Derek, the 23-year-old graduate student and the university's athletic department tutor for the team's athletes shares this story with the readers of what Coach Teddy proposes as to sex

After fucking the hell out f hot soccer player Tommy's virgin ass, I had my butt setting on Tommy's chest feeding him my cum covered cock deep in his throat with my back turned to the bedroom door, when Tommy looked shocked and frightened as I heard Coach Teddy yell as he entered the room: "What in the hell are you fucking fags  doing fucking in my house?"

Tommy begged: "Coach can we do anything to keep you from telling what you saw?"

Coach Teddy grabbed his crotch, approached the bed and said: "You fucking sluts, you fags, you whores, why shouldn't I fire tutor Derek and have you both expelled from the university? What if my wife and kids had not been out of town and they discovered you fags? Well, I've got the answer. You two horny sluts meet me Saturday night at 7 PM at my office and I'll let you know the answer."

Both Toomy and I spent a miserable week expecting the worse on Saturday. We anticipated that the athletic department director would meet Coach Teddy at his offcie at 7 PM on Saturday and end my tutoring career and have Tommy and me pack our bags and leave campus for good. In case that happened and I would not see Tommy again, I let him fuck my worn ass three different nights that week and also to try to relax. Man, Tommy had a nice hard cock and knew how to make my ass tingle with pure pleasure.

On Saturday I picked up Tommy and drove to Coach Teddy's office with pure tension and concern. The moment of truth had arrived. When I knocked on the office door, I heard voices inside then Coach's angry voice say: "Come on in you bitches."

Holy shit, as we entered the office we were shocked to see hot 19-year-old sophomore stud football player Jerry; 21-year-old junior wrestling hunk Bo; tall lanky 22-year-old senior tennis star and big dick Ryan; 19-year-old sophomore basketball stand out guard Donnie; and now Tommy and I but no sign of the athletic director. 

Fuck I thought the Coach had brought all these studs to the meeting after they had confessed having fucked me raw the week before as I tutored them. This was turning out to be worse than I had thought. This was turning into a nightmare. All the guys were looking very serious with no sign of a smile or kindness. They were going to be the Coach's witnesses revealing what a campus slut I was and how I had led them into a life of sin. Sweat began to pour off my face and as I looked at Tommy, he was as white as a sheet. Tommy's whole body began to shake. He found a seat before he could pass out.

Even though I was so nervous and uneasy, fuck, I felt my cock began to stiffen as I remembered how hot these guys' cocks had been when they fucked the life out of me the previous week. And even the angry looking coach was so hot as a well trimmed 30-year-old stud. In a few seconds, my cock was hard as a stone with a huge tent in my pants that I could not hide from the hot jocks and Coach.

When the jocks and Coach Teddy noticed my big tent, they all broke into a laugh and a look of lust on their faces as they grabbed their crotches and began to unzip those sexy pants. What in the hell was going on? Tommy stood up and said: "Holy fuck, oh my god Derek, look at these guys and the Coach playing with their cocks and smiling. Man, Derek, I'm getting a hard on too. Could this actually going to be a seven man orgy? Oh shit, my favorite fantasy might be about to come true."

The room began to fill with man odors and testosterone smells as Coach Teddy began to speak: "Guys look, slut Derek is horny and again and his new fuck buddy Tommy is getting a big hard dick. Hey Derek and Tommy, yea, after catching you two fags fucking in my house, I've  learned about Derek getting fucked by our athletes and many other dudes on campus. In fact, Derek, I've also learned that you've been fucked by an untold number of studs both fags and straight dudes for years on campus. So tonight is you're night to experience one hell of an evening while getting fucked by six big cocks in one evening. I've been told by these dudes that your ass is better than any woman's cunt. I can hardly wait to experience my cock up that man pussy of yours."

"Gee Coach what a relief to hear that and to know that Tommy and I are not in trouble. Hell, I'm ready and eager for whatever you have planned. Yea give me those big hot jock cocks. Man am I ever horny now."

Coach Teddy gave me a huge seductive smile and said: "Well Derek and guys, I'm a happy married man with two kids and love my wife and her pussy. But let me share a secret with you. When I was an undergraduate in college, I was always horny as hell and most of the time there was no female pussy available. You see I attended an all male private college/academy with only dicks around campus. These horny studs were always eager to fuck and they found out that I had a real eager and hot ass. I lost count of how many dicks I took up my ass during those four years. I became the campus slut.  I admit after all these years, I know that a man pussy is tighter and grips a cock much harder than any female pussy. A man's ass is a perfect fit for a stiff cock. But after getting married nine years a go, I've not had my cock in any man's ass. Man I'm over due. Just one other point and that is whatever happens tonight must remain our secret forever or we all will be in deep shit. Understood?"

We all agreed with the Coach and this was a secret as our cocks began to leak in anticipation as to what hot sex was about to occur.

Coach Teddy escorted us to the private locker room reserved for the athletic department's coaches and staff. He locked the doors. All the coaches and staff were gone for the weekend.

Then I was given the great news. We would all get butt naked and I would become the evening's bitch for all five of the hot jocks and Coach Teddy as my ass would become the vessel for their rock hard cocks and the depository for their huge loads of ropey thick cum. 

Next I received the instructions that they would take turns fucking my ass and fucking my mouth. While one guy was plowing my ass, the other guys would rotate their cocks in and out of my mouth for a hot blowjob. For hours, I would service those huge cocks in need of help. Also both my holes would be occupied all evening.

My cock began to twitch and throb with pure lust, as I'd never been in a gay orgy before. The thought of six big cocks satisfying my pussy had me crazy for action. These studs would tear my ass and mouth like never before. Threee of the guys had 8-inch cocks, one cock was 9-inches, one cock was 10-inches and Ryan had the abnomal 13-inch horse cock.

The guys placed a big red wrestling mat on the floor, covered it with a large warm blanket and placed several bottles of lube on the mat. They were ready for a long night of servicing their slut bitch.

I got down on the mat on my back, spread my legs far apart exposing my man pussy to theri cocks and I asked: "Coach Teddy please take me first. I want you to rim my ass and give me that entire huge 10-inch tool deep in my ass. Man, you are a fucking hot 30-year-old daddy."

I was overjoyed as Coach Teddy got between my sexy legs, spread them far apart and lowered his sexy lips and mouth on my puckering asshole. He began to kiss, suck and lick my asshole. Holy shit, I soon felt his well-trimmed black mustache and salvia covered goatee tickling my ass. I began to buck my ass upward into his face as the feel of his facial hair was driving me crazy with lust for more. I'd never had a guy use his mustache and goatee to rim my ass. His sharp tongue drove into my ass as he went wild slurping up my ass juices. In a few seconds, I recognized  Ryan's big 13-inch cock as he drove it to the back of my throat. Hell, the Coach was sending me into orbit with his hot rimming while I was desperately breathing only through my nose with that 13-inch fresh meat stuffed in my mouth. After the hottest rimming of my life for some five minutes, I felt Coach Teddy take his big 10-inch cock and thrust it all the way into my pussy. Holy fuck, the Coach was pounding my ass as hard as I had ever been fucked while Ryan had somehow managed to get his entire cock inside my mouth.

At the same time, Jerry, Bo, Tommy and Donnie were taking turns sucking my cock. This went on for some ten minutes when Coach Teddy's cock stiffened more in my ass, he grunted and holy shit he blasted at least seven huge spurts of his man seed deep in me. As he unloaded his sperm in me, Ryan thrust one more time and I felt my throat filled with his salty semen. It was too much for me to swallow all of it, as portions of the sticky cum ran out of my mouth and down my chin. Both my holes were rinsed in cum.

As the Coach pulled his still semi-hard cock out of my ass, I watched as hot wrestler Bo got between my legs to take his turn and filled with desire for my ass, Bo drove his 9-inch cock with a beer can sized cock shaft all the way in my eager pussy with one thrust. He began pounding my ass using his hard body to pop down on my stomach. And then holy fuck, I could not believe it when the two smaller studs Tommy and Donnie took their 8-inch cocks and managed to stuff both those leaking cocks deep in my throat. Big wrestler Bo was fucking my hot ass while I had not one but two cocks drilling my mouth. In the meantime, Coach Teddy and Ryan were attending to my cock by jacking me off. After some ten minutes of pure ecstasy, Bo yelled: "Here I come."

It was like a river flooding my ass and at the same moment the two dicks in my mouth exploded as well with huge loads of hot sticky salty semen. I began to gag and thought I was being water bordered or drowned. The magic hands of Teddy and Ryan caused me to burst my load all over their hands. They had Jerry lick all that cum off their hands and eat it.

Who would have my ass next? I did not have to wait long when I saw lust in big football Jerry's eyes. He grabbed my ankles, lifted my feet and legs  in the air, he stood above me with his big cock pointed down directly to my ass and used his 210 pounds to drive that manhood all the way in my very wet warm cum filled ass. He became wild as his cock swam in all that sperm. He fucked me with total abandonment while the other dudes took turns thrusting their cocks in and out of my mouth. Jerry did not last more than 3 minutes when he grunted and discharged his man seed deep in my ass.

The guys and I took about a 30 minute break and had a cold beer. I knew there were still three big cocks eager to fuck my man pussy. The biggest cock in the room was next. Ryan had an abnormal large cock (13-inches) that had fucked my ass a week earlier so I knew I could take it. As I loved big cocks, I was thirsty for it.

Ryan pushed me up facing the lockers as he got behind me. He used his feet to spread my legs far apart opening my ass to his waiting cock. He drove his huge ccok deep in me with one thrust and began to drive that cock what seemed like into my colon. Man it felt so good as Ryan grunted abd he sprayed his hot breath all over my back and neck. As he fucked me harder and harder, the lockers were banging with loud sounds while the other dudes watching this scene of pure sex. The other guys began to masturbate as heir cocks were once again hard. It was not long before Ryan unloaded with yet another huge load of semen inside me. My ass had never been more greased with cum and lube. When Ryan was spent he pulled out and I said: "WOW, that was so hot. Who is next?

I got the surprise of my life when cuties Tommy and Donnie placed me on the mat on my back and placed several towels under my ass until my ass was verticle with the ceiling. Tommy got down and drove his 8-incher up my ass and began to bang my pussy. Holy shit, soon I felt another cock began to join Tommy's cock and it was Donnie driving his cock in my ass just under Tommy's tool. They went wild giving me a double penetration. They got into a sexy rhythm as they fucked me for some five minutes. Wow what a great feeling and also feeling their hot breaths as they fucked wildly. All the other dudes got on each side of my body and began to jack off. As Tommy and Donnie unloaded their seed deep in my ass, the other guys one by one blasted their loads on my face.

When Donnie and Tommy pulled out their cocks, my ass began to drain what seemed like buckets of warm cum on the mat. We all hit the showers and then went out for a hot meal.



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