I'm Mark Davis. I was an eighteen year old senior in high school when I became curious about sex with other men.

My curiosity actually began right after the end of my junior year when I worked out at a local gym. In the locker room and showers, I found myself checking out the other guys cocks and wondering what they would look like hard and what it would be like to have one in my mouth.

There were a couple of guys in my class that were gay and i had overheard them talk about how hot it was to suck a big hard cock or take it up their ass. I began wondering what it was like.

I went to the gym all summer not only to work out but to check out the guys cocks. On several occasions, some guys wuld get a semi-erection in the showers and I loved seeing them.

Then, later in the summer before school began, baseball practice began. I began checking out Coach Miller. He was about twenty-seven or so and extremely well built and good looking, and at times showed a nice bulge in his shorts during practice.

I was in need of some help to improve my swing when I was at bat. I was thrilled when he offered to help me one-on-one if I could stay late after practice. I said I could every day.

The following week, I began staying late and after the other guys had gone home, coach Miller and I would go out to the field and he would work with me.

After setting up the pitching machine, he would come to me and give me pointers. I was good at my position at second base but my batting stunk. He would watch and give me suggestions.

After a couple of days, he tried a new tactic. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me and grasp my bat with me. when a ball was pitched, he would assist me in my swing. His body was pressed directly against me and i could feel his crotch against my ass. It soon began giving me a boner.

The first couple of days, he didn't give any indication that he noticed my bulge. But then later, I noticed that he would assist me on several pitches then step back around and face me as I swung at the balls.

When I'd look at him, I noticed that he was looking not at my swing but at my crotch and bulge. When I glanced at his, his bulge was much more pronounced than I had noticed before.

A the following day, he would get behind me and help with my swing and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me, making mine even harder.

Then he took a new approach.

"Mark, your swing is much better, but you need to get your whole body into it. Try a slow practice swing."

As I did, he placed his hands on my hips, more to the front than to the side. As I slowly swung the bat, he swiveled my hips with his hand, letting his fingertips gently touch the side of my hard cock. I loved the slight touches of his fingers.

It was a Friday afternoon, and after a few practice swings with his hands on my hips, he suggested we stop for the day.

As we walked back to the school gym, he said, "Go ahead and shower. Then. I want to talk to you."

"Sure thing, Coach," I replied.

We reached the gym and as I headed for the lockers, he went into his office. I stripped and headed for the showers and as I showered, I began thinking more about seeing his bulge. My cock quickly returned to a full erection and when it had, I suddenly heard, "Come to my office when your dressed."

His voice startled me and I instinctively turned toward his voice, revealing my full erection to him. He showed no reaction other that a quick glance at it. He turned and left and I could feel my face turning red.

I finished my shower and dressed and went to his office. I was shocked but elated to see him there at his desk shirtless, his large pecs and abs clearly in view. His chest was covered with a nice medium coating of dark brown hair and his large brown nipples stood out beautifully.

"You wanted to see me?" I managed to say.

"Yea, Mark. First of all, when it's just me and you around, please call me Brad."

"Okay," I replied.

"Secondly, I want you to know that your swing is much better, but i think you need to build up your arms some more. If you do, it will give you a more powerful swing. I know tomorrow is Saturday, but can you meet me here tomorrow morning about nine and we'll do some weight training?"

"Sure. I'm game for anything."

"Great. I like your enthusiasm and drive, Mark. See you tomorrow, then."

"Sure thing, Brad."

He smiled and I headed home, knowing it would be just me and him in the gym together.

I arrived at nine the next morning to see his car parked by the door. I went in and he smiled and said, "Right on time, but first, let me lock that door. No one else needs to be here."

I noticed immediately that he as again shirtless and his shorts weren't the usual casual shorts he normally wore. The ones he now had on were shorter nylon gym shorts.

Seeing me in jeans and tee shirt, he said, "Get changed and lets get to work. I'll be in the weight room."

I went to the locker room and changed into my jock and shorts, also staying shirtless.

When I stepped into the weight room he looked at me and said, "Very nice body. It's obvious you have done some working out. I bet the girls really go or you."

"Oh, some i guess, but I don't date that much. I'm more into my studies, baseball and the gym."

"I see, nice choices."

We began working out and when I did my presses, he would stand over me as my spotter. If I looked up, I could see straight up the legs of his shorts and see his jock. As hard as I tried, I couldn't keep my own cock from getting hard. I knew he could tell by the look on his face.

Soon, his shorts were showing a nice bulge. We did several presses, with me spotting him and i could see him looking up the legs of my shorts.

We took a break and he had me doing curls with some hand weights while he went to his office for a moment.

When he returned, he smiled and said, "I over slept this morning and was afraid I'd be late. When I grabbed my jock, I grabbed an old one that is too small. It was bothering me so I went into the office and took it off. I hope you don't mind. You might see more than you expect in the short shorts."

"No big deal," I said. "I've seen the other guys in the showers."

"Thanks," he said with a big smile. "You ready for some more presses?"

"Sure," I said, wanting to see up his shorts again.

I began my presses and sure enough, when I looked up, I could see the head of his cock pointing down at me. My own cock quickly stiffened and as it did, I noticed that his did also.

When the presses ended, the outline of his cock was clearly visible down the leg of his shorts.

He saw me looking at it and said, "Sorry. Things happen sometimes."

"I know. Mine's the same way." I had realized that the removal of his jock was planned and not because it was too small. "Because of the problem, my jock is uncomfortable also."

"Feel free to join me if you want, but we have to keep this just between us."

"I understand. I'll never say anything," I said as I removed my shorts. As I began removing my jock, he caught me off guard when he said, "Mark, if you want to, we can continue nude. It's totally up to you."

"Sure, why not."

I finished removing my jock and tossed it aside as I watched him remove his shorts.

Suddenly, there we both stood totally naked, both our cocks hard as stone.

"Mark, I've never done this with a student before. Please keep it just between us. If it got out, I'd loose my job and never get another coaching job again."

"Brad, this will be just our secret. To be honest, I've never done anything like this with another guy myself, but I think it's cool. We can just be ourselves."

"Very true," he replied.

Smiling, I asked, "That happen to you often?"

"What do you think? Hell yea. What about you?"

"Several times a day," I replied. "What do you do about your, uh, problem?"

"Probably the same exact thing you do. It's normal and any guy that says he doesn't do it is a big liar."

"Very true," I replied. I had my nerve up and said, "Want to do it together?"

"You serious?"

"Yea. I've never done it with another guy before and think it would be cool."

"If you want to, let's do it," he replied.

We straddled a bench facing each other and began slowly stroking our cocks, watching each other.

After a moment, I asked, "Brad, may I feel yours?"

"Sure," he said, removing his hand.

I reached over and grasped his cock. It felt awesome in my hand and as i slowly began stroking it he moaned softly. "Fells good," he said.

"Show me," I replied.

He smiled and reached oer and began stroking my cock. I loved the feel of his hand on me.

"You never did this with a buddy growing up?" he asked.

"No, never. But in the last few months, I've become curious about doing things with another guy. Did you do it with your buddies when you were younger?"

"Oh, yea. Most guys do in their early teens."

"Did you ever do anything else with them?"

"Such as?" he asked with a questioning look on his face.

"Uh, did you ever put theirs in your mouth or then put yours in their mouth?"

"Mark, why are you asking that question?"

"Brad, I've been curious about what it's like. I want to find out for myself."

"Yes, Mark, I did. I did that and more."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, very much."

"Brad, can I try it on you?"

"If you want to, but would you like to see what it feels like to have another guy do it to you first?"

"You mean for you o do it to me first?"

"Yes, I do."

"Fuck yea," I replied.

He smiled and stood up, taking my hand and leading me to a wrestling mat. After having me lay down and spread my legs, he got between them. As he lifted my cock, he said, "If at any time you want me to stop, just say so."

I agreed and he took my cock in his mouth, swallowing it in it's entirety. I let out a loud moan as he began giving me my first blow job.

"Oh fuck, don't stop," I said.

Brad sucked me to my climax and after taking my load in his mouth, I expected him to turn and spit my cum out. Instead he smiled and swallowed.

"You swallowed that?"

"Yea. It's nothing but protein. It's safe."

"Damn. Now it's my turn."

He lay down and I began sucking him. I was surprised that it didn't repulse me. Instead, i found it erotic and enjoyable. Soon, he told me he was close. I wanted to see what his load tasted like. I kept sucking and soon received his huge thick creamy load. It had a salty-sweet taste that I found I liked. Once I had it all, I also swallowed.

"Well, what did you think?" he asked.

"I loved both getting done and doing it. I hope you will let me do it to you again."

"Sure, anytime you want. You're a natural."

Looking at him, I asked, "Brad, do you have sex with other guys?"

"Are you asking if I'm gay?"

"Uh, yea, I guess I am."

"Yes, Mark, I'm gay. During our private practices, you gave me what I considered signals that you were interested. I acted on those signals, letting you take it as far as you wanted. I've never done anything with another student but you are hot as hell and I hoped you wanted to do something."

"Can we do this again?"

"Anytime you want, as long as we can keep it private. If there is more you want to try, I'm a teacher. Ask me."

I had heard the gay students talking about kissing and making out. I lay partially over him and leaned down and pressed my lips to his. As I did, he parted his lips and soon our tongues were exploring each other mouth as our hands caressed each others body.

We cuddled and soon we were both hard again. As I started to suck him again, he stopped me and turned and we had our first sixty-nine. After we climaxed, we showered together, kissing and caressing under the warm water.

The following week, I asked Brad if he got fucked. He said definitely and i got my first man ass, filling his hole with my load. I asked him to fuck me.

He agreed but first he said he wanted to taste my ass. I was shocked but loved it when he began licking and sucking on my hole then began shoving his tongue into me as far as he could. he explained that it was called rimming and lots of guys did it.

When he made his entry the pain was as severe as he had said, but soon it eased up and by the time he climaxed, I was totally enjoying it.

By the time classes started, Brad and I were doing it all together. I was sucking, getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked, rimming and getting rimmed, and kissing and making out. I loved it all.

All during the school year, a couple of times a week, I would wait until only Brad remained on campus. When I went in, I'd lock the gym door and find him nude in his office, waiting on me. And almost every Saturday, I would spend it at his apartment, nude in his bed with him.

Brad continued coaching me on my swing and it paid off. I received a baseball scholarship to the local college.

The college was all the way across town from my parents home and we only had one car. Transportation was going to be a problem, and Brad knew it.

He asked me if he could meet with me and my parents. When I asked why he said, "You'll see."

My parents agreed to the meeting, wanting to thank him for his coaching me and helping me get the scholarship and invited him over for dinner.

He arrived and after dinner we sat in the living room having coffee.

"Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mark has told me that transportation to college is going to be a problem. I know his scholarship didn't include room and board since he lived in town. I think I have a solution, and it won't cost you a penny."

Mom and Dad looked at each other before dad spoke up and asked, "How can that be? What's your solution?"

"I live just one block from the campus. I have a three bedroom house and two of those bedrooms are empty. I'd like to offer one of them to Mark for him to use rent free as long as he keeps his grades up. To offset his meals, he can do my yard work. He will be close enough to walk to and from the campus, eliminating the transportation problem."

"Coach Miller, you'd do that for us and Brad?" dad asked.

"Yes sir. I know you are like most people, living paycheck to paycheck. I don't want you to stress yourselves by taking on a car payment so he can get to and from school. I can keep an eye on him and make sure he studies. he has the potential to get a pro contract and I want to help him get it."

Looking at me, Dad asked, "Mark, how do you feel about this?"

"It sounds perfect to me, and if I can get a pro contract, then you and mom won't have to worry about money again."

"Well then, I guess it's settled," dad said.

Classes were due to start in two weeks and the week after Brad talked to my parents, Brad and I moved my clothes to his house. We had sex a couple times a day and most nights I shared his bed with him.

Baseball practice had already started, and I really liked Coach Cooper. He was in his late thirties and soft spoken. He old me that he knew Brad and that Brad had said I was pro potential.

After three weeks of games, Coach Cooper admitted that he agreed with Brad.

About two months after classes started, Brad told me that we were having a guest for dinner. When I asked who, he said "Coach Cooper. We want to discuss your future."

Coach Cooper arrived and after dinner he walked up to Brad and I in the kitchen and said, "Brad, that was an excellent meal, as usual." He then leaned in and gave Brad a hot wet tongue kiss. I watched in total shock.

After the kiss, Brad said, "Thanks, Jim, but mark prepared most of it."

Stepping toward me, he said "Well, I should be thanking him then." He then leaned in and tongue kissed me passionately.

When we separated, Brad saw the shocked look on my face.

"Mark, Jim is one of us. This was all a set up."

Jim smiled and said, "But the meal was delicious and warranted the kiss."

"Wait! Fill me in. What the fuck is going on?"

Brad explained that he had known Jim since he was in school. He said he suspicioned Jim was gay and made advances toward him.

"We've been having sex off and on ever since," Jim said.

Looking at me Brad asked, "Jim knows how and when we started and that I was your first and only man so far. We were wondering if you'd be interested in a three way?"

"Hell yea," I replied.

We all three went to the den and began to strip. Once nude, Jim immediately dropped to his knees in front of me, saying, "Brad, you've already had him and I've been wanting him since the first day of practice. Now he's mine." With that, Jim swallowed my cock and quickly sucked me to a full erection.

Looking at Brad, I asked, "How long has he known?"

"Since the first day you and I sucked each other."

As Jim sucked me to a climax, Brad and i kissed passionately. After Jim took and swallowed my load he moved to Brad and sucked him dry.

As he sucked Brad, went to the floor and sucked Jim's thick hard cock. He was the same length as Brad but much thicker. As Brad filled Jim's mouth. Jim filled mine with his thick huge load.

Later, Jim wanted to fuck me. I told him that I wasn't sure I could take it because of the thickness. Brad said I could and that I could because Jim knew how do fuck without much pain. he was right. Soon Jim was in my ass as Brad and I lay on our sides in a sixty-nine. We all three climaxed seconds apart.

Later, I had a new experience.

As I lay on the floor on my back, Jim sat on my hard cock. Once he had it all in him he leaned forward. I watched as Brad got behind him.

Jim leaned closer and as we kissed, i suddenly felt Brad's cock against mine. Seconds later I felt brad's cock enter Jim's ass with mine. I couldn't believer that he had both our cocks in his ass at the same time.

Brad did most of the work, soon bringing us both to a climax at the same time. It was awesome feeling Brad's cum mix with mine in Jim's ass.

After Brad pulled out and Jim dismounted me and sat to the side, he said, "Man, that was fantastic. I needed getting double fucked bad."

Later, we formed a 'daisy chain'. As I sucked Jim, he sucked Brad and Brad sucked me. It was super and I loved it.

After that night, Jim would have me come by his office late in the afternoon and we'd have sex. Then, I'd go home and have sex With Brad.

Brad also knew that i was having sex with a couple of guys on the football team between classes and sucking other students through a glory hole in the economics building. He didn't mind. I knew he had found another senior at the high school and was having sex with him. We often compared notes.

During the summer between my sophomore and junior years, Brad asked me to be his lover. I readily agreed. We both also agreed to continue having sex with others separately and together. We only had one rule. Neither of us ever spent the night away from home having sex. Every night we shared our bed.

My parents never knew of our sexual activities. we felt that it was for their own peace of mind not knowing.

I graduated college with a degree in accounting and was offered a pro contract to play ball. Brad acted as my manager.

Once I started playing on the team, I suggested that he quit coaching and be my manager full time. He agreed. Not only was he my manager but also my accountant. I had him pay off my parents house and all their bills and deposit a large amount of money into their account.

Two years later they were killed in an auto accident. I settled their estate and sold the house. Now, I only had Brad and baseball, and I loved both dearly.

I still play pro ball and Brad and i are deeply in love with each other. Our few gay friends think it wild that he was my coach in high school. He did come out to his parents and they have accepted us as partners with open arms.

I treasure the day that Brad offered to help me with my swing.




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