There are some people you never forget and 20 years later I still remember the afternoon I spent being screwed by an andonnis in Clapham.

I was working in a pub in Chelsea in London and it was my day off.

Being a hot summers day I headed off to the west end for a few beers.

I found myself in a pub (now long gone) and sat down with a pint of cool lager.

The place was full of lonely old guys hoping to score not a handsome face in sight.

I decided to move on when in walked a guy as handsome as I had ever seen for a long while.

He ordered a coke and sat down. All eyes were on him including mine,he wore a tee shirt and shorts his hair ruffled and I could see his arms were very hairy as was his legs so I guessed his chest would be too.

I bought another beer and thought although he was stunning I had no chance. He drank his coke then after buying another he sat next to me.

I couldn't belive it as we got chatting, he was Greek and called Lucas, we spoke for a while when he asked if I fancied going back to his place.

I couldn't belive it and we left and got the bus to Clapham.

He put his arm around my shoulder and I could feel the hair of his arm on my neck, he smiled and rubbed his leg against mine asking if I liked hairy guys.

Yes I said, very much,he said I wouldn't be disapointed and I couldn't wait to get to his place.

Once at his place he poured us both a glass of wine then pulled the curtains saying he didn't want the neighbours to see what he was going to do with me.

I was shaking with excitement as he pulled me over and slowly kissed me pushing his tongue far into my mouth while playing with me nipples which got me so hard.

Pulling away he smiled and told me I was in for one hard time then took off his tee shirt.

His chest was coated in hair and he pulled my face into it telling me to lick his hard nipples which I did as he pushed down my jeans.

We both stripped and his cock was rock hard and big.

Pushing me on my knees he fucked my mouth making me gag for ages letting me run my hands over his solid hairy chest and he roughly teased my nipples.

He withdrew and told me to get on all fours which I did knowing I was going to get fucked hard.

He kissed me again hard and told me it may hurt but to relax.

Spitting on my arse and his cock he held me tight and eased his way in.

Wow it hurt and I gasped but as he drove it in and out I found myself in extreme pleasure.

He fucked for ages while biting my neck and I could feel his hairy chest on my back, never before or after have I been fucked by such a pure man.

Turning me over he raised my legs and entered me again leaning down to kiss me hard then drove his hard cock right up my arse time and time again.

I took it all while wanking my own cock, spitting on my face he thrust harder his sweat and spit hitting my face and he rubbed it in with his strong hands.

He suddenly pulled out and wanked over my face grunting like an animal then sprayed his hot cum over my face and in my mouth while I came like I had never done before.

I lay back in his hairy arms for a while then showered and left.

I never saw him again but 20 years later he still lives in many a wank and I often wonder where he is now.

This is as I said a true story.



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