College Dorm

by Tiggy_999

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Fred arrived back from his night out drunk. He was disappointed to find his room empty, he would’ve liked to talk to Gregor about his night. He wonders what Gregor is up to now as it is 2am in the morning. He just assumes he will be staying out all night and his heart twinges at the thought that Gregor might have pulled a fit girl. He writes this off as jealousy and embarrassment as he tried chatting up several sexy women at a club earlier with no success. One had even thrown a drink at him after he subtly suggested she would have a good time if she came back to his. He knew he was being too forward but he was horny and frustrated. He had never had sex before, he’d been sucked off and wanked by girls, but never made it the whole way. He felt left behind by many people his age and thought coming to uni might solve his pussy problem.

Realizing he had the room to himself he takes off all his clothes and gets on top of his duvet. He thinks back to a girl he was chatting up earlier and more specifically her tits. Fred’s body was glistening in the light from his lamp. He was naturally hairless on his torso with just a bit of fluff under his armpits, and a little bit of hair leading to his crotch, almost like a teaser for what’s down there. He has abs but not from doing lots of exercise but just from being slim enough. His skin is glowing, taking on the orange color of his light, but naturally he is all black hair and pale skin. His cock is soft and laying against his left thigh. He has a small triangle of curly black pubes infront above his cock, which helps further draw attention to his huge white meat. His foreskin is long and fully covers his cockhead, forming a tight seal. His balls were shaven, huge and full of cum. He was so horny. He thinks of the girl from the clubs rack and pulls his foreskin back. He sits up and spits directly onto his sensitive cock and pulls his foreskin back up. He then takes his cock in his hand and closes his eyes. He’s imagining those tits from earlier bouncing up and down whilst stroking his cock. Soft his monstrous pale cock is 5 inches, but hard it’s closer to 9. He knows how big his cock is and it makes him confident around other men, but he finds girls don’t seem to care that much and if he brings up how hung he is to them it never ends well. He’s imagining himself fucking this big titted girl from earlier, at first in his imagination he’s fucking her in missionary and she loves it. His cock is so fucking hard and he knows he will soon shoot a massive load that’s been pent up for days. He now imagines fucking this girl in doggy, seeing her ass bounce and his cock twitches in response. Suddenly her ass becomes more muscular and familiar. He stops stroking and opens his eyes. It was Gregor’s ass he was just picturing. He’s drunk so he just thinks his mind might be wondering, so he gets back to wanking as his focus is on cumming. He closes his eyes and thinks about tits again, but his brain just conjures up the image of Gregor bent over spreading his cheeks, and the tight little cunt that lay between then. His cock feels the hardest he’s ever felt and now he knows he’s not far from cumming. He leans into it and imagines the whole hair removal cream situation again. This time he bends Gregor over when he takes his pants off, he spits on his pink hole and rubs his cock onto him. He’s imagining fucking that hole now, and how it would swallow his cock. He can see Gregor’s pasty ass cheeks jiggling. His whole body starts to twitch and tense as he knows he has about 3 pumps left until he blows his load. In his head Fred thrusts his cock into Gregor. Using his hand to match his imagination. He counts 3 “oh it’s so tight”, 2 “I love your bussy” 1 “aww fuck gregor yeah” The door unlocks and Gregor walks in at a disastrous time. Fred’s huge 9 inch cock explodes shooting ribbon after ribbon of cum all over his chest and pecs. He opens his eyes and is horrified to see Gregor stood at the door looking directly at him in disbelief. 

“oh my god how long have you been stood there” said Fred worry what he might’ve said in his moment of climax. He is immediately ashamed and feels vulnerable as well as wondering what the fuck he just imagined. He isn’t gay. 

“Erm I’m so sorry” Gregor says with tears in his eyes “I would come back in 5 minutes but I’ve had one hell of a night and I just wanna sleep”. Gregor couldn’t believe what he’d walked in on, and the last thing he needed tonight was anything else gay. Seeing his roommates gigantic cock leaking cum was not helping. He felt aroused by it and was in awe of its size. However Gregor was still a bit shaken from his experience with Isaac and the rugby bros. He’d loved the attention Isaac had given his pussy, in fact he’s certain it’s the best orgasm of his life. He just also felt used, humiliated about his small cock and worried about what him loving a boys fingers and tongue up his ass meant. He’s become a different person when Isaac’s fingers had touched the right spot and he was ashamed of how submissive and hungry he was for more. He didn’t want to be gay and he didn’t want to be a beta.

“I’m just gonna have a quick shower and clean myself off, I’m so sorry you walked in on me like this, thought you might’ve gotten lucky with the ladies” said Fred, covering himself up with a towel. 

This joke made Gregor even more upset as he hadn’t gotten lucky with the ladies and in fact his captain had got lucky with him. He was nothing more than a bitch boy. He let out a little sob and got into his bed.

“What happened, it surely can’t have been that bad” said Fred concerned at how upset his roommate was “You can tell me anything, I know we only met a couple of days ago, but I’ve already seen you naked, and you’ve just seen me orgasm, so I don’t think there’s any need for secrets” 

This made Gregor chuckle a bit, mainly because he could feel that Fred actually cared about him and that made him feel warm inside. He decides to tell Fred about his evening and just leave out the whole Isaac incident. After he’s done explaining he looks at Fred. 

“That sounds like shit mate, ritualistic humiliation. There’s no need for it. You can do better than them cunts, no one should’ve be laughing at you or forcing you to be naked and do that fucked up shit” said Fred. Secretly the whole story had aroused Fred, he still thought it was fucked, but the thought of Gregor in doggy drinking piss made his cock hard. “ Also I wouldn’t worry about your cock, girls don’t care about that shit, trust me”

” Well yeah that’s easy for you say, I’ve just seen yours and you clearly have nothing to worry about” said Gregor closing his eyes and still seeing that huge twitching monster cock in his head.

”Well yeah but this things no help with the ladies, just tonight I tried pulling several women non of them interested” said Fred, trying to help Gregor feel better but also blushing from the fact he clearly appreciates the size his cock. “It seems to me the only people bothered about cock size are men, you are one of the only people to ever mention mine as a positive”

“Well yeah that might be true, still feels shit though. I would do anything for your cock instead” Gregor says immediately realising how gay that sounds before adding. “I meant like have your cock instead of mine, not have your cock inside me. This has just made things worse Gregor thinks. Why would I talk about cocks inside me what the fuck.

Freds cock is now standing to attention, he can’t believe Gregor is talking like this. It’s making him so horny, he loves the compliments they always make his cock bigger and now it sounds like Gregor is begging for it.

Gregor can see the very obvious bulge under Fred’s towel, he also notices the dried cum all over his chest. He has urges he can’t control. Thoughts he can’t stop thinking. So his mouth opens and he just starts talking. “There’s one thing I left out of my story earlier, and I wanted to ask you about it.”

Freds interests were peaked, his cock was leaking precum again and he was just excited to see where this goes. “Yeah go ahead” he said  

“Well earlier the captain invited me up to his room, at first I thought for a chat, but after we both got there he demanded I take my clothes off, or he wouldn’t let me on the team” said Gregor, coyly watching Fred closely, seeing if he reaches for what’s under the towel. 

“Well that sounds very exploitative” said Fred, jealous that Isaac got to see Gregor’s ass and wanting to see it again. “Did anything else happen” 

Gregor saw Fred palming his boner, and his plan was working. “Yeah well after that he demanded I get in doggy, so I did because I really want to be on the team.” He heard Fred moan under his breath, this story was clearly too much for him to handle so Gregor throws a curveball.

”You saw my ass the other day Fred, and you saw my asshole, can I ask you honestly. What did you think? Did it make you feel weird or want to do anything unusual”

Freds cock is fit to explode, he thinks he could have several cumshots this evening if it carries on like this. His head is spinning and his thoughts are moving at a million times a second. He doesn’t know what to say but the image of Gregor’s ass and hole are dominating his brain. He palms his rock solid cock again and says “I don’t know to be honest, can’t really remember.”

Damn thinks Gregor who is disappointed by this answer until Fred says “Maybe you could show me again sometime, I mean if you wanted, as like a scientific test. See if I feel anything weird.” 

“Well are you in the mood to run this experiment now” said Gregor.

”Erm yeah sure” said Fred, trying not to sound too excited and also worried about how he’s going to hide his huge boner any longer.

”Okay I’ll just get into the same position as earlier and you just tell me what you think” said Gregor, nervous, horny and excited.

He gets out from under his duvet and takes his clothes off, making sure to keep his ass facing Fred snd to not show his small cock. He puts his knees on his mattress, bends over and arches his back.

“Come take a closer look then” he says

Fred is up so fast he completely forgets to cover his boner any longer, letting his towel drop and his huge cock springs free. His face is again 20cm from his roommates right cunt and this time he’s gonna make the most of the opportunity.