Cinderfella lived a sad, cruel life. His three step-brothers treated him like garbage and forced him to be their fuck toy. He was forced to clean up after them, and clean the mansion from top to bottom every day. One day one of Cinderfella’s step-brothers rushed into the mansion, very excited. Cinderfella crept closer to the door and listened to them talk.

“It’s an invitation to the famous town ball tonight!” One shouted. They greedily laughed and ran to their rooms to get ready. When they came down the stairs even Cinderfella could see their incredible handsomeness. One of them motioned to Cinderfella.

“Come here, fag. You will service us before we leave.” He snapped his fingers and Cinderfella crawled over to them. One by one they whipped out their cocks and began skull-fucking Cinderfella. He didn’t even try and resist, but he did gag. One of them ripped off Cinderfella’s rags and began pushing for entry into his ass.

He didn’t resist as his biggest step-brother began fucking him from behind. Cinderfella was sucking the other two step-brother’s cocks while the oldest fucked him from behind. After a few minutes one of them came down his throat, the other one blew spunk all over his face, and the oldest one came inside him. They snickered, and left Cinderfella in a cum-dumped heap on the floor, then they left for the ball.

It took Cinderfella almost an hour to clean up after them. It was around 11PM when Cinderfella heard a strange sparkly sound from the kitchen. He cautiously approached to find a big muscular man four times his own size. He was the biggest man he’d ever seen.

“Ah! Cinderfella. I have a gift for you. But it will only last until midnight, so use it wisely.”

The great man handed him a small glass vial. Cinderfella gulped it down, almost hoping it was poison to end his misery. But instead he felt something like power flow through his veins. He felt his muscles bulge and strain. He watched as his muscles doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled until he was bigger than the massive man he was standing next to.

“Now the big muscles will wear off at midnight, but you’ll keep most of the muscles and size, so there shouldn’t be anymore problems.” And with that the man vanished in golden smoke. Cinderfella knew exactly what he was going to do.

Cinderfella broke through a window in the downstairs. He quietly crept up and entered the ball. Soon everyone was staring at the man who was four times anyone’s size. Cinderfella found his brothers, grabbed each one, and dragged them back to his mansion. Revenge was going to be sweet.

He threw them onto the floor, disheveling their posh clothing. They all scrambled but Cinderfella chased them down into a corner. He grabbed the youngest, ripped off his clothes, and made the others watch as he forced the youngest to try and suck his dick. Cinderfella’s dick also grew four times the size of a normal man’s, making it almost two feet long.

He forced into his step-brother’s mouth and watched the bulge move down his throat. The step-brother couldn’t fight because of how strong Cinderfella was. The others looked in horror as Cinderfella fucked the youngest’s face, his face turning dark purple. Then Cinderfella came down his throat.

He watched his own cock bulge and then spasm inside his step-brother’s throat. Cinderfella pulled out and looked in satisfaction at his handy work. His step-brother was rolling around on the floor, clutching his stomach, his mouth dripping cum.

Cinderfella grabbed the next step-brother and did the same thing. But before he came, he pulled out and came all over his face, squirting hot globs of spunk all over his face, soaking him.

Then Cinderfella grabbed the oldest step-brother. He was terrified. Cinderfella ripped off his dress clothes and flipped him around on his hands and knees. Without mercy, Cinderfella plunged his cock straight into the oldest. His step-brother gasped and there was a visible bulge where Cinderfella’s cock was deep inside him.

Cinderfella pounded him and then came deep inside his ass, cum pouring in mercilessly. He pulled out and cum gushed out of the open hole that was his step-brother’s ass.

“Now you fucking faggots serve me! Clean up!” Cinderfella barked at them and from then on they only did as Cinderfella told them to do...



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