In high school, I was the butt of every joke. 'Lard Ass', 'Chubby Butt', 'Fat Fucker'. I was the one who was knocked into lockers as I headed down the hall, had dodgeballs thrown at me as I passed through the gym. gotten wedgies from the football team, blocked from leaving the bathroom and had my head jammed down a filthy toilet, given a 'swirlie'. I never let the pain or humiliation show, no matter how many times my mother wanted to intervene in my behalf.

'The baby has to grow up sometime, Mary. He'll be around your skirts until the day you die if you let him. Fucking pantywaist. Shoulda aborted the little bastard at birth.' My father's sparkling wit through a half bottle of scotch and four packs of cigarettes.

I was the outcast in the family, unlike my beautiful mother, with her luxurious dark hair and green eyes, and my brother, tall, tanned with blonde hair and a swimmers' frame. I was short, squat, with greasy hair and acne. I always felt as if I were adopted.

Upon graduation, as I walked up to the podium to receive my diploma, I knew when I left that school, if I ever returned, things would be completely different, both mentally and physically.

I attended college with plans to study psychology. I began to run as a hobby, and work out in the school's gym. I focused all my energies on remembering what I went through as an awkward teen, and worked from that. By the time I gradauated I was tall, well built, thin, with a new sense of confidence. I'd show all of them how far i'd come, and changed. Revenge peeked through several times, but I knew that the best revenge would be my transformation.

I started a small practice in town, which I opened in a study in my new home, and it blossomed into a successful venture. I gained respect as a good hearted person, with a penchant for helping others. I'd occasionally run into old classmates at the grocery, and they'd not even recognize me. I'd pass right by them and they'd not even blink. I smiled as I passed, satisfied with my new found anonymity. I'd keep it that way until it was time for a class reunion, which wasn't too far away.

The class decided to skip a five year reunion and have a tenth, held at a small supper club in town. I drove up in my nondescript car, a minivan, and stepped out, my dark hair freshly trimmed into a military style cut, my neatly manicured beard and nails, wearing a handsome professionally fitted blue pinstripe suit. I did have to admit I looked dazzling. I couldn't wait to step inside.

I was greeted at the reception table by two former cheerleaders, Beth Gallagher and Ronnie Taylor, once considered drop dead gorgeous, but now the bloom had somewhat faded off the rose. Mind you they were still attractive, but it did appear that gravity had somewhat marred their once curvaceous appearance.

'Yes, sir, may we help you?' Bobbie asked in her breathy little girl voice. She sounded like Marilyn Monroe on helium.

'Yes, I'm here to check in. Paul Mackerly.' The looks of sheer astonishment on their heavily lacquered faces was priceless, and I stifled a laugh.

'Oh my god! Paul? You look, well, absolutely handsome!' Beth was always cruel and snide to me, making comments about how I needed to be separated from the others, due to the fact no one wanted to be seen with farm animals. Now she acted as if we had been friends for years. Ok, I thought, let's continue the charade, shall we?'

She stood up and pasted a name tag on my lapel. 'I can't wait for the class to see you!' She disappeared into the throng of people as I entered. Within minutes, the entire room was abuzz with looks of amazement, whispers and wide open mouths. This was my shining moment, and by god, I wasn't going to let it slip away anytime soon.

I was surrounded by classmates i'd not seen since graduation, most involved in the cliques that ridiculed me, now treating me like a member of their families:

'My god, you look incredible! What's your secret?'

'Is it really you, Paul? I can't get over the change!'

'Paul Mackerly. So good to see you! You've not changed a bit!' The young woman speaking that line was practically staggering all over the floor, sloshing her sloe gin fizz onto the tile. Margie Baker, class slut. She was known to have fucked everything that even showed a minor interest to her, including the math teacher.

I decided to venture outside to the terrace area, which was relatively quiet. Nursing a gin and tonic, I stared up at the moon, hanging bright and beautiful in the starry sky. Everything seemed too surreal, yet completely perfect. It was as if the gods were smiling upon me.

'Paul? Paul Mackerly? I heard you were here, but i'd never have recognized you unless someone had told me'. Brad Farrow stood before me, his handsome, mustached face grinning before me. Once the captain of the football team, I had the worst crush upon him, watching him play at the field, his toned body covered in sweat as he threw passes towards the other team members.

It was he who smashed a dodgeball into my face and caused my nose to bleed and swell up like Marcia Brady on 'The Brady Bunch'. His laughter echoed through my mind, as I saw him throw his head back and laugh maniacally and stand with the other football team and point. I stood up and ran out the door, blood pouring down my face.

'Brad Farrow. You are looking good. Haven't changed a bit. So what are you up to? Married, kids?'

'I married Heather Cable, you know, the head cheerleader. No kids yet. She's not quite ready for that responsibility, if you know what I mean.'

I smiled and took a sip of my drink. 'Completely.' He was dressed in a pair of form fitting boot cut jeans, that showed off his large basket, long legs, black silver tipped cowboy boots and a blue chambray shirt completing the look. He looked like a cowboy, and the thick tuft of hair that was spilling out of his shirt made him more handsome. He turned around and faced the grounds, and his bubble butt stuck out like a thumb. A very good thumb.

'And you? What's your story'? He was nursing a Corona.

'I run a successful psych practice in town. Live alone. No kids. Doing quite well.' I walked over next to him and leaned up against the railing.

'How's the nose, Marcia Brady?' Brad chortled, taking a swig of his beer. His voice was sounding a bit slurred, and I'd guessed he'd been at it for quite some time. And the absence of his wife made this scenario even more tempting.

'It healed nicely. You've got a hell of a pitching arm. No wonder we won most of our games.' I squeezed his shoulder and he turned to me and flashed a rather inebriated smile.

'Ya know, you're a nice guy, Paul. I'm sorry I was so fucking shitty to you. Why don't be grab a beer sometime and talk about the past?' He began to walk away and I saw him stumble and weave as he tried to head back inside. I ran over to him and steadied him.

'Why don't be take a walk and get you some fresh air? I think you are bit intoxicated right now.' We walked down the steps into the night, along the bluff. The waves crashed against the rocks and the air was filled with the salty scent of the water. I kept a steady hand on his back as we walked, and even chatted.

He threw his rather large, muscular arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him.

'You are a hell of a guy, ya know that? And I'd like to make it up to you somehow for being such a dick.'

'Not really necessary. It's forgotten.'

'No, seriously. Just name it.' I pulled us into a rather secluded part of the bluff and we stood there, staring at each other. Our eyes locked and he smiled that goofy smile again. I leaned over and planted a kiss firmly on his lips. I pulled away and he stood there for a moment, staring at me, with a mixture of shock and confusion across his face. I was waiting for him to sucker punch me for my boldness. What happened next shocked me.

He pulled me to him and parted my lips with his tongue, reaching down with his hand and cupping my cock. He pulled my hand to his massive bulge and we began to massage each other. As he wrapped his tongue around mine, he tore open his shirt and firmly put his hands upon his massively hairy chest.

'Work on my nips. I like it nice and hard.' I acquiesed to him and dug into them like a pair of pliers to a screw. He cried out in ecstacy and pulled me closer to him.

'Man, i've wanted you for years. You're fucking hot, you know that?' Brad's voice still held a trace of the alcohol, but he seems genuine.

'What do you mean? In high school?'

'No, I saw you on the street. Man, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Fucking package of yours, killer body. Man, you've changed a hell of a lot. For the better.' I seized this moment to exact a bit of revenge upon him. like I'd thought about before starting my psych training.

'On your knees, then. Suck my fucking dick, bitch.' He dropped onto the ground and unzipped my pants, thrusting his hand into my slacks and pulling out my rock hard cock. He looked up at me and smiled.

'Commando. huh?' He took the shaft into his mouth and began to suck it furiously, cupping my balls in his hand and playing with them.

'Hell yeah, did you do that in high school too? Suck a few of the team members off? Bet you'd like my fucking dick up your asshole, wouldn't you, Brad?' I pulled him away and ordered him to strip off his jeans, and pull everything down to his ankles.

'Bend over. I'm gonna eat your asshole'. I buried my face in his tight butt, licking the smooth, hairless crack, listening to him respond like a bitch in heat. I relished in watching the star of the football team getting his ass rimmed.

'Want it, Brad? Say it.'

'Stick your cock up my asshole.' My hard member plowed straight into his moistened hole and I began to pummel him, slapping my balls against his butt cheeks.

'Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck that ass. Yeah, fuck it, man. Make it fucking hurt, dude'. I slammed myself into him and his moans got louder and louder. The music from the party was at full tilt, so it drowned out most everything from the outside.

I felt my balls rising with the hot cum, and I continued my abuse of his hot ass. 'Yeah, you like that cock in there, don't you bitch?'

'Oh yes.' I took my open palm and smacked the bare flesh of his bottom.

'Yes, what?'


'Well, that's more like it'. I was close to coming, so I pulled out and began to jerk myself off as he remained on the ground, masturbating as well.

'Cum in my face. All over my fucking face,' Brad uttered and I spewed a steady stream of semen across his mustache, face and hair. He took his hand, wiped off the cum and licked it.

'Oh shit. Tastes so good.' He cried out and shot his wad against the ground, jerking with every spasm from the load.

We got dressed and headed back to the party, not uttering a word. I knew we wouldn't see each other again, mostly because of my business, but i'd gotten what I wanted. I showed everyone I wasn't the same. On any count. And damn it, it felt so good.

At the end of the night they awarded a special trophy to the most changed. As they called my name and I stepped up to the dais, I stared out at the faces i'd once known only ten years prior, how they beamed with pride as I accepted the award from the chairman of the class, none other than Brad himself.

'Thank you all so much for this award. I feel I've made a lot of positive changes over the past 10 years, and I come back here to say thank you for all the memories, good and bad you've brought back to me tonight.'

I headed home, the award on the passenger seat, wondering just what the next five to ten years would bring. I guess only time would tell, and I sighed loudly and beamed with a broad grin.



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