to get myself ready for such a new life.” Seeing as I’m from Indiana, they weren’t too keen on it, but they allowed it. After my last bag was in the back seat, my mother smothered me in smooches and my dad gave me the most manly yet heartfelt handshake that slowly morphed into a hug. I had been extremely close to my dad while my relationship with my mom was...rocky at best. She’s was by no means a “bad” mother. She was a Catholic from her head to her toes. Mom would crucify a piece of toast if Psalm 2:11 told her to. To be honest, it was the main reason I wanted to go by myself. I couldn’t stand hours upon hours of instruction on how to stay away from the sinners. I actually wanted to expose myself to as much as possible. Stop when I wanted to, go when I wanted to...I wanted more “me time.” As I pulled out of the driveway, I gave a parting honk and floored it.

I’d been on the road for 5 hours-I’m super efficient-so I decided to stop for food. I pulled into a McDonalds and decided to eat in. I did kinda wish I had someone to talk to, but I knew this would be a perfect time for my mom to talk about the “sins of the college man.” After I got my meal, I saw that there were no free seats, but I saw a table with one guy occupying a seat. He seemed fairly nice, so I asked if I could sit with him. From far away, he seemed alright. Closer, he could make a fully grown cow quiver like a newly born calf. This unknown hottie replied, “Totally!” He seemed extremely nice and excited so I wanted to continue the conversation, but seeing as I’d always had the keen talent of putting my foot in my mouth, I left the responsibility of discussion to him.

“So, are you from here or are passing through,” he inquired.

“Just passing through. I’m heading to college.” As I replied, I couldn’t suppress my smile.

“Same here! Where are you going?”


“That’s weird. Me too.” We both began laughing at the odds of meeting up and heading to the same college.

“Where are you from?”


“That has to be a rough ride!”

“It has been! My ass hurts from sitting for so long. How about you?”

“Me too. I’m from Indiana myself.”

“My friends are going to Indiana State. We decided to take a road trip and I’m the last one on the list. Are you here with anyone?”

“Nah, I left my parents at home.”

“Ooh, move in by yourself? That’s gonna be hard.”

“I know. I just hope I can get all of it in my room before my legs give out.” Just as I said that, I could feel his leg touch mine. After so many years of the closet, I’d been trained to jerk my leg back, but before I could, I stopped myself. It felt nice. We conversed a while longer and I noticed that we started touching more and more. First it’s a leg touch; then he lays his hand atop mine. His eyes-his brown eyes-stared into mine. We both finished up with our meals and decided it we should both head our not-so-separate ways. As he stood, I saw the rest of his body. He was about 5’9” and muscular. I don’t know how I didn’t notice his ripped arms since he was wearing the staple of American college boys: a tank top. As we walked out we said our goodbyes. Before I put my keys in my car, he asked if we should ride back together.

“You could ride behind me and we can eat together. I know it gets a little lonely, so it might be cool to have someone to talk to.”

“Yeah that would be pretty sweet. By the way, what’s your name,” I asked. We’d talked for hours, and we hadn’t even exchanged names.

“Nick. And yours is...”

“Aaron. What’s your number? We can call or text if we want to stop anywhere.” Apparently, my ploy to get his number worked. With a smile and a peace sign, we both headed to our vehicles and were on our way. It was only after the first hour on the road that I could pull my mind away from Nick. He just seemed like a really nice guy to hang with. I was also thinking he was dropping hints that he was gay too, but I wasn’t exactly ready for that conversation. I could only hope that my roommates at USC were anywhere near as cool. I opted for a suite of random roommates since I wanted to get fully immersed in college life, but as the dates neared, I became increasingly anxious about the increased pressure. I didn’t just have to make one roommate like me; I was trying to befriend three of them.

I really got to know Nick on our travel west. He’s a major foodie, though you wouldn’t guess based on his body. He talks extremely fast when he’s excited or annoyed. He’s polite almost to a fault. So I was almost sad that we arrived to our destination when we did. We parked our cars and shook hands, knowing it was probably the last time we were going to see each other for some time. We opened our trunks and grabbed our first bag. As we began walking, I noticed he was walking in the same direction as me. As we reached the door of our building, we cocked our heads at each other and laughed at the coincidence. We searched for an elevator, and once we got in, we both reached for the button-the same button. We looked at each other and smiled. As we reached the fifth floor, we gave our last goodbye. We looked for our respective rooms. I took a left, and he took a right. As I found my room, I noticed I was the first one there. The suite was almost like a small apartment with small rooms within the giant room. Knowing how much shit I packed, I took the bigger of the rooms. Just as I finished unpacking, the front door opened. Just as I opened my door, there stood Nick-bags in hand-with a dropped jaw and wide eyes that mimicked mine.

“There were already two people in my dorm and when I asked about it, they said they gave me the wrong information. This is actually my dorm.”

“You’re joking.” I wasn’t as disdained as my tone let on.

“Nice to know I have a friend in here!”

“No no, I mean this is great!”

“I see you’re getting your room together. Want any help?”

“Sure.” As we finished my room, I was walking toward the door to get the rest of Nick’s stuff to start his room, but before I could reach it, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a kiss that made the earth shatter. At first, I was surprised, but when his tongue hit my lips, I knew to open up. He traced my lips with his tongue before entering. I’d never even held hands with a boy before, so I just tried to mimic what he did. He went right; I went left. He went up; I went down. I felt, for lack of a less cheesy word, divine. We finally broke away as he led us to the bed.

“I know we just made the bed, but do you wanna mess it up?” My eyes widened at the prospect of my first time.

“Sh-sh...sure. I’ll warn you; I’ve never done this before.”

“No worries. We’ll just do what’s natural.” He then proceeded to kiss me again-more electric than last time-pulling me onto the bed. This time, however, he began moving. He began to slowly and subtly grind on my leg. I think I was feeling the same thing he was because I did the same to him. I took off my shirt and returned to the kiss. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you much more about because I just lost myself in the moment. His hands roamed downward until they reached my jeans. I felt my button pop open and my zipper fly down. Before I knew it, my shirt, pants, and underwear were on the floor next to me. His lips left my mouth to go to my neck...then my chest...my nipples...my stomach...

Then he took me in.

The same magic his tongue worked in my mouth now worked on my dick as he started with the head. His swirled his tongue around it-specifically focussing on the hole. More and more, he would go farther down my dick. My dick got harder and...warmer? Yeah, his mouth was warm and soft. I started moaning and thrusting into his mouth. It felt natural. I ran my hands through his hair as he went farther down. Finally, he got me all the way down his throat. In retrospect, that was a pretty big accomplishment seeing as I’m 9” long and fairly thick. It felt like I was fucking his throat. Once he was all the way down, he began humming. The vibrations were too much for me.

“Bro, I’m gonna cum soon. Like really soon.” He went faster and deeper. He hummed over my moaning. (To be honest, I was probably screaming.) Then he stopped and began undressing himself. When he was done, I saw one hell of a man. I’d only seen 2 cocks in person before: mine (every night) and my father’s when he walked out of the bathroom after showering. This one, however, may have single-handedly turned me into a cockwhore. Now I can’t tell you how long or thick it was (how would I know?) but I can tell you it was bigger than mine. He turned me over and and spread my butt apart.

“Grab on to these for me, will ya,” he whispered. Before his lips left my ear, he kissed it lightly and I complied. I’d seen a lot of porn in my day, so I knew what was coming. But it didn’t making it any less surprising if that makes any sense. I felt a cold liquid fall on my asshole. I something push itself in as he crawled under me. We continued our kissing session as he fingered my asshole. I quickly became mesmerized.


Then he added another finger. I ground myself into his fingers thrusts. I started to moan into his mouth. I alternated between grinding on his fingers and grinding on his leg. He added another finger and that was almost it for me. “I’m gonna cum.” Then he stopped. (I probably should have learned to keep my mouth shut.)

He told me to lift my body up. I followed his order and waited for him to adjust himself. He only nodded his head, and I knew what to do. A began sitting until I felt the head at my entrance. He said, “Take it slow,” and so I did. It felt like years until I reached the bottom. His eyes widened as he took me. I felt...full? It just felt so natural. It felt even more so when he began grinding into me. Slowly, as if we weren’t just fucking. I knew we weren’t in love or anything, but it felt like more than just a fling. I could hear him panting under me as I moaned loudly. (Our neighbors probably think I’m getting some ass on the first day.) His breathing gets louder and faster. I know he’s about to cum, and seeing as I’ve been ready since the first touch, I knew we would cum together. I could feel his dick becoming more rigid. Its spasm inside of me unearthed the rising pleasure I felt. He was hitting my prostate repeatedly, and my breath quickened. Harder. Faster.

Then he came.

He didn’t stop, though. He kept going until my dick released everything. After five or six spurts, I collapsed on top of him, crushing my cum on him and allowing his to leak out of my ass. We fell asleep on my bed-me in his arms.

I woke up at 7:00pm. So much for seizing the day! I could feel Nick stirring behind me as I woke up. He kissed the back of my neck and said, “Good morning...afternoon...evening? What time is it?”

“Way too late.” Just as I had replied, I heard laughing in the living room. My face must have contorted in some way, because Nick started to ask what was wrong. He barely got to the third word when I told him to be quiet. I could hear muffled sounds in the living room and knew that the people in there were probably our roommates. We shot out of bed and got dressed as quickly as possible. We were both about to leave when I turned back and whispered, “You might want to hang back for a second. It’d look weird for both of us to leave at the same time.”

“You’re probably right,” he replied. With that, I plunged out into the unknown to meet who I’d be rooming with for the next few months. I closed the door behind me to enter a moderately lit room with two guys sitting on the couch facing away from me. As the door closed, they both turned their heads; I could see their faces light up when they saw me.

“Hey there sleepy head," the brunet exclaimed. "I was wondering when we'd get to meet our other roomies. My name's Jason, but people call me Jase." He extended his hand toward me, and gave me a firm handshake.

"Aaron. Nice to meet you. And you are..." I asked turning may attention to the red head.

"Tim." He seemed slightly standoffish but he was probably just shy. We did the usual small talk: where are you from, what's your major, how long was the drive, etc. As we were diving into the conversation, I heard a door close.

"Don't think we're gonna let you off that easy." Jase laughed as he all but bellowed it across the room toward who I suspected to be Nick. Damn it.

"Did you think we didn't check all the room's before we started moving in," Tim  asked. They must have seen us tangled on the bed - naked and sweaty. At least I don't have to do the awkward coming out conversation.

"Hey..." Nick hung on to the end of the word for a second or two.

"Hey yourself hot stuff. I thought we were supposed to wait until the second day to get some tail," Tim chimed.

Nick sat next to me, put his hand on my leg and replied, "I guess I couldn't wait." The introductions continued and the conversation progressed. Nick didn't move his hand; he never moved his hand. I wasn't sure if we we're a couple or he was coming off the high of this morning. Either way, I was comfortable. He and Tim hit it off as did Jase and me. We ended the night after our conversation and turned in early.

The next morning shone through my window violently. I'd thought about Nick all night. It was only when the sun was vaguely peaking above the ground that I'd even remembered that sleep was a priority. Jase and I had said last night that we would take today to get oriented with the campus and maybe meet some people. I guess he wasn't upset that two of his roommates were gay. I'd gotten myself dressed and left my room to find that my walking buddy had fallen asleep on the couch. We said we'd leave at 11am and it was already 10:30. I woke him up and he looked up with a hazy look in his eyes.

"Whaa..?" he said almost incoherently.

"Remember? We're supposed to go find cool places and shit."

"Oh yeah, I'll be ready in five." That was an over estimate. It seemed that he exited his room just as quickly as he'd entered it. Though it took him little time, he looked like it took him hours to get ready; he had this preppy, clean-cut look perfected. After dealing with a couple other things, we we on our way.

We trekked from building to building making conversation easily enough. Then he threw me curveball.

"So what's your deal with Nick?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, what's your relationship with him. Is he a boyfriend, friend with benefits, fuck buddy? What's your deal," he laughed as he inquired. I could tell he was lighthearted enough his intent.

"Well, I don't know. We barely know each other. But from what I know of him, I'm kinda falling for him. I know it's quick, but I'm confused.

"I won't try to pressure you one way or another, but I'm really good at reading people. Nick seems to like you a lot." My eyes perked up like a dog seeing it's owner for the first time in five minutes. "Well I think we have our answer. But I'd be careful; Tim doesn't look like a dude I could trust. I mean, I may be wrong. He just seems shifty."

"You think he's gay?"

"I'm not sure if he's gay per se, but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. And he’s had a lot of Double Stuffed Oreos in his day."

We laughed about that comment for a while until I replied. "Good to know. You said you we're a psych major, right?"

"Yeah, man. Why do you ask?"

"You should ask for your degree now. You seem to know everything you need to."

"You give me too much credit. Anyone with eyes could see how you guys feel about each other." We continued our talk for what felt like a few minutes but what ended up being an hour. We made our way back to our dorm and crashed on the couch. We'd only sat for a few minutes before Tim and Nick returned. They came through the door laughing and glassy eyed.

"Heyyy maaaan! You have any chips I can borrow? I'll give em back I promise!"

Nick was high. Now with any of my other friends, I'd be okay. But this is Nick. On our ride over, we had a long talk about drugs and weed and other shit like that. He said, very forcefully, that he didn't want to do any of that stuff when he got here. He never explained why, but I didn't need to ask. So seeing him impaired by this stuff slightly angered me. "Sure, Nick, I have some in my room. Follow me." With that, we we're alone in my room. I got him some food and started asking questions. "Where did you two go?"

"Who two?"

"You and Tim."

"I know. I just wanted to say 'who two.' it rhymes!" His smile spread across his face. "I'm really tired. Can I go to bed?"

"Yeah, but we need to talk soon." We talked soon enough. It was only until I heard sobbing . Sitting on the edge of my bed was a teary-eyed Nick with his body hunched slightly-hugging himself. "What's wrong?"

"I smoked pot." I wanted to bust out laughing. But it's a good thing it was so early that I didn't.

"Are you okay? Do you think it was laced with anything?"

"No. Regular ol’ pot. The same kind my mom did. I just don't want to be like her."

I started to pull the tired veil from my face so I could actively listen. "Hey it's alright."

"It’s not alright. She was a sociopath who would do anything for drugs. She loved her drugs more than me. And she started with weed."

"Did Tim give it to you?" I hoped it was dark enough to hide how red my eyes were.

"Yeah. He gave me a long speech about how our college years are supposed to be our exploratory years. How could I do this?"

"First, smoking pot doesn't make you a bad person or a drug addict. You're the same person you were before, and based off how you feel now, I think you won't want to try again." His head raised a little with hope. "Second, I'd be wary of trusting anything Tim says. He seems...weird."

“How weird?”

“I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Well, I don’t blame him for last night. I said ‘yes’ to smoking, and I have to deal with consequences of that. One of them being my hunger.

“There are more snacks in my top drawer,” I said digressing. I wondered why he couldn’t just trust me. I mean, he hung out with this guy, the guy told him to do something he didn’t want to do, and he felt bad about it that night. I didn’t see the problem in just being wary.

“Well, talking to you made me feel better. Thank you.” He smiled slightly. Though my room was really dark, I could see his face perfectly.

“Glad I could help,” I said simply. And with that, he left. Though, I didn’t want him to; I wanted him to stay. I wanted him to sleep with me. Not necessarily in a sexual way. I just needed him with me. That’s when I knew. I knew I wanted to tear Tim a new one. I knew wanted to thank Jase for warning me. And I knew I wanted Nick.




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