His name was Joe and he was a film and television from Hollywood who I had gotten fucked all night at his mother's house who was out of town for the night. The next morning I walked funny but I knew I wanted more.

The next week after talking about what we'd done and he verbally abusing me I called him and asked where we could fuck and he said my mother is going to be there. We still can't go to my apartment which was as not true as it was when I lied in front of the bar where he mauled me and dry fucked me while he forced me to straddle him near the front door. Early he dominated me.

He said what about the bath house. There's a gay bath house here? It isn't necessarily a GAY bath house. Do guys watch gay porn in a room and jack off? Yes. How's it work? You'll go the front desk, pay, get a key, change into being nude and walk around and see what happens. What time, Daddy. I still like you calling me Daddy, cock slut. I like the dirty names you call me, Daddy. Fuck you, whore. Your whore Daddy. What time? 5. And be ready cunt. Yes, Daddy.

I got to the place at 430. I was walking to the TV room went it and there were a number of guys jacking off to gay porn. I looked to the back of the room and Daddy was sitting in a chair with his giant cock sticking out. It was beautiful. The first time I saw it fully it slapped me in the face like a club. How big is this cock Daddy? I've never measured it. You lie, Daddy. You've measured it. Guess. 8 inches. More. 9 inches. Sneering now, more. 10 inches. More. 11 inches. Almost. How almost? 15/16? 7/8? It's 11 inches. We can measure it right now. You have 11 inches of the perfect casting of a porn star's cock.

We smiled at each other and I waked to him. As I got to him I dropped my towel, got on my knees, opened his towel and tried to take him all the way down my throat. Then like Tony in high school I relaxed my throat and it went down. He was moaning and tensing up his ass. I was fucking his cock with my throat. I knew I had him.

I played with his huge balls and he tensed up more and moaned more loudly. I then got my two forefingers wet with spit and precum. I then worked my middle finger up his ass while I fucked his dick with my throat. He was shaking. Then I put my two fingers in his asshole and that did it. He was cumming and I swallowed. For what seemed like forever. He tried to drown me with his cum. He tasted so good. Tony tasted god too but Joe was amazing. After three more mouths full he seemed to stop. I suspected not so I kept his tip in and he shot another time and then leaked into my eager mouth. With his head still in my mouth I looked up at him and smiled with my eyes. He was breathing heavily and looking at me with his eyes narrowed. I can't get enough of your cum, Daddy.

I want to drain those big, beautiful balls Daddy. It hasn't been done yet, cock whore. I want to try, Daddy. Maybe you'll get your chance. Thank you, Daddy. A cum whore needs skills. Do you harve skills cock slut? You just felt one, Daddy. Yes, I did. Am I the best cock sucker, Daddy? No. Awwww. Just kidding. You are definitely the best cock sucker, cock sucking whore. How long will it take you to get hard again, Daddy? 10 or 15 minutes. Go away, Daddy. There was a vibrator and lube on the night stand and I said if you go away when you come back I'll be fucking myself with that vibrator. OK, cock whore. You better be ready whore. I will, Daddy Sir. I like that cunt.

He left and I was ready within 5 minutes. He came in two minutes later and said I'm early and you're a good boy and are ready. You might deserve to get your ass raped. I want that, Daddy. But can it be rape if I love it? I'll fuck your ass so hard it will feel like rape. I'm scared, Daddy. But I think I might like it. You will like it and beg for more. I wanted it so bad. He went to the lube, lubed up his cock and then ripped the vibrator and shoved his massive cock up my ass hard. It hurt like fuck and then almost immediately felt amazing. He was hitting something when he bottomed me. His cock was so fucking huge. I was screaming and begging for him To destroy my asshole. Shut your fucking mouth cock slut. You can moan and nothing else. Yes, Daddy.

He fucked me so hard. I was on my hands and knees. He gripped my hips and ass and pounded me. I felt like I had worth with only his cock in my ass or mouth. I tickled his asshole and pushed me middle finger in and wiggled it. He came a ton and I caught it with my fingers as it flowed around his cock deep in my ass. He was breathing hard and saying mean things to me. I wanted more.

Daddy, I have a camera that shoots stills and video. Want to use it? We were in a private room because the guys commenting on my taking his huge cock down my throat. We were laying on the bed and I asked him if I could ride his cock while facing away? Yes, cock whore you can do that and I know how to use that camera. I lubed up my ass with one, two then three fingers.

As I slowly impaled myself on his cock I was saying I have so much of your cock up my ass, Daddy. Ride that cock filthy little cock whore. Yes, Daddy. I rode him hard and then spun around on his cock with him still inside me. He grabbed my ass and used me to make himself come. He was totally turned on and moaned hard and came in my ass. He's shown me his most recent results and I was comfortable unprotected sex with the nasty, hardcore top ass fucking machine. I begged him the let me come. I told him if he let me cum he could keep fucking me until he was done.

Cock whore, I get to say what happens with that and he was shooting video and we fucked in every position and in the shower while he made me straddle his cock against the wall. He let me cum all over my chest and face. I wiped it off with my fingers and then took it in my mouth. I played with it licking it around my lips while I swallowed it all. Are we done, Daddy? Fuck no! Get on your back, Cock slut. Please let me cum while you fuck me really hard on my back, ass fuck Daddy? He pushed my knees behind my head. That felt like rape and I totally dug it. He kissed me and his tongue controlled me.

Next, he grabbed my ass and flipped us both over and stayed in my ass and drove it in really hard. Daddy, I yelled why do you try to kill me while fucking me? I'm going to break you, slutty whore. Use me, Daddy. Pleeeaaaasssse. Don't beg, cum whore. I'm your whore you pay with cum. From my big balls. You mean my balls, he said. Get on your knees. I did and was looking at his giant cock wanting it down my throat again. He gabbed my hair and turned my head. See that belt, cunt? Yes, Daddy. Want to get beaten with that belt? No, Daddy. If you're not very good you'll get beaten. I'll be very obedient, Daddy. My answer will always be yes. Good cum whore. He shot video of fucking my throat again. He also shot video of him coming on my face in and in my mouth.

After coming that time he told me he was going to fuck me on my back and I could cum as much as I wanted but he was going to keep fucking me until he was done. Yes, Daddy, I'm being obedient. He then forced me down and pushed my legs over my head and ass pounded me until I begged him to quit. He just laughed and gave me an evil smile. God, he was hot. Muscular, handsome and aggressive as anything. His degradation totally turned me on.

We fucked until 10 am. 13 hours of nasty gay sex. He only fucked me 9 times in the course of 2 weeks. Cum dripped out of my ass for the entire next day. He came so much and it didn't diminish the more he came. Always the same amount. He just liked using me. And I liked being used. His massive cock was always hard. Purple and veiny. Like a perfect casting of a porn star's cock. While he fucked me again he took his cock out and I grabbed it and sucked it. Cum whore, do you like tasting your ass on my cock, cum whore? Yes, Daddy. I need this treatment, ass fucker. More later.



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