Part 01, First day at the dorm.

I had been given the opportunity to work at a local college dorm. It was an old mansion that have been converted and donated to the college for the athletes. It had six bedroom for the students and one extra one that I would be using as I lived and worked here. The head of the dorm and present Head Master, Robin Blankenship, was also a assistant coach. He was there to keep the men under control when not on campus.

I had been give the chance to live in the house with all of the 12 students and the coach while I worked as a housekeeper. I was nervous but extremely excited about living with all these hunky men. I had met 2 of the students all ready when they had been working across the road from me at the Trailer Home park. John was the one that encouraged the Dorm to hire me. I was to be paid a weekly salary and extra cash from the men when they needed anything extra for me to do.John said it was up to me if I wanted to take on the extra assignments.

I drove my the old 1953 Ford pick up truck my brother had given to me after he had it restored and repainted. It was awesome and my first auto. I parked it to the side of the house where the other cars were parked, then I went to the side entrance where I was greeted by Coach Blankenship. I was impressed by his handsome looks and hoped we would become very close friends. He was a well built athletic hunk and I'd hop in his bed anytime. I had to play it cool for now, until I had established good vibes with him and the other students before I made any moves. I needed and wanted this job very much because I hoped to go to college next year and still needed extra income. I had a family trust fund set aside for me, but I couldn't touch it until I was 21.

Coach Robin greeted me at the side door and motioned for me to come in. He took my hand, smiled and greeted me with a firm handshake. I felt better already. I looked up and John was heading down the staircase of the home.

"Hey there dude. I see you found the place. Is that your 1953 Ford Pick Up out there? Wow. It really looks awesome since your brother had it restored. We'll have to take a spin in it once we get you settled in.I see you've met Coach Blankenship Watch out for him. He's a real slave drive. Hey Coach. I'll show Mike to his room and show him around.

Let me grab one of your bags. The room is just at the top of the stairs.I hope you'll like it. You'll have your own bathroom and a small balcony overlooking the back garden and if you don't like it, you can move in with me. Just kidding, but that might be interesting. "

Then John winked at me and we headed up the stairs to my new home. He opened the door to a small but decent room. It was sparsely decorated but clean. It had a nice Queen size bed, dresser, two sideboards and a couple high-back leather chairs. John set the suitcase in front of the dresser and looked at me for my approval.

"It has a lot of the old furniture left over from the original owners.You can chance anything you want. There is a large storage room in the attic where you might find some interesting things. Come on I'll show you the rest of the house and introduce you to some of the guys.Most of them are still in classes but you can met them later this evening when we will welcome you with a small party. You'll discover, we'll find any excuse to have a party."

I was surprised at the size of the house and even though they had converted it into a home for men, it still kept it's old charm. The hall way was carpeted and the walls had some very nice oil paintings.The doors to each room were taller than most new homes. I guessed 10 feet or more. We quickly walked down the hall to the end where they had created a community bathroom with 6 toilets, some urinals, a large community shower and a work out room. Very tastefully and nicely done. It blended in nicely with the rest of the old home look.Someone had given a lot of thought and money to convert this home for these athletes. We went down the back stairs to the kitchen and other rooms, and then out the back of the house to a large pool. I was very impressed and wondered how I was to keep this place clean and in order. I just hoped the men would pick up after themselves and give me a break. I trust I hadn't taken on more than I could handle.

We continued to explore the place from top to bottom then we set by the pool while one of the freshman students brought us a fresh lemonade. We both laughed and recalled that we had met at the mobile home over a glass of lemonade. I don't recall if we ever finished the drink but John made a comment.

"Every time I have a drink of lemonade, I get a hard on." We both laughed again and sipped on the drink. "Speaking of 'hard ons' we have some spare time to unpack your bags and perhaps try out that bed to see if you will be comfortable there."

I nodded in agreement and stood along with John to go to my room. I was anxious to see if the bed was in good working order. I hoped to give it a good working over in the next few weeks.

We quickly reached my room and John not only shut the door, but locked it so we wouldn't be interrupted. When I turned around, John had not only kicked his tennis shoes off, but pulled his shirt over his head, without unbuttoning it, dropped his jeans and actually jumped onto the bed. I was still taking off my pants when he was all stretched out and ready for me to suck his hard cock. Man! This dude is a hot and ready man. Just the way I like em!

I immediately crawled in between his long athletic legs as ran my hands up his soft blond hairy legs. I gently caressed his balls: bent over and kiss them and secured his hard cock in my other hand. I glanced up to see a big grin on John's face. His eyes were closed and he had placed his arms behind his head, ready for me to service him as I had at the trailer.

Clear pre-cum juices were being to ooze from his large 11 ½ inches thick around cock. He was partially cut and as he got harder, his soft velvety foreskin slowly moved back, revealing a soft pink bulbous cock head. It was perfectly shaped. He a small amount of fuzzy hair on his balls and his pubic hair was light blond and softly directed up to his navel. A small patch of blond hair also nestled in between his pecks. He was an awesome looking 23 year old stud.

I set in reverence admiring his ball sack and that big cock. I knew I could get him off by sucking him but wondered if I should straddle his hunky body, and try to ease that beauty into my tight anus. I really wanted to start this 'dorm life' by using my body and giving these men all the pleasure they desired. I had to admit I was starting to enjoy a good fuck in the ass as well as sucking the cum from a man's cock. Yeah. I had become a cock sucking, ass pounding slut and planed to use it to the fullest extent.

I leaned forward and placed my drooling mouth over his cock head and ran my tongue around, and around it to savor his juices. He moaned so I knew I was pleasing him. I gripped his hard cock and guided it into my mouth trying to go down on it as far as I could each time, without gagging. He had a thick cock and wasn't the easiest thing to swallow, but we both seemed to be enjoying it. I still craved to have his cock in my body.

I stop and looked up at John. He opened his eyes to see why I stopped. I smiled and gave it one more lick before setting back on my legs.

"There's nothing wrong." I said "I was enjoying sucking your fantastic cock, but I was wondering if you'd like to try something else. Why don't you fuck me?" I said cautiously.

"Gee. I never fucked anyone in the ass before. My women already complain when I try to fuck their pussies, or try to encourage them to suck my cock. Are you sure you can take that monster? I'm pretty big, ya know." Then he paused and looked at me and smiled.

"I'm willing to try, but only if you're sure. That might be fun. I'll take my time. How do you want to do this? I don't have any lube. Do you?"

"You know the old 'Boy Scout Motto' Always be prepared." I got off the bed and went to the bathroom to get some lubrication out of my shaving kit. I eased a gob of it up my anus before I came back into the room. John was standing by the bed.

"Why don't you lean over the bed while I put it in. Give me some of the lubrication.'

I went over to John and went down on his cock, then lubed it so he could go in easier. Damn that thing was big. Oh well, I started this and I'm gonna have that cock in my body if I have to die trying.

"Better still, I will lay back on the bed, lift my legs to your shoulders, and you guide your cock to my ass hole, male pussy. I want to look into you handsome face as you slide that beauty into my hole. I'm not a virgin, but do take it slow for awhile, then when we are both comfortable with this, you can use me and fuck the hell out of me. What do you say, Big John?"

"Damn you're a hot one. Sounds great with me. This is gonna be awesome."

We go into position and John started to ease his cock into his first man pussy. It took a bit of doing but suddenly it went right into the hilt. He naturally hit my prostate and I came all over the both of us. He laughed then rubbed the cum on my chest and put it to his mouth to taste. He smiled and started to move in and out of my stretched hole. It started to feel awesome, like John said, and soon we were fucking like crazy. We kept this position for about twenty minutes or more, then he started to pound me like the man stud he was. It was absolutely wild, especially when we both came at the same time. I think John yelled out some football commands just as he was cumming. I'm sure if anyone was in the building they heard our pleasure calls. It was a great fuck. I was officially the College Dorm Slut.

Story by Dick Clinton

Word Count 1990,


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Dick Clinton, aka, Richard Barber

[email protected]


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