My name is Matt Davis and I work for a large investment firm. Drew Thomas started the same dat that I did and since we were both the 'new kids on the block' we instantly became friends.

I am twenty-four and Drew is twenty-five. We're both single but Drew just got engaged the week after he started work. While I am six-one Drew is six-three and we're both close to one hundred nighty pounds. I have dark blond hair and Drew has dark brown hair. We are both slightly hairy chested and Drew has a thin, short, neatly trimmed beard and moustache. We have both joined the gym and work out together three times a week.

Since my early days of college when a classmate came out to me that he was gay, I have had an underlying curiosity as to what it would be like to have sex with a man, although I have never acted on it and it is not always on my mind.

Since Drew and I have been going to the gym together, those thoughts have been coming back to me more frequently when I see him naked in the showers. His muscled and ripped body, along with his eight inch uncut cock, start my juices to flowing and I have to get my mind on something else real quick.

Anyway, Drew and I have double dated and ended up back at his place with him and his girl in one bedroom and me and mine in another, both of us fucking our brains out. Many times I've wanted to sneak over to his room and see his cock hard.

Well, Drew and I had just celebrated our first anniversary with the company when the CEO called us into his office. It was unusual for any lower employee to be called in.

When we arrived he offered us refreshments and told us to have a seat. He first tole us to relax and that we were not in any kind of trouble or about to get fired. We both sighed with relief.

He began by telling us that he had been told about how thorough and complete we had been in doing our menial work that is given to the new employees. He said that he had followed up on our progress and had decided that it was time to send us for training to become certified investment councelors. this normally didn't happen until fter at least three years if you lasted that long.

This was on a Friday afternoon. He said that we would fly out to Dallas on Monday for a two week crash course to prepare us for the month long course in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He handed each of us our plane tickets and an American Express company credit card. We couldn't believe what we were hearing.

'Gentlemen, I have faith in you that you won't let me down. There is a reception and dinner Monday night. Make sure you're there at least thirty minutes early. I like my people to arrive early. And the cards are for whatever expences you might incure. There are no limits on what you can use it for.' He winked and said softly, 'I was young once. Use the card for anything and have fun on your time off. Accounting has been instructed not to question any charge that you might make, regardless of who it is to. See you in about six weeks. Take the rest of the day off.'

Drew and I left and he followed me to a neighborhood bar where we had a few beers and discussed what had just transpired.

'Man, that was a fucking shock,' he said after we took a booth.

'Yea, tell me about it. Everyone has told me that training usually does't get offered until after three years if you make it that long.'

'That's what I've heard also. Pam sure is going to be pissed.'

'How's things going with you and Pam?' I asked, knowing that he had said that they had been having a few problems.

'Not good. She's pushing to get married right away but damn it Matt, she's so fucking pushy and demanding, I'm not sure I want to marry her.'

'Well maybe this seperation will do you both some good.'

'Well, see.'

We looked at our itenerary and saw that we were staying at a small hotel a block fron the training center in Dallas, but in Ft. Lauderdale, we would be provided with a car and be staying in the company owned penthouse on the beach.

'Fucking first class,' Drew said excitedly.

We decided that I'd get a cab Monday morning then have the cabbie pick him up anmd go to the airport together. Our tickets were for first class all around.

On Monday, after I picked him up, he said, 'Am I ever glad this day is finally here. All I've heard all weekend is Pam bitching about anything and everything since I told her I would be gone six weeks.'

'Well, that's women,' I replied. In the rearview mirror I saw the cabbie smile.

Our plane left on time but from that point on everything went downhill. There were severe storms in Dallas and we couldn't land. We were diverted to Houston to refuel and wait out the storms. We finally made it to Dallas and had to wait out on the tarmac for a gate to open up. the plane was hot and we were all sweating like pigs. We finally got to the gate and hurried to baggage to get our luggage and as luck would have it ours was the last to show up. We hailed a cab and rushed to the hotel. We were definately behind schedule.

At the hotel, there was a problem with our room. They had overbooked doubles and all that was left was a jacuzzi room which they agreed to let us have at the same price, but it only had one king bed. They said that they would try to get us a cot to use.

We hurried to the room and both needed a shower. Drew went first and when I looked at the clock, I knew we were in trouble. I stripped down and went into the bath and stepped into the shower with Drew. 'Move over. We don't have time for me to wait on you to get out.'

'That bad, Huh?'


We stood together naked working our dance around the one shower head, ocassionally brushing against each other's cocks. Neither of us said a word however.

We got out, dried off dressed hurriedly and took off. We made it exactly at the time the boss had told us to. We breathed a sigh of relief.

After the function, we returned to the room and both froze in disbelief. There in the room was a very narrow camping cot with a one inch piece of foam acting as the matress.

'No fucking way,' we said together. 'That would kill either of our backs,' I added.

'What are we going to do?'

'The only thing we can,' I said. 'Share the one bed. I'm game if you are.'

'Well, I've never slept with another man before but hell, Matt, you're like the brother I never had. I have no problem with it either. The only thing is since I was fifteen, I've been sleeping nude. I can't sleep any other way.'

'I know what you mean. I sleep the same way. Look, it's not like we haven't seen each other before what with us working out together at the gym and again today when we showered.'

'You're right. I guess we just have to grow up. Let's get some sleep.'

We both stripped and chose which side we wanted. We crawled into bed and were both soon asleep.

At some point,I woke up and found Drew only inches away from me and his hand resting on my chest. In a weird way I found it exciting and went back to sleep.

The next morning we got up and neither said a word about sleeping nude with another man. We did say how well we had slept.

The week went by and we were finally out for the weekend. The instructors laughed and said that there would be no homework because they knew we wouldn't do it anyway.

Drew and I returned to the room and by now were totally comfortable with stripping down and staying nude in the room with each other. We each showered and decided to go out. After dinner we began walking, looking for a bar. We found one but it was just a neighborhood bar with no action. After one beer we headed back out.

As we walked, Drew laughed and said, 'Man, if we don't find any pussy tonight I'm going to have to take other measures, if yu know what I mean.' He held up his right hand.

'Hell man, you haven't already done that?' I asked.

'Not yet. Have you?'

'Yea, Tuesday night when I showered. Damn, I can't believe we're talking like this. We must really be in bad shape.'

Well, I know I am,' Drew said.

'Hey, Drew, all these strange conversations and all will stay just between us right?'

'Fuck yea, Matt. Like I said, you're like a brother to me and brothers discuss things and reveal secrets and it stays just between them.'


Drew lay his hand on my shoulder and slightly pulled me toward him. 'I like the idea of calling you my brother,' he said.

'And since I never had a brother, I kind of like the idea of having an adopted brother myself,' I answered.

'I like that. My adopted brother.'

After a short while, Drew laughed and said, 'Bro, it looks like we're going to strike out tonight. I wonder if we could find a guy to give us a blow job?'

'You are joking?' I asked.

'Halfway. I've heard that guys are better at it than women. I've been curious to find out.'

'Well, to be honest, so have I, but I don't see any thing going on around here.'

'I guess we'll just have to both go back and take matters in hand, like we did when we were kids and with our buddies.'

I smiled and asked, 'You did that also?'

'Oh yea, from about twelve or thirteen until I was about fifteen.'

'Yea, me too. Then for some reason I became bashful about it and just did it at home.'

'You ever get caught jerking?' he asked.

'No, but came damn close a few times. How about you?'

'Dad caught me one day. He just smiled and said 'Have fun' and walked back out of my room and closed the door. He never knew it but I had seen him doing it a couple of times in the shower.'

'Damn, I bet he'd have shit if he knew.'


We realized that we were back in front of the hotel.

Drew looked at me and asked, 'You game for more secrets, brother?'

'Fuck, why not. We can see what's on the porn channels.'

We went to the room and turned on the TV. I found a porn flick and left it on as we began to undress. Soon we were both naked.

As we each began fondeling our cocks, we watched the screen. There were two men and one woman. The guys were taking turns eating her out, then one started fucking her. As he fucked her, she sucked the other. Then the guys switched.

Drew and I were both rock hard and leaking precum as we slowly stroked our cocks.

Then we realized that it was a bi movie. As one guy fucked the woman and she sucked the other, the two guys began kissing. Soon, the one doing the fucking was sucking the other guy. After a few minutes of thios the woman smiled and left the scene. The two guys began kissing again and as they did, Drew totally shocked me. He reached over and took my cock from me and began stroking it just as the guys in the movie were doing. Without hesitation, I took his and began stroking him. The feel of another guys cock in my hand and my cock in his hand was electrifying.

We continued watching as we stroked each other slowly. The two guys began to trade blow jobs then ended up in a sixty-nine.

Drew turned toward me and I did the same to him. WE continued to stroke the other's cock but our faces began to draw closer to each other. Soon our lips touched for a second, then backed off. Again they met briefly before backing away. The third time they met we each extended our tongues.

That was all it took. Immediately, our tongues began exploring each other's mouth and we pulled our faces together with our free hands. We kissed for several minutes and when we seperated Drew began kissing my neck and working his way down my body, stopping and kissing and licking both my nipples. I moaned softly.

He changed positions and was between my wide spread legs. He began licking my balls and gently sucking them as we had seen the guys in the movie do. Then he ran his tongue up the underside of my cock then gently took the head in his mouth. I moaned again and said, 'Oh, fuck yea.'

As he began to swallow my cock, we heard one of the actors say.'I'm cuming,' before he let out a loud sigh. We watched the TV screen as the other guy took ever drop of cum into his mouth, then opened his mouth and showed the camera the load of cuim before swallowing.

Drew again began sucking my cock, soon taking every inch of it in his mouth. His hot mouth felt like velvet and was rapidly bringing me to a climax. After a few more seconds I said, 'You better watch out. I'm about ready to blow my wad.'

Drew kept sucking and my cock soon exploded into his mouth. He coughed slightly but didn't loose any. When my cock was dry, he pulled off and looked me in the eyes and swallowed.

As he lay back beside me he said, 'I've wondered what that would be like.'

'Me too. Now it's my turn to find out,' I said. I did to Drew exactly what he had done to me and before long he told me he was close. I kept sucking and soon received my reward. I did as he had done and collected it in my mouth before looking at him and swallowing.

I moved back up in the bed and kissed him again. When we seperated he asked, 'What did you think of it, honestly.'

Well, everyone is right. A man can definately suck a cock better than a woman can.'

'Man, I have to agree with you on that. That was the best thaat I've ever had.'

'Same here from you. As far as the sucking, you want me to be honest?'

'Fuck yea.'

'Will you be honest?'


'Okay, let's each write down what we thought about sucking another guys cock. We'll hand it to the other so we can't change our minds.'

'Agreed.' He reached for the night stand and got the pad and pen that was there. He tore off a sheet and handed it ti me. He then wrote his answer on the pad and tore it off then handed me the pen. I wrote down my answer.

Hesitantly, we handed our answer to the other.

When we read the other's answer we both started laughing. WE had each written the same thing.

'I liked it.'

'Well, I don't know about you but that has me drained and I'm ready for some sleep. How about you?'

Yea, me too,' I answered

Drew kissed me loving ly then turned over to go to sleep.

'hey, turn back this way,' I said. As he did I slipped my arm under his head so that he was resting on my shoulder. I pulled him close. He smiled and rested his arm on my chest and stomach.

We lay there for a minute or so and he said softly, 'This is nice.' Soon we were both sound asleep.




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