Hello, readers. The following is actually based on real events. There really is a Collin, and I really am his master. (Master, owner, you can call me whatever you like. Point is, he’s mine.) The real-life training and seduction of Collin took considerably longer than what’s included here, but obviously for the sake of convenience, I sped it up a bit. If any of you have done something similar, you know how time-consuming and difficult this sort of training can be, but ultimately how rewarding. 

I began this simply as an exercise to get Collin off, but we both got so into it that we decided we’d share it with the world. Yes, all feedback is welcome, and yes, Collin will be reading it as well. If something in the emails catches his eye, he may even feel inclined to reply. But don’t be dumb and ask for his pics or any personal information or any such nonsense. I didn’t go through the trouble of making him mine so I could share his perfect dick with the world.

And for the record: Collin helped me write this. He really is a good boy.

Collaring Collin


Chapter 1- The Leak


It didn’t start innocently. Not much of what happened to Collin is innocent. But even now, when he sits in class thinking about it, he leaks into his tight briefs, no matter how hard he tries not to. It’s been some time since his body has been receptive to his commands, and that’s another thing that makes him plump up and leak.

Collin Evans was just like any other senior. Well…maybe not like any other senior. But all that came later. When it first started, he was just your typical eighteen-year-old high school water polo player. He wasn’t the star on the team, but he wasn’t bad either. He was on the team mostly to stay fit. There were other reasons, of course, but he kept those to himself. He got good grades and was looking forward to college in the fall. He had a decent if not obscenely large group of friends, and was a good kid who never got into any real trouble.

So yeah…just like any other senior, in most regards. He was undeniably gorgeous, however. Collin had dark black hair and striking, vibrant blue eyes. More than one person had commented that with his hair combed up and his piercing eyes, he somewhat resembled a husky. He had soft, pink lips and an amazing smile. He wasn’t tall, only about 5’9”, but it somehow added to his appeal. He’d be a gangly teen if he were any taller. He had very hairy armpits, which was a bit of a surprise since the rest of his torso was more or less hairless—just a few wisps around his nipples (which themselves were a treat, big but not huge, and perfectly placed on his chest) that one had to really struggle to see, and of course a happy trail that he would shave every now and then. His legs were a different story, however. Rather hairy, furry even, and perhaps most embarrassingly to him, a rather hairy bum as well. Not many people knew that outside the locker room, of course, but it was still something he blushed about when the good-natured teasing began.

There is another thing rather unique about Collin, but that is for another time.

Collin’s life changed forever when he smelled something in the kitchen. He sniffed a few times experimentally before looking under the sink where it appeared that a small drip had led to a small puddle which had turned foul. As he got up, Mrs. Evans, who had also noticed the harsh smell, asked how bad it was, and Collin explained the situation.

“I’ll text your dad about the sink. Do you have anything going on today?”

“Probably just swim a bit. The guys wanna go to the movies later. Might check that out.”

“Sounds good. All right, I’m off to the store,” Mrs. Evans responded as she walked out of the house. As soon as she was gone, Collin went upstairs and slipped into his light blue speedo. It was one of his older pairs, but it was still very comfortable, and it was generally what he used when swimming at home.

Unbeknownst to Collin, his father was heading home with a friend from work who was actually skilled in home repair. He had been with Mr. Evans when he received the text from his wife, and had agreed to take a look at the situation in the kitchen to appraise the damage. They had just entered the home when Mr. Evans got another text from his wife, who clearly needed help. 

“I’m not sure my wife understood what I asked her to get,” he said with a laugh. “Would you mind terribly if I run down real quick to help her? Otherwise she’ll be gone all day and—”

“Nah, no worries. You helped me with my car, remember? I’ll do what I can, and if you hafta call a plumber, I’ll make sure he doesn’t gouge you,” the friend replied. “Got any tools?”

“Yeah, closet upstairs between the boy’s rooms.” Mr. Evans pointed in the direction.

“Great, I’ll start here, and we can grab some lunch after.”

“Sounds good.”

With that, Mr. Evans ran off, leaving his friend alone in the home. He had never been inside the Evans’ home before, but found the kitchen easily. He took a look under the sink and saw that it was a very minor problem. Cleaning up the mess and mold would be the most time-consuming part. He was working the logistics out in his head when he heard a splash.

He stood up and looked out the window and saw Collin’s wet, fit body for the first time. He wanted a closer look, but the big kitchen window would get him caught. He decided to head upstairs for a better look. As he did, he tried to remember everything Mr. Evans had said about his son. Collin was a water polo player. That meant speedos. He was a senior. That meant a well-developed, sexy body. He had of course tried inspecting Collin’s facebook before, but it was private. The few pictures Mr. Evans had of his family showed that Collin was delicious, but he had never even seen the boy shirtless. But now…

He made his way upstairs and headed towards the back of the house. Coincidentally enough, Collin’s room had the best view of the pool. His bedroom window has a view of the entire pool, and the view did not disappoint at all.

Collin, of course, had no idea that anyone was in his house at all. He climbed out of the pool, readjusted himself, and jumped back in. He also had no idea that someone was up in his room photographing everything. Mr. Evans’ trusted friend was upstairs in his son’s room, photographing the boy in his tight, wet speedos. He had been unprepared for Collin’s sudden emergence, and thus only got one quick snap before the boy jumped back into the pool, but the photo itself was perfection. Collin’s dark hair plastered and matted sexily all around his face. His chest and nipples glistening from the sheen of the water. His tight, sexy abs with the barely defined ridges. But most importantly, there was a sizeable bulge in the powder blue speedo. Mr. Evans had said quite a lot of things about his son, but he left out the most important part: Collin had a huge dick. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly how big it was, but the clingy wet lycra made it obvious that the boy was not lacking.

Something stirred deep inside Collin’s admirer. While Collin innocently swam in his own pool, his new admirer stared at his tight, sexy body, and instantly knew this boy had to be his. There wasn’t any other way around it. Collin Evans was his property now, even if the boy himself didn’t know it yet. He figured the boy would be in the pool for a bit, and started looking around the room for anything of value. Some discarded boxer-briefs (what a disappointing choice of underwear, but typical of a boy his age. Still, it warranted further consideration down the line), some clutter, but nothing terribly useful. A quick tour through the boy’s dresser did reveal quite a few number of speedos. None were terribly revealing or sexy. That would change. Turning back to the bed, he lifted up the bed sheet and found the boy’s laptop. He opened it up, and of course he found it was password-protected. He put it back and covered it up again, and went back over to the window. Collin was swimming near the edge of the pool, so this time he started recording, and was not at all disappointed. This time he got all of Collin’s bum, and it was magnificent. The boy’s ass was fucking huge. The speedo could barely contain the plump mounds of Collin’s totally fuckable ass.

After the boy hopped back in and continued his exercise, completely oblivious to the erect man up in his bedroom, his secret admirer sat down on the bed. He was gay, of course, and had been with a few men in his time, none as sexy or fuckable as the teen in the pool. The boy looked like a model, and he was a water polo player. Any man would be lucky to have him. And somehow, that stirred something deep inside his new master. Collin was sexy. He was too sexy. A tight, sexy body like his needed to be used. Used for pleasure. The boy was simply too sexy. He needed to be taken. He needed to be owned.

The sharp chime of a text message snapped the man out of his stupor. It wasn’t his phone, however. Collin had left his phone on the dresser. Upon closer inspection, of course it was password-locked as well. But the first few words of the text were plain as day.


Kevin: “hey dude, i had a real good time last night……… can i c u again sometime? i think maybe”


That was all the screen revealed, but that was more than enough. Collin was gay. The path to his tight, sexy body just became that much easier. Now all that was needed was a way in…

Thinking quickly, Collin’s admirer went down to the den, where he knew the family computer resided. He didn’t honestly think he would find much in there, but knew it didn’t hurt to look. Luckily it was just on standby mode, and it came on rather quickly. On a whim, he went to Instagram, and thankfully “Collbot7000” was still logged in. There was no real time to waste, so he quickly went through the pictures and decided that yes, this boy would be his. Whatever it took, this boy would belong to him. He wasn’t sure who Kevin was, nor did he care. Kevin would soon have to find another date. Collin was now owned.

Not wanting to push his luck, he closed the browser. He did see that skype was installed on the computer, so he started the program. Of course, he went straight to the log-in screen, and it had a list of all the usernames that had been used. Once again, “Collbot7000.” That was all he needed. He quickly exited the house, texting Mr. Evans what cleaning supplies he would need, and suggested he contact a plumber, and gave a cursory estimate. He would of course have liked to help his friend out, but he had other matters to attend to. His son needed to have his sexual freedom taken from him, and that was going to be no easy task.

Collin got home from the movies around 11pm and went straight to his laptop to mess around. He uploaded some photos from the night and was contemplating replying to Kevin’s text when he saw a friend request on skype.

“Crazy4Collin” wants to add you.

Collin laughed when he saw the screen name. He wondered which of his friends was as bored as he was. He accepted it and instantly a chat was started with him.


 “Hello Collin”

 “who is this? Johnson?”

“You have a friend named Johnson? Does he know he’s named after a cock?”

“lol no his name is actually Christian but we call him johnson cos his dick is huge”

“Do you like Johnson’s Johnson?”

“what? seriously who is this?”

“You don’t know me”

“then why the fuck are u writing to me? wtf is up with your username?”

“Because I like you, Collin”

“you just said i don’t know who u are”

“I said you don’t know me. I never said I didn’t know you”

“you’re a fucking creep, goodbye”

“Collin, I think you’re sexy”


Collin blocked the user and shook his head. About 15 seconds later, he got a request from “CollinsKevin.” Thinking it was his date, he accepted.

“Do people know you’re gay, Collin?”

Collin froze.

“what? I’m not, who is this?”

“Yes, you are. You’re gay, Collin. And you think some silly little high school boy can give you what you really want?”

“I’m calling the cops”

“No, you won’t. Because then I won’t be able to give you what you really want”

“what’s that?” Collin was actually curious by now.

“I won’t ruin the surprise. But let’s just say that I know you, Collin. Very, very well. I don’t mean to scare you. In fact, this is probably the best thing that ever happened to you”

“wtf are u talking about??”

“You find Kevin boring, don’t you? He doesn’t treat you the way you wanna be treated.”

“how is that?” Collin didn’t even wanna admit it to himself, but he felt a rise in his pants.

“You wanna be treated like you’re sexy. You need to be properly sexualized. Your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick isn’t getting the attention it needs, is it? Locked into those tight, sexy speedos for so long. It must be hard on a boy with a dick your size.”

Despite the rising boner, Collin decided to shut this down. “I’m in highschool u pervert”

 “Tell me boy, did your dick start getting hard when I mentioned it?”

“OF COURSE NOT!” Of course, his dick only got harder reading this

“Good. I thought so. I’ll leave you alone for now, but know this: I love watching you play. I don’t miss a game. You look fucking delicious.” Collin’s admirer paused before adding “I think I’ll send you a present.”

Collin once again blocked the user and shut his laptop. He wasn’t sure if Kevin was playing some sick joke or if someone actually saw him go out on a date with him. He also wasn’t sure why hearing some stranger talk about his dick had made it plump up a bit. He decided the whole thing was just someone having a laugh at his expense. He turned everything off and stripped down to his underwear, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Collaring Collin


Chapter 2- The Package 


He wasn’t sure, but he thought he dreamt about his secret admirer. All he knew is that he woke up horny, far hornier than he normally did. His huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick (did he just use the same description in his head that the pervert said to him on skype?) was leaking into his boxer-briefs, and he found he had to wait a few minutes before finally being able to pee.

He got dressed and had some breakfast with his family, going through the possibilities in his head.

Of course, the most obvious was that Kevin was playing some kind of prank. He didn’t seem like the sort of guy who would, but Collin had been wrong about people before. There was also the chance that someone had learned Collin’s secret, and was going to torment him with it. This was perhaps a bit more likely, even if Collin sincerely hoped it was not the case. And then…

There was always the chance that the person on skype had been completely truthful. Perhaps Collin did have a secret admirer. This fascinated Collin just as much as it scared him. He couldn’t deny how horny the conversation on Skype made him, even though he wanted to. He also couldn’t pretend he didn’t think about the messages when he wanked that morning. Anyone else would have laughed and brushed it off. So why was he so obsessed with finding out the admirer’s identity? Of course, Collin didn’t realize it at the time, and wouldn’t until his master revealed it to him, but the seeds had been planted in his head. It was simply a matter of time before they sprouted into something…completely beyond anything he could conceive of or control.

Collin talked to Kevin shortly after breakfast and determined he had nothing to do with it. In fact, Collin was so involved in the mystery of his secret admirer that he turned down the opportunity to spend time with Kevin. He was kind of boring, after all. He had hinted, though not outright said, that he was interested in waiting for “the right person.” That was all well and good, but Collin had needs. And perhaps some high school boy wasn’t the one to meet them.

While his family downstairs watched some movie, Collin was up on his laptop, going through all the players and coaches on the water polo team. He had spent the entire day playing it all over in his head, and despite a few serious boners, he had nothing really to show for it. He hadn’t been on skype all day, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that yet. Poring through all the boys on the team, plus all the coaches, plus… It then occurred to Collin that it might not even be a coach. Plenty of parents attended the matches, and just last year Parker’s dad had been arrested for having sex with his daughter’s best friend, who was on the swim team with her. It was certainly a possibility, but—

Collin decided he had had enough. He logged onto skype and immediately found a request from “slave4collin.” He would realize much later how ironic the screenname was.


“what do you want?” Collin asked. “I’ve spent all day trying to find out who u are”

“Oh my, you’ve spent all day thinking about me? The feeling is more than mutual”

“seriously dude, are you some fucking wackjob? you’re not gonna hurt me, are you?”

“You know I’m not.”

“how could i?”

“Because if you did, you wouldn’t be talking to me. You would have told your parents about me already” 

 “tell me who u are, right now. do it or i tell everyone,” Collin demanded again.

“Tell them what, that someone figured out your dirty little secret and you’ve been thinking about it all day?” On the other side of the screen, Mr. Evans’ friend smirked, knowing he had Collin cornered.

Collin tensed up before responding, “what dirty little secret, I’m not gay”

“No, you’re not as boring as that. No, what you are is something else entirely.”

“and what’s that?” Collin asked, partly out of curiosity, partly to fuel his growing boner.

“I’m not going to ruin the surprise.”

“look, whatevs man, just please don’t write to me again ok?”

“I won’t, not until you come to me. I’ll keep this account active.”

“lol u think im writing to u?”

“Yes. I know it.”


“Because you’re hard. You’ve been hard this entire conversation. You’re gonna stay hard when you read over this again. Your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick will leak into your briefs when you think about who I am, and what I want to do to your tight, sexy body.”

 Collin couldn’t deny the first statement. He was horny now, and his admirer knew it.


“I’m not a little boy, I don’t wear briefs” He countered, though picturing himself in some cheap white briefs was kind of sexy…

“Time enough for all that later.”

“watever man, just please leave me alone”

“I will, until you come back to me.”

“i won’t.” He responded firmly, though Collin wasn’t so sure himself.

“Just remember what I said last night”


“I don’t wanna ruin that surprise either. You’ll see”


Collin blocked the user and logged off skype again. He looked down, and of course his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick had betrayed him again. He read over the chat again and was no closer to discovering who was playing this strange and fucked up game with him. It had to be a kid. No adult would risk getting in serious trouble just for the chance to mess with his head a little.

At least…that’s what Collin kept telling himself. And he also told himself that the thought of the faceless man on the other side of the computer didn’t enter his mind as he beat off and came in less than five minutes, shooting his sweet, sticky load all over his gorgeous abs and chest. He gave his secret admirer one last conscious thought before drifting off to sleep, utterly convinced that school the next day would get his mind off of the whole situation.


Collin wasn’t the only one. His benefactor reread both convos and beat off as well. He couldn’t believe it was happening so quickly, but clearly he had been correct about the boy. His assessment had been spot on. He, too, had spent the day doing research. Apparently Collin was a bit on the lazy side, and “Collbot7000” was his screenname of choice. And while his Instagram was private, his tumblr and twitter accounts were not. The twitter account was mostly innocuous, with just a bunch of insipid banter with other boys from the water polo and swim teams. The only truly useful thing to be gleaned from that is how shy Collin was. While the other boys haphazardly plastered their young, wet, scantily-clad bodies all over the internet, he rarely if ever posted pictures of himself (though the few that were up were instantly saved), and not a single one of them were by the pool. No speedos, no shorts, not even shirtless. Collin was a shy boy, and that was of course intoxicating.

His tumblr, however, proved to be a gold mine. Collin was just as private about himself there in terms of pictures, but his thoughts? This was unfiltered Collin. There were a lot of anon asks, all which provided unique insight into Collin’s life and thoughts. Most were innocent, since no one seeing the blog had any idea of how insanely sexy the boy was, but a few were sexual, and the answers were carefully analyzed and archived.

Collin’s secret admirer spent the entire day studying his target, and after the second conversation decided to proceed with everything as planned. Collin would be his. Utterly, completely. It was now just a matter of time. He drove to his local Walmart to buy some prepaid credit cards, and then drove to the public library to purchase a few…choice items. It was going to be a very interesting few days.


Collin went about his business the next few days at school as though nothing had happened. The mystery behind his secret admirer usually caused his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick (he could not stop thinking of it in those terms no matter how hard he tried) to plump up, but by about the third day the feelings had started to wane a bit, and it likely would have ended there had it not been for the package.

He arrived home one day to a package on the porch.

Collin examined the box. It was from amazon. He thought it was for someone else, but sure enough, there was his name on the label. He hadn’t ordered anything, he thought, and then a shock went down his spine as he realized what was happening. Collin remembered the messages about “surprises” and “sending a present,” and he knew who had sent the package. He wasn’t even sure how the man had gotten his address, but he was somehow not surprised. He knew that it could very well be something dangerous, perhaps even life-threatening. 

It took only a second to weigh his options, but it would be the most important second of Collin’s life to that point. In that second, he thought about everything that could be inside that box, and how any number of them could be disastrous. But on the other hand…his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick took control, and he shook his head and took the package up to his room.

He shook the box and heard nothing metallic. It weighed almost nothing. If it was a bomb, it was a very well-concealed one. He put the box down, absently wondering why he was so plump, and why he hadn’t told his parents anything. He tried concentrating on his homework, but was utterly unable to. The box dominated his thoughts, and he couldn’t go more than fifteen seconds without staring at it. 

After an excruciating twenty minutes, he finally caved and opened it. He was somehow both utterly shocked and oddly not at all surprised to see a pair of pink Calvin Klein briefs neatly tucked inside. They were soft, and sexy, and of course they were an S. The packing slip inside provided no real clues. The billing address was the same as the shipping address, and though the price was hidden, there was a gift note:

“Every present deserves to be wrapped. When you give me your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick, it’s going to be wrapped in something pretty.”

Collin looked at himself in the mirror, holding the pink briefs up to his hips, wondering why he was so hard it hurt. It of course wasn’t the first time his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick had betrayed him, and it wouldn’t be the last. But on the journey to his ultimate destination, it was perhaps the most important.


Having tracked the shipping status obsessively on an hourly basis, Collin’s secret admirer was not at all surprised to see the boy log onto skype.


“wtf is this, whats wrong with you?” was the message waiting for him.

 “Did you see the packing slip?” 

 “you think I’m giving you my dick?” Collin sounded more sure than he was in his mind.

“I’m sure of it.”

“fuck you”

“Actually, you’re right. You’re not giving me your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick. I’m taking it.”

Again, the mysterious man on the other side of the screen managed to make Collin horny. But…why?

“why the fuck do you keep calling my dick that? stop talking about my cock u perv”

“Very well. I apologize.” Collin wasn’t expecting to be let off so easily, and was a little disappointed, though he would never have admitted it to another living soul. “May I ask one thing before I go?” his dad’s friend asked. 

“will u leave me alone forever after?”

“I promise I will wait for you to come to me, just as I did now.”

“lol ur a fucking freak” Collin tried to resist the man’s lure again. 

“So how did they feel?”

“wtf? i didn’t put them on”

“Yes, you did. I’m sure of that as well. And you’re wearing them to school tomorrow.” Collin was too speechless, too aroused, to respond. “Goodbye, Collin. I’m glad you liked them. I know you looked sexy in them. If you decide you want me to see them sometime, just let me know.”


With that, he logged off for the evening. He monitored Collin’s social media accounts and noticed that the boy was so off-balance that he didn’t post, tweet, or reblog anything the rest of the night, which was a rarity indeed. 

Replaying the entire situation in his head, picturing Collin in his new favorite underwear, and thinking about the next phase in his plan made his orgasm that night the most mind-blowing he had.

…Up until that point, of course.


Collaring Collin


Chapter 3- The Video


Collin’s secret admirer tried to keep his mind on his work throughout the day, but Mr. Evans kept popping into his office, and the constant reminder of what he was doing to his friend’s darling boy made it difficult to concentrate. Still, he somehow made it through the day, and was not at all surprised to see Collin online when he got home.

Almost instantly, he got a message.

“why are u doing this?”

Collin’s master instantly got hard. The boy’s edge and defiance was starting to dissipate. He thought it would have taken longer, so he was beyond thrilled with the progress. And he knew Collin was just as aroused at the advances.

“The truth?”


“Because I want to. Because you’re sexy. And most importantly, because you want me to.”

“i don’t, though…” Collin didn’t know why he was still arguing when he secretly loved the truth. 

“Did you wear them to school today?”


“Collin, you can’t lie to me. I understand your sex better than you do. I know what your tight, sexy body truly needs, what your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick is truly craving”

“can you please tell me whoyo u are?”

“No. All you need to know is that I know you, intimately”

“can you at least tell me how you got my address?”

“How about this, Collin? Let’s play a game. You get a question, then I get a question. But if you lie, the game is over. I also will not be telling you anything that will directly identify who I am. Because then the game is truly over, and neither one of us wants that”

“how will i know if you’re lying?”

“I’ve never lied to you about anything. And I won’t”

“ok.” Collin went along with the idea. He wanted to see where it would go just as much as his admirer did.

“You go first.”

“how did you get my address?”

“I’ve been to your house.”

Collin knew that didn’t narrow it down much. He had housed several team events, and his parents also had various work functions. It could still be just about anyone.

“ok, your turn”

“How do they feel?”

Collin hesitated for a second, but knew a lie was useless. This man somehow never everything about him sexually. “really comfy and really sexy, they’re really soft and cradle everything perfectly,” he typed shyly, embarrassed about how open he was in his horniness.

“I thought so. I researched that pair. I wanted them to be perfect”

“you researched these briefs?”



“Because it’s my job to make sure you’re as sexy as possible”


“Your turn, Collin”

“what do you want with me??”

“To own you”

 Reading the message sent a shiver down Collin’s spine, and made his dick twitch.

“wtf does that mean?”

“It means I want your tight, sexy body and furry, sexy, sensitive ass and huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick to belong to me. You’re far too sexy to be in charge of your own body. You can’t be trusted with it.” Referring to parts of Collin’s tight, sexy body with such delicious names made him so hard. He knew he couldn’t resist after reading those types of messages. And in fact, he didn’t want to.

 “why me?”

“Because you’re the perfect target. Don’t bother asking me why. You’re not ready to know yet”

“you could get in a lot of trouble for this…” Collin said, though his resolve was slipping with each message.

“Yes. But if you were gonna tell anyone, you would’ve done it already. You wouldn’t have worn the collar. And also? You’re worth it”

Collin didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t even sure why the man had called it a collar. He was too confused and horny to think coherently, so he stuck to the game. 

“your turn, i guess”

“I’m not gonna bother asking if you wore them to school today. I know you did. I’ll simply ask, do you understand why?”

“honestly no”

“Because I wanted you to. You didn’t even hesitate this morning, did you?”

Collin had never been harder.

“actually i never took them off yesterday, i like how they look and feel”


“where is this all going? you never want me to know who you are, so what even is all this?”

“Do you really wanna know?”

“yes, please”

“Show me how they look on you and I’ll tell you”

“idk i don’t think im ready for that yet…” Collin said, although he wanted to, deep down, and the man speaking to him knew it.

“Hide your face”


“Wear them another day and see how you feel”


“Good boy.” Boy. Collin didn’t know how to respond to the word. It made him feel…sexy. Submissive, even. But, why? He didn’t care enough to wonder, though. Right now, he just wanted to see how far this game would go.

“thank you”

Collin couldn’t even believe he had sent that. It just came out of him before he could stop it.

“You’re welcome, boy. Now run along and use yourself. I know you’re dying to. Catch me tomorrow”


Collin didn’t even respond. He just logged off and stared down at the huge wet spot on his pink collar. He started massaging it over the briefs as he reread the conversation, but pulled it out and shot all over himself well before he got to the end.


The next day, Collin’s master got home from work and was pleasantly surprised to find a picture waiting for him on skype. It was perfection. It was basically just a crotch shot. Collin was in bed, his shirt and hoodie pulled up past his stomach, revealing the ridges of his abs. The pink collar was small, but not overly so. It perfectly cradled Collin’s huge bulge, accentuating every curve. They rode low on his sexy, slender hips and perfectly showcased his pale, hairy legs. The bulge itself was enormous, not hard but certainly heading there. The sack looked huge and delicious as well, and a bit of skin was barely visible from the bottom, near the leg. In short, Collin’s secret admirer had chosen the perfect collar.

“Yessssssssssssssss,” Collin’s master wrote to him. “Good boy!!”

“thank u,” came the quick response.

“Thank you…?”

“thank u master”

“Better. I was right, wasn’t I?”

“about what?”

“About knowing exactly what you’re craving before you do”


“Good. Tomorrow I want you to send me a picture from the bathroom at school”

“im wearing these tomorrow?”

“Yes, boy. Don’t worry. More will be arriving soon”


“Have you beat off today yet, boy?”



“sorry. no, sir”

“Better. I want you to wait”

“wait, i never said you could tell me when to jerk off,” Collin said automatically, though in the moment, the thought of being controlled like that only made the boy harder.

“No, you didn’t. You didn’t need to”

“wtf dude?”

“Fine. You can wank now if you really want to. But I can’t promise to help you get off. You can go up and down with your hand on yourself for 30 seconds and be done, but we both know I’ve unlocked you, and I can make you cum in ways that would make your toes curl and your entire body tingle. It’s really up to you”


“Yes, you do. You know perfectly well. Don’t be coy. The second you slipped that collar on, you did it because you knew that I know what’s best for your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick”

“i guess”

“Good. Now. Make sure you wear those until I tell you otherwise, and absolutely no washing them”

“wtf? they’re gonna smell!”

“Good. I bet you smell delicious”

“people will notice…”

“Good. I want people to want you”

Collin knew better than to even argue. “ok”

“Go do your homework and such, boy. I’ll talk to you tomorrow”

“ok, bye”

Collin’s master knew the boy was still in the precarious position where he still somewhat thought of himself as a free sexual being. The boy needed to be trained, and he had just the thing in mind.

Of course, he had to work up to expanding the boy’s training. After receiving the school bathroom pic, he sent the boy more collars. All the same style and cut as the pink ones, but in several different colors. Light green, purple, red, light blue, black, white… Collin couldn’t believe this man he had never met was buying him such intimate things, and he couldn’t believe he was wearing them and sending photos of himself in them. To this point he had kept his face out of all the pictures, but he felt all his inhibitions slipping. Every time the man got him off, he felt a bit more control slipping away. He had no idea how to gain it back, and he wasn’t even sure that he wanted to.

But a week after Collin received all his new collars, he reached the point of no return. Things to this point had been sexy, and he was definitely intrigued, but on that fateful Wednesday…everything finally changed.

It started off as it always did. As soon as Collin’s master got home from work, he logged on to skype and talked to his boy about how his day was, and what sexy thoughts had gone through his head. But today, it took a decidedly different turn.

“Turn your webcam on, boy.”

Collin froze, even if his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick had never been more active.


“Turn your webcam on.”


“You know why, boy.”

“but that means you’ll see my dick”

“No, boy. I know you’re dying to show off. You want your master to be proud of you and your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick. But no, that isn’t what I want.”

“what do u want?”


“sorry, what do u want, sir?” Collin corrected himself.

“I just wanna see you in your collar while we talk.”

“but why?”

“Because I think it’s been long enough. I want you on cam, now”

“ok, if you want”


“sir,” Collin added, still somehow clinging to the idea that his tight, sexy body still belonged to him.

Collin turned his webcam on, careful to keep his face out of the frame. But there he was, laying in bed, wearing just his red collar. He was more than half-hard, and his abs and legs looked absolutely delicious. But the star of the show was the huge mound stuffed into his bright red collar.

Collin’s master had never been hornier. And it of course didn’t escape his notice that Collin plumped up a bit more as soon as he got on cam, realizing that his master was watching him closely.

“Good boy!!” Master said praisingly.

It didn’t escape either one’s attention that Collin’s huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick twitched when he read that.

“thank you…sir”

“So I told you last night to pick any collar for today, and you picked red. Do you know why?”


“Do you think I do?”

“yeah, of course.”

“And why is that?”

“you know everything about my sex”

“Good boy!! I’m proud of how quickly you’re learning.”

Another painfully obvious dicktwitch.


“Now, you chose red because red is your submissive color.”

A wet spot quickly started forming.

“it is?”

“Yes. I noticed that when I saw you in that red speedo.”

“you saw that?”

“I never miss your games, boy. You know your master is always watching you”

“yes sir. i only wore it once, it didn’t fit”

“It fit perfectly.”

“yes sir”

“Good. Now, are you feeling sexy?”

“unbelievably sexy, sir”


“unbelievably submissive.” That too had been a complete slip, but it was true nevertheless, and they both knew it.


“Touch it. Over the collar. Now”

Collin’s master knew that judging by the huge wet spot on the collar, the boy would be unable to refuse.

“yes sir”

Collin tentatively put his hand over the huge bulge and started gently stroking it. He was hesitant at first, but under his master’s careful direction, started more forcefully squeezing and caressing it, all while knowing his master was watching and probably touching himself as well.

“Both hands now,” Collin’s master said, knowing the boy was about to overload with stimulation. With no comment or protest, Collin started rubbing his plump sack with one hand, and teasing his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick with the other. It wasn’t long before the wet spot was visible from the moon, and master decided to start the next phase of Collin’s obedience training. “Do you remember when you asked where this was all going, boy?”

Collin took one hand off himself to answer, but kept the other one glued to his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick.

“yea, and you said i wasn’t ready to know yet”

“Do you wanna find out, boy?”

“yes sir”

“When will you be home alone for a while?”

“saturday morning, my brother has soccer and both my parents are going to the game”

“What time?”

“the game is at 10, so they’re leaving here at 9:30”

“Good. Stop playing with yourself, boy.” Collin very, very reluctantly took his hands off, but ultimately did as he was asked. “I don’t want you touching yourself until further instruction

Collin knew better than to argue or ask why. “yes sir,” he said simply.

“I’m going to be busy for a few days, so you won’t hear from me. But expect a package on your doorstep at 10 on Saturday”

“yes sir”

“Don’t touch it until you get that package, boy”

“yes sir”

“Good boy!! I’ll be in touch”

Collin’s master logged off without even waiting for the boy’s response. This was a crucial part of his training, and he had to play this perfectly. But the thought of what he was about to do made him almost insane with lust. He looked over the screenshots he took of the boy, and came twice that night.

At 10 am on Saturday, Collin went to his front door and indeed found a box with his name on it. He quickly took it upstairs and tore it open. He looked at what was inside, and realized that this crazy game had reached the point he had always secretly hoped it would, but was still somehow fearful of. A simple red blindfold sat inside the box, with the instructions: “Unlock your back door, put these on, and get on your bed, on your knees, hands behind your head.”

Collin knew he had a choice. His face wasn’t in anything, and he could still back out and forget the whole thing if he wanted to. He could still tell his parents. He could still go to the police. It wasn’t too late to get out of all this. Except…

It was entirely too late, and he knew it. This insane game had gone too far. He had been led too far along, and not only was it too late to go back now, he didn’t even really want to. He decided in less than a minute what he needed to do. He ran downstairs, unlocked the back door, and went back up, his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick painfully hard stuffed inside his pink collar.

Not five minutes later, Collin's master was inside the room, taking in the scene before him. The boy was in the exact position he was told to be in, on his knees straddling the top of the bed, hands behind his head, mostly covering the blindfold his master knew was tied around his eyes. He took a picture on his phone, knowing how sexy and vulnerable the boy would look. Collin visibly tensed when he heard footsteps in his room, and again when the phone clicked. It was a hot moment, both master and boy fully realizing the other's presence, and knowing what it meant. Still, though, master knew he was about to make it much hotter. 

"Good boy! Good puppy!" 

Master's praise sent electricity through Collin's body, even if he couldn’t quite work out what the puppy comment was supposed to mean. 

"You know what's next, boy. Strip. Take off your shirt," Master demanded. 

Collin couldn't deny how hard this first moment had made him. Still, no amount of throbbing in his cock could make him forget how nervous he was. This was Collin's last chance to back out, and part of him wanted to, but he just…couldn't. Everything in his rational mind screamed at him to rip the blindfold off, learn the identity of the man who had so completely dominated his thoughts. It was, of course, the only sane and rational thing to do. And yet… The sexiness of his pose. The voice barking orders at him. In his mind Collin was running, but still his hands drifted down and tugged the shirt off. He'd been owned since the moment he slipped the pink briefs on, and he knew it. The kinkiness of this realization made it impossible for Collin to stop himself.

Once he was done, he waited for further instructions, but nothing came. Master had brought a camera along to capture the entire scene, and he had already set it down. After one last hungry look at the boy before him, and was fully ready to continue. But as he usually did, he wanted to gauge the boy’s response. 

It took a few seconds for Collin to realize what he had to do, but eventually the lightbulb went on: he put his hands behind his head again. There was just a nanosecond of hesitation where his hands trembled before his chest just before finding their way back up behind his head. Collin’s master was so hard it hurt.

“How have you liked your collars boy?”

“Um, collars, sir?” Collin asked hesitantly, still not sure what was meant by the word.

“Yes. Your collars. Unzip your pants,” Master commanded.

Collin’s heart started pounding again. This time, he didn’t even feel like fleeing or putting a stop to this insane game. The amount of sexual satisfaction it brought him was too great.

“Yes, sir,” he said meekly. He slowly and clumsily unzipped his pants, finding that his nerves and lack of eyesight were affecting his motor skills. “Should I remove the pants, master?”

Master made a mental note that that was the first time Collin used the word without any prompting.

“No, not yet. But reach inside and caress it. Very gently and sexily.”

“Master, I’ve never done this before,” Collin said softly, as though it mattered.

“I’m well aware of that. Slowly, gently, and sexily.”

“Yes, sir.”

Collin reached in and gently ran his fingertips over his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick, which immediately radiated waves of almost overwhelming pleasure through him. Master approached his boy—careful to keep his head out of the frame until it was no longer easy to identify him, hidden behind his boy—and leaned in so his mouth almost touched the boy’s ear, but not quite. He whispered, “If you don’t have any collars, why do I have so many pics of you in them?”

Master’s camera definitely picked up both the boy’s cheeks blush, and his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick twitch. Master stepped away and leaned against the dresser again.

“I like my collars very much, sir. Thank you.”

“I know, boy. Now. Take your pants off.”

Collin knew this was coming, and yet he still was somehow unprepared for it. He slowly and carefully pulled his tight skinnies down, revealing the bright pink briefs. Master hadn’t specified which collar Collin was to wear that day, but was not at all surprised to find that it was the pink one. In fact, he had expected it to be that one.

The boy looked absolutely delicious, his tight, sexy body almost fully exposed to master’s hungry gaze. His abs and his nips looked ready to be fondled, licked, and sucked. His hairy armpits a sharp contrast to the boy’s otherwise youthful appearance. His hands behind his head, fully confirming what master always knew: the boy was submissive. And of course, his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick twitching wildly inside the tight pink collar, making a wet spot in front. Master decided to step to the side, out of the camera’s range, and saw the boy’s huge, sexy, sensitive ass. He was begging to be taken, begging to be used, and yet…

Collin’s master knew exactly what he needed to do. He wasn’t interested in one quick fuck with the boy. He needed to own him, dominate him completely. He was not there yet. The boy wasn’t fully trained yet, but this was to be another huge lesson. Obedience training is difficult and tedious, but then again, Collin was the perfect target. His master knew that, and he wasn’t about to risk everything. He was, above all else, a patient and cunning man, and he knew that once the boy was fully trained, he would be able to enjoy him for as long as he desired.

With that in mind, he decided to continue Collin’s training.

“Tell me how you feel,” Master demanded.

The look of shame and lust on Collin’s face was beyond erotic.

“I’m not sure,” was the best he could do.

“Yes, you do. How do you feel, boy?”

Of course Collin knew, but he wasn’t used to discussing it with other people.

“Sexy. I feel sexy.”

“I know. Now play with your nips and your abs. Nice and slow, nice and sexy.”

“Yes, master.”

Collin almost couldn’t believe he was doing this. There was still a part of his mind that was yelling at him how wrong this all was. Some man he didn’t know and quite possibly had never met had somehow manipulated him into doing whatever he wanted. And why was that so goddamn sexy to him? What was the matter with him?

Rather than indulge in psychoanalysis, Collin started rubbing his nipples with his right hand, and stroking his abs with his left. He couldn’t help but open his mouth a little and start breathing deeper. He didn’t ever play with his torso in this way, and had no idea how exciting it could feel. Of course, if he had continued his self-reflection, he might have questioned whether it felt good because of his sensitivity, or because the man who had taken control of seemingly his entire life had told him to do it.

For his part, Collin’s master was finding his resolve waning. Seeing his target fondling himself and opening his mouth in abject pleasure was hard to watch without doing anything, but he held firm.

Collin continued pleasuring himself (he would use different terminology in his head later, but for now he thought of it as “pleasuring”), unaware that he was being recorded, but very cognizant of the fact that he was being watched. He had of course seen tons of gay porn, and though he wasn’t aware of it consciously, he was definitely putting on a show. His master noticed, and wondered idly how the boy would describe all this later, after his final test.

“Now tease your inner-thigh and rub your bum, boy,” Master commanded.

Collin simply nodded, no longer trusting himself to speak, and started rubbing his brief-clad ass. Prior to his collaring, in a lot of ways, Collin was a typical teenage boy. Even getting naked caused him to get hard, and he would have to cum before it went down again. But like most boys, he just mainly squeezed and tugged on his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick for a few minutes until it was over. Playing with his nips, his abs, and now his huge ass was something of a revelation. He had no idea his tight, sexy body was capable of producing such feelings. His ass was incredibly sensitive, and if his master hadn’t forced him to fondle it, he would have had no idea. He squeezed and kneaded his ass as he rubbed his legs, occasionally brushing up against his plump sack, which was exactly what his master knew would happen. Without needing any instruction whatsoever, Collin switched from his legs to his plump, full balls, gently tugging on them over the soft material of the briefs. His pink collar was definitely designed to make the wearer feel sexy, as they gently cradled everything with the soft material, enhancing all the pleasure.

As Collin got lost in the feelings his tight, sexy body produced, his mouth started hanging open longer and wider, a sure sign that he was getting lost in the moment. If it was at all possible, he had forgotten that someone was watching him until he heard his master’s voice again.

“Now play with your huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick,” came the command.

Collin nodded dumbly and started squeezing his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick, this time openly moaning as he did so.

“Oh fuck,” he hissed at himself, unaware of how the wet spot on his pink collar doubled in size.

“Really work both, boy.”

Rather than respond verbally, Collin started actively wanking over the briefs, and his whimpering and panting was enough of an answer. He alternated squeezing and kneading his ass with spanking it lightly, which was so unbelievably erotic. Collin Evans, seventeen-year-old model boy and water polo player was now helpless in front of a man whose identity he knew nothing about. He had been so thoroughly dominated that he could think of nothing beyond the waves of pleasure radiating from both of his hot spots.

And of course, that’s when master decided to cement the boy’s submission.

“Lick your finger, boy. Really suck on it.” Somewhat confused by the command but helpless to even question it, Collin started sucking on his finger. He sucked nice and hard and long, imaging it was something else entirely in his mouth, all while urgently tugging on himself. Once master was satisfied with his boy’s progress, he added, “Now insert your finger.”

This was a bit of a gauge of how far Collin had fallen. There was no doubt he would do it. He knew it. His master knew it. But would he even hesitate?

“Can I take the briefs off?” he asked between whimpers.

If he was looking for mercy, he was looking in the wrong place.

“Briefs? What briefs?”

The blush returned to the boy’s cheeks.

“Can I take the collar off?”

“No. I know what your tight, sexy body truly needs, what it’s really craving. Have I been wrong before?”

“…No, sir,” Collin said, almost in disbelief that he could bring himself to even answer such a mortifying question.

With no other words, Collin reached inside his tight pink collar and found his tight hole. He was wondering what to do now, if there was some special trick to it. But he knew better than to ask his master. He gently inserted the tip of his finger in, gently massaging the hole, and found that there wasn’t as much lubricant as he would’ve liked. Still, he tried shoving more in before wincing a bit. His master noticed, and of course knew it was too early to mix in any pain, not during the boy’s first session.

“Milk some precum and use that,” Master ordered.

“Yes, master,” Collin said, grateful for the assistance.

He reached inside his briefs and squeezed his huge, sexy, veiny throbbing dick and moaned louder than he had in his entire life. He would have clamped his hands over his mouth under normal circumstances, but he had no free hands. Instead, he milked an obscenely large amount of precum onto his finger and then returned it to his tight hole, where he inserted it. Perhaps it was the extra lubrication or the fact that he fully realized he was fingering himself in front of a stranger, but this time his finger slid in easily and it’s like a pleasurebomb went off deep inside him.

Master smiled as Collin whimpered the sexiest whimper ever, greedily shoving his finger deep inside himself while furiously jerking his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick.

“Use yourself, boy,” Master said simply. “Use yourself for me.”

Not needing any further encouragement, Collin started squeezing himself over the briefs, noting how intensely his veins were pulsing inside the collar, enhancing the experience. He was actively fingering himself now, and even though it was just one finger and his fingers weren’t very long to begin with, the experience was mind-blowing. He fingered himself fiercely, the combination of his hole being worked inside his collar with his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick being worshipped caused him to scream and collapse onto the bed as he shot load after load of deliciousness into his collar. He had no idea, of course, being lost inside the experience, that his master had picked the camera up and filmed him from a variety of angles and getting his face and its various expressions all on tape.

“Oh fuck,” Collin said dumbly.

“On your knees, boy,” Master said. It didn’t even occur to Collin to protest and ask for a minute after how draining physically and mentally that had been. All he knew was that he had been given a command, and not obeying it seemed almost unthinkable. He got on his knees and hung his head. “Hands behind your head, boy.”

Again, brain on autopilot, Collin lifted his head and put his hands behind it.

“Straighter,” Master said, unsatisfied with the boy’s posture. He wasn’t nearly as sexy as he should have been. Collin got up straighter, which made the sticky, sexy mess inside his collar that much more obvious. Master got a close-up of that as well. “Now suck all that out.”

“Yes master,” Collin said meekly.

He quickly slipped the briefs off and brought them to his face. Being unable to see, he missed the first time and smeared some cum on his chin. But he found it on the second try and sucked the cum out of his briefs.

“Good boy!!” Master said encouragingly. But this time he once again added, “Good puppy!!”

Both Collin and his master noticed the twitch in his dick. It was not at all subtle. The pulsating member, which had deflated only slightly, jerked up as though it had been shocked. Collin wondered again why he had been called puppy and why he reacted in that fashion, while his master knew he had definitely succeeded.

“How did that taste, boy?”

“Good, sir. Delicious. Thank you.”

“Put them back on, boy,” Master instructed.

“Yes, sir.”

Collin reluctantly put the sticky, wet collar back on, still wondering why his huge, sexy, veiny, throbbing dick had not deflated at all. After he was all tucked in again, his master approached him one last time and licked a bit of cum on the side of his chin that he had missed. Collin had never felt more helpless in his entire life.

“Now how do you feel, boy?”

Collin blushed again, but found himself unable to even attempt a lie.

“Sexy. Submissive. Owned.”

“Master is very proud of you, boy. We’ll be in touch. Don’t remove the blindfold until you hear the door close.”

Collin simply nodded.

And with that, master exited the room as quietly as he’d entered, leaving Collin to wonder what exactly had happened to his life, and why he didn’t care at all. He just needed to feel that high again. This was definitely like a drug. This whole thing was quite obviously wrong, but he didn’t have the first clue that his body was capable of producing feelings that powerful and intense, and he just knew he had to have more, regardless of consequence. And he knew, though it pained him to admit it, that if he obeyed his master, he would get it again.

After he heard the back door close, he removed the blindfold and looked around, wondering why the room looked so foreign when it had been his his entire life. But then again, everything seemed somehow different.

He noticed the camera on the dresser with the flashing light and realized exactly what had happened. He walked over to it and stopped the recording. He knew he had two options. He could either delete the incriminating recording forever or… He looked down at his wet collar and realized that the wet spot was growing again.

With no hesitation whatsoever, he got back in bed and started rubbing his bum while he turned the video on.


That’s it for now. I have a life of my own and a puppy to train, so updates will come as soon as they’re ready. On behalf of me and Collin, hope you enjoyed his seduction. Feel free to email any comments to [email protected]


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