When I was a young man it was much harder to pick up another man to satisfy one's carnal desires. There were no apps; craigslist wasn't what it is now, and for fear of being found out few of us blue collar masculine men ventured online. I had found that the adult video store was a good place to pick up another man, late at night when the prying eyes of little old church ladies and gossiping neighbors had long been fast asleep. You'd walk in show your ID and then cruise through the store to make sure no one you knew was there. If you did run into someone you knew you'd grab a good old straight flick and exit the store as to not raise suspicion. If you were there and in the clear you'd prowl around just outside of the gay movie section but close enough to see who was viewing them and when you saw one browsing you liked you casually move over to the same section and make your way to them. Some guys like the young Latino who smoke no English just flipped over the case pointed to the back where a guys was getting a blowjob and pointed at me; that was a good night of 69's and him swallowing my pent up 4 day load. Other guys though, you had to move around and give little signals, stoop down and reach for a movie near there crotch; shake them out of there shell.

    For awhile though I was having no luck, three months of nothing. Failed attempts and even worse nights where no one walked into my hunting ground. I was a predator with no prey. One night I went in and saw a man who I wanted to get down and service. He was about 45, blue collar, muscular with tattoos and a nice beard with just the right amount of grey. His jeans sported a thick and juicy basket and the black work boots with shaved head completed the look; and fueled the inferno that was my lust. I had watched him the whole time ignoring any other man inside. When he left I took a risk and went outside too. Luckily he had parked upstairs behind the building where the traffic from the street couldn't see. I hollered out to him and he turned around. And this is where my 'Arcade Diaries' truly begins.

    I spun some story about this place having no selection and how I wanted to know if there was another one that he knew of. The absolute stud of a man looked my 21 year old muscle cub (as they call it now, solid at that time) frame up and down and told me he knew of a place that even had places you could watch the movies. My cock throbbed to a porn I had watched about a bunch of guys sitting in an old XXX theater stroking off to the same video. He saw my body react and smirked telling me to follow him. I was so horny and so hard by this point my 7.5 x 5 inch uncut cock tenting out my cargo shorts. We drove for what felt like forever, changing highways, and even making an illegal moving violation to get to the store without having to go 10 minutes out of the way. I had to struggle to stay focused as I palmed my throbbing cock through my shorts and moaned the whole drive. Feeling the cum churn in my balls and beg for release. I parked on the left side of his truck where my car wasn't visible from the door, walking around he told me to grab 5.00 for admission. Standing up he rubbed my bulge through my shorts and feeling his strong hand made my head tilt back and knees go weak. I wanted to service this man. He said I'd love this place and turned to head inside the door telling me to wait a few moments then follow him in.

    When I composed myself, and gone down to only half hard, I walked inside. I saw him give his 5.00 to a man behind a counter and receive something back then walk through an open doorway and disappear. This was the first time tonight that I had been afraid, but I had come this far and my full balls would not let me leave now. I did as he did and gave the man my 5.00, fidgeting around as I waited he chuckled a little and then handed me a handful of golden coins the size of quarters. I said thank you sir causing him to chuckle again and turned to walk through the empty doorway.

    Adjusting to the dim light I noticed this room was huge. There was a row of 5 booths right in front of you, with big booth across from it and two booths attached to it. There were about 6 more huge booths scattered around and two more rows of booths as well. Some of the booths had lights on above them and others didn't, I also noticed men milling around. All looking drunk with lust and I to them was fresh young meat. I saw various levels of arousal on these men; some with full on tents and others with delicious bulges. These same men also came in different shapes sizes and ages; I was in shock. Moaning could be heard from various places and my feet began to take me around.

    I was snapped back to reality when I saw the stud that had brought me here leaning against a booth. He nodded for me to follow him with a knowing smile on his face. I walked to the back row where he had gone and saw him enter a booth to which I entered the booth right next to him. He whispered for me to put my coins into the machine like at an arcade, but when I did my senses were overrun with moaning and slurping and slapping of skin. It was porn! I clicked the channel button until I found something I liked but for the life of me I can't remember what it was, just then I heard a tapping on the wall next to me. When I turned I felt something brush against my hand, looking down it was his hard throbbing leaking cock. I stood there in total amazement. It was a glory hole! And his cock was huge! About 6 inches thick and at least 8 inches long; longer than my own. I sank to my knees and examined the cock like I had never seen one before. He spoke gently through the wall for me to just try it and see what I thought. I smirked to myself. I may have been young, but I knew my way around a cock.

    I slowly took his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head and sliding more of it into my mouth. I have a big tongue so I would fold it then slide the head into it like fucking a mini pussy. He moaned and his hips kept hitting the wall. A moan of disappointment escaped my lips when he withdrew his cock. He laughed that deep gravelly laugh that made my cock throb again. Then he stuck his cock back through the hole; this time no more games. I wanted his load and I wanted it now. I took his cock to the back of my throat until my forehead hit the wooden partition. I bobbed my head up and down on his throbbing cock, tasting his precum every time I came up. The moans had turned to groans and his hips pumped through the gloryhole. I knew I had him. My cock was painfully hard, but I wanted no distractions from my goal.

    I took it to the next level and when his cock slid into my throat I tightening those muscles, pulling the head into a vacuum like vice. It was over. He growled and his cock grew granite hard just before his load flooded my throat. I had to pull it back into my mouth because the sheer volume was choking me. With one final thrust and grunt he pulled his cock from the hole and I stayed on my knees shaking. So aroused that my legs had forgotten how to stand. I heard him zip his pants and then open his door, seconds later there was a knock on mine. I opened it to see his strong manly face. He slipped inside and locked it after him. Standing me up and putting me in the chair he kneeled in front of me and asked if I was ok. I could only nod. He rubbed my massive tent that I thought was going to break my zipper. Whispering he told me he didn't suck, but some cock sucker here would drain me dry. He told me to enjoy and then gave me the rest of his tokens and disappeared.

    I sat in my chair for I don't know how long as the realization hit me of what I had done and where I was. Another man entered the booth next to me, and I saw his fingers graze the edge of the hole when he saw my massive tent. I quickly stood up, letting all of the coins cascade to the floor and ran from the booth and the building. His van was long gone. I jumped in my car and raced away. Once on the highway I found that I had been there for two hours but it felt like 20 minutes. My cock was still painfully hard, but my mind was in too much of a rush to even focus on it. Later that night while laying in bed smoking a Marlboro red 100 I licked my lips and could taste his cum. I stroked my neglected cock shooting my load up to my neck, a moaning twitching boy. I had never shot that hard before from stroking off. I drifted off to sleep and over the next few days and weeks let the event slip from memory. But one day while doing laundry I found one coin. One solitary coin in an inside pocket of those same shorts and instantly I was rock hard... I wanted to get back.

...To be continued.

*These stories are purely fictional. Any relations to real life people or places are 100% coincidental.*

*Unprotected sex is dangerous. Remember no glove no love boys.*



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