Coins, Booths, and Forest Trials.

    It had been three weeks since the incident with John Boy at the gloryhole. We were standing face to face, neither of us able to speak a single word. He turned and rushed out of the building; by the time I found the balls to move and head outside to my own waiting car he was long gone. In these three weeks I hadn't heard or seen from him- texts unanswered and calls sent to voicemail. I would have dropped by his house, but his folks hated unexpected guests and I knew that would do nothing but push us further apart. The only good thing was that he must have kept his mouth shut because no one was treating me any different.

        I sit lying on my bed and like every time I think about my buddy, I think about his great cock and the amazing blowjob I had received. And just like every time before I got rock hard. Frustrated and horny I decided to go running and hopefully blow off some steam and push the thoughts out of my mind. I get dressed, got into my truck and made the two hour drive to my favorite park. It had amazing trails and beautiful scenery, with trails cutting through the woods it was a perfect place.  Before I knew it I was there and headed down some of my favorite paths, but I wanted to do something different... something to really distract myself.

    As I make my way off the well used forest trail I start to hear sounds and I can see various foot prints in the soft earth. Moving further through the brush the sounds begin to transform into moans and grunts. My steps slow and my breathing quickens. I know I should turn around and leave, but my throbbing cock stretching my jock and tenting my running shorts has a different idea and keep pressing forward. Finally coming through the last bit of brush I can see at least 10 no 12 less worn trails and looking down I see an empty condom wrapper. My brain was numb as I could hear rustling, moans, slapping of skin. I turned to go down the trail to my left, as I approached I can see two figures; one leaning against a large tree head thrown back holding up his t-shirt, the other one on his knees head rocking back and forth in front of the man. Looking closer both men were about 35 and in good shape, the man on the receiving end had an impressive cock I'd guess about 8 inches while the man giving what appeared to be major pleasure was sported a major bulge. I heard the man whisper 'please don't stop, I'm so close'. I was amazed to see how the man increased his intensity on the engorged member in front of him. My cock throbbed watching this as precum soaked my jock and I stood frozen watching this amazing scene. The man standing flushed red spread his legs and started to pump his hips; mouth hung open thrown against the tree. The man on his knees moaned with delight as he swallowed the man's load.

    I turned and slipped away before either of them noticed me. I was so turned on and numb from what I had just witnessed. I couldn't believe that men were out in these woods fooling around... surly that had to be a flook, a planned meeting... who would take such a risk. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, just walking and then a heard 'harder harder'. I stopped dead in my tracks scanning around and saw nothing until a glimpse of white flesh appeared through the trees. Fueled my hornyness and curiosity I slowly crept around to where I could see them fully. I was shocked to see a man on his knees sucking the cock of another man who was bent partially over him as another man fucked up. I couldn't help it, I slid my had into my shorts and massaged my throbbing cock through my jock. The man on his knees wasn't particularly hot being slightly overweight, but he appeared to be a great cock sucker deep throating and all. The bottom was a young guy about my age and seemed to be having the time of his life as a middle aged ripped topped fucked him fast and hard assaulting his ass while at the same time sending his cock further into the cocksuckers throat. Looking closer I can see the cock sucker stroking his cock fast and hard, but I couldn't tell how big it or any of the cocks were for that matter. All to soon the moans turned to grunts as they neared there orgasms. The passive bottom suddenly got aggressive as he grabbed the head of the cocksucker and shoved his cock in to the hilt unloading his load. The top moans how his ass is milking him dry; pulling out he shoots his load all over the bottoms back. The two men pant as they start to get dressed, I can now see that both men are sporting what must be good 7inch cocks when fully hard and not spent. They walk off leaving the man on his knees alone to finish himself off, but instead he stand up pulls up his shorts and heads down a different trail opposite of the two others.

    I stay in my hiding spot for a few minutes, partially out of shock of what I just saw and partially because my legs feel like rubber. Finally I begin to move and head back the way that I came. I'm getting scared that someone will see me or that the cops will show up. It's not long before I realize that I'm lost back here and I can't even find either spot where I witnessed the hot man on man action. I'm about to panic when I once again hear the moans of a man's pleasure; cock leading the way I head for it, but I convince myself its not to watch it's to find a guy and ask him the way out. I use the natural stone path and round a large tree only to walk within feet of a man getting a blow job. A, from what I can see, great blowjob. The cocksucker would slowly slide his way down the mans cock, using one hand on the shaft leading he way down and the other hand softly playing with his balls. When he would come up he'd twist his mouth on the shaft and make the man standing shudder. I almost moaned at the sight, I couldn't help it, by this point my balls were starting to ache from all the stimulation and excitement. As I stepped back my foot hit a branch on the path and I almost tripped. Standing back upright both men were staring at me and the man on his knees was fixated on my bulge, precum having soaked through my sock and now wetting my shorts.

    As I looked at the two men I finally looked at them. The cock sucker was what you would call a bear cub, about 25 muscular but chubby and broad shoulders with a really cute face. The man standing was about 45 and had a nice thick built runner's body. With his shirt off you could see a well defined 6 pack and pecs. The standing man grinned as he pushed his cock back into the cocksucker's mouth making himself and the man moan. My mouth hung open slightly. The older man tilted his head giving me the sign to come over but I was frozen solid, the only thing moving was my cock throbbing in time with my pounding heart. 'Come here'. I started to move at the command of the deep bass voice. He withdrew his cock from the bearcubs mouth and pulled me in front of him, his bare sweaty check pressed to my back. The bearcub started pawing at my bulge, slowly pulling down my shorts until they rested at my thighs. I could feel the mans cock grinding between the cheeks of my ass, but before I could protest the bear cub ripped the pouch of my jock and slammed my cock into his throat. It felt like an eternity of pleasure, but I would have been surprised if it was minutes. My cock was being worshipped sending shockwaves through my body and the big cock grinding against me was making my as tingle. Kisses and gentle bites were laid across my upper back, neck and shoulders as my nipples would occasionally be tweeked. I couldn't help but moan oh god, oh god, oh fuck, oh god. Suddenly with a grunt I felt hot warm liquid coating my back and sliding between my ass, the man had cum from grinding against me, the very thought of this pushed be over the top. I was so overcome I didn't even have time to warn the young guy I was gonna cum; I just moaned and let loose letting my head fall on the shoulders behind me. The young man moaned and happily swallowed my load but then started to grunt deeply rattling my balls. The older man told me to look down he's cumming from swallowing your load, and sure enough he was and cumming hard and his load flew out between both sets of legs and landed against the tree.

    The older gentleman rubbed my chest as I calmed down and the bear cub just panted leaning against my thighs, head resting on my stomach. He soon left us both to lean against the tree saying his wife would be expecting him home for dinner soon. Dinner? How long had I been out here I thought. As the bear cub started to walk away I remembered I was lost and now that I had unloaded was terrified to be out here any longer. Running up to him I asked if he could show me the way out. Chuckling 'come on kid' I followed him down various trails and past various moans at various levels of pleasure until I was blinded by the day light. Blinking I saw my truck across the street, opposite of the trail I had originally run down. How far had I gone? The young guy just laughed at my obvious shock.

    "I had fun. Here's my number if you ever want the same treatment." Looking down I could see he had extended his hand with a business card. Looking back up at his face I noticed he was way better looking than I had remembered. Muscular and chubby with broad shoulders I remembered but not the strong jaw, stubble on that jaw line, and deep green eyes; I bet this dude could get plenty of girls, why was out here... but then again why the fuck was I. I look the card and said thanks and ran off towards my truck. Throwing the card in the glove box I pulled out and drove like hell away from there. What the fuck had I gotten myself into this month... I looked at my phone and saw a missed text from John Boy

-We Need to TALK-



[email protected]


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