-We Need to TALK-

I stopped my truck on the side of the road halfway between the park where I had just had yet another encounter with not one but two men and my midsized rural town. -We need to talk- rattled around my brain and made my heart race. I had spent the past three weeks wanting my best friend to reply to my texts or calls, and now that he had contacted me I was near a panic attack. Screaming I picked up my phone and replied back the first thing that came to mind. -The Pond-

The Pond was his older brothers' favorite spot. It was just that, a pond, but you couldn't drive to this pond. No, you had to walk about three miles through the thick woods of some reclusive widow's property to get there or climb down from the small falls above. When his older brother had went into the military he showed it to us and told us to keep it safe until he returned. The summer before he left for basic the three of us and his best friend and future battle buddy Chad got together to build a wooden plank and canopy. Over the next three years John Boy and I added more things to our plank to make it the perfect chill spot, but also our spot. When my dad used to hit me The Pond, when his mom beat cancer The Pond, when his brother and Chad were killed in action a month before returning The Pond. It wasn't all bad though, when we each got our first BJ and lost our virginity The Pond, when we scored our first bottle of whiskey The Pond, when we graduated and got accepted to the Local College The Pond.

Panting I leaned back into my seat. If I was gonna lose my best friend, get my ass kicked, or worse I wanted it to be there. I drove the hour back to town and then another 45 to the start of the woods. Getting out of the truck I reached underneath and grabbed my flask from under the seat and my smokes from the cup holder and headed off. Taking swigs I cussed as I made my way through the woods, I didn't stop or slow down. I knew that if I stopped I'd be a coward and turn tail and run so I pushed on and pushed past tipsy to buzzed.

I could smell the clean scent of The Pond and hear John Boys boots on the plank mixing with the falling fall before I could see anything. I pushed through the final clearing and there he was. How had I not realized sooner how handsome John Boy was? He stood turned slightly away from me swaying with his own bottle in his hand. His shirt was off and his jeans hung low on his hips, being held up by his bubble butt. His back was broad and strong with a star scar on the left shoulder blade. His chest was well defined with a light dusting of fur that traveled down his slightly chubby stomach and into his pants. His head was buzzed short and his hair looked even blonder in the setting sun. His biceps were covered in a thin sheen a sweat and I watched as he lit the lanterns that hung from the canopy. I walked up to the other side of the plank and started to light the other three taking swigs of my flask. We each sat down and stared at the lake while we drank went from buzzed to drunk. As the sun set we drank more in silence and the silence ate us both alive. I could see John Boy growing more agitated in the low flickering light, and in the dark of night listening to the sounds of the pond and country everything came to a head.

Throwing the bottle across the plank he stood up and turned on me. I stood up as quickly as I could but I wobbled and then I felt it; like a ton of bricks, his fist connected with my jaw. In a fight I can hold my own, I've been in my fair share, but against a drunk and angry John Boy I was worried less now about losing my friend and more about losing my teeth. We each threw about 4 or 5 punches each into the others side and stomach until he landed one right in my chest. I stumbled back and managed to stay out of his range for a brief moment; by back hitting a beam and then I felt another ton of bricks but this time in my gut. I coughed and fell to my knees arms wrapped around me. I thought for sure he'd hit me again, but no, he just walked away and took my flask from the table and took a long swig. Still looking at him I could see what looked like water on his face... was he crying.

I stood up, I may have lost the fight, but I wasn't weak. Stumbling over to the table I take my flask from his hand and take two ling swallows. I don't know why, but I step up to him. Face to face I can see the goose bumps cover his skin and I know my breathing is trembling. I reached up and remove the tears from his left cheek. He grabs my hand roughly, throws it back and then slams his lips into mine. I fight but then meet his intensity. I move closer and I can feel his bulge rubbing against mine. We moan and our hips grind into each other, feeling the heat of the autumn night air and the heat from each other's desires. Reaching for the neck of my shirt he rips it with one hard motion, exposing my own toned chest and flat stomach. He runs his fingers over the smooth hairless flesh making me whimper.

Suddenly he takes a step back and even though his cock is bulging his jeans, his face is torn with sadness and confusion. I step closer to him again and his forehead falls on mine, my arms move around his waist. Were stuck in this moment as he chocks back a sob and looks away.

"I didn't wanna be like this. No one was supposed to know, no one was supposed to find out."

He moves away and walks to the edge.

"You know I came out here several times, with a gun or a knife or something... I thought it would be better to be nothing than to be like this... I thought I would save my family the embarrassment and shame. My brother knew... knows. He found me out here one night with the loaded gun in my mouth. He cried, first time I saw him cry. He cried and begged me to stop. I feel to the ground telling him everything. We cried together and he told me that if I ended it all I'd hurt a lot of people very badly, that instead I should get into better shape and fight against it. Find a girl and fight against it. So I got with a few girls and then settled into a relationship with Lucy. At first it was great, but now, two years later... we never have sex. I know she's slipping out on me, and I give into my urges and slip away to that place."

He starts to cry and balls his fists over his eyes. He starts to lose his balance and I run to him, throwing my arms around his waist so he doesn't fall in: we do have gators in these parts. We stand there my cheek pressed to the back of his shoulder arms around him. His hands falling to meet mine, head falling forward. I kiss his neck and he shudders. I do it again and again and again until his hands squeeze mine. Yes I was embraced and afraid at first, hell I'm still afraid now, but thinking about it I was never ashamed, and I'm not ashamed in this moment at what I am feeling for him. I let my left hand travel down until it reaches the waist of his pants and I slowly slide inside. I moan as my hand grips his still hard cock, swirling the precum around the head. I slowly stroke him within the confines of his jeans while holding him close to me.

He pulls my hand out and slowly turns around facing me. Again our foreheads meet. His hand travels down my chest to my stomach to my shorts. He undoes the draw string and slowly pushes them down to my thighs. Gripping my jock tight he pulls and as his biceps bulge rips it apart. It's so hot that my cock spews precum onto his forearm. I slowly with trembling hands undo the button on his jeans and let them fall until they get caught on his strong thighs. I look into his eyes and he nods, foreheads still pressed together. We take each other's cocks and slowly stroke them. I'm not sure if it's because it's John Boy, because I'm still buzzed, because were in our spot, or because I was staring into his eyes filled with so many emotions, but I was quickly standing on the presuppose of the greatest orgasm of my young life. My legs trembled and my breathing caught. I bit my lip as my eyes stayed locked with his. His body began to shake and his skin flushed red, he moans turned to pants and his pants turned to whimpers. Oh god this moment froze in time. I wasn't sure what was better: smelling him and then whiskey-man-cologne smell or hearing him overtaken by the feelings I was giving him. His other arm traveled around my back to steady me from the swaying I didn't realize I was doing. All too soon I felt myself walking off of the ledge I had been balanced on. My hands shook and I heard him beg me not to stop.

I could feel the world slowly spinning around us. Two 20 year old college sophomores. Church boys, All American boys, Southern boys. Old fashioned graduate, find a girl, have some babies boys. We were all of those things and yet here we were. Staring into each others' eyes unable to look away, seconds away from crashing. And just like that crash we did. My breathing caught as I held onto his shoulder for balance. My cum shot out of me hitting him in the chest and traveling down his furry tummy. His load outclassed my own, traveling up to hit my lips and chest; feeling its warmth forcing more cum out of me. I can feel his hand grip into my back as his orgasm overtakes him. Seconds seem like hours that seem like an eternity. As the high begins to waver the realization with the remnants of whiskey set it and its all too much for me. I break eye contact and hug him, my face pressed into the nap of his neck as tears now fall from my own face. He held me strong and steady.

We slid down to the floor and just lay there wrapped in each other's arms, cocks still exposed as his pants and my shorts hang around our thighs. We didn't care; we just needed to feel close to each other after what had just happened. I hadn't realized that my heart was still beating a little quickly but I wasn't sure if it was from the fact that John Boy had just moved a piece of hair from my forehead and was looking at me with... something I couldn't understand yet, or the fact that that orgasm had made my ears ring and body unhinge. Either way I moved closer to him and felt myself start to drift off. A kiss on my forehead, a whisper for this to please not end when the morning comes. I was still afraid, but now I was afraid because I knew I had completely lost myself and because I had never felt anything like I felt now. I was afraid that I had fallen in love and I was afraid because this love could never be. But for the moment I'm happy. Happy with what come of coins booths and my best friend.

Drifting off to sleep I ponder 'what's next'...



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