Tyson shivered as Ryan's huge hands cupped his and Logan's crotches, the superhero underwear sqwelched as they were lightly squeezed, precum oozed out onto Ryan's palms. Tyson moaned in unison with his twin, their lean--Tyson swimmer's/ Logan soccer-player's build--bodies tensed at the touch. The twin's locked their blue eyes with the juggernaut of a jock's brown ones, he smiled at them and they in turn smiled at him while subtly humping his palms. As they ground their crotches into Ryan's palms, the twins let their eyes wander, taking in the sight of this impressive Alpha male. Ryan stood 6'5'' and weighed some where around 240lbs--all hard and chiseled muscle. He had tan skin, coated in a slick sheen of sweat from...his earlier ejec, with a light dusting of body hair on his broad chest, and a thick brown happy trail snaked down to a bountiful bush on his crotch. Nestled in the jungle of pubes sat Ryan's 6'' behemoth--his dick was nearly as wide as one of his fist.

Ryan took his fingers and began to gently rub both boys balls, Tyson winced as it tickled but Logan was nearly purring--stay as still as possible, not wanting to miss a single sensation. The twins looked back into Ryan's face. He was handsome by all standards: His model worthy looks, his college-boy scruffy chin strap framing his features, his short crop brown hair, and his sweet chocolate brown eyes....

"You alright Tyson? You know your drooling right..." Ryan chuckled as he withdrew his hands from both boys. Tyson blushed and hide his eyes behind his white-blonde locks. Logan nuzzled his face into Ty's, his jet black hair meshed with Ty's.

"Tyson 's just embarrassed cause he wants you inside him!" grinned Logan as he poked Tyson's hole. Tyson flinched, turned reder, and then punched Logan in the chest. Logan staggered a bit but laughed. "You can't fool me bro, we're two parts of the same coin, I can feel it." Tyson glared at him.

"I'm not getting fucked with out a fight!" Tyson growled as he crouched low "And I know you feel the same, look at yourself, you got precum pouring down your leg." Logan looked down, it was true, several pre-streams were running do his legs and seeping into the blue half of the ying-yang comforter. Logan blushed and looked up to come back with a snappy retort when he was tackled to the bed. Tyson was on top on him, nibbling at his earlobe while slowly pulling off Logan's Batman undies. Tyson knew this was one of Logan's weak points and would distract him enough to enable Tyson to get his undies off. Apparently Tyson thought this too loudly, for Logan was kicking and thrashing about--trying to throw his twin off him. The two struggled for a bit, but Tyson manage to restrain Logan by spreading his legs so he couldn't kick and pinned his arms. Ty smiled with glee as he nipped a trail down to Logan's nipples, but before he could tease them he felt a tightness in his pants. Tyson was hoisted up into the air by his underwear, the fabric biting nastily into his soft-snow-white skin, the pressure too much to bare on his balls/dick. Ty whimpered while Logan laughed, sitting up and smiling at Ryan who was holding his brother hostage. Tyson heard Ryan chuckle and then the world went swirly as he was thrown across the bed. Tyson bounce once and tried to sit up, when two pairs of hands began to tickle him from head to foot. Ty let out a shriek of giggles as he thrashed about, desperate to escape their digits. His body tingled, his dick strained against his Spider-man undies, his eyes were brimming up with tears. His pale skin was turning pink and it was getting harder and harder to draw breath.

"Stop, St...SToppp!" Ty cried and he tried to kick, slap and punch his tortures. Finally the fingers stopped and Ty was left, laying on his back panting. Little spots danced across his vision as he gulped down air. Thick fingers began to rub goo into his hole, Ty stiffened as the entered, but he didn't have the energy to fight them. Then Logan straddled his abs while pulling off Ty's Spider-mans, he turned to face his brother and smiled.

"Ryan wants to play rough, and I know how you get when it comes to...not getting your way so..." said Logan matter-of-factly as he stuffed the precumed soaked underwear into Tyson's mouth. Tyson gagged, it tasted nasty, and it was so drenched that precum actually trickled down his throat. Ty tired to spit it out.

"Do that and I get to shove my dick down your throat." Logan said grinning as he turned to Ryan and nodded. A massive hand grabbed Ty's dick, his 9 inch hardening at the touch, and then pain arched through him as he was dragged to the end of the bed. Ty whimpered, he looked up at Ryan, who only smiled cruelly. He flipped Ty over onto his belly and spread his legs. Tyson tried to sit up but Ryan held his head down with one hand. The giant lined up and then thrust hard into Ty's hole, Ty screamed as the thick dick head penetrated him. Ryan pushed and Ty stiffened. (It hurts, it hurts...) Ty winced as he fought back tears. Ryan pushed deeper, Ty felt like a hot metal rod was forcing its way inside him. He bit down hard on his gag, sucking in air through his nose as his insides were filled. Finally Tyson's but was nestled in the soft bush of pubes at Ryan's thick base, Ty relaxed. Then Ryan grabbed a fist full of blonde hair and yanked Ty's head back, his lips to the boy's ear he whispered: "Pay back for holding out on me boy, for all this week waking up coated in teen cum. My sister's gone for a month and I'ma make sure by the time she gets back, you and i'll have fucked as many times as the two of you have." Tyson went pale at this promise, he and his girl friend were sex fiends. If Ryan was gonna keep that promise to the letter, he might not be able to walk for a while. This though was ever enforce as Ryan's dick pulsed inside him.

"Im going H.A.M!" Ryan roared with a smile and then began to plow Tyson hard, fast, and deep. Tyson was a hodgepodge of emotions: pain, pleasure, horny, lust. He kept cycling through one after another with each thrust from Ryan. A massive hand slithered under Ty's chest, pinched a nipple and then clamped down on Ty's shoulder. Pulling him into each thrust, allowing Ryan's dick to plunge deeper. Precum poured from Ryan's dick, slicking Tyson's hole while beneath Ty's oozed it all over the place. Ty moaned through his gag, Ryan grunted. Then, out of nowhere, Ryan shoved Ty. His dick slipped out of the boy, and Ty fell forward onto his face. Ty was shacking as he tried to rise and look back at Ryan when he felt another head poking at his back door. (NO!) Ty's eyes widened, but it was too late. The 9 inch rod plunged deep into his guts, Logan giggled in his ear, "look it bro, we whole again, one body!" as he began to swiftly fuck his twin. Tyson's brain split, the sensation was too strange. As Logan plunged in and out of him, his brain kept registering the dick as his own. Add to the fact that he could almost feel what his brother was feeling it was like he was fucking himself getting fucked by himself?! Tyson felt like he was short circuiting. Logan sank deep into him, his dick digging a deeper path that had ever been dug in Ty--sure his hole wasn't stretched to the limit like with Ryan, but it was a damn near match and the full feeling went on for longer. As he was being fucked, Ty kept feeling phantom pangs on his own dick--as if it was inside him as well. He moaned all the more through his gag, drool spilling out over it as he felt his mind real in confusion and pleasure. Tyson clutched his arms to his chest as his twin battered his bubble butt. a pool of precum had not spread out past his hips, soaking the ying-yang blanket. Then a strong hand came into view and stuck two thick fingers in his mouth, pull the gag out mercifully. Tyson flexed his jaw in relief until he noticed Ryan's thick ass dick stuck in his face. Hornier than beyond measure, Tyson craned his neck and licked at the log-like dick before him. It tasted of sweat and semen--thank-fully Ryan had whipped off his knob before feeding it to Ty. Ryan placed his massive palms on either sides of Ty's face and then shoved his dick down the boy's throat, he gagged and could barely breathe.

"Don't try giving me any pity-pouting looks, u do this shit to me all the time, pay backs a bitch huh boy!" growled Ryan and he delved ever deeper down Ty's throat. (Now I know how a snake feels) Thought Ty and he tried to swallow the massive thing. Ryan fuck his face hard, he had barely time to gasp down oxygen before that bulldozer of a cock stuffed his mouth. Again and again, while Logan hammered away at his ass.

Ryan tensed, gripping Ty's head in a vice like grip, he went rigid and then roared. Hot thick cream blasted down Tyson's throat, some going down the wrong pipe. Ty choked and cough but Ryan only shot more loads, thick ropes of cum that Ty could swear he felt hitting the inside of his stomach.

Ryan's roar seem to have trigger Logan too, for he started to quake, Tyson-- almost sycophantically-- quaked in time with his brother. The both exploded at the same time, shooting rope after rope of cum--Logan in Ty's ass, Ty all over himself, the sheets and Ryan's thighs.

Logan went limp on top of his brother, who was still shaking very badly and retching up globs of Ryan's cum onto the bed. Ryan patted Ty on the back. Logan cackled, pulled out, and laid back--admiring the waterfall of cum draining out of Ty's ass-- his hole twitching wildly.

"You alright there bro?" Logan panted as he gently stroked Ty's leg. No he was not fine. He was a typhoon of sensations, his dick was throbbing, his hole was sore, this throat was coated in cum and his muscles screamed. Tyson went limp, Ryan reached out and caught him. He rolled him over.

"I think we wore him out..." Ryan said, a little worried, for Ty was trembling in his arms. A faint smile touched Ty's lips but he couldn't muster words, so he lay cradled in Ryan's arms as Logan-- giddy--played with the various pools of cum all over the bed.

10 minutes later Tyson was laying on his favorite sport--ontop of Ryan--while Logan nestled his head on Ryan boulder like shoulder. Ryan was calm, slowly stroking each boy's back in a soothing--almost hypnotic pattern. All three were coated in drying cum and sweat. The smell of the room, pungent. The look of the room: 50% a hot mess, 50% strangely clean. The boys were starting to doze when they heard the distinct sound of heavy foot falls climbing the stairs....

They all sat up, eyes wide with panic, and leaped into "Dont get caught mode"

To be continued...................



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