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It was Christmas and my roommate and I were staying back on campus. Neither of us could afford to go home. I sort of liked the quiet of Christmas on campus. It was as if Rich and I were the only two people in the world, but I offered to give him what money I had to put with his so he could go home but he wouldn't take it. I knew Rich was gay from day one. He was very up front about it. He made it known the day he arrived, even before he unpacked his stuff.

"Hi. I'm Rich Logan, and before we set up housekeeping together, I feel I should tell you that I'm gay, so if you've got a problem with that, I can get myself reassigned."

"I'm Jason Towne and I feel I should tell you that I'm straight and if you've got a problem with that, you need to get yourself reassigned." With that, I put out my hand. He took it with a wide smile.

"No, 'Okay, just don't try anything' warning?" he asked.

"That's a given, isn't it?" I said.

"I guess it is if you say so," he said. "But you can't get pissed if I look," he added. "I can't live in the same room with somebody who looks like you and not look; or even pretend not to look."

I shrugged. "Look all you want. Guys like me like to be looked at," I said.

"I know, just don't touch," he said with a moan.

"I didn't say that," I said. His eyes lit up. "But just don't touch," I added.

"I think we're going to get along okay," he said as he set about unpacking his stuff.

"I've got the top bunk," I said.


Rich was too cute to be called a stud. A little stud, maybe, like you would refer to your little brother. Not that he was little. I guessed him to stand five feet ten and weigh about one-sixty; a very solid one-sixty. He was a cross between a gymnast and a swimmer. He had dark hair and snappy black eyes that almost twinkled when he smiled.

The first time I came out of the bathroom, I didn't think anything about it till I saw the way Rich looked at me. It was the first time I'd appeared naked before him and it was a frozen-in-time sort of look; a bold, unwavering stare, like he couldn't move his eyes. I stood there in the bathroom door for a second then walked over and got a pair of briefs.

"Sorry, I won't do that again," I said.

"Sorry? For what?" he asked.

"That must bug you, seeing me like that." I pulled on my shorts and stuffed my manhood down inside the pouch. "Does it bother you, seeing me in my shorts?" I asked.

He laughed. "I appreciate your concern about my feelings, but...."

"I'm serious....I want us to get along, and I don't want to make this any harder for you than it might already be," I said.

He laughed again. "Making it hard for that would be the ultimate dream come true," he said.

He was the first gay I ever met and I didn't get it for a minute, then it soaked in; he was talking about my cock getting hard. I think I blushed a little.

Rich never made a pass at me. He looked at me a lot, which I didn't mind. Like I said, bodybuilders liked to be looked at. I was no different in liking to be admired. It made me feel like he was appreciating all the butt-busting work I'd put in to get that way. Of course, Rich didn't look at me with simply appreciation, and I knew that, but it didn't matter. I was flattered, even that he was probably lusting after me. At times I would notice him staring at me, like he was transfixed.

"Dude, you're not looking, you're staring," I told him one time in a good-natured manner.

"A stare is nothing more than a long, appreciative look," he said.

I don't know why it bothered me that day, but I stood up and grabbed my cut-offs. I slipped on a T-shirt as well. Suddenly, for some stupid reason, I wanted to cover my nakedness from him.

"Come on, don't do that to me," he moaned as I covered my body from his eyes. "I was hoping you weren't like other guys."

"How's that?"

"You're big, good-looking and you've spent countless hours building up those incredible muscles, then you get pissed if somebody looks at you."

"I'm not pissed," I said. "I'm just....uncomfortable, I guess."


"No, it's me," I said. "I'll get over it, as soon as I....." I cut myself off before I hurt his feelings.

"As soon as you what?" he asked.

"I've never been around a gay person before. I just need to get used to it."

Rich laughed. "You gotta be kidding. Looking like you do, you've had gays hovering within breathing distance, you just didn't know it."

"Okay, then, I guess I have to get used to knowing it," I said.

He still didn't make a move on me but there were several times when I stood at the bunk beds-mine was the top one-adjusting my pillow or something and I thought I felt this hot breath on me from his lower bunk; just like he said, within breathing distance. I should be ashamed to admit that once or twice, I lingered longer than was necessary just to see what he might do.....maybe even hoping. But he never did and I got to respect him for his restraint and got to like him as a friend.

Christmas is a sentimental time for me and it makes me sappy if I let it. Not being able to go home that year made it worse. I felt sorry for Rich, too, because he had brothers and sisters. I felt more terrible when he gave me a Christmas present.

"I bought you something," he said, handing the box to me.

I took it gingerly. "What? I wasn', I didn't know we were going to do this. I don't have anything for you."

"That doesn't matter. Open it."

I tore the wrapping off and lifted the lid. There lay several jockstraps, in a bed of tissue paper.

"Jockstraps," I said, surprised. There were five of them carefully over-laid in the long box. I took them out one by one. The top one was a red-white-and-blue with an American flag on the label. The next was a deep, blood-red color with FDNY and the New York Fire Department emblem on the pouch. The third one was a deep blue with the U.S. Marines emblem on it. The fourth was a tan with blue straps and waistband; it had the number 10 on the pouch. The fifth was like an ordinary jockstrap except that it was a dull gray with a narrower waistband and it looked real old and worn even though it was new. It even had little tears and pick-holes in it.

"That's not used," he said when I picked it up. "It's made that way."

I held it up. The pouch even had a certain roundness to it, like it had been well-used. "I like it," I said. "I like all of them. Thanks."

"Well, I figured they were something you could use, you spend so much time in the gym," he said. "Oh, there's something else under the tissue paper."

I lifted the corner of the tissue paper to find a short leather strap with silver studs and snaps, and two black O-rings, one about two inches across, the other one smaller. I picked up them up, I know with a curious look. Rich laughed when he saw that I didn't know what they were.

"That's a ball strap and those are cock rings."

"And...?" I said. "Sorry, dude, but I'm from a town so small its not even on the map."

"The strap goes under your balls and snaps around the base of your cock. It holds your balls up and out, nice and tight...feels good. Really creates an impressive bulge; not that you need any help there. The big ring does about the same thing. You'll like the way they make your balls smack against a girl's ass when you fuck her. The smaller ring fits around the base of your cock. You'll have to put it on before you get hard, though."

"And what does it do?" I asked.

"It lets the blood in but won't let it back out. It makes your cock feel like a steel rod...not that you need any help there either, probably," he added.

"Sounds like fun, though," I said.

"I figured you would get plenty of use out of something like that. I didn't know if you would have the nerve to wear the jockstraps in the gym, though," he said.

"Hell yes, I'll wear them. Every one of them. Thanks again, Rich. I really appreciate this. I'm just sorry I didn't have anything for you."

"You've got something for me every time you take your shirt off," he said. "And if you want to give me something....well, don't be so damned modest around the room. I like to watch."

"Okay," I said. I could give him that any day of the week. But it wasn't enough. I wanted to get him something; a gift. But what? It came to me when I was at the campus drug store picking up mouthwash and toothpaste and stuff. Hell, give him what he wanted! Me! It was a no-brainer. I know, it sounds egotistical as hell, but it was simple fact; the guy was hot for me. Okay, I wasn't just being charitable. Living with a gay guy for four months did raise my curiosity level and it would be a good way to give Rich a Christmas present and have my curiosity satisfied at the same time. I admit that I'd wished more than once that he would try something but I'd scared him off that first day and hadn't given him any encouragement since. I walked around to where the Christmas stuff was on sale and bought some wide ribbon and a big red bow. At the cards section I searched for a card but couldn't find one that said what I wanted to say. Finally, I bought a really nice card that just said Merry Christmas inside and decided I would write in it whatever else I wanted to say, although I didn't know what that would be. We were in a state that had recently passed a law allowing the sale of booze to nineteen-year-olds so I went over to the beer and wine section and bought a bottle of champagne. I didn't particularly like champagne and I didn't know if Rich did, but I thought the occasion called for champagne. On the way back through the store I picked up a package of condoms, the real reason I'd come to the drug store. The condoms weren't for Rich.

I was deep in thought how I would present Rich with his gift and not paying any attention, I found myself in the check out line of a young, pretty babe.

"Shit," I swore under my breath. I usually looked for a male checkout clerk, or an older woman who didn't give a second look to a guy buying condoms. I was the last one in the line, I could've stepped into another line but I didn't want to look obvious and foolish. Hell, what sane guy steps out of a checkout line with a babe like that at the register? I was casually looking at the candy rack and all the other stuff they put at the checkout to try to extract one more buck out of you. There were small packages of mistletoe that they'd forgotten to put on the sale rack and yet another idea popped in my head. I put a package of mistletoe on the counter. I also picked up a package of little gold Christmas bells. I laid the pack of condoms on the counter with everything else, hoping it might get lost in everything else The lady ahead of me picked up her bags and left and the checkout girl began ringing my stuff up. She rang up the condoms then picked up the mistletoe, but not without obviously noticing that the condoms were extra-large size.

"Well, I have to say, I've never seen this combination before," she said with a sly smile. She laughed softly when I must have blushed. "Looks like somebody is expecting some action," she said with a twinkling smile. "This is a joke, right?" she said with the mistletoe in her hand. "You don't need mistletoe."

"There's this shy girl," I lied.

"Well, she won't be shy for long," she said as she made a show of picking up the condoms to put them in the bag. She hesitated, glanced at the package and added, "I certainly hope she's not a virgin."

I couldn't believe she was being so bold. I didn't mind; I just didn't believe it. But there was no one else in her line. I paid her and she took her time counting the change back into my hand and purposely touching her fingers to my hand.

"If the shy girl doesn't work out....."

"Yeah, I know where to find you," I finished.

I walked out with a warm, flushed feeling. I was always embarrassed when a girl came on to me like that but I liked it. I added her to my list; at the top. I would definitely call her. I felt a little foolish at what I had just purchased. A card for Rich, condoms, not for Rich, mistletoe to try to get a guy to kiss my dick, and gift-wrap. I was going to gift-wrap myself, for a guy. I laughed to myself.

Rich was going out for pizza, and I didn't know what else, that night with some friends. I waited till well after he'd left before I set my plan in motion. I showered and put on talc and deodorant in all the important places, shaved and splashed on some aftershave, on my body as well as my face. I slipped on my sneakers and socks and tied the Christmas bells on my shoelaces. Then I picked out one of the jockstraps he'd given me. It was hard to choose one but I finally chose the Ten. Hell, why not, I was a ten, and he must've thought so, too. The red one would have been nice and Christmasy and I really liked the gray one with the little pick holes and tears in it...I liked them all...but I chose the Ten.

I decided to try the big cock ring. I struggled to get my balls shoved through the circle but it felt good once I had it on. Rich was right, it held my balls out and it felt good. I pulled on the jockstrap.

"Damn!" I swore softly when I saw how my manhood stuffed the pouch of the jockstrap in a big bulge. The ring made it look like I had a huge sausage and two baseballs stuffed in there. I would save the smaller ring for later. I wrapped a piece of the wide ribbon around my waist and taped it in back. Then I draped a piece of the ribbon over one shoulder, down my back, and down across my upper body, tucked it between my legs and back up over my butt to meet the other end; it was like one of those ribbon banner things that the Miss America contestants wear with their bathing suits. I struggled to get the two ends taped together. Then I attached the mistletoe to the front of my jockstrap.

I wanted to say more than the "Merry Christmas" printed on inside of the card but I didn't know what, or how to say it. After a moment of thought it came simply; I wrote, "You've heard the old saying, What You See Is What You Get...Well....." then the words Merry Christmas followed. It was to the point but it hadn't said it all. There was more thing I had to drag out of myself. I mean, I had never written a personal Christmas card to a gay guy before. On the blank inside left of the card I wrote more. "Rich, I mean no arrogance or offense by this brazen but feeble attempt to make up for all of the agony I must put you through. I humbly offer myself for your pleasure if that's what you want." Jason T.

I read and re-read the card several times. It wasn't something I should be writing to another guy...I certainly wouldn't want it to fall into anyone else's hands...but it was what I wanted to say to Rich and I was sure he would like it. I put the card in the envelope and tucked it inside the waistband of my jockstrap. I got two glasses and set them in the windowsill with the bottle of champagne. Then I waited.

I waited and paced. I pried the cork part way out of the bottle so it would be ready to pop when Rich came in. Everything had to be timed just right. I had to get his immediate reaction first...see the expression on his face....before I popped the bottle of champagne. Not that it was all that important; if I offended him, then I was going to be left embarrassed as shit and feeling like a damned fool anyway. But I was sure he wouldn't be offended. I paced some more.

I was getting nervous. For a fleeting moment I thought maybe I should call it all off. But a part of me felt that I owed Rich something, and another part of me from the dark side wanted to know what it would be like to be with another guy. I wondered what he would do if he accepted me as my gift to him; tried to imagine what and how he would do it. Suck my cock, I was pretty sure of that, but would he just drop to his knees and pull my jock down and go at it? Geezuss, I hoped he didn't bring somebody home with him who would see me like this.

I heard footsteps in the hall for the umpteenth time and quickly took my stance again; my butt resting back against the windowsill, one foot crossed over the other and holding the champagne. My heart leapt in my throat as I heard the doorknob. As the door swung open Rich snatched off his baseball cap to toss it in the chair, as he always did, but his hand froze in mid-air.

"Geezusss!" he swore softly.

"Close the door," I said.

He closed the door and I noticed he locked it. When he turned around I popped the cork from the bottle and champagne bubbled out in a stream and soaked into the rug. Rich just stood there, his mouth dropped, his eyes wide.

"I hope you like champagne," I said as I poured the two glasses that I held in my other hand.

"Yeah,!" he breathed, still gaping in disbelief.

I held the glass out to him. Instead of taking it he leaned in for me to let him take a drink from the glass. I held the glass to his lips for him to sip. It was a strange moment, our eyes locking over the top of the glass. Then he wrapped his hands around mine around the glass and guided it to my lips. I sipped out of the same glass, wondering still about the strange feelings that were going through me. I had never felt so close to another man in my life as I did Rich at that moment.

"Merry Christmas," I said.


We sipped the champagne and looked at each other for a long moment; it would have been an uncomfortable moment had we not had the champagne as a focal point. My head was buzzing and it wasn't from the champagne.

"Tell me you're not just messing with my head," he said.

"Actually, I thought it would be the other way around," I said with a chuckle.

He took the glass away and drank again while he brushed one finger over my lips to wipe off the champagne. When he lowered his glass I did the same. I set my glass down in the windowsill. I didn't know what to do with my hands. I crossed my arms across my chest, making my arm muscles bulge.

"If this is a dream or it's not what I think it is, tell me now so I can leave before I make a total ass of myself," Rich said.

"It would be rude to walk out without opening your Christmas present," I said.


"I think the card has your name on it," I said, nodding down to the care tucked in my jockstrap.

Instead of taking the card he put his hands on my biceps. I knew what was going to happen even though the reality of it seemed far off in my head. Rich leaned forward, hesitantly...even cautiously...and when I didn't recoil...I unfolded my arms and placed my hands on the windowsill for support as he was leaning in. I didn't recoil or make the slightest move away from him. I knew what was happening and even though this had never been part of my curiosity, I wanted it to happen. I closed my eyes....perhaps to block myself from the reality....then felt his lips brush against mine. His tongue flicked out to lick the champagne from my lips and when I did the same our tongues touched and I felt jolted from the electrical shock that tremored through me. Then he was kissing me. I was being kissed by another man! It took a second for it to register full force but by that time I was kissing him back. And it wasn't just a brotherly kiss; or I was going to see that it wasn't. I wrapped my arms around him, with my hands moving quite naturally and boldly to his butt. Geezuss, I'd never even thought about hugging a guy like this before, let alone touching another guy's butt!

I offered no resistance when his tongue gently pried my lips apart and snaked into my mouth. Rather, I met his tongue with my own and one of us let out a moaning little whinny. I think it was me. I lashed my tongue around his, sucking it into my mouth, pulling it as far back to my throat as I could. I wanted to swallow it. It was like no other kiss I'd ever experienced; all with females, of course. I'd had my share of girl's tongues in my mouth, but I wanted to swallow this cute, muscular little stud! I pulled him tightly against me as our mouths smashed and ground together. I had never kissed a girl like this; never so passionately. It seemed a long time before we broke apart. I rolled my eyes back in my head and let out a long gasp.


"Yeah," he said. "Where the hell did that come from?"

"Trust me, from out of nowhere," I said.

"Somehow, I don't think that was part of my Christmas present," he said. "Was it?"

"No, it...well, it wasn't planned, but...well, fuck, Merry Christmas anyway," I said.

Rich's hands were on me, smoothing over my muscles. "I can assume that the rest of it is my Christmas present."

" all is," I said.

He took the card out of my jockstrap. I watched his lips move as he read it..... "You've heard the old saying, What You See Is What You Get... Well..." then his eyes shifted to the left side of the card. "I mean no arrogance or offense by this brazen but feeble attempt to make up for all of the agony I must put you through. I humbly offer myself for your pleasure if that's what you want." Jason T.

"No offense taken, Jason T," he said.

"Yeah, I sort of figured that out, that you weren't gonna be offended," I said.

He untied the ribbon from around my waist. It was taped to the other one so he unwrapped me completely, down to my jockstrap, which was still festive with mistletoe. "I guess I should have kissed you down here first, where the mistletoe is hanging," he said.

"I thought maybe you didn't see it," I said.

He went to his knees, down on his haunches and clasped his hands around my thighs as he tilted his face in under the clump of mistletoe to kiss the pouch of my jockstrap. "Ohhhhhhhh," I moaned softly. He glanced up at me, his mouth still opened and wrapped around as much of the pouch as he could. "I can feel your hot breath through my jock," I said.

"I want you to feel my hot breath, not through your jock," he said. He kissed my pouch as he had kissed me, with his mouth open and his tongue doing its magic. I reached down and removed the mistletoe and laid it in the windowsill. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and my butt and smashed his face into my jockstrap with almost loving desperation.

"Geezuss, you don't know how many times I've dreamed of this," he whispered.

"I figured about four months," I said.

"If you only knew the agony you've put me through all those four months."

"I apologized for that. I'm trying to make up for it," I said.

My jockstrap was soaked with his spit. Rich crooked his fingers under the waistband of my jock and tugged it down. The material stretched and pulled down, exposing my hair, then the root of my cock and it looked like Rich's eyes were starting to get wet.

"My God," he whispered as he pulled the jock down farther, about half way down my cock. It was the proudest moments of my life unfolding before his eyes; proud that I was hung the way I was, just for him. He pulled the jockstrap nearly to my knees before my rubbery cock swung free. It almost hit him in the face. "Holy Shit," he swore softly.

"Don't worry, it'll get hard, it just takes a little time for all the blood to get pumped down there," I said. It was a stupid thing to say but I needed to say something.

"Take your time," he said. He watched with awe as my cock got bigger and thicker and longer, till it was almost menacing, even from my view. "I can't believe this," he whispered. "And these... your balls are so big and heavy," he said as he hefted them.

"I'd better warn you, they're full, too," I said. "I'm hoping you can do something about that."

"Oh, yeah, I'll take care of it," he said.

There was precum oozing out of the wide piss slit, thick and pearl-like in color. Rich nuzzled in under my cock to kiss my balls then took one in his mouth. The excitement caused precum to gush out into his hair. I squeezed my cock to stop the flow. Rich leaned back, lapping his way up the underside of my cock. I let go of it and the damned-up precum gushed out onto his forehead. He didn't seem to mind. He dragged his tongue the rest of the way up my cock and lapped the stuff off of my cockhead and more boiled out. It was exciting to watch him do that. I pressed my cock down from its sharp angle so it was sticking straight out at him. I wanted him to suck it in the worst way. He flicked the slit with the tip of his tongue for more of my ball juice.

"You like that stuff?" I asked hoarsely.

"Yes," he replied.

"I'm glad, cause there's gonna be a lot of it," I told him.

"It's almost like your coming," he said.

"No," I guffawed. "You'll know when I'm coming."

He formed a big 'O' with his mouth and I filled it with my cock.

"MMmnnnnnnn," he moaned.

"Awwwhhhhhh," I cried softly. Shit, I never felt anything like it in my life! His tongue was so alive, dancing all around my cock and I could feel the precum oozing out with such force that it was almost like I was coming. I hoped there would be some left for the main event. And Rich gobbled it up. I wondered what it tasted like.

"You really like that stuff, don't you? What's it taste like?" I asked.

He withdrew his head and squeezed some thick, pearl-juice onto his fingertips. Then he offered it up to me. I instinctively took his wrist but hesitated. I was curious what it tasted like but I wasn't so sure I wanted to find out.

"Go ahead, it's your own stuff," he said. "It's not cum... it's just ball juice."

"It tastes different from cum?"

"Yes. Go ahead, try it," he urged me. "Geezuss, don't tell me you never tasted your own come."

"No, I haven't," I said. I brought his hand to my mouth and sucked my precum off his fingers. I was startled at the taste of it. It was good, sort of... I had to admit I liked the tangy-sweetness of the stuff, or maybe it was just the excitement of the moment, and trying something new and forbidden. I worked it around in my mouth with some spit then swallowed. It didn't taste as good going down; it left a strange after-taste in my mouth.

"Want some more?" Rich asked.

"No, you can have it," I said.

"Good. I hate sharing," he joked.

He took my cock back in his mouth and began sucking it in earnest.

"Awwwhhhhh....OHhhhhh, Fuckkkk!" I swore with my hands on top of his head.

He sucked me hard; he sucked me slow and gentle. He sucked me with a reverence, and he sucked me like a hungry wolf. I couldn't quite grasp how wonderful it felt and I cursed all the time I'd wasted; all those times when I had guys I thought come on to me and I turned them down. I cursed all the months that were wasted, with me and Rich living right in the same room. My curiosity was running wild. I wondered if Rich did everything I thought gay guys did. I wondered if he would let me fuck him. I couldn't come out and ask him. I just hoped he would suggest it. But he was hungry for my cock and seemed satisfied with it. It had a lot to offer but I kept looking at his butt in my mind's eye. Do you do all the stuff that people think gay guys do? Have you ever done the other? Have you ever gone all the way with a guy? Do you fuck? Have you ever been fucked? Can I fuck you? None of it would come. Then I thought of a way--simple and subtle.

"I would like to try the cock ring, see what it feels like, if this would be a good time," I said hoarsely.

Rich got off my cock. "Try to let your cock go down a little," he said as he got the largest black ring out of the gift box.

I willed my cock to rubbery but it wouldn't go down much. He slipped the ring down over my cock, to the base then pulled my balls up, one at a time and I winced with pain as he forced them through the ring.

"Sorry. It's easier if you're soft," he said.

"Wow! That does feel good," I said. The ring held my balls up like two fists. Rich sucked them lovingly. My ruse didn't work. Rich went back to sucking my cock. But I didn't give up, "You said this holds my balls up and makes them smash against a girl's butt?" I said.

He nodded and backed off of my cock again. "Yeah. Do you want to try it on me and see how it feels?"

I registered shock, as if such a thing had never entered my mind. "Try it on you? you mean...f-fuck you? Fuck you in the ass?"


"You could actually...take me?" I asked, indicating my size.

"You would have to take it easy, but yeah, I'll take it all," he said as he started taking off his clothes.

"Ohh, Geezuss, if you could do that...!"

He was nicely built, with tight muscles that danced and rippled when he moved. His back was to me when he shoved his shorts down and stepped out of them. Knowing I was going to have it, I almost gasped as I watched his tight, round butt muscles sort of spread open, as if in invitation.

"You've got a great butt," I said.


"It's solid, shaped like a bodybuilder's butt."

He went over to his bunk and groped under the edge of the mattress where he retrieved a large tube of lube and another smaller tube. "Do you want to use a condom?" he asked.

"Not unless you say I have to," I said, my eyes glued to his smooth, tanned body.

"Not on my account," he said.

"Good. I hate those things," I said.

He had laid the lube and condoms on the table. He uncapped the smaller tube and applied some between his buns. Then he uncapped the larger one and held it out to squeeze some lube on my fingers. Then he squeezed some on his fingers and applied it between his taut buns. I pulled my cock out of the side of my jockstrap and lubed it up. He dropped the cap and when he bent over, I moved to close the bare inches that separated us, poking my cock at his butt.

"You're anxious," he said.

"Yeah." I'd never done this and I didn't know where my audacity was coming from but I found myself urging him to bend over the table. He sprawled across it and spread his legs, his butt turned up to me. I stepped up behind him, following my cock where it was aimed between his buns. Finding his asshole was easy; it was the deepest point between his buns. I nudged my cock against it and he whimpered with anticipation. His asshole was like a loose drum-head; there was give, but it wasn't giving way for my cock.

"Don't be afraid to use some force," he said.

I took hold of his hips and pushed harder, determined to penetrate his hole. He pushed back against my cock and we worked together but I didn't believe it would go in. I couldn't imagine his asshole stretching that far, to accommodate my cock that was thick as my wrist.

"I don't think this going to work. I don't think it's going to go in," I said.

"Put some power of that bodybuilder's butt behind it."

I tried again, pulling on his hips. The force stretched his drum-head but his asshole held fast. "If it does go in, I'm gonna tear your ass apart," I said. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Let's go over on my bunk," he said. I followed him and my cock to his bunk where he turned and knelt down to pull my jockstrap down so I could step out of it. I was surprised when he held my jock up to his face and breathed in the aroma, and then he put it around his neck. There was something very sexual about it. At his urging I stretched out on his bunk bed with my legs splayed out, my feet extended over the edge. He crawled between them, hunkered over me under the upper bunk to suck my cock. The ring pushed my balls up and out, making them look huge. He wrapped one hand around them, tugging and twisting them gently. Every moment or two he would lean down and suck them both into his mouth.

"Ohhh, Godddd! Awww, man, that feels so good!" I moaned. "Are we going to do it like this, with me on the bottom?" I asked.

"To start with, if it's okay," he said. "I've got more control, riding down on you. Once I get used to it, you can fuck me any way you want."

Rich crouched beneath the upper bunk, astraddle me, and lowered himself down to my cock. When the head of my cock was nestled against his hole he let some of his weight down. He squirmed around and worked his ass up and down on my cock and I could feel his drumhead stretch and give. Then with a quick intake of breath, he let his weight down harder. My cock slipped through his tight hole and was suddenly engulfed in the heat of his ass. Rich paused, his eyes closed tightly in a painful wince. I felt terrible that I was hurting him so, but he was the one who had asked if I wanted to fuck him, and he was in control. I could feel his ass muscles clenching tightly around the rim of my cock. It felt like it was trying to pull it up inside.

"We don't have to do this, Rich," I said in a hoarse whisper but I was praying that we would.

Rich nodded. "Yeah, we do," he said breathlessly. "I've dreamed of this since I first laid eyes on you, I'm not walking out of that dream."

"Well, we could do it...a little at a time, maybe," I said.

Rich laughed softly. "With a cock this size, as thick as yours, there is no little at a time. You either take it or you don't. I'm taking it. No self-respecting gay would walk away from such a magnificent cock." With that he began to lower himself onto my cock. Lower, and lower, inch by inch, and I gaped in disbelief as I watched my cock slowly disappear into the delicate folds of his ass. More than half way in I felt an obstacle but Rich twisted and maneuvered around it and kept riding down on my cock. Toward the end he bounced up and down a couple of times then sat all the way down on it.

"AAawwhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned softly.

"Fuck! You're big!" he gasped.

"If I'm too big....."

"No," he cut in. "There's no such thing as a cock being too big; there are only those wimps who can't handle it."

"Well, you're not a wimp, that's for sure," I said.

After a moment he eased up on my cock, till only the head was inside him. Then he shoved back down, smashing his butt against my thighs.

"Ohhhhhh," I moaned.

"Yeah...fuckin' big time...OOhhhhhhh," he said. He rode up again then back down, then again, till he was fucking my cock with a steady, gentle pace. "Oh, God, this is good," he whispered, his head tossed back. "Fuck, I never had such a big cock before. I hope my ass feels okay for you."

"Are you kidding? Fuck, I never felt anything like it." Then I asked, because he was already driving me so close, "Can I cum in you?"

"Yes. I want to feel it."

"Oh, you're gonna feel it," I assured him. "I don't usually go off so fast but you're building up a hellacious explosion; I can feel it."

"Don't hold it back," he said. "We can stretch it out next time."

"Ah, good, there's gonna be a next time," I joked. As bad as I wanted to shoot, Rich had the expertise to hold me off. He seemed to know just when to pause or he would ride me real slow, or he would raise up off of my cock so it popped free of his ass then wait a minute and ride it back down. My cock didn't like that. He was driving me crazy. I was wanting to cum so bad, yet I wanted it to last and I was glad he was in control.

"You're driving me fuckin' crazy, you know that?" I said, my voice wavering.

He smiled and rode my cock. "Do you wanta be in control?" he asked as he rose up.

"Naw, I didn't mean..." But he raised up off my cock and was stepping off the bunk and it was the first I really noticed his cock, standing straight out, bucking and throbbing. He was big, too. Not as big as me, but I would hate to try to take it in my ass.

"Come on, let me lie down there, I'll get on the bottom," he said.

I scrambled off the bunk and he took my place. I figured he would stretch out on his stomach and turn his butt up for me but he surprised me by lying on his back with his knees cocked up. He was going to let me fuck him like a girl. I ducked under the upper bunk and got between his knees and he lifted his legs up and hooked his toes in the slats of the top bunk. I aimed and plugged his ass as easily as I would a girl. I sank in to the hilt and he squirmed against me, sort of tossing his butt around like he was in a sling. I was on top but he was still fucking me, till I took over. I leaned over him and put the pressure of my weight on him and the power of my butt and thighs behind my thrusts and I was fucking him. I was fucking my first guy. He uncurled his toes from the slats of the upper bunk and laid his legs over my shoulders and submitted to my hard thrusts.

"Ohhh... Ohhhhh... Ohhh, yeah... Ohhhh, God, you know how to fuck!"

"Every guy knows how to fuck. It's a natural talent," I said as I plowed into him.

"!" he gasped. I was fucking him so hard the bunk bed was scooting out from the wall. He was squeezing my muscles and running his hands all over me. "Damn, you're solid," he whispered.

"You like that? You like those muscles?"


I liked his hands on my muscles, too. I liked the adoration. As things progressed, I found that I couldn't simply work up my climax for my own pleasure. I had worked hard to develop my stamina and holding power, till I was somewhat of a legend among those on campus who knew me well. Girls I dated knew they were in for the long haul if I got going. It was no different with Rich. I wanted to make it as good for him as he was for me.

"Listen, I'm pretty long winded; if you get tired or sore, let me know; I can stop," I said.

"Not on your life," he said.

"But I can fuck for hours," I warned.

"I thought you were getting close," he said.

"I was. I am. I wanta cum so bad, but I wanta keep going."

"Okay, I'm in this for the long haul, as long as you can last," he said.

We were into it; into each other; enjoying each other's bodies almost to the point that we were making love. I'd known Rich for four months and I really liked him; his open honesty and sense of humor. But I was feeling something more than like as I fucked him. I shook it off. "Merry fuckin' Christmas," I said, laughing, as I fucked him. He smiled, his eyes fluttering, and took my cock, his tight, hot asshole sucking it up into his insides. After awhile he wanted me on the bottom again. This time it was easy. I stretched out and folded my arms over my head, closed my eyes and let him ride my cock.

Suddenly, the door opened. "OH!....SHIT! Sorry!" someone said. And just as quickly it closed. I craned my neck to see who it was but the person was already exiting and pulling the door behind him.

"Shit, I thought I locked the door!" Rich moaned.

"I saw you, must not have got it locked," I said. "Who was it? Did you get a look?" I asked. I was surprised how calm I was. I thought I should have been panicked, but nothing mattered right then except Rich's warm, tight ass still squeezing my cock.

"Ryan Cooke," he said.

"Oh, Shit! I work out with him!" I gasped.

"Well, you're going to have something to talk about next time you work out," Rich said as he climbed off and went to lock the door. "Maybe he didn't really see us," he said.

"He saw us. Didn't you hear him?"

"Geezuss--how could I be so stupid!" Rich said.

"I'll bet he's spreading it around right now," I said.

"We are two consenting adults; we're not doing anything illegal," Rich said.

"That's going to go a long way protecting my reputation, and yours," I said. I could feel my cock going down and saw the disappointment on Rich's face.

"Are you, uh....we're not going to go on?" he asked awkwardly.

"I can't," I said, shaking my head wearily as I got up from the bunk. I paced the room nervously, peering out the window, looking for who the hell knew. Then I turned off the lamp and started to climb up into my own bunk. Rich put his hand on my thigh to stop me.

"Could we just sleep together, then?" he asked. "The door's locked, for sure."

I hesitated, feeling uneasy about it. We had just gotten caught having sex. But then I ducked under my bunk and crawled into his bunk beside him. "This is going to be crowded," I said.

"That's the point," he said.

I was surprised how comfortable I was putting my arm out for him to lie on, and holding him close. I was also surprised how good his solid muscles felt against my own. I let the waves of the good feelings flow over me and felt my cock reversing course. Pretty quick, I was tenting the sheet.



"I was supposed to be your Christmas present, till that guy barged in and ruined it. I...I wanta fuck you again, finish giving you your present, if you still want it," I said.

"Yes...I still want it," he said.

I mounted him again, but it wasn't the same as before. It was pure, raw sex now. I knew I was giving Rich a lot of pleasure but it was more about me getting my rocks off. "Do you want me to cum in you?" I asked as I pumped us to a climax.

"Yes, but I want to see you shoot," he said. "You can cum in me next time."

I stroked him a couple more minutes, till I felt the heat building up in my loins, then I pulled out and jacked it the rest of the way. Rich leaned his head up to watch and I wanted to tell him he'd better duck but I kept jacking off. I gave a choked gasp as my hips suddenly lurched out of control and then I exploded.

"Shit!" Rich swore gleefully when the first salvo shot out full force and splattered on his face. Another sailed up over his head and the third hit him in the face. I lost count how many more landed on his chest and shoulders and his belly before my cock was oozing cum into his pubes and on his balls.

"Damn, I never seen anybody cum like that!"

"I should have warned you," I said.

"No, it was a wonderful surprise," he said. "You said I would know it when you shot off."

I got one of our T-shirts for him to wipe his face off then lay back down beside him. I was spent and satisfied and I would have preferred climbing up in my own bunk but I figured I owed him more than that on his Christmas present.

I was a little gun-shy about going to work out the next day. I would...I had to...but I was dreading walking into the gym. Rich wasn't worried about it but then I didn't figure he had the same reputation I had. He was gay and I think most people who knew him, knew it, so it wasn't such a big deal for him to get fucked or have sex with another guy. I wasn't gay; it wasn't the same thing for me. In the end I sucked it up, grabbed my gym bag and went. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I saw that Ryan wasn't there, but I was on edge all through my workout, fearful that he would walk in. He didn't.

My worry over Ryan and my reputation didn't hinder my hormones and I was living in the same room with a guy who made those hormones boil and rage through me. I likened it to living with a beautiful girl, except that frankly, the sex was better. Yeah, I hated to admit that to myself but unlike a girl, there were no pretenses with Rich. He wanted sex as much as I did--any time I wanted and any way I wanted to give it to him. And he was cute and well built, which didn't hurt. It was like fucking one of my own; one of the guys at the gym. I couldn't explain why, but that made it more okay, as opposed to having sex with some wimpy guy, which I wouldn't do in the first place. It would be hard to say who was the more insatiable; me or Ryan. I was having more sex with him in one night than I normally had in a month. It came as natural as eating.

A few days later the inevitable happened. I encountered Ryan Cooke at the gym. He sauntered over to me with a big grin on his face.

"When were you going to tell me?" he asked, as he dropped his gym bag.

"I didn't think there was any reason for you or anybody else to know," I said.

"Well, it was pretty dumb, leaving the door unlocked," he said.

"Look, Ryan....I don't know what you're thinking but....."

"Hey, I'm not thinking anything now that I wasn't thinking before. Or at least wondering about," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Hey, you're living with a gay guy. Everybody knows Rich is gay. It's the natural progression of things."

"Not really, that was the first time it happened," I said.

"Well, it progressed to a first time," he said. "I'll bet it wasn't the last."

"No. No, it wasn't," I admitted bravely. I could've lied and said I was drunk or something but it would have denigrated Rich.

"So you're getting it regular now."

"Listen, as one guy to another, I'm asking you not to tell anybody, if you haven't already," I said in a kindly, begging tone. "Those guys have a rough enough time on campus without spreading shit like that around."

"Yeah, I'll bet Rich is having a real rough time of it, spreading his buns for that horse cock of yours. That's gotta be real rough riding for him." He sat down on the next bench to take off his shoes and socks. "Tell you what. My mouth is sealed if he opens his ass up for me."

"I don't know if he will do that," I said. "And I'm not going to ask him."

"Hey, I'm not hung as well as you, but I know gays love guys with muscles, and I've got plenty of those."

"I'm not going to ask him," I said again.

"Okay, but when you do talk to him, try to convey that he doesn't have much choice in the matter," Ryan said.

I stared at him in disbelief of his audacity. "I think he'll figure that out," I said dryly.

"You don't want me saying sounds like you're more concerned about him than yourself," Ryan said.

"I don't have anything to be concerned about," I said bravely. "I'm not the one getting fucked. Are you going to be concerned if he lets you fuck him? Are you going to go around telling everybody that you fucked him?"

"No, not as long as I get to keep on fucking him," he replied.

I rose up, swung my legs over and sat facing him. "Don't blackmail him," I said sternly. "I'll talk to him and I'm sure he'll go along with it. Maybe it'll become a regular thing and maybe it won't. But don't try to blackmail him into being your sex slave." My tone had turned from stern to warning.

"Sounds like you're threatening me," he said.

"I just want you to understand where I'm coming from."

"Where are you coming from?" he asked with a sly grin. Then he laughed and shrugged. "Hey, I don't wanta be where I'm not wanted," he said. "Just set it up and let Rich decide for himself."

"Yeah, like you would give him a choice," I said.

I didn't do it right away. I didn't know why I was putting it off. I think part of me wanted Rich to myself. I was the one rooming with him, when most guys would have requested to be moved to protect their reputations and their fragile manhood. I more than liked the guy and I had the feeling that I was more than muscle and cock to him. He was very attentive to my needs. I sometimes woke up with Rich standing at my bunk bed sucking my cock. I invited him up to my bunk to ride my cock. Some days when we didn't have classes we didn't even get dressed. One cold, blustery day we skipped classes to stay in our room. We ran around naked, frolicking like two boys, in and out of the shower to clean up between sessions, and then we would fuck again. I wasn't keeping track, but I discovered that Rich was marking it on the calendar. I was fucking him four and six times a day! That didn't count the times he sucked me off.

So I still was in no rush to ask him about Ryan Cooke. Then one day I opened our door to find Ryan standing there. I would've normally been surprised that he'd come calling. Ryan Cooke was on a football scholarship, and the jocks didn't hang out with ordinary people. But I knew why he was standing at my door.

"Hey, Towne," he said.

"Hello, Cooke," I said.

"Can I come in?"

I stepped back and let him in but left the door open. He closed it.

"Where's your room mate?" he asked.

"Rich is down doing his laundry," I replied.

"Will he be gone long?"

"It's in the building. He usually puts it in the washer or dryer then comes back up," I said. "What're you doing, slumming?"

"Did you talk to him yet?"

"No, the time's never been right," I said.

"What's to be right? Just come out and ask him," he said.

"Look, I don't know if he would be interested."

"Get real," Cooke said as he peeled off his T-shirt. His muscular upper body seemed to explode out of his jeans as his thick, wide pecs settled on his rib cage. He had shoulders that would fill the door and abs that you could scrub your clothes on, ridges of muscle that went all the way down below his navel. "Tell me he wouldn't be interested in this...not to mention what I haven't even showed you yet." Then he smiled a leering grin. "But hey, maybe I was mistaken. Maybe it wasn't you on top; I really didn't get that good a look. That's a cute, tight ass you're sporting."

"What, there aren't enough cute, tight asses in the frat house?" I said.

"It's full of cute, tight asses....we're a bunch of jocks, and jocks have tight asses....but none that are willing. I mean, we're just not built that way."

"Crap. You guys grab each other's butts all the time, in front of thousands of fans, on national television," I said.

"It's not the same. That's just football."

"Yeah, well, that don't keep people from wondering," I scoffed.

"You know, on second thought, I could've sworn it was you on the bottom," Ryan said with a thin, evil grin.

"You would be wrong," I said.

"Ever think about it? Ever think you'd like to try it?" he asked.

"No," I said.

"Bullshit! You're telling me when you're fucking his tight, cute ass; you're not wondering what makes him moan and groan?"

"Can I ask you something? What were you doing over here in our dorm that night anyway?" I asked.

"Looking for some of what I figured you were getting," Cooke said. "I heard there was a guy over here who liked to do jocks."

I was nervous about Rich coming back from the laundry room and finding Ryan there. I wanted to talk to him first, to see how he felt about it. If he didn't want to get involved with Cooke, then I was going to see that he didn't. Ryan was a big football jock, but I didn't figure he would want to mess with me. Cooke was getting impatient.

"I'll go get him," I said, thinking it would be a good opportunity to talk to him. I walked down the hall toward the stairs. Rich was on the landing, coming upstairs. I must have looked worried or something.

"Something wrong?" Rich asked.

I went down to meet him on the landing. "Ryan Cooke is in our room."

"What does he want?"

"Guess! I was supposed to talk to you," I said.

"About what?"

"Guess again," I said. "He, uh....he wants to....hell, you know what he wants. I was supposed to see if you'd be interested. Now he's here." Rich didn't say anything for a moment. "Are you interested?" I asked.

"Would it upset you if I were?" he asked.

"No. No--of course not. I just want to know if you are, because if you're not, I'll get rid of him."

"No, he knows. He won't let it rest," Rich said.

"Okay, do want me there? Cooke can be an ass sometimes."

"I would like that," he said.

We were heading on up the stairs. Half way down the hallway I slowed. "Do you want to do a threesome?" I asked.

"Do you?'

"I will, if you want to," I agreed.

"Truth? This is the wildest fantasy I've ever had. I've always wanted to try getting fucked by two guys at the same time."

I shook my head. "I don't know what Cooke's got, but you know what I've got. How much more do you think you can you handle?"

"That's what I want to find out."

"Okay, but if he tries anything you don't want to do, just tell him. I'll see that it doesn't happen," I said.

"Will he listen to you?"

"Oh, he'll listen," I assured him.

We went on down the hall together. Rich stopped at the door and looked at our visitor, standing there without his shirt. He more than looked, he gaped.

"Ryan Cooke," he said quietly as he went inside.

"Yeah. How's it going?" Ryan said, putting out his hand.

"O...Okay," Rich stammered.

The way Rich was looking at him, taking in his massively muscled upper body, there was no doubt that he was very interested. I didn't mind, or tried not to; what the hell was it to me, anyway? Rich and I weren't lovers or anything. Except that it pissed me off that Ryan Cooke could walk into a room and command the kind of attention he was getting from Rich. I shouldn't complain; I grabbed my share of attention walking into a room, or the gym, or a restaurant, but being a campus jock added a mystique to it. I closed the door and locked it. I made sure it was locked.

"What's up?" Rich asked him.

"I guess that depends on you....or him....did you talk to him?" he asked me.

"Yeah, he's okay with it," I said.

Rich's eyes fairly raked over Cooke's muscles. "I, uh....I was just going to have a beer while my clothes are drying," he said. "Do you guys want one?" he asked Ryan and me.

A beer! It was ten-thirty in the morning!

"Sure, I'll have one," Ryan said.

I declined. "Too fuckin' early for me," I said.

"So, uh...I, uh....I'm not sure who was doing who the other night when I barged in; the lights were sort of dim," Ryan said right out.

He didn't know?! Rich and I looked at each other. I waited for Rich to tell Ryan that I was fucking him, not the other way around. I wondered why he was hesitating. I didn't want Ryan Cooke thinking that I was getting fucked in the ass! But Rich would have to be the one to tell him that I was fucking him. I wasn't going to say it.

"I was the one on the bottom," Rich said.

Ryan nodded with a knowing grin. "You ever get on top?" he asked.

"Yes, but not like you're thinking," Rich replied.

Then Ryan looked at me. "You ever get on the bottom?"

"Not like you're thinking," I said sternly.


"Yeah, shame," I said.

The big jock looked at us with a smile, setting his beer down. "If I'm not interrupting anything but the laundry, does anybody mind if I get comfortable? Are you staying? Is he staying?" he asked me and Rich.

I looked to Rich to answer him, giving him an opportunity to excuse me if he'd changed his mind.

"Yeah, he stays," Rich said.

"Then why don't we all get comfortable? " he asked as he went for his belt.

Rich started taking off his clothes so I did, too. Ryan had a more rugged build than me, with a little hair on his chest and belly. He was more athletic, while I was smooth, but I was built. Poor Rich didn't know who to look at first. He was practically drooling by the time Ryan was naked.

"So, you like to be fucked?" Ryan asked Rich as he pulled on his cock.

"Yes," Rich said in a hushed tone.

"Well, since you've been getting it from your roommate, I'll go first," Ryan said. "Besides I don't want to have to follow in the path of that big monster--you wouldn't even feel mine."

Rich lay on his bunk and when Ryan climbed on with him, he raised his legs up and hooked his toes in the wooden slats of my bunk as he had down with me so many times. I stood back and watched while Ryan mounted him. He wasn't as gentle as I was, but then I guess he didn't have to be. I had him beat in the cock department, by quite a lot. He soon proved that knew how to move, though. He'd obviously had a lot of experience and practice. Real quickly, he had Rich moaning and yelling and thrashing around under him like he was in heat, hell, just like he did with me. Sweat was breaking out on Ryan's face and running down from his armpits.

"Goddam! You're good, stud," he gasped. "Fuck, I don't remember many women being this good. How is it? Am I doing okay? I never fucked a guy before," he said.

"You're....d-doing....great," Rich gasped between thrusts.

He fucked him for a while longer than paused. "How about we roll over and put you on top?" Ryan suggested.

I remembered what Rich had said about wanting to try taking two cocks at the same time, that's where I wanted him too. They changed positions with Ryan stretched out on his back with his arms up over his head and Rich mounted him. He rode down then rode his big cock like he was on a bucking bronc. Rich being in control was driving Ryan nuts. I had to admit it was exciting as hell to watch, too, but I wanted in on the action. I wanted to see if Rich could actually take us both. I climbed on the bunk behind him. He glanced over his shoulder with a slack smile and bent down over Ryan's torso, tilting his butt up for me.

"What the hell...? What're you gonna do?" Ryan asked.

"I'm getting tired of waiting," I said as I positioned my cock between Rich's butt along the top of Ryan's cock.

"Aww, your cock is hot," Ryan said.

"Just move over and make room for a real cock," I said.

"Shit, that monster is going to crush mine," he whined.

I pushed and maneuvered and shoved and had a hell of a time but Rich's ass finally, suddenly gave way and the head of my cock slipped inside.

"AWWWhhhhhhhh!" he cried out. "Aawwwwhhh, Fuuccckkkk!"

I didn't ask him if it was too much. Of course it was. But it's what he wanted. I shoved my cock in him slowly, sliding it along Ryan's hot cock.

"Aww, shit, that feels weird, your cock sliding against mine," Ryan said.

I shoved in as far as I could go, quite a bit deeper than Ryan. Then I started moving. I could feel the head of my cock sliding back and forth on the underside of Ryan's cock. He could feel it too; I could tell by the way his cock throbbed harder. Rich was quiet.

"Shit! This is what I call an ass!" Ryan said. "Aww, yeah...fuck him... I wanta feel that big horse cock sliding against mine!"

I leaned down over Rich's back. "This what you wanted, stud? Is it feeling okay?"

"Ohhh, Yessssss! Awww....fuck me....fuck me, you big studs! Fuck me a new asshole!"

We fucked him together, simultaneously. We fucked him with alternating strokes. Then one of us would lie still while the other fucked him. It was hard to tell which Rich liked best. I couldn't believe the way his asshole was stretched so to accommodate the girth of both of our cocks. I wondered what we were doing to his insides, and if his asshole would close back up.

Suddenly, as I was pumping inward, sliding my cockhead back and forth against Ryan's, he went off. No warning or anything; I don't know if even he knew it was going to happen till it did. I felt the stuff gushing out, bathing the head of my cock. It felt wonderful. But Ryan was one of those guys who went down pretty quick. I kept fucking Rich till Ryan's cock melted and slipped out of his ass, and then kept right on fucking him for about another twenty minutes. I sort of wished Ryan had his cock inside him when I shot off. I didn't like the guy but we made good sex together.

We had to help Rich off the bunk and our cum ran out of his gaping asshole and down his legs. Crudely, Ryan laughed. I got him a towel and helped him into the bathroom to shower.

"How was it?" I asked him.

"My God... Incredible!"

"Don't tell him that, he'll be over here every night," I said.

"Would that be so bad?" Rich said jokingly.

I didn't like his joke. I didn't want Ryan Cooke in our lives. Fuck, was I jealous?

I was right. Ryan was back the next night. We double fucked Rich again only this time I shot off with Ryan's cock still inside him.

"Motherfuck, it felt like you turned on a hose in there," Ryan said.

Ryan was back the next night, and the night after that. As good as the sex was, I was getting tired of having him around. He was in my space, and a big part of that space was Rich's ass and his mouth. Okay, maybe I was jealous. Admittedly, there was a part of me that wanted Rich to myself. Soon it became evident that Ryan was doing exactly what I told him not to do. He was turning Rich into his slave. Times I wasn't there I would come home and find Ryan fucking him. I didn't like it but as long as Rich didn't voice any objection, there wasn't anything I could or was going to say about it. I didn't realize how bad it was till Rich dropped a bombshell one night.

I had walked in on them....they were very careless about leaving the door unlocked, I think on purpose on the part of Ryan....and there was Rich on his hands and knees on the bunk with Ryan pounding him unmercifully and he was leaning over the end of the bunk with another guy pumping his cock in and out of his mouth. There were four other guys standing around, naked, obviously waiting their turn. Two of them I recognized from our dorm; I found out later they all were. I looked around and saw that they hadn't even bothered wearing any clothes to our room.

"What the hell's going on?" I asked.

"Hey, you're just in time," one of them said.

"In time for what, a gang-bang?" I was pissed that they had still left the door unlocked even after six guys had found their way in. Lord only knew how many more might have come in if I hadn't come back. Our room was being used as a sex parlor.

"Hell, he asked for it. He left the door cracked open. You could hear him down the hallway," one of them said.

I looked at Rich. There was little doubt that he was enjoying what they were doing to him but I saw a helpless pleading in his eyes. His body was enjoying it; but I sensed that he was being forced.

"Okay, out," I said, waving them to the door.

"Fuck, no, not till I've had a crack at that tight little ass."

I glared at him. "I said, out. This is my room." Suddenly, the guy decided he didn't want to tangle with me.

"Oh...okay." The four guys filed out and I closed the door. I went over and tapped the guy on the shoulder who was getting his cock sucked.

"Party's over," I said.

"The fuck it is," he said as he continued to pump his cock in and out of Rich's mouth. "It ain't over till I hear him gagging and choking on my big load of come."

I pulled him by the shoulder and whirled him around. His cock burst out of Rich's mouth with a loud, wet suctioning sound. "I said the fuckin' party's over!" He didn't argue with me either. I escorted him to the door and turned back to Rich and Ryan on the bunk.

"I'm....cummming, man....awww, just let me....finish," Ryan gasped as he slammed his cock in and out of Rich's ass.

I let him finish. I think Rich wanted him to. When he was done he was casual about putting on his clothes. I sat on the edge of the bunk where Rich lay on his stomach, his face to the wall. I kept my glare on Ryan Cooke the whole time he was getting dressed.

"Ryan," I said when he was at the door. He looked over his shoulder. "Don't come back."

He smiled a crooked, evil smile. "Better ask him about that," he said with a sneer.

When the door was closed Rich still didn't turn away from the wall. I put my hand on his butt. "Hey, buddy, are you okay?"

"I'm leaving school, Jason," he said.

"What? Hey, turn over here and talk to me."

"I'm leaving, transferring out." He rolled over on his back. "I can't live like this, being someone's sex slave. I know it looked like I was enjoying it; and okay, I couldn't help it once they get started, I can't help how it makes me feel."

"Why didn't you just tell him not to come back?"

"I have, more than once. He just laughs. This isn't the first time he's brought someone else in on it. Not as many as tonight, but a couple of times he's brought his jock friends with him. It doesn't do any good to tell him to stop. And I don't want to drag you into it."

"Go to the dean, then."

"Oh, yeah, right," he scoffed. "You want me to sit down with the dean and complain that I'm turning my butt up for one of the jocks and a half dozen guys in my dorm? He would laugh me out of the office."

"You don't know that."

"I can't go to the dean or anybody else," he said, shaking his head wearily. "I....they're blackmailing me."


"Yes. They....he, Ryan, and one of his buddies....they took pictures one time. He brought another guy with him, one of the football players, and they took turns while the other one took pictures."

"So--they're in the pictures, too. They can't use them against you." I said.

"They showed me the pictures. Their faces don't show. Mine does."

"I can stop it," I said.

"It's too late. He's already brought three guys from his fraternity house in on it--and a bunch of guys from right here in the dorm. He leaves the door open a crack so they can just wander in. He said if I don't do what he wants he'll post the pictures in every frat house and in ever dorm on campus. Listen, don't tell Cooke I'm leaving," he said, "I just want to be gone one day."

"Where are you transferring to?" I asked.

"I can't say. I don't want this to follow me."

"You're not going to tell me?" I said in disbelief.

"If I don't tell you, you can't slip," he said.

"No. You can't just take off and not tell me where you're going," I said. "You know I won't say anything!"

"I know you wouldn't on purpose, but you might slip. He's been getting cruel and mean--even threatening."

"What kind of threats?"

"They're veiled threats," he said.

"What kind of threats?" I asked again.

"He said if I didn't go along with it, he would show up with the entire football team and invite the entire dorm in and they would fuck me a new asshole."

"I'll make sure that doesn't happen," I said. "Even Ryan Cooke isn't going to mess with me."

"You can't be here all the time, and you can't fight off the entire football team and our dorm," he said. "Don't worry, I'll get in touch after awhile," he said.

"Look, if you need me for anything, pick up the phone. I'll be there."

"You don't even know where I'm going," he said.

"I'll be there!" I told him again.

He never said when he was leaving but I knew it would be soon. We had one more long night of incredible sex then just like he'd said, one day he simply wasn't there. I was sad to see Rich leave. I was pissed at Cooke, not that he had run off the best sex I ever had, but he had hurt someone I cared about. I didn't realize how much I cared about Rich till he was gone.

Cooke showed up the next night for his usual and expected bout of sex. I let him in but didn't invite him to sit down. I wanted him inside to tell him what I had to say but I didn't want to make him feel comfortable.

"Where's Rich?" he asked, looking around. "I don't hear the shower running. Is he down doing laundry?"

"No. He's not here."

"When will he be back?"

"He won't. He transferred," I said.

"Damn! Fuck! Where'd he transfer to?"

"I don't know."

"You lie. You just don't want to tell me. I'll bet he hasn't transferred at all. He's just moved to another place. What, you guys have got your own, private little love nest off campus?"

"He transferred to another school," I said.

"And didn't tell you where?"

"No, he wouldn't tell me. He was afraid I might slip and you would find out."

"Well, fuck...he was the best piece of ass I had going," he said.

"He might still be if you weren't such a prick and asshole," I said.

He sort of reared back; surprised that anyone would talk to him like that. "You're telling me he left school because of me?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what I'm telling you. You did just what I told you not to do. You ruined it, Cooke. He would've given you all the ass you wanted, but it wasn't enough just to fuck him. You wanted to turn him into a slut and a whore!"

"And you didn't?" he retorted.

"I treated him like a human being. I didn't bring all my friends in on it. I didn't blackmail him. I didn't have to."

Cooke looked at me with a knowing, leering grin. "Well, he's gone, but how about you, Towne? You interested in seeing what it's like to be fucked by a jock?"

I laughed with a smirk. "You jocks think you invented sex. You think you're the only ones carrying a cock around between your legs. I've got news for you, and the proof is right here," I said, grabbing my crotch lewdly. "If you want it, stick around. If not, you might as well leave. But if you stay, the tables are going to be turned."

I was surprised and a little confused at his hesitation. Cooke was unpredictable. He could explode at the slightest irritation and I didn't know how irritated he was that he'd had his best piece of ass walk out on him. I was surprised, and still confused, when he walked over and checked to see that the door was locked. He turned away from the door with an even wider, knowing smile. I still didn't know what he was thinking or what he might do. I was thinking he might try to beat the crap out of me. He couldn't, but it would be a serious fight.

He peeled off his shirt and tossed it aside, exposing his massive chest and washboard abs. I began to get a little worried. If he thought he was going to fuck me, make me his ass slave, he was very mistaken. He would be tough to ward off but I could handle him. Being a jock doesn't necessarily make you the strongest guy on the block. I braced myself for anything. He undid his jeans and shoved them down.

"What're you doing?" I asked. "Don't think I'm your replacement for Rich."

"You extended an invitation," he said. "You said if I want it, stick around. Well, I'm sticking around," he said.

I was stunned out of my mind and it must have showed on my face. Jim laughed, causing his rippling abs to dance.

"Fucker, I've been wanting to do this since the first day I saw you in the gym. More correctly, when I saw you in the showers, and got a look at that big horse cock you're carrying around. I've seen a lot of naked guys in my jock days but nobody's hung like you are. It might surprise you but I know guys who want the same thing I do. Hell, I can't be the only one, right? Take Jeb Harrison, the center. I reach way in for the ball and punch his jock and he still don't take the hint. That's the worst part about living in a house with a bunch of jocks. Everybody's afraid to say anything, or take it to the next level. Everybody's horsing around and playing grab-ass and being so macho to prove it don't mean anything. Sometimes you want to yell out to one of your teammates, "Hey, stupid, you've got my ass in your hand, do something with it!"

I was struck dumb over his tangent. He was talking like he was on something. Geezuss, was he wanting me to fuck him?! I was too stunned to believe that, but Ryan was peeling down his shorts and kicking them off. He straightened and looked around the room as if he were taking an inventory of the contents.

"How about we start on the table, then over the back of the chair, move to the floor, then eventually get to the bed--both beds, top and bottom. I wanta get fucked all over the place, in every position you know."

I was still speechless.

"What's the matter, you're not man enough to take on a football jock?"

"Oh, I'm man enough," I assured him as I peeled off my shirt, suddenly coming to my senses.

Ryan's eyes raked over my naked upper body. He had a look of lust in his eyes that I hadn't seen before. A different kind of lust than I'd seen him display with Rich, but he was letting his hair down now, with me. He was putting the shoe on the other foot. I pulled off my jeans and stood in my briefs and my socks.

"You wanta take these off for me?" I asked.

"No. I don't give head. I just wanta get fucked," he said.

"I didn't ask you if you give head," I said. "But I can't fuck you through my shorts."

"Okay, I'll take them off of you," he said.

I suddenly realized that I was totally in charge. This big stud football player was giving himself up to me; he was mine to control. Big Ryan wanted it so bad he was willing to take orders from me.

"You got any poppers?" he asked.

"Rich left a bottle. I don't use 'em," I said. I got the bottle that Rich had left in the desk drawer and gave it to Ryan.

"You got lube?" he asked.

"Yeah. Do you want me to use a condom?" I asked as I got the lube out of the drawer.

"No. I wanta feel that big hunk of meat sliding in raw." There was a moment's hesitation, as if he'd changed his mind.

"Well, the only thing standing between my big hunk of meat and your hungry ass is these," I said, smacking the waistband of my shorts against my belly. "You're going to have to do something about that."

It was a challenge that would secure my power over him. Ryan moved over and slid his thumbs inside the waistband and pulled them down off my hips. They caught on my cock and he had to go down on one knee and pull them half way down my thighs before my cock was freed. It sprung up and hit him in the face.

"Fuck, man, you could put an eye out with that thing," he said.

Again, there was a hesitation and I thought for a second he might go down on me, but he didn't. He didn't touch my cock. He stood up and walked over to the table and bent over it, the bottle of poppers in his hand.

"Listen, I'm not one to beg, but I'm asking you to take it easy at first. That thing's going to be tough to take." His tone was different, without the harsh edge and the bravado. He sounded almost scared.

"Is this your first time?" I asked. The way he talked and was so openly eager to get fucked, I thought he might have some experience under his belt, or at least not still in possession of his virginity.

He shook his head, eyeing my cock over his shoulder, "Yeah."

I didn't know what I was feeling at that point, only that I felt heady. I was gonna fuck Ryan Cooke, the quarterback, and it was his first time. I squeezed some lube between his buns and worked it into his hole. He winced a little but I thought it was from surprise more than pain. He didn't seem to have any problem taking my finger, then two fingers and finally I forced three in as deep as I could and gouged his ass open. He was looking over his shoulder all the time. I lubed up my cock. It was so hot it melted the lube and it felt bigger than normal. Sure as hell, it was harder. I wiped my hands on Ryan's butt and his back. When I laid the tube down Ryan opened the bottle of poppers.

"Give it to me," he said huskily. He sounded like he wanted me to plug him and get it over with. I would do that. I wasn't going to rape him but I wasn't going to make tender love to him either. I was going to plug his ass, like he wanted, like the jock he was. He was going to get it rough.

His ass stretched against the pressure of my cockhead. Ryan held his ground, didn't try to get away from me. No sense dragging it out, I thought. I gathered the strength in my butt and thighs and tightened my abs and pushed. His asshole was no match for my strength, and it spread wide open and the head of my cock popped though.

"Awwgghhhhh!" he groaned, tossing his head back.

I didn't wait. As he scrambled to suck in more poppers I shoved my cock deeper...deeper...till I hit something. I worked around it and went deeper. He was moaning, gasping, clawing at the edges of the table, but I drove in to the hilt, till I was smashing my loins hard against his butt, flattening the taut muscles. I held it there. His tight sphincter muscle gripped the base of my cock so tight it felt like he might squeeze it off, and the inner muscles contracted tightly around the shaft in a milking motion. It felt like there was a special set of muscles deep inside him squeezing and massaging the head. I didn't ask if he was okay or wait till he told me. I started fucking him.

"Awwhhhhhhhh!" he cried softly when I pulled my cock back. I stopped with the head and shoved back in. "AWWWWhhhhhhh!"

"You're gonna have people pounding on the door to see what's going on," I said.

"They know," he said.

"You told them?"

"I told 'em I was going to fuck your ass tonight," he said. "They'll think it's you hollering."

That was the last straw. Cooke was an ass to the end and it pissed me off. I slammed my cock in him and started fucking him hard. He was tight and hot and his ass was alive inside, as if it had just awakened to the pleasure of a hot cock. He groaned and moaned and twisted his butt around, sometimes trying to get away from me, but I had him at my mercy. Once when he acted like he was trying to get away I kicked his legs out from under him and in that split second he was all mine again. But he wanted what I had to give. Remembering what he said, I grabbed his shoulder and brought him up straight and maneuvered us over to the chair. I bent him over the back of the chair and started fucking him again. I fucked him across the room till the chair was up against the television, then I took him to the floor. Unlike the other positions, there was no give on the floor. I was on solid ground, and it was easy to fuck him hard. The floor didn't give; the only thing that could give was his ass. But Ryan didn't mind. He wrapped his legs around me and hung on for dear life as I nailed him to the floor.

I fucked him over to the bed; figured he was getting floor burn on his back and shoulders. I pulled out long enough for him to bend over the bed on his knees and then fucked him again. By now he was my slave. More than Rich had ever been his slave. He had obviously wanted this for a long time. I fucked him up onto Rich's old bunk where it was more comfortable. We used that position for a long time. I guess I was too busy to notice Ryan's cock. I was enjoying watching his tight muscles ripple and bulge. His cock was bone-hard and quivering. He was jacking himself off. I brushed his hand away. He grabbed for it again but I stopped him.

"Hun-uh, you're not gonna finish on me," I said. "I'll let you know when you can cum. I'll make you cum. You don't need to jack off."

"Yes, sir, Coach!" he said.

Yeah, he was my slave all right. He was my slave quarterback. He probably wished I was the coach. I wished Rich were here to see it. After awhile I pulled out again and stood off the bed. He gave me a confused, disappointed look as I pulled him to his feet. I turned him around and bent him over. "Grab your ankles," I said. He bent over and grabbed his ankles and his butt spread open wide for me. I plugged him and fucked him some more. It was hard to keep his balance so I fucked him to the floor again, only this time I bent him in half and straddled him backwards.

"My God, where did you learn how to fuck like this! Where did you learn all these positions!"

I was snorting with lust. I wasn't doing this just because Ryan wanted me to. I wasn't even doing it to avenge Rich. My body had taken over and I was doing it for my body. But there was still that remark he'd made about telling everybody that he was going to fuck my ass. I pulled my cock out and walked over to the door.

"Where're you going? What're you going to do?" he asked, from the floor where he was spread-eagle on his stomach.

"I just wanta set the record straight, so everybody knows who's getting fucked by who."

"No! Don't! Don't open the door!" he begged. "I was kidding! I didn't tell them that! I swear, I was only kidding. Come on, man, don't open the door! Come back and give me that big cock. Come back here and fuck me."

I hesitated with my hand on the door. "One thing's gonna keep this door closed," I said.

"Okay. Just name it," he said.

"No, two things."

"Yeah, name' em," he said anxiously.

I walked over and put my hand down to pull him to his feet but I pulled him only to his knees. I stood in front of him with one hand on his shoulder to keep him down there. I didn't have to tell him what he had to do.

"Don't make me do this," he said. "I just want to get fucked, and it's good for you, too. Just fuck me. Don't make me do....." he choked then. "Okay...okay, I'll go down on you, but...not right out of my ass. At least go wash up for me."

I was unmerciful. I put my hand on his head and pulled his face to my cock. The head pressed against his lips and left a smear of ball juice on his lips. "Either this or the door," I said. I was amazed that he was so submissive. He could have reversed the roles so easily and taken charge. Not that he could've fucked me or made me do anything, but I couldn't have stopped him from leaving.

He opened his mouth wide and closed his eyes and I shoved my cock in his mouth. He moaned and whimpered as I fucked his mouth. I don't think he liked it. I only made him suck it for a moment or two before I pulled him to his feet.

"What's the second thing? What're you going to do now?" he asked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

I grabbed the blanket off my bunk and led him over to the window. I opened it wide and spread the blanket over the windowsill then stood back. "Bend over, out the window," I said.

He hesitated, with a look of horror. ", man, don't do this...we're only on the second floor, people can see."

"They'll have a better view through the door," I threatened. "It's dark out. Maybe they won't recognize you."

Again, I was surprised he did it. I fully expected him to grab his clothes and leave. But he hadn't left at my threat to open the door, and there was the little matter of his cock standing out like a poker, and if his cock was hard, I knew his ass was just as hot. He bent over the windowsill and set his feet wide apart, his upper body hanging out the window. His asshole gaped open wide enough for me to put my fist in it. I shoved all four fingers and a thumb in him and worked them around.

"Ohhh...Ohhhh," he moaned. "Ohh, fuck, not so hard."

I pushed but didn't force my hand inside him. "By the time I get done with you, your asshole isn't going to close up for a week," I told him as I set the head of my cock in the gaping hole. He groaned as I shoved my cock all the way in. He moaned again when I started fucking him. I fucked him hard. I fucked him for a long time, till it was time to take him over the top. I drove into him like a pile driver till he was lying across the windowsill with his head and shoulders and the upper part of his chest out the window. I fucked him in short jabs, busting through the innermost depths of his ass. I twisted my hips around, lobbing my cock around inside him, using it like a post-hole digger.

"Awwhhh...Awwwhhh, Godddd!" he cried, tossing his head back.

"Hey...hey, is that you, Ryan? Cooke?" Someone yelled from down below.

With a look of horror, he tried to ease back through the window but I fucked him in place, forcing him out over the edge of the sill so he couldn't get his balance.

"Uhnnn...Ohhhnnnn...Awwhhhhhh!" he whimpered loudly.

"What're you doing up there, Cooke?' someone else yelled. "What the fuck are you doing in this dorm?"

"Go ahead, tell 'em what you're doing in this dorm," I said as I slammed and dug my cock around hard inside him.

"Ahhh...Ohhh...Ohhhhh...Ohhhh, fuck me! Ohh, it! Fuck me! I'm gonna're gonna make cum....ohhh, fuck me you big stud!"

I did as he told me. While he announced it to the whole damned campus, I fucked his fuckin' brains out.

"What the fuck's going on up there?" I heard somebody ask. I half expected to hear knocks at my door, guys there to see what the hell was going on. But for the moment, I was intent on making Ryan Cooke cum. He was half off the towel and I did him the favor of handing it to him.

"Here, bite down this, I'm gonna take you over the top, and you probably don't want the whole campus to know," I said.

The rest of his screams and outcries were muffled in the towel. His asshole clenched so hard around my cock I thought he was going to pull it out by the root. I was surprised he could make it that tight after all I'd given him. Then it loosened, wide open, tightened again, and loosened and spasmed and I knew he was cumming. I fucked him through it till he was lying limp over the windowsill like a rag doll, lying half out the window.

Then came the coupe-de-ta. I shot him full of my own hot cum. He moaned with weak pleasure. When I was empty, I took him by the shoulders and pulled him straight, back against me and wrapped my arms around him to keep him on his feet and impaled on my cock. He was limp in my arms. I walked us over to the lower bunk and we collapsed across it, me on top, my cock still buried inside him. We dozed.

Ryan brought me awake squirming under me. I rose up and pulled my cock out of him. Cum gushed out of his gaping ass onto the bed. I stood and reached over for the towel and gave it to him when he stood up. He stuffed it between his legs to catch the cum that was draining out of him.

"Do you want to shower?" I asked him.

"Yeah, if I could," he said meekly.

"Help yourself," I said.

He stumbled into the bathroom and I heard the shower running. I flipped on the TV and sat in the chair. Ryan came out drying off, more his old self. I wasn't exactly expecting a commentary on my performance but he acted almost as if nothing had happened. So I brought it up.

"You took it great for your first time," I said.

"Didn't have any choice, the way you made it so damned good."

When he was getting dressed, I asked, "Are you going to have a problem with those guys who saw you out the window?" I asked.

"I'll think of something," he said.

"That was for Rich, by the way," I said. I wasn't angry any more but I wanted him to know.

"I know. Does it have to be?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I would like to do this again sometime--maybe on a regular basis. I've finally connected with the stud I've fantasized about; I don't want this to be the end of it. I don't want to do it here, though."

"Name the place," I said.

"I'll be in touch," he said.

I still didn't know where Rich went. I tried to find out at the registrar's office but they wouldn't give out the information. And I didn't have his phone number at home; I didn't even know his home address. My next best thing was to find someone who worked in the registrar's office and see if they would tell me anything. I was in luck. Melissa Foster worked in the office, and she was known to be a nymphomaniac. I felt terrible about exploiting her the way I was going to but it was more important that I find out where Rich was. And I wouldn't be giving her anything that she didn't want.

At first she refused; giving me the standard line--that she couldn't give out that information. But I just stared across the counter at her. To most it would've been a blank stare, but Melissa read into it precisely what I wanted her to. She smiled. She even blushed a little! I don't know how or why...rumor had it that she'd fucked half the guys on campus...but she blushed.

"Well, I suppose I could be convinced to give you a little hint," she cooed.

"No hints," I said. "I want full disclosure. Otherwise, all I give is a little hint."

"You're giving that right now, just standing here," she said. She turned and went back into the files but came back empty-handed. She pushed a pad toward me, handed me a pen and leaned across to give me the information I wanted. I could smell her sweet breath and I wondered how many cocks those full lips had been wrapped around; how many loads of come had been shot in that sweet mouth; how many cocks had been buried where I was going to bury mine to pay her back. I wrote the information down and stuffed the paper in my pocket.

"Thanks a lot," I said.

"There's the little matter of my fee," she cooed.

"What's the charge?" I asked.

"All night at my place," she said.

"I don't know if I can last all night with you," I said.

"That's not what I hear," she said. "Besides, I have ways of making you last."

We set a time and the night I was to meet her. I called Rich. He was in Kansas. He was happy to hear my voice.

"Why the hell do you go to school out there, in the middle of a cornfield?" I kidded him.

"It's really a fine university. And don't knock the sure makes for some mighty fine looking corn-fed guys. We are known for our prime beef, too, you know."

"None as prime as what you had back here," I joked.

"No, none that prime. How did you find me?"

"I bribed someone in the registrar's office."

"What'd that bribe cost you?" he asked.

"It was pretty expensive. Over nine inches," I said.

"You fucker," he said, laughing.

"Speaking of which...."

"Yeah, what?"

"I know you don't want me to speak the name, but I think you might like to know that I fucked Ryan Cooke."

There was dead silence for a few seconds. "Tell me that again," he said.

"I fucked Ryan Cooke. I fucked his eyeballs out."

There was another pause. "Okay, I'm sitting down. I wanta hear all the details."

I told him the whole story. When I was done there was another silence. "Rich, are you there?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "I'm just...finishing off..." he said, sounding short of breath. "Wiping off the cum, actually."

I laughed softly, "I made you shoot your load, just telling you about it? That's great."

"You know what would be even greater, if I could fuck him. Not for revenge or to get back at him or anything. It'd just be great to fuck a big hunk-jock like Ryan Cooke. As much as I hated the son-of-a-bitch, he was one hot fucker."

"I could probably arrange it for you."

"How about us, Jason, when can we arrange something between us?" he asked.

"Name the time and place. I'll be there. Or you come here, it doesn't matter."

"You gotta know, I haven't been exactly celibate since I left," he said.

"Well, you know I haven't. We weren't going steady or anything."

We set a time and place to meet.

After I contacted Rich, I drove to Melissa Foster's apartment to settle my debt. I called her on my cell phone to tell her I was coming and to let her give me exact directions. I was bowled over when she opened the door. There she was, wearing a super-short denim skirt, a white T-shirt, construction boots and a hard-hat.


"You like?" she cooed.

"I...yeah, I do...I always give 'em a second look when I see a woman on a construction site."

"I'm the same way about the men," she said. "I've got an outfit for you, too."

This was going to be exciting; more than just a 'walk-in, fuck her and thank-you-Ma'm, the bill is paid'. She led me into the living room where she had my outfit laid out on the couch. Cut-off, ragged jeans shorts, a white T-shirt, hardhat and boots with heavy gray socks, and a tool belt. I took off my clothes down to my briefs and donned the costume. She was practically drooling by the time I put on the tool belt. She went to her knees and tugged my shorts down with her teeth. She had to finish pulling them down with her fingers and when my cock swung out she let out a little squeal of delight.

She gave good head--as good as Rich--which was unusual, because most women don't suck cock very well. Her tongue alone could've got me off in about five minutes but I held back so I could fuck her and pay my debt in full. I finally eased her off of my cock.

"If you keep doing that, there's not going to be anything left over," I said.

She laughed and stood up. "Take me," she said. "Take me hard and rough."

"Sure, I'll fuck your brains out," I told her as I shoved her back on the bed. She landed crossways on the bed and when her legs flew up in the air I grabbed her by the boots and shoved her legs back over her so she was bent in half. She wasn't wearing anything under her short skirt, and she was shaved smooth as a baby's butt. I had the terrible urge to drop to my knees and go down on her but I thought of all the cocks that had been shoved between those pouting pussy lips and the gallons of come, and decided against it. She was wet and ready for me. I figured she was always that way.

She yelled when I shoved my cock in her but she didn't ask me to stop or even take it easy. I leaned over her and fucked her like a pile-driver, causing the tools in the tool belt to rattle. The bed rattled and shook and creaked under us and she groaned and cried out like a mare in heat. She was good. I was good, too, and I did my level best to make it good for her. I took her to climax...hers, not mine...and pulled out. Maybe it was cold, but I wasn't there to make love to her. I was there to pay a debt, and I'd done that, in spades.

"My God, where did you learn to fuck like that?" she asked, panting.

"The talent came with the cock," I said smartly as I unhooked the tool belt to put on my clothes.

"Would you be interested in a three-way sometime?" she asked.

"With two women or two guys?" I asked.

"Two guys--I'm enough woman for both of you," she said.

"Sure. Give me a call."

"What about more than two?" she asked.

"You want a gang-bang?"

"If you could round up some more guys, I'll take on as many as you can bring," she said. "I've had this fantasy about being fucked in the locker room by an entire football or baseball team."

"Maybe I could arrange something at the gym where I work out," I said.

"Oh, would you!?" she exclaimed.

"Well, it would depend on whether we could get the gym to ourselves," I said.

"If you can't, you can bring them all here to my place," she said.

"I'll call you," I said.

With my debt paid, I turned my attention to Rich. We had a date set to meet in two weeks. I got us a room...a a motel about half way between and called him to tell him of the arrangements. While I was talking to Rich, my door opened and there was Ryan Cooke. He didn't wait to be invited in. He came in, closed the door and began taking off his clothes. Good. I was ready for him.

"Listen, I, uh...I've got company, can I call you back?" I said.

"Who is she?" he asked.

"It's,'s that guy I told you about," I said.



"Fuck him twice for me," Rich said.

"Why don't you come back here and do it yourself," I said.

"Ask him if it's worth my while to come back to school there," Rich said.

"Hey, Cooke...I've got a guy on the line who wants to fuck you," I said boldly.

"Okay with me," he said with a shrug.

"He says okay," I told him.

"I want him to tell me it's okay," Rich said.

I handed Cooke the phone. "He wants to hear it from you."

"Who is it?" Ryan whispered with his hand over the phone, but he didn't want for me to tell him. "It's okay with me," he said.

"Do you know who you're talking to?" I heard Rich ask him.

"Does it matter? As long as you've got muscles and a big hot cock."

"It might matter. This is Rich."

Cooke held the phone away, a surprised look on his face. I just smiled.

" still don't matter," he said and handed me the phone.

I held it against my chest. "You're telling him...Rich...that you want him to fuck you?" I asked him.

"I said it was okay," Ryan said again.

I handed the phone back to Cooke. "Tell him, in those words," I said.

Cooke took the phone back. "Rich...hey, man, I want you to come back and fuck me." Then he handed the phone back to me.

"Did you hear that?"



"I was wishing it was you who said it."

I was too surprised to say anything for a minute. The thought had never entered my mind till that moment and I felt a chill down my spine as the thought bounced around in my head. I hadn't even wondered what it would be like to have a hot, hard cock shoved in my ass.

"Jason? Did I say the wrong thing?" Rich asked.

I hesitated then replied, ", you didn't say the wrong thing."

"Uhhh...did you hear what I said, Jason?" he asked.

"Yeah, I heard. Why don't you pack your bag. I'll be on my way in a little bit, as soon as I finish up here," I told him.

As I hung up the phone, Ryan Cooke stood ready to bend over the back of the chair.

"Damn, you're hot for cock, aren't you?" I said.

"I want you to come on the road games with me," he said.

"I'm not one of the jocks; they wouldn't let me on the bus. And if they did, you would have to explain why I was there."

"You can drive. I'll pay for your gas and for a room in some other hotel close by the hotel the team's staying in. I couldn't come to your room till after bed check."

"Will you be able to play football after me pounding your ass all night?" I asked.

"Coach says I've never played as good as I have lately...which has been since you busted my cherry."

"Maybe I ought to be on the coaching staff; the official butt-fucker. It'd be my job to fuck every guy on the team before every game and get you all primed."

"You could probably do it, too," he said.

"If I can't, I'm sure Rich would help out," I said.

"Yeah, you could bring Rich along," he said.

I was naked now. I turned on the CD player with some appropriate music with sort of a throbbing jungle beat. I casually adjusted the crack in the door of the closet, making it look like I was closing it but it didn't shut completely. Then I lubed up my cock. I started to wipe my hand off but Ryan stopped me.

"Don't wipe it off yet. Lube me up first. Use your fist."

"You fist?"

"You used damn near your whole fist before," he said.

This was going better than I expected. I squeezed out some more lube and spread it all over my hand, up past my wrist. Then, casual as hell, I pushed the chair into position. "There you go," I said with a wave of my hand, motioning for Cooke to bend over it. He bent over the chair, almost facing the crack in the closet door, and took a big dose of poppers. I reached over and turned the CD player up a little; I didn't want him to hear the soft whirring of the video camera in the closet.

"You ready?"

"Yeah. Give it to me," he said. I could tell the poppers were kicking in. "Fuck, give it to me up to your elbow."

I started with one finger, then two, and he was already begging me for more. I squeezed all my fingers together and shoved them in up to the last knuckles. He moaned and sucked in some more poppers. I worked my fingers around inside him, stretching his hole.

"Give it to me," he begged. "Shove your fist in there...give me your fuckin' arm."

With great effort, I spread his asshole and forced my hand completely into his ass. I was mesmerized by the sight of his gaping asshole squeezing violently around my wrist but more than that, I felt the great sense of power that I suddenly had over this man. Little did he know that I now had absolute power over his future...his life.

The music pounded its heady beat and the camera whirred and I shoved my fist deeper into his ass. Big Ryan football star... God, he was going to look good on tape.

The End

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