I had been curious for quite some time; going back as young as eight or nine. My first sexual experiences were with male friends of mine; we certainly weren't old enough to know what we were doing or about the specific mechanics of it, but we knew it was fun and felt good.

Over the past few years I had been especially curious about having a relationship with another man. I would often fantasize about having sex with men while masturbating to homosexual pornography. There has been a strong desire within me that has been growing stronger and stronger over the years. I have noticed that I have started checking out guys and wondering what it would be like to be with them.

I was never really that interested in women; there is something about them that has always seemed askew and foreign to me.

A few months back I decided to look up a friend of mine from high school on myspace that I suspected might be gay, and sure enough, he is.

Back when we were in high school, he and I had spoken about having sexual encounters such as messing around in the showers at band camp, but at that time I was far too shy to go through with it and didn't have strong feelings either way for men or women at the time.

After we graduated high school, we had lost contact up until I contacted him a few months ago. The conversation started out innocently enough, catching up on the events that had transpired since high school and such until I bluntly told him why I had contacted him- because I was curious, and I was tired of living out homosexual fantasies in my head and with my hand.

I then gave him my number, and he gave me his and we began texting. Over the course of a couple months, we finally picked a date when we could meet- Christmas, 2007.

He came over to my apartment Christmas evening; I don't think either one of us really knew what to expect because we hadn't seen each other in roughly six years. As I opened the door, I gazed at his long slender body and began to fantasize about the experiences that I had wanted to share with him. The evening started out innocently enough with both of us sitting on the couch conversing about what we had been up to since high school.

We then began to watch tv.

He sat on one end of the couch, and I on the other; it seemed as if there were a mile between us. Ever so slowly, we both began making slight, invisible movements towards each other. Before I knew it, my leg was slightly touching his, and I could feel the warmth emanating from his body. Again, ever so gingerly we began to creep closer and closer together. We finally reached the point where our legs were deliberately touching each other and our hands were so very close, but not yet in contact. A few more minutes had passed and we almost seemed to simultaneously bridge the remaining gap that had had separated our hands. At this point we made very pronounced movements to be as close together as possible. As we sat on the couch hand in hand, my body was overcome with delight as this just felt right. I broke my hand away from his and placed it on his inner thigh and began to gently caress his leg in an effort to get him aroused. I could tell that this was turning him on, as he would take his free hand and adjust his massive bulge from within his underwear. After a short period of time, he began to lie on my lap with his head gently resting on my chest. I then began to rub my fingers on his side and his back lightly grazing his smooth skin. After a little while longer, he had suggested that we go and lay in my bed for a while, which I was delighted to oblige.

We both eagerly walked to my bedroom and jumped into the neatly made bed and crawled under the sheet and blanket. We immediately embraced each other with our legs locked together and holding on to one another as if the apocalypse were near.

I began to sensually rub and massage his bare, smooth back under his shirt which he enjoyed tremendously. We then both flung off our shirts and continued to hold each other tightly. I then, ever so gently ran my fingers across his smooth, hairless stomach slowly making my way down towards his belly button and then continued down further to his pants, and he reciprocated to me as well.

I then began to sneak my fingers just past the underwear line and felt his soft pubic hair. Next, I began to unbutton his pants and unzip his zipper, as he undid my button and zipper. We then ripped off each other's pants and began to very deliberately rub each other's genitals outside of our underwear. I could feel his massive cock start to get aroused as I ran my fingers along its length. I then plunged my whole hand inside his underwear and fondled his balls and reached around to grab his hard ass and held him as close to me as possible. After a very short time we both passionately tore each other's underwear off and began to stroke each other's hard, anticipatory cocks. He then jumped up and headed straight for my cock, and swung his smooth, slender body around aligning his massive cock with my mouth. He submerged my hard penis in his mouth and began giving me a Christmas present that I had desperately needed. Without hesitation I began to lick the tip of his throbbing penis and intently began delivering a blow job that I had been fantasizing about for years. We were in a 69 position going to town on each other's cocks for what seemed like forever. I was so focused on giving him a blow job that he would not soon forget, that I completely ignored my body and the sensual pleasure that I was receiving. As I was sucking and stroking his hard cock, I began to see his body jerk with pleasure as he was about to shoot his hot load into my mouth. He warned me that he was about to cum, but I didn't care- I wanted to taste his hot man juice in my mouth.

As he shot his load in my mouth, I held out for as long as I could, but being inexperienced, I pulled away from his cock as he was in the middle of cumming in my mouth. I didn't know what to do with the mouth full of cum that I had received, so I ran to the bathroom and spit it out. I then quickly ran back to the bed where the beautiful, naked boy had just been pleasured. We laid in my bed, and continued talk and gaze at each other's naked bodies. I continued to stroke his cock as it proudly stood tall atop his beautiful body. I wanted to continue to experiment further, but by this time it was getting very late into the wee morning hours and I had to work in the morning.

This carnal experience will definitely have to be continued....

Christmas night 2007 is a night that will not be soon forgotten....



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