Chaz Profile: 19 year-old athlete stands 5-feet and 11 inches, weighs 160 pounds, black hair, dark brown eyes, hard muscular hard body, trim, olive skin, Latin and Hispanic decent, 8-inch cut cock, dark big balls, a four-year letterman wrestler in high school and now on the varsity college wrestling team as a freshman.

Mr. Jones Profile: He is a 38 year-old community college professor, 6 feet and 2 inches tall, weighs a hard muscled 195 pounds, Danish ancestry, blonde hair, light blue eyes, former Hollywood stunt man, and possesses a big thick cock shaft with a 9-inch cut cock. I have a very trimmed athletic type body from my years as a stunt man.

The Story Is Told By Mr. Jones

It was late April of the academic year. I'd been teaching Biology at the community college for the past 4 years following obtaining my master's degree in Biology from the state university. After getting my B. S. degree at age 22, I was a successful stunt man from age 22 to 32 when I went back to college and received my master's degree. From age 34 to 38 I've been at the community college.

The last week of April was set aside in my class to address sex education issues including for example the female anatomy, safe sex, the male and female reproductive processes and finally gay sex. The Friday lecture covered the male anatomy including the issue of homosexuality. At the end of the 3 PM class, the 40 students rushed out the door to begin their weekend activities except for Chaz. I noticed that hot Chaz was slow in gathering up his books. He seemed in no hurry to exit the classroom. He kept looking at me and finally he approached the podium where I was collecting my lecture notes and materials.

I could tell he was very nervous but he managed to ask: "Mr. Jones, I'm really nervous but I want to ask you something. Today is the first time I've ever heard the details of how gay guys do it together. Could you give me some materials including visuals of guys doing it?"

"Well, Chaz, I certainly can help you. Let's go over to my office and discuss your curious questions. You can trust me. Are you gay?"

"Mr Jones, I know I can trust you and that is why I asked the question. I'm gay but very naive about the gay scene. You won't tell anyone , will you, Mr. Jones?"

"Chaz, of course not. You must feel totally free to tell me whatever you want."

We went to my office, closed and locked the door, pulled down the window shades and I got out some gay magazines to show Chaz.

"Oh Mr. Jones, do you think this is OK for me to be here? Are you gay Mr. Jones? My buddies tell me that there are rumors on campus that you are gay and that you have fucked several of the athletes here. They hear that you have a big cock and are an awesome top. Again I'm not sure what that means. Oh Mr. Jones, the guys in the magazines are so hot. WOW, is this how to make love?"

"Yes Chaz, I'm gay. Yea, you must kept this confidential but I've had my cock inside of several of the hot guys on the baseball team. That team has several horny gays. I can show you how to do it if you wish."

"OH Mr. Jones, look at your pants. WOW, that is a big bulge. You seem to have a big hard on. Gee, I'm getting hard also. Do you want to have sex with me and show me how to have man sex?"

I grabbed Chaz, held him tight against my body in a hug as our now rock hard cocks rubbed against each other through our clothes. I parted Chaz's hot lips with my wet tongue and began to violently French kiss this young virgin stud. He grabbed my ass with his hands and pushed into me harder and harder. We humped and kissed for at least five minutes as I began to teach this cute young wrestler the ropes.

Regardless of the college conduct code, I had to have this hard muscled young wrestler and help him with his request to the initiation into man sex. I could teach him how to make man on man sex now that he was an adult. I bet I would learn some neat wrestling moves for wild erotic sex. Who would in the end be the best teacher, Chaz or me?

Chaz broke my embrace, he became wild with lust as he began to rip my clothes off of me. When I was stark naked, I watched Chaz take off his clothes until we stood before one another in our birthday suits. Oh shit, Chaz had a perfect ripped natural tanned wrestler's body with the most gorgeous dark cock and giant low hanging balls. I'd never seen a more handsome and hot fucking guy---yea how could anything be hottier than a Latin well built athlete with a huge cock. His body was perfect. I was about to bust a nut just looking at this Greek god. We both were dripping pre-cum, as our cock heads had become shinny from the juices.

I dropped to my knees, grabbed Chaz's steel hard cock at the base, and began licking his thick cock shaft from the base up to his piss slit over and over. When I took my tongue and slid it up and down the underside of his fat cock shaft, he went wild bucking and moaning with pure pleasure. Then I began to explore his entire crotch and all the awesome hot man smells of this wrestler. I took turns kissing, licking and sucking on his huge blue balls, his ass and that big cock. When I put my tongue up to the entrance to his asshole, I felt his ass twitching on my tongue. When I inserted a finger up his ass again his ass twitched on my finger. I had my face buried deep in his dark black pubic hair that tickled my nose. The smell had me so aroused. This young stud was going to make a fantastic gay fucker and hopefully with me over and over.

After several minutes of this sexy tongue washing of his crotch, I took his stone hard cock in my mouth and began to slowly swallow the entire beast. I went wild coming down and off his leaking cock. By the way, his pre-cum was the best taste of cum I'd ever tasted. I sucked the salty bittersweet pee-cum down my throat.

Chaz was so turned on that he grabbed the back of my head and began to thrust his hips forward. He moaned and managed to say: "Oh Mr. Jones, suck my cock. Yea, suck that cock. I love my first blowjob. Your tongue and mouth are so great. Oh, it feels so good. Oh Mr. Jones, I'm going to come."

At that moment, I felt a flood of hot semen drench my throat. The young stud had stored up a huge supply of salty cum that he gave me.I pulled my cum filled mouth off his big cock, swallowed all his cum and said: "Chaz, baby, do you want to suck my aching cock and experience your first cock to suck and maybe your first protein filled cum meal?

"Oh Yea, Mr. Jones. I want to taste and feel your cock in my mouth."

I stood up with my back to my desk, spread my legs far apart, pushed my his forward making a clear entrance to my throbbing cock and invited Chaz to take his first cock down his throat. I grabbed the back back of his head and said: "Chaz, open your mouth and clamp your lips around my cock head. Suck my boner like it is your favorite lollypop."

Chaz took my instruction with great eagerness and became a fast learner just as he was in class. He sucked hard on my cock head. Soon I shoved my rock hard cock deeper and deeper into his warm soft throat. He took all my cock like a champion cocksucker. He went wild sucking up and down my cock shaft while following my practice of sticking a finger up my ass. His finger had me so aroused with the young issue of his finger. He sucked my stone hard cock and fingered my ass for the longest time while he ate my pre-cum. He was so turned on that I knew I'd have a hard time getting him to stop.

When I was close to coming, I managed to pull out of his mouth and said: "Chaz, now let me fuck that tight virgin ass. I want to be the first guy to get his cock inside that man pussy. Man your tanned Latin dark ass is so hot. Look it is pucker inviting my cock to pound it.

"OH Mr. Jones, I'm so afraid that it will hurt me. It might cause me to bleed. Lets just suck more cock."

"Chaz, trust me. I'll be gentle. Getting fucked is much more pleasurable that even a great blowjob. It might hurt at first but you will get use to it and you will want a cock in that man pussy ever day."

"OK Mr. Jones, I trust you. How do we do it?"

I put Chaz on his back down on my Persian rug, took a bottle of lube, lubed his ass, lubed my cock, lubed a sexy red condom after sliding the condom on my huge cock, had him put his sexy legs high in the air, spread his legs far apart and had him hold his legs in place. I put my throbbing cock head to the beautiful entrance to his pulsating asshole and tried to insert it. His ass closed so tight that I could not invade the virgin dark ass.

"OH Mr. Jones, I don't think I can take that big cock. It hurts too bad."

I was not about to miss the chance to fuck this hot virgin ass. I suggested: "Chaz, just relax--that will help. Do not be tense, trust me. One's first time is the most difficult. Push down with your ass muscles as if you are about to shit. Yea, like that."

This time his ass opened very wide--yet again he was a great student in what to do. I slowly inserted my cock past his outer ass ring and oh hell, his ass chute began taking my manhood inch by inch down past his prostate. Soon I had my entire 9-inch monster deep in his ass. I started fucking him slowly until he began to enjoy my cock inside him. Then I began to pound his ass with greater and greater speed. His Latin dark man pussy felt better on my cock than any man pussy I'd ever had. Man, I went wild fucking this hot stud.

I got wild when Chaz said: "OH Mr. Jones, the pain is gone. I love your cock up my ass. Fuck me; please give me all your cock; yea, that is it; it feels so good. I love your cock. WOW, your cock is hitting something that feels so awesome. What is that?"

"Baby, my cock is drilling and rubbing against your prostate. I call that your gee spot."

"OH Fuck, Mr. Jones that is the most wonderful feeling I've ever had. Put that cock on my prostate, please."

I pounded Chaz's ass for the longest time. My cock had never felt this good before. I felt his tight ass grip my cock and created a friction on my dick like I'd never felt before. Finally, I could not hold back any longer as I blasted stream after stream of my sticky seed into the condom. I pulled out, took off the condom, put my cum covered cock down his throat and let him suck me dry. Then we kissed.

As we dressed, Chaz said: "Oh Mr. Jones, I love man sex. This was incredible. Thank you for teaching me how to have hot gay sex. I do not want to get you in trouble but can we fuck and suck again soon? Next time, I'd love to fuck your ass and see how my cock feels in your ass.

We decided to go over to my house and I'd prepared dinner.

As I cooked, I said: "Chaz, this is our secret and yes we can suck and fuck as often as you wish. You're hard muscled wrestling body is the best sex I've ever had. I don't think any man sex could be better than with a hot Latin young wrestler with such a big cock."

"Well Mr. Jones, I'm always horny and I've only been able to masturbate until today. Maybe we will have to fuck at least once a day or even more."

"Gee, Chaz, that sounds great. But you area young buck with raging hormones. You might wear me out but I'm brave to try fucking as often as you ask."

"OK Mr. Jones, where do we meet tomorrow for sex?"

"Chaz, come over here to my apartment tomorrow, Saturday, and ever day after school. We must be careful."

"Yea Mr. Jones, lets get naked, let me teach you really hot wrestling moves and have sex in some wild positions."

"OH SHIT, OH FUCK, Chaz, I'm hard again right now. I'm not sure I can wait for tomorrow. Your body is so hot and your smell as an athlete is killing me. I'm about to come just being close to you."

This was too much for Chaz as he noticed my cock growing hard. We had dressed but there was a tent in my pants. Chaz came close, grabbed my crotch, unzipped my pants, took out my now rock hard cock and began to play with it. His pants were bulging so I unzipped his pants and retrieved his huge stone hard cock and began jerking him off. We were so horny that we found ourselves on the floor in a 69 position and began to give each other a wild hot blowjob. Soon we both shot a second big load into each other's mouth. Some of the cock got on our pants.

"Oh Mr. Jones, look I have cum stains on my pants. I can't go home like this."

We took off our pants and I put them in the washer. We were so still into each other, we got completely naked, got into another 69 and ate ass until, the clothes were washed and dried.

We kissed and Chaz said: "Yea, Mr. Jones, I'll be back tomorrow. We are just getting started on this man sex stuff."

"Yea, Chaz, I can hardly wait. See you then."


Naughty Eric


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