I had just finished my test and turned in my thesis. The feeling was great. I had thrown my all into them both and though I was mental depleted, I was elated, none the less. In a few days I would hold my Master degree in Clinical Psychology. To say that I was overjoyed just did not do justice to the natural high I was on. Turning the final corner on my drive home, I chose a parking space in the large garage. I retrieved my knapsack, lock the doors and turned my steps toward the elevator. As the large, mirrored lift carried me to my destination, I fished around in my pocket for my keys. As I entered the luxury condo, I smelled dinner. It filled the air and my senses. I walked down the miniature hallway into the living. Jeff sat on the edge of the couch, remote in hand, eyes glued to the screen.

"Hey, sexy, how'd the test go?" He mumbled, barely intelligibly. Muting the home theater.

"Hey yourself, gorgeous."

"Well. . . . . . . . . ?!"

"Well. . . . . . . . .?! What?" I questioned, knowing exactly what he was asking.

"How did you do?!"

"I won't know for a week."

"A week," he said in disbelief "why so long?"

"Well, mine is not the only 350 question exam to be corrected, you know?" I said shrugging nonchalantly.

"How do you think you did?" This question shattered the effort I was pumping into being cool.

"I had a strong feeling of 'correct' about all the answers! I finished with twenty minutes to spare!"

"That great," He explained, as he got to he feet and walked to stand directly behind me and take me in his arms.

"We should celebrate!"

"What did you have in mind?" I said coyly, as I felt the disconcerting mixture of desire and shyness fill me to overflowing.

"Oh, I don't know--you and I--some champagne. . . . . . . . "

"Sounds like a dangerous combination. You know how drinking makes you." I said, shivering at the thought of the last time he had drank before sex. "You become an animal!"

"Yeah, you love it, didn't you?"

"Yes." I whispered. I like being taken. I love the fits of passion and lust that overtake Jeff from time to time. I love being helpless before his ruthless onslaught. To feel the press of his hot, hard body against mine. To feel his tongue dominating my mouth and attacking my neck and nipples and throbbing member. I was getting rock-hard just remembering! His hands had me caressing my body all the while. When he came to my eight inch rod, his busy hands stopped exploring and began to grope.

Looking over at the television screen I caught sight of an incredible hunk of man.

"Do you like what you see?" Jeff asked with some interest. I thought that he would throw it back in my face. I often tell him how mindless, how dully predictable I thought soap-operas where.

"Yyyeesss", I moaned as he buried his mouth in my neck. "Uuuhhh, Jeff. Damn you turn me on."

"His name's Shemar Moore." He said and the pale, rough hands find my pecs and and caress them. Shemar has brown skin, smooth features, a hot body and dark, sexy eyes. With that he whirled me around, looked me deep in the eyes and kissed me even deeper. My legs wobbled a bit. His hot, wet mouth found my neck again, as his hands unbuttoned my shirt. When the shirt fell away from my almost fevered body, he set in on my nipple. My legs gave in and I fell to my knees. We made eye contact. His eyes were calling to me. He wanted something of me. I nodded and he dropped his pants and underwear, all at once.

His twelve inched monster pointer at my mouth. He began to hump my face, wildly. That king sized member probed the depths of my salivating mouth. He moaned my name on the down stroke. Just when I thought I couldn't handle another minute of this he stopped and pulled out of my mouth. He turned me over on all fours and stroked my ass with the shaft of his dick. When it was open to it's full capacity, he plunged into me to the hilt, lifted me into the air, effortlessly, turned me around to face him and fuck me. Ramming me like a goat.

"Ooohhh mmmyy Gggod!" I moaned. "Aaahhh. . . . .aaahhhh. . . .Oohhhh!" I cried.

"Who's is it?!" He demanded, barbarically. "Who's ass is that?!"

"Yours." I whispered in adoration. Barely able to force the words out. His pounding got harder, rougher and more powerful.

"Who's ass is that?" He growled.

"YOURS!! Yours! Aaahhhh, yes it's yours!" My ass felt as if it were going to explode. My cock was so hard it hurt like the devil.

"Give me that round, smooth ass. Give it to me!" He barked savagely. "Aaannnhhh. here it COMES!!" He flooded me with his cool cum. His body jerked in the throws of an orgasm. When his climax ebbed, he took me into his mouth and suck me with such raw power that I twitched violently with the shear force of it.

"Oh my god, Jeff, here it comes!" I screamed.

He did not move, as I shot a thick stream of cum down his throat. He had never done that before! How odd, the way that aroused me. He stood up and took mr into his arm embracing me in his powerful, pale arms. He pressed me to his chest and rubbed my back and ass.

Later that evening, we ate the dinner Jeff made. Somehow we got in another incredible and exhausting encounter. We then fell asleep. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I held, in my hand, the envelope. I was much wider than an ordinary business envelope. In the upper right hand corner and in large blue words was printed "Howard University". Must be my Masters Degree! I opened it rather quickly and pulled forth the degree. I sat there for a while just staring at it, astonished, overcome, elated and stunned silent. I ran my fingers of the the golden seal and inhaled deeply. Why this moment was so overpowering is still beyond me. I had, after all, expected it. I knew it was coming. And there I sat, still, as if frozen solid.

Then, the front door opened. I heard Jeff 's voice. He mumbled something in low, whispered tones. At first I thought he was addressing me; then came the slow realization that whatever he was saying, it was not meant for my ears. This intrigued me to the point of surfacing from my personal utopia. When I raised my eyes from the paper, he stood in the walk way between the front door and the living room. The small hall remained dark and there was a hint of motion, despite the fact that he was at least as still as I was. He greeted me, finally moving away from the dark and into the light. Well now, this was simply to much! I had to know what was in that hall. I got to my feet, degree still in hand and walked toward the darkened hall. Jeff, intercepted me, catching me in a bear hug that would have been seductive--had I not been so inquisitive.

"Jeff, whose's--uuummmhhh. . . . . . . . " The question who lost in a passionate kiss. I was reeling from the lack of oxygen to the brain and my nearness to him. That thick powerful tongue of his searched my mouth, relentlessly. God, was everything about this man super-powered; his body, his personality, his dick? My knees felt as if they would give way. But he held me by my arms. I was firmly pressed to that forty-two inched, rock-hard chest.

Then, he held me away from him, gazing into my eyes. As I felt those Jade-green eyes sweep longingly down my body, I quivered in his grasp. His eyes locked on to the degree and returned to my eyes.

"You got it!"

"Yes, just today."

"This is excellent timing?" He replied, smiling.

"What are you--" Once again he cut me off.

"Listen, why don't you put on some LL." Ah, he knew how LL Cool J turned me on; how I became so hot listening to him rap. I did as I was told. It was then, that I decided to get to the hall, the first chance I got. When I returned, he wrapped his arms around me and drew me close to him again. Bending his mouth to my ear, he whispered to me.

"I knew you could do it and I have a surprise for you." My penis was rock-hard. Just as I was about to ask "what," hopping to gain some insight as to what was in the hall.

"Close your eyes," he commanded, gently. I did. I heard foot steps, shuffling, movement. He had moved away from me.

"Okay, open them." He said in a low, sexy tone. When my eye opened I was so shocked that I began to back away from what I saw. Unbelievable, inconceivable! Standing before me, in his full and naked glory stood Shemar Moore! He wore not a stich of clothing and his nine and a half inches of thick monster-meat pointed at me. His tongue swept his upper lip, slowly. I continued my backward momentum until something firm and warm stopped me. It was flesh. Strong arms encircled me and a head rested on my shoulder.

"You like my freestyle?" Came that hot Brooklyn accent. No way! this could not be, I thought. But it was. These heavy, strong hands, that were now grouping my ever-growing package, belonged to LL Cool J. He used an ultra-hot tongue on my neck. Only my pants separated his dick from my butt. I felt my eyes closing; myself surrendering to desire. Then, came the set of footsteps, from the hall again. In walked Will Smith; as nude as the day he was born! He walked boldly up to me, taking my face into the palm of his hand, leaned forward and kissed me, deeply.

This was too much! Jeff set on the couch, watching the scene, with great interest: I was buck naked; alone with everyone else in the room. LL Cool J was pounding my bottom. Shemar was humping my mouth to perfection. And Will was under me, giving me head. This was too hot; too intense. They continued that way for about half an hour. Then, LL and Shemar traded places. Twenty minutes later, Shemar came and went to join Jeff on the couch. Twenty minutes after that LL came and joined them. Will got out of his former position, and taking me by the hand, lead me to a chair. He seated himself comfortably, and pulled me to my knees. I went into a fit of lust. My tongue caress every spot it could reach on his eight and a quarter inches.

"Oh, damn," he breath, "You asking for it baby!" As he called my name, and moaned, I did everything in my power to make him climax. Then, suddenly, he stood up--pulling out of my mouth. Reaching down, he lifted me on to the chair and stood up. Then, firmly grabbing the back of my head in both hands, he plunged himself in my mouth. He began to fuck my face.

"Uurrrrgh--shit. Yo mouth is good. Aaahhrrr, damn. . . . . . . . . . . . ."

It was not too long before he stopped that and changed places with me again. Then, he turned me so that my back was facing him. He pulled me to his mouth and plunged his tongue up my ass.

"Aaahhh. . . . .yesss. . . . . .Ooohh--Will!" I moaned. In and out and in again, his tongue plunged me. And as his tongue entered me to the hilt, it wiggled around, exploring my depths. He impaled me again and again. Then, out of the blue, he pulled me down on me, impaling me with his ramrod. Then, holding on to both sides of my waist, as if to life itself, he lifted me until only his head was in me, then, slammed me onto him again and again and again. Endless, was the assault on my sphincter.

"Oohh, Will--Oooohh, my god. Ahh--aahhh. . . . . .Aaaahhhh!!" I cried.

"Aaahh, shit. . . . . .Whose ass is that, whose's is it?" He demanded.

"YOURS! It's yours. . . . .Ooohhh, Will?" Escaped my open mouth.

"WHO'S the man--who's the man. Say my name!" He growled.

"W--W--Will!" My voice could scarcely be heard.

"I can't hear you. Say my name!!" He returned,

"W-W-W," he plunged in and did not pull out, holding me down on him. "WILL!" I screamed, as he came deep within me.

Shemar Moore Stood before me, his huge dick flared in anticipation. He looked upon me with an unbridled lust. I stood up, facing him eye to eye, man to man. He pulled me into his arms, stroking my back, gently, lovingly. He presses his lips to mine and kissed me. He laid me on the floor, flat on my back. Then, positioning himself in between my legs, he ground his hips against mine. His strokes were powerful; but, not ruff. They were deep and penetrating. As his hips thrust mine, he formed slow, tight circles.

"Oh, yesss. . . . . .OOhhh--Shemar." I moaned.

"I love you, Lawrance. I have ever since I saw you sitting there," he said, motioning to the chair were I had sat, spellbound by the degree. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"No. I believe in lust at first sight." Was my reply; and I instantly regretted speaking so frankly. Jeff had told me many times, that he loved me, the first time he saw me in that classroom at college. Well, since then, we had gone on to grad school. Me for that Masters degree; and him for his MBA--which he would have next year.

"Do you think that is all?" He asked me in hurt tones, as he continued to plunge me gently.

"No, I don't. I'm sorry I said that to you." In response to this, he kissed me, deeply--lovingly. There was definately more than just lust in that kiss and, his fire melted me. Those eye focuses on me with more than just affection. The doorbell rang. Jeff got to his feet, and went to answer it.

"Well, it's about time you two showed-up!" Jeff said.

"Sorry, he had to make himself pretty--er."

"Come on in." He returned. There were three pairs of footsteps coming this way. My goodness there's no way in heaven or on earth, they could be who I already knew they were. Then, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Allen Payne took a seat next to LL. At their sight, an intense orgasm wracked my body.

"Uuuhh--uuuhhh--uuuuhh--oohhhh!!" I cried. At the sound of this, Shemar came inside of me. His sperm triggered mine. He pulled out of me and held me.

We all stopped for supper and bathing. It was 11:45pm and we were seven, hungry, sweaty, hot men. Only Jeff was still clean, from the shower he had taken that morning, so he headed for the kitchen to cook. Shemar, Will, Allan, James (LL Cool J) and Cuba joined me in the bathroom. As large as the tub was, we were a bit cramped. The guys didn't seem to mind, at all. They horse-play and flirted with me. They touched me and fondled me. And, in the process, managed to get themselves and me, clean. They did little things to make me hot.

Will, washed my legs and penis, caressing it a bit more than necessary. Shemar, sat me in his lap and scrubbed my chest, clean. All the while, the head of his partly erect dick played in the gateway of my ass. How I wanted him to push it in, to the hilt. Allan, pressed me to he hard body as he washed my ass. He then, let the wash rag drop into the water--exposing a soapy index finger which he plunged deep into my depths. And when he did this, I called his name, attaching myself to him in a hug that he returned, all to willingly. By the time we got out of the tub, I was horny enough to take them all, at the same time.

We ate quickly, filling our bellies. James took me before he fell asleep. His own CD played as he did me passionately to "Back Seat of My Jeep." He piston pumped me in a frenzy of unleashed desire. Was this the first time he had anal sex? It certainly did not feel that way. His powerful, deep, full thrusts caused my to grasp handfuls of the couch I was bent over. His strokes were too good. They held me in a daze. When the girl on the song began to cry out, so did I. Vibrations of pure pleasure echoed over my. The cries were not of desperation, but of elation. My moans, groans and cries of passion energized him. When he came, filling my anus with his hot Juices, I came as well.

"Oohhh, James, yes, yes, yes. Give it to me!" I whispered. When he finished, he lay flat on his back and I laid on that massive chest of his, listening to his heart beat, drifting to sleep.

I was the first to awaken, or so I thought, as I gently separated myself from James and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower. The sweat washed from my body, I emerged from the shower. To my shock, Cuba stood, waiting for me butt naked. He grabbed my arm and slammed me against the wall. His large rough hands caressing my back and behind. Rough hands, rough behavior. I was hard, instantly and my rectum had already opened to make room for his nine and three-quarters inch member. It was at least two inches thick, and ready for action. He plunged into me, with no farther ado and commenced to slam that huge piece of man-meat into my hole. The pain was intense, and yet, I did not want it to stop.

"Aaahhghgh, damn! This shit is good," he said. "I shouldn't have waited for Allan to make himself pretty. I can't believe I was missing a hot ass, like this." He pounded me mercilessly. His arms pulling my hips back to meet his increasing powerful slams.

"Aaahhh! No more. . . . .please!" I begged. He leaned forward and began to whisper in my ear. His hard body crushing me to the wall. He grasped my cock and began to jerk me in time with his pounds.

"You don't really want me to stop, do you?" He breathed heavily.


"Do you?!" He demanded.


"I knew it," he said, intensifying both the pounding and the jerking. "you like it raw and hard."

"Ooohhh. . . . .oohhh, Cuba! Your an animal!" And then, he pulled me against him, as he put all of himself into me. He jerked me once more. That final caress, his hot, firm body pressed to mine, that sprit of cool cum, sent me over the edge. Throwing back my head so that it rested on his shoulder, I cried out his name, as my cum splashed against the wall. I shuddered, still impaled by his softening tool.

Clapping and cheering erupted from the doorway. We had woke everyone. They watch the whole event and liked what they saw. I felt Cuba's hands on my arms as he spun me around. He took my mouth, the same way he took my ass. My back was now pressed to the wall and his mouth began to tease my neck.

"Oohhh. I think you had better stop before you start something you can't finish." I whispered. He nodded. He wasn't ready to take me again, yet. That day we rented movies and gorged ourselves on junk-food. Pizza, chips, soda, ice cream--the whole nine yards, so to speak. Every once in a while, there would be an intermission. Someone would be too horny to continue and then would take me. Everyone had seconds, thirds and even forth. All except for Allan. He made no moves one my. I wondered why; and for a bit, even considered an attempt at seduction. I did not do it. It's just not me.

Late in the evening, the guys were sleep. I could not. The memories of there touches where fresh on my mine. God, they all had there own style when it came to sex, but they were all excellent. All of them capable of bringing me to orgasm time and time again.

James (LL Cool J), was smooth and found all of my spot.

Shemar, was loving--gentle and considerate.

Will, was domineering.

Cuba, was rough and demanding.

Jeff, hadn't made love to me since they had arrive. I know that he was watch--learning. When they were all gone, he'd have his way with me. It would be a powerful and overwhelming experience. I could not wait.

This was when I felt those hot hands on my shoulders. They began to massage me. I was really getting in to it and so was my dick. My eye closed of their own accord and those wonderful hands started groping my penis. The person, finally seated himself behind me. I felt an unsheathed huge member pressed to my behind. The hot mouth set in on my neck for a few minutes, before I was turned around to receive a deep kiss. When it ended, I opened my eyes to come face to face with Allan. His eyes told the story.

"But WHY were you holding back?" I questioned.

"I don't want them around, watching. I want to make love to you on my own." It was at this point that fear took me. Only a night had gone by before Cuba had me. How would Allan be? He was nude, so I found my eyes roving over this brown God's body. Going south until I saw it. His dick had to be at least fifteen inches long and three inches thick.

"Oh my God!" I gasped. "Allan, I don't know if I can take all of that."

"Don't worry. I'll be gentle, at first." He said, as those hot hands held my face near his. Then I was awash in a sea of emotion, as he kissed me, again. His tongue probed the inner recesses of my mouth. When he took his lips from mine, his eye attached to my, I could not pull them away. His hands found the buttons on my cotton nightwear, and undid them, one by one.

"What are you doing?"

"Why Cocoa, I am undressing you. That is what people do--before they make love."


"--Your afraid of my size."


"We'll take it a little at a time. By half inches, if you want. I don't won't to hurt you. You're too beautiful for that." He said softly. He stood up in front of me, and I could not resist the urge to suck him. I knew that I would do what ever he wanted. I wanted to give him pleasure. More pleasure than he could hope for. By the time I knew what I was doing, I had taken the whole thing into my mouth. He gasped in astonishment. Still it was not hard to tell that this was a pleasant surprise to him. I sucked him until my mouth was dry as a bone. And still I continued. By and by, he gently removed my mouth from his cock. Allan lifted me, effortlessly from the couch. Placing me upon his shoulders, he took me into his mouth and headed toward the kitchen. When he deposited me on the island--in the center of the kitchen, a vivid memory of him taking Jada Piked on top of a counter in an Electronics store came to mind. Was this was he intended for me?

I wrapped my arms around him, as he inched his way into me. I did not feel the pain, as he looked into my eyes, as he ran the palm of a hot rough hand down my chest. When I thought to have a look at the progress of the penis, it was--all of it--inside of me. It felt so good to me. Allan began to pump me in earnest. The pure ecstasy of it fell upon me like a ton of bricks.

"Oh, Allan--yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, Allan! Give it to me! Oooohhhh!" It poured out of me in one long, endless chain. He kept a firm hold on me as he nailed me. The air in the kitchen became steamy as we began to "cook". "Ooohhh. . . . ooohhh. . . . .OOOOHHHH---yeah!! Give it to meeeee!"

"I love you, Lawrance!" he cried pumping me harder, faster and with growing force.

"Uuhhh--uuuhhh--OOOHHH!!" I moaned. He was setting my whole body on fire. And then he came, deep in my bowels. He came with a force that might have blown me off of the table, if he hadn't had such a grip on my shoulders. When he finished cumming and the orgasms ebbed, he fell forward, into my arms.

Sunlight from the window in the kitchen flooded the room. Slowly, I opened my eyes to the world. I felt the weight of Allan's hot body, on mine. It was delightful, the almost angelic look on his face, the feel of his hair on my neck. I did not want to wake him.

Three hours later, the eight of us stood at the door. Will, Allan, Shemar, James and Cuba kissed and hugged me, in turn. And with many repeated promises to return, they left. After they were gone and Jeff and I had cleaned up, We sat on the couch. I was being held in his arms.

"Did you enjoy your surprise?" He asked.

"Yes. Immensely. I think I learned a few new trick."

"Oh, what sort of tricks?"

"Why don't you play some LL and I'll show you." Jeff went to put on the music and to shuck his clothing.


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