Disclaimer: Based on a true story, names have been changed.

I was about a month away from graduating high school and was focused about college and all the wild things that would await me there. I particularly wanted to join a fraternity cause that's where all the fun would be in college. It was a long weekend and I traveled to the campus of the college to get my tour as I intended to start in the latter part of the summer.

As I arrived on campus, my dick wanted unload at the sheer sight of both the bulky men I saw and even girls with yoga pants. But lately, my exploration of gay sex was irresistible and I was determined to try and walk away this weekend with yet another sexual experience.

T'was about 10:30 in the morning when I, along with a few others waited outside in a patio area waiting for our tour guide. A few minutes later, a tour guide emerges from inside the building. My cock began swell, our eyes met for about a second, I was just at a point where I would jump on him and fuck him in front of everyone.

The tour guide introduced himself as Adrian. His smile was Colgate-approved, he had a light-tan glowing skin, brown eyes, and black hair to go along with his quiff-like hairstyle. he wore a tight black polo which revealed the curvature of his chest and vein-popping biceps. The polo also had a logo of his fraternity, Alpha Delta Omega.

He began the tour of the campus but I began mine inside my perverted mind of his shape. He wore borderline tight beigh-colored pants. I really just wanted to dominate this guy with my 7.5 inch cock, deep inside his ass.

At various points of the tour, Adrian discusses various historic lingo relating to the campus. It was all gibberish to me because my focus was squarely on staring at his body, daydreaming about licking every part of it. I almost couldn't take it, I found myself wanting to jerk off during bathroom breaks but I had to resist, I wanted this to continue.

Some girls in our tour were gossiping about Adrian, wanting to get his dick up their pussies. Typical sluts, I thought to myself. They even went far enough to ask him if he had girlfriend, his response? Yes. This kind of turned me off because now I knew I had virtually no shot with him. This wasn't like Anthony or Tyler with their girlfriends (refer to my Road Trip story), I didn't know the guy and on top of it, he was fairly popular around campus with sorority chicks who greeted him.

We were about halfway done with our campus tour when Adrian began checking his phone. He then introduced a sorority chick who would take over for the second part of the tour as he had to go. I felt complete disappointment and knew I didn't want to see the last of him. So as we continued, I slowly drifted away from the group of about 12 of us and followed Adrian to the dorms.

I had no idea what I was doing. I found myself as insane and wondered what would happened if he found out I was practically stalking him. But I played cool and had a backup plan in case it happened.

The dorm he stayed at was inside in apartment complex, not a typical dorm house. I went inside walking past various frat boys. I was a bit nervous but at the same time, overwhelmed by the pool of hot guys around me. I continued walking towards the stairs where Adrian went and upwards. I stopped at around the 4th floor and continued into an empty hallway where Adrian went inside a dorm and closed the door.

I walked cautiously towards it and breathed a sign of relief that there was actually no cameras around. I arrived at the door and heard immediate moaning. I snickered and shook my head, knowing Adrian had gone inside for a quickie with his girlfriend. But as I but my ear closer, the moaning sounded different, in fact it began sounding like two men. After about a minute, the sound faded away and I heard movement inside. I immediately retract from the door and walk in the opposite direction.

The door opens with me walking away. Adrian walks out and recognizes me from the tour.

"Hey you.." he says.

I freeze slightly but turn around as to not sound suspicious.

"Oh, hey its you, what a surprise." I lie.

Adrian was half-naked with a towel wrapped around his waist. His bulge was instantly visible but his perfectly cut pecs and abs grabbed my immediate attention. I tried hard to keep my dick from sprouting out of my jeans but it was hard, literally. His shoulders were built, his back was in excellent v-shape form. He wasn't bulky and just about my size.

"Weren't you suppose to be with the tour?" he asks with a smile.

"Yeah but I had already seen most of the campus, the registrar just told me to take it anyhow and was checking out the dorms." I said.

"You want to see my dorm?" he asks. "I was going to shower but it can wait."

My heart skipped a beat at the suggestion and I didn't hesitate. "Yeah sure thing."

He allows me to go inside his dorm as he closes the door. I see just one bed with an undone blanket across the room, clothes scattered everywhere, a laptop half-way closed, posters of women on one side and sports stars on the other. His window had a curtain which dimmed the room and made it somewhat dark.

"I'm all alone in here, they were renovating our frat house for the summer so they assigned us all to these, but I got lucky and got singular room."

I was still curious to find out what the moaning was all about then, was he jerking off? Was he watching porn?

Adrian immediately reached over inside his mini-fridge and pulled out a bottle of rum. He poured a little in two red cups and handed me one.

"Never too early for a drink, welcome to college" he said.

"Cheers" I respond. We drink up and slam the cups on a table. That's when I noticed a part of a tattoo near Adrian's groin on his left leg.

"You got a tattoo down there?" I ask.

"Yeah, its tribal, I got last year, sophomore year, it was painful but worth it."

I really wanted to see it but I knew I had to keep my cool. I couldn't just blurt out that I literally wanted him to take off his towel and reveal his cock to see it.

"Do you care for a spliff?" he asks, reaching for a box and offering me one. "Don't worry, I know the inspection schedules, they won't catch us."

I grab the spliff and Adrian lights it up. We both sit down on the bed, and begin engaging each other about college. I immediately get into his girlfriend, and if takes advantage of fucking her inside the dorm. He says she is long-distance, been that way since last year when she transferred to an Ivy League school.

But then I get both desperate and curious at the moaning from inside the room.

"I could of swore I heard moaning when I walked around, I even thought when you came out, you were with your girlfriend."

Adrian immediately stood up and began laughing at my suggestion. "You followed me up here, right?"

I paused, and remained silent.

"I saw you looking at me a few times, like you wanted me, you're a fag aren't you?"

I gulped loudly as I was about to rebuttal his suggestion.

"You like cock?" Adrian said. "Just tell me if you do, I mean I'm not gonna tell the whole fraternity...

"...Why do you suggest that...I was...I just wanted to ask you a question about...your fraternity actually."

"My fraternity? said Adrian as he took a puff from his spliff." Well....we are the best frat in the school, host the best parties...rumor has it we get all the chicks... and employment rate for graduates is 99.9%. That concludes Alpha Delta Omega 101."

Adrian didn't sound convinced that's what I came up there for, he knew there was more.

"You wanna know what the moaning was?" he asked as he walked over to his laptop. He lifted it up and opened up a closed browser. To my shock, I see a paused video of a dude devouring cock, deep throat style. Adrian proceeds to then drop his towel.

"And now you see my tattoo, but I'm sure want my 8 inch cock, right?"

I gulp hard again, I shake my head and stand up. Adrian grabs my shoulder as I'm about to walk out. I didn't want to leave, but I couldn't leave the impression that's what I wanted or else, I was gonna be the hot topic of sorority and fraternity gossip.

Adrian whispers in my ear, "take off your shirt".

I begin shaking as I turn back slowly. Adrian and I begin staring at each other with a erotic look. We both smile as I reach for the bottom of my shirt, lift it up and take it off, dropping it on the floor.

Adrian reaches for a tool box of sorts, inside he takes out a tattoo gun.

"Let me draw something on you, something small" he said. "On your back...

I didn't know how to respond. I was getting mixed signals as to what he wanted, did he want to have sex, why was he looking at gay porn with a girlfriend in tow, and why did he want to draw on me?.

"No worries, its temporary" he said as he began working on my back, standing up naked as he puffed from spliff at the edge of his closed lips.

My dick was swelling up, my jeans were a force field keeping them from becoming noticeable. A million thoughts raced in my head, I wanted him, I wanted to fuck the living daylights out of Adrian, and it was all set up.

Adrian finished his drawing in 10 minutes, he grabbed a mirror as we stood in front of another to show me. "Like it?" he asked.

He had drawn a small tribal tattoo on my back. I smiled and thanked Adrian who reached from my bulge afterwards.

"I know you want me!" Adrian whispered as he undid my zipper. I felt the warmth of his breath on my ear, and his body on my back. I melted at that very moment as he undid my belt and lowered my pants and briefs. My dick sprung out, fully erected. Adrian smiled.

"Pretty big rod you got going there. You feel mine?"

I turn around and face Adrian, our breaths become deeper, we stare at each other intensely. Adrian puts his hand behind my head, massaging my brown hair as I put my hands on his back and shoulders.

"And your girlfriend?" I whispered.

"She left me....all alone..horny...always been wanting cock.....she just never knew!"

We went and kissed passionately. Our tongues were each other's mouths. My dick rubbed up against his uncut dick. I felt the precum ooze from both our cocks, we held each other ever so strongly and crash landed in the bed.

I went down on Adrian, kissing his chest, nipples, abs, and then I reached his cock. I put it in mouth like there was no tomorrow, deep-throat style. I sucked his balls as he began moaning ever so loud.

"Ahhhhh shit......screw my girlfriend.......I fucking love you!"

It brought back memories but I quickly erased them and focused on Adrian. I jerked and sucked the head of his cock simultaneously. Adrian grabbed his bed sheets with a hard grip.

"Ahhhhhhhhh yes.....take my cock....deeper........fuck.............yes....ahhhhh.

After that I went up and we kissed again, he echoed what I had done to him. The added element of smoking weed made this feel 100x better than normal sex. Every kiss felt so much better, my eyes went up towards the ceiling, I rolled around some as Adrian began going down on my cock.


I couldn't take it, the feeling was overwhelming. I held Adrian's head firmly, as he attempted to deep throat my cock. He gagged a bit as we made eye contact.

"Fuckk, I'm cumming......im cumming!"

Adrian didn't stop, I shot cum straight down his throat. He swallowed every last bit of it. He licked the opening of my penis of every last bit of white gold. I heard his gulps and knew he enjoyed it. He smiled as we made out again, I felt his sweat, he then wanted to fuck me.

"You can do whatever you want!" I said.

Adrian went back, and grabbed a condom, ripping it open with his teeth. As he did, he received a text from the registrar who needed him back.

"Screw them, they can wait!" he said as he slipped on the rubber and began squeezing the cock inside the walls of my ass.

"Fuckkkk!" I shouted.

"Shhh!" Adrian said with a smile as he put a finger to his lips. Adrian stood off of the bed, I was on my back with my hips on the edge of the bed. Adrian began penetrating me hard with every force possible.

Adrian grabbed my legs and carried them over his shoulders. We began staring at each other and nothing compared to his feeling. He began multitasking by grabbing another spliff and handing me one.

I smoked it as the feeling of euphoria increased exponentially. I felt Adrian's throbbing 8 inch cock inside me.

"You like that baby? Take it...take it all the way!" he said softly.

"Fuck yeah.....harder......hardest you can!"

Adrian penetrated me real deep, I felt it in my prostate and it was intense. I grabbed my cock for a second round of jerking as I held the spliff in another.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...here I come!" Adrian said.

"Taaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Adrian came and collapse on top of me. We made out, the feeling felt like love almost, it was so great.

We stayed in bed for almost an hour, practically to the point of sleep. Adrian and I kissed every other minute, I wanted more and more of it.

"Lets go to the showers, its practically empty at this time!" Adrian whispered.

I nooded and we both headed to the showers, with towels around our waists. We both went inside a shower, making sure no one was around and turn on the water.

We bathe in steaming hot water, washing each other and laughing about it a bit. We sucked each others cock yet again. This time I took in Adrian's cum inside my throat.

"Ahhhhhh.....you're a natural baby." Adrian said as I kissed him again. "You're staying this weekend right?"

"Yeah....I got all weekend to fuck!" I said. And so it was, we must have had sex literally every minute that weekend. It was some of the most intense stuff I had ever experience. It was beyond crazy what we did.

The college was about 150 miles from where I lived, so I had to take advantage of the moment. On the last day, Adrian and I fucked in the showers early in the morning. We both fucked each other standing up, rubbers on, but it was thrilling nevertheless.

As I was about to get in the car, I went to Adrian and made out with him in the parking lot. The feeling of getting caught made my adrenaline go. I cranked up my car and drove off, my last sight wasn't the college, by the waving and walking from Adrian back to it. I couldn't wait to get back to the campus, but until now I had Skype, were I could see him naked via a web cam, at least.



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