A few weeks had passed and as I stayed busy...I didn't think about Brent so much. But at night lying in bed I always wondered what he was doing, where he was, and where his mind was. I know distraction takes you away from doing your job to its fullest and I didn't want anything bad to happen to him. We had exchanged no emails, I had not contacted Shelly or even attempted to. I still didn't know exactly how far Brent went into it with her and assumed if she wanted to make contact, she'd reach out to me. Plus, I heard no chatter or rumors about Brent and I around the firehouse...and I didn't expect to until the shit completely hit the fan.

You see, I was a private person. I gave off the perception that I was a man-whore so that not only would my coworkers and friends not question my sexuality, but if something was said that might say otherwise, they wouldn't have any reason to believe it. I assumed another alias with a different phone and email account for exchanging messages and arranging hookups. I was on straight and gay websites chatting with different people and sharing headless photos. Something about my ass without clothes could make even the straightest guy hard it seemed.

However, my sexual escapades didn't end while he was gone. If you've never worked in this type of environment (fire service, law enforcement, and military) then you're not accustomed to the bonds created between coworkers (good and bad). Showering after a fire or before heading to bed proved easier than I had imagined. There weren't many people I was interested in sexually on my shift, but that wouldn't stop me from having some fun. One of those encounters happened after a late night 3 alarm fire. I stayed out in the bay to help with cleanup while most of the officers and others headed upstairs to shower. I wanted to take a long one and didn't want to be disturbed; I had to jack off in the worst possible way.

So after it seemed like everyone had exited the showers and either hit the racks (beds) or resumed their usual late night activities (we didn't have a lights out policy) I gathered my things and headed to the locker room. It was misty and the floor was soaked from everyone before me (someone would love that) and I didn't hear water running. As I made it to an empty locker to store my wallet and undress, James (a newer firefighter) came around the corner and scared me half to death. "What's up fucker?" After a brief pause on my behalf he asked if I was alright. "Yeah, you just startled me dude, don't make a habit of that especially if I have something in my hand." I quipped. He chuckled and replied "What, like your big cock? Think I'd be able to help with that" and kept laughing. That's how I knew he was at least partially joking.

Everyone always joked around like this so it wasn't like he was making a move. James was a little shorter than I but still about 6' tall. He had jet black hair and kept it in a crew cut, even military if you know what I mean. Clean shaven (we all had to be) and not so much muscle. Not even as much as I. So while he was fumbling around with his personal things I quickly finished undressing so I could shower, hoping he wouldn't follow behind me so I could give myself a little personal attention. As I walked through the hallway I heard footsteps behind me and assumed he was though.

I made my way to the first shower head and turned it on and took my towel from my waist and hung it on the wall. Unfortunately for me, James took the head next to me and I had no idea things were about to get a little interesting. I had learned to control myself in showers and while playing grab ass so not to give myself away. But I did steal a quick glance his way trying to make it unnoticeable. The problem was that he not only caught me but was obviously staring at me. I looked again, "Shit" I though, he caught me, but he had that shit eating grin on his face that said something else was going on.

I stood under the shower head and let the warm water run down my body, the steady stream of water from my head to my balls was heaven but I knew something else would be rising shortly if I kept that up. I wouldn't even have to touch it. James coughed rather loudly and I looked his way. He was semi-hard, at least I thought, and it was a large. He was still looking at me and grinning. And by now, I figured I might as well go for broke because I was horny, and this younger guy could be just what I needed. "Why are you hard in the showers with another guy?" I asked in a calm voice. "Because you make me hard buddy...I mean, really hard." He said. He still could have been playing so I wanted to take the conversation a little further. "How hard do I make you" while now grabbing my balls and nursing my own growing boner.

He turned off his shower head and walked over to me. Face to face we stood as he moved closer until the tip of his cock touched mine, and he went in for the kill. He felt so good grabbing my ass (again, I have a nice ass) and licking my neck as the water kept rolling down the both of us. "What if someone walks in?" I asked in a quivered voice. "They won't, and we'll be finished soon anyway" he responded like a pro. He sounded as if he had done this before. With that he moved down and took my cock in his mouth. At this point I knew I wouldn't be long, I really needed to release this load. He licked all around the tip of my now leaking cock and with natural instinct, my arm rose up to grab the back of his head. He didn't resist so I pushed further, hitting the back of his neck and feeling his hot breath on my pubes. It felt so great and I wanted to moan so bad. I could feel my own climax coming so I took control and paced him going up and down. I want to cum, no, I needed to cum and nothing would stop it. "I'm going to cum in your mouth." I told him with authority, and still no resistance. He was now rubbing my calves and I was ready to blow. I held him down and emptied in the back of his throat. I'm a squirter so the first was heavy but not the only one. After several squirts I let go and he stood up.

He headed back to the shower he had occupied before and I was puzzled. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked. "Nope, I've wanted your cock ever since I got here, you can have mine too, but only if you come to my place after we get off shift." He said. So I turned around and showered again, and headed off to my bunk. As soon as I hooked my phone up I got a notification about an email. I didn't recognize who it was from but the first few words gave it away "Jake, it's Brent...". In the email he explained that he didn't always have an internet connection so he couldn't email when he wanted. But that he had a few close calls, some people in his unit and his battle buddy had been injured by a roadside IED. He was safe and he thought he'd be coming home the next month on leave pending other circumstances. He ended the email with an "I love you" and a "If I'm here". The latter hung with me for the rest of the morning. I wasn't with him so I couldn't see what he was seeing, but the fact that he was using such language didn't ease my fears at all, in fact it made it worse. I wasn't in the mood to go with James to his place, so I told him that we'd do it another time and headed back home.

After getting home I opened the fridge and opened a beer. It was 7am but I needed something to take the edge off. An hour later there was a knock at the door and I wondered who could possibly be coming to visit me so early in the morning. To my surprise it was James. "I followed you home dude and just hear me out." He pleaded. "Maybe I overstepped a boundary in the showers but I thought you enjoyed it." I stopped him to tell him it wasn't what he thought. I had other problems I was dealing with that left me in no mood for sex. He frowned and gave me a face sort of like Brent would when I'd try to discuss personal feelings so I invited him in. We sat there in total silence, beer in hand, until I turned to look at him and kiss him. I needed to get this out and convince him that I wasn't mad about what happened earlier. We made out for what seemed like hours, caressing each other and him finally pushing me down to lay on top of me. I started undoing my work pants and he followed suit on himself. Who was this guy and why had he not made a move earlier? After we were both completely naked, he straddled my abs with my cock pressing just inside his cheeks.

"I want you to fuck me" he whispered. I motioned with my hips and he sat on it. I hit the hole and started pushing him back. He let out a moan and with one thrust, I was completely in him. No lube, no condom...nothing. And then he started riding. I was laying on the floor of my living room and this guy was riding my cock like it was going out of style. I reached up to stroke him too but that proved too challenging so I stopped. Both of us are moaning, and I'm telling him how tight his hole is. "You like that cock inside you bro?" I asked. He replied with an emphatic "God, this feels so good." I told him I wanted to cum in ass. "Breed me" was his response. And I did...again. After finishing up he climbed off and stuck his cock in my mouth. I knew where this was going. He fucked my mouth like he was fucking pussy. Balls slapping my chin and I could feel his cock swell. He was getting ready to unload. With a loud "Ahhhh" and big squirt, he came. And I swallowed every drop. He climbed off and lay down beside me and immediately, my thoughts went back to the email.



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