After a long night working at the bar i was finally free. Not only was i free, i was $200 richer from my labors. Got out of there as fast as i could and set on my ten mile bike commute home. Riding the bicycle everywhere, including ten miles each way when i couldn't or didn't make the bus caused me to lose a considerable amount of weight. Over 30 pounds, i got down to 185. I was off tomorrow and had nothing to do during the day, so i had planned to get super stoned and spend a good two hours when i got home teasing a load out of my hot 7.5in cock, and taking as long as i possibly could to accomplish that.

I LOVE teasing my cock. I jerk off to women as well, but i usually cum in under 15 minutes. It all started from jerk off instruction porn. Hot women telling me what to do and how to do it. I've always had a bisexual side as you can read in my story "Christian", so even tho i was trying to resist, slowly i found more and more femdom style videos. Women wearing strap ons asking me if i wanted to suck them off. Women getting me completely enthralled in them and then they ask me to stick my finger up my ass. Finally, i've spent years loving and watching cock worship hypno porn, sissy hypno porn, anything that is hypnotic and full of filthy gay instructions. It has taken my sexuality to another level.

On the way home every single night i get to pass the local boutique. I love the rush that i get from poppers, but they really damage my lungs and i have to be careful to not abuse them and use them too often but tonight there was no stopping me from having the hottest jerk off session i could possibly have. Pulled my bike up to the boutique, bought my jungle juice platinum, and continued on down the road. My curiosities always made me want to go in the back, but seriously ill probably catch the hiv or something.

Got home and took a hot shower. My damn landlord never turns down the AC, so its always 85 degrees in my house. That won't matter for what i have in store, as a matter of fact, i welcome it. I love to get hot and sweaty and show my cock off on my webcam. dried off, put a towel over my computer chair, got out the weed, poppers, a few hair ties, my three dildo's and butt plug and lube. Set up my webcam and opened my favorite porn site which i have a profile on and began to look through all of my favorite videos. My favorites are littered with gay hypno, cocksucker instructions, gloryhole hypno, anything that tells me to give in the the dark gay demon lust inside me.

I selected a video by goonluver named "i love big cock" and all it showed was clip after clip of gay anal breeding with huge cocks fuckin little tight boy ass. "i love big cock""i love big cock""i love big cock" it kept repeating itself, my eyes fixed on the monster cocks as my hand grabbed onto my hardening cock. My strokes were deliberately slow, making sure to stiffen and harden my cock to the max, but just to hold it there, i want to get so turned on i forget that i'm even controlling it. I take the two hair ties and stretch them over my throbbing hot 7.5in cock and big walnut balls. It immediately increases my hard on, i feel the blood trap inside my cock, forcing it to get even harder. "I love big cock". my hand is so slowly stroking me. Ensuring maximum pleasure without letting myself go over the edge. My fantasy started to form in my mind. I can't cum at all, i have my gay lover to please, i want to let him have me, and watch my hard cock throb as he takes me from any and all directions. "i love big cock".

I take out my favorite dildo. Its the nice fleshy kind with balls and this weird boney structure in it that allows me to prop it, also keeps it stiff for when i get it all the way down my throat. I take the suction cup and attach it to my minifridge next to my computer right at hip height. "i love big cock". i open the poppers, loosen the top for the right time to take a big hit, once i get the cock wet and i can really start to suck it good, ill take my first sniff and it makes me a complete and total cocksucker. 

"i love big cock". The video was almost over, it was just two minutes of clips on a loop for 30 minutes. I kept switching between the gay goon porn and my webcam, knowing that 15 people are stroking their cocks while they stare at my pretty monster is such a turn on for me. The dirty talk between cammers, even better you find someone with a mic, and you can moan and groan and talk filthy shit to each other while you watch the other go to town on their hard cocks. I was searching for a new video, i stumbled across "worship your god". I let it start and switched back to my cam. Not much happening over there so i decide to close it and focus on the gay cocksucker hypno video and keep teasing my hard hot cock while i get ready to please my fake gay lover.

"OK faggot. It's time for you to suck my cock" A deep voice spoke through my speakers "Get ready boy, Daddys gonna put his biiig haard cock into your mouth" he spoke slowly and deliberately. My eyes couldn't get off of the gay cartoon porn on the screen, men with huge cocks being sucked off, gorgeous hot monster cocks. My cock couldn't take it anymore, I needed cock, i needed to suck on a big cock. I needed to be a throat slave. I knelt down on the floor, and positioned myself in a very familiar position. Right in front of my waiting, eternally hard dildo. 

I had named it Greg. I was fishing at a park and a sleaze ball of a man tried to pick me up, he didnt outright say it, but i never received a look like that from a man before. He made my cock stir in my pants. I was so cautious around him and thanked him for his help but wasn't really down with suckin off a sleaze ball in a park. My cock on the other hand couldn't wait for me to get home so i could lay on my back and pound my ass with my dildo screaming gregs name. I had never successfully fucked my ass to completion, or fucked myself hard enough where it would be accurate to a partner. It was such a wild jerk that i named the dildo greg in his honor.

I opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue and looked into the eyes of my imaginary lover. On the screen, There started to appear satanic and demonic gay images. Satan fuckin a man. a pentagram appeared on the screen with a picture of lucifer in the middle, with eyes clear to look into. I looked right into satans eyes as i took my open mouth and plunged it onto gregs hard cock. not breaking eye contact with the eyes of satan in the picture, i left my mouth open and my tongue stuck out as i worked my mouth up and down on this cock waiting to shove it down my throat. I got it so wet with spit that it was dripping off of my cock and i positioned my cock so it dripped right onto my cock and i would use it for lube. I've done this a few times, and bc i am so hot and horny i know i want to 1 shot this deepthroat. 

I grab the poppers off of my desk. No fucking around. I'm going to take three deep hits. Full deep breaths in a row and then slam that hot cock down my throat. Inhale. 1. Inhale. Halfway through i start to feel the rush and try to ignore it long enough to make sure i take the third hit. 2. Inhale. My heart is pounding away in my chest. 150bpm. It feels like it'll explode all my capillaries open up, blood rushes through my body. I finally finish with my final inhale and before i exhale, i bury that hot hard fuckin dildo to the back of my throat.

mmmmmmmm im such a good faggot throat slave. "Suck it faggot. Cock is YOUR GOD" I leave greg buried in my throat for a good ten seconds before i back off slightly and bury it again. Then i back off a little more and bury it. I still haven't exhaled my third popper hit and im starting to feel it. I have to gasp for air but i have to bury this cock down my throat and worship gregs god cock perfectly. I slowly start to exhale through my nose while i bury it again and again and again down my ready and waiting cocksucker throat. I can't wait any longer, i have to breathe. I bury this god cock down my throat and pull my mouth fully off and gasp for air. "Thats it, Boy. Give in to your lussst. Give in to beautiful penis." I am a slave. A worshipper of my god. Cock.

I dont know if you know the sensation im going to describe, but when i have a big cock down my throat, it chokes my air and the blood to my head. I feel like my cock wants to pop. If i leave a cock down my throat ill just get harder and harder until i start to leak streams of cum without actually climaxing. Its the most erotic feeling i've ever felt. 

Being on my knees. Worshipping satans cock. Loving every moment of having my gay lovers cock in my mouth and i suck and suck his monster cock trying my best never to gag once. Just a utter complete servant to satans hot cock. I pick up the poppers and shake them up, I inhale three times again, again after the third burying the cock down my throat. The deep voice in the porno was grunting like an animal. I'm getting a little tired and im starting to get more comfortable. So i slow down, i stick out my tongue and leave it out all the way through the deepthroat. everytime i pull my mouth off i use my lips to tighten and suck softly on it. each time i bury it, but each time off i pull and suck and tease satans hot cock while i sit in total popper ecstasy doing what i love most. Worshipping my god.

My cock is starting to get out of control. each time i bury my face onto my dildo my cock inflates just a little more, to the point where i feel like i'm going to pop. Finally i bury the cock down my throat, i feel my cock push over the edge, and right at that moment i remove the dildo and cut off the orgasm. This really happens. Without reaching my climax a huge stream of cum leaks out of the tip of my cock. It feels like 4 or 5 spurts of cum all in one, its hot sticky cum that i get to play with while still horny, not climaxed and hypno poppered into being the biggest cock worshipper i could be. My hand is there and ready to catch every drop, i admire how much is in my hand, and promtly pour every drop into my mouth, licking off the remains and stroking the rest onto my dildo. i dont want to swallow it. 

My hypno porno has a few minutes left on it, so i want to enjoy this huge wad in my mouth and so i continue to suck my dildo furiously only this time with a load in my mouth! MMmmmmm that hot sticky salty cum in my mouth drives me even further over the edge, and all i want is to stay in that moment. Now i truly cant contain myself, and i am pounding away on my hot hard 7.5in cock. My balls are smashing against my body as i pound my satan cock worshipping cock. "thats it, faggot. Stroke your dick. Good boy, yeahhh. Suck that penis" I was completely in worship of my god. Stretching my throat with each cum filled plunge, finally i had to swallow some. I love the taste of cum. Its so satisfying on my knees with my mouth full of cum and a dildo down my throat. 

"You love sucking a big hard cock don't you? boy. you want to drink my cum don't you? BOY!" "Well you better get ready, Boy. cause I'm going to cum, in your mouth. keep on sucking, boy. I'm gonna cum. FUCK YEAHHHHH I'M GONN CUMMMMM" the voice started grunting like a minotaur. slowly building up his grunts and moans. I pulled the cum covered cock out of my throat and positioned it in front of my cum filled mouth and started to jerk it perfectly so i could get satans fat load in my mouth. then satan let out one long giant moan that told me he was cumming for me, i imagined him blowing is load covering my face and filling my mouth. I still had the cum from way before in my mouth and for the finale, again started to suck his hot cock. Making sure to clean every last drop of cum before i swallow the whole load at once, lick my lips, and proceed to bury the dildo down my throat, until my cock can't take the deepthroats pleasure any longer and shoot a hot high pressure monster wad all over the fridge, my neck, my stomach, legs and all over the floor. My legs are numb from kneeling in front of my god for so long. I remove the cock ring hair ties, and lay back flat on the floor hoping i get feelings back in my leg and how i will get the taste of cum out of my mouth....


Doom Guy


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