"My boyfriend will find you and make you wish you hadn't."

"Well I hope he does, we can have us a snack," He smiled a devilish smile.

Getting pissy, I walked over to him and said in my most intimidating voice, "When this is all over with you'll be begging him to kill you."

Looking down into my eyes he replied, "We'll see. The full moon is three days from now by then we all will have sex with you."

"I suppose telling you I only have sex with my boyfriend is pointless."

"Pretty much," Maxwell groaned still in pain he slowly raised from the floor.

"You expect me to cheat on him for you all?"

"Oh you will," Levy said with enthusiasm. "You won't be able to help yourself." I heard footsteps as I turned my head Maxwell put his hands up in the air. "Easy I'm not going to hurt you. I was just going to rub your shoulders." As I looked at him, he cautiously walked over gently rubbing his hands on my shoulders slightly applying pressure.

"Hmm, oh that feels good." My shoulders were a little stiff from the rough treatment. "Use a little more pressure. Ooh just like that."

"Just relax," Maxwell cooed.

After a few more seconds levy suggested, "Maybe you should put him on the bed, let him relax and maybe take a nap.

"Great idea. May I?" Maxwell asked cautiously.

"Yes, just be careful." He gently picked me up in his arms and sat me on the bed resuming his offer. He massaged the shoulders a little bit then worked my back. According to him I was "stressed out." apparently have been for a while. He suggested removing my shirt would be for the best intensifying the effect. I agreed. Eventually I felt kiss on my shoulder. I looked and it was levy. His blonde was hair so thick and curly. It had a fro feel, but the hair looked healthier and shinier. His face was pale and flawless. Whoever said tanning made your skin beautiful sure hadn't met a vampire! His high cheekbones and strong chin must have also been a gift from their kind.

Then I felt more hands caressing the back of my thighs. It was Charlie. Together they formed an upside down triangle each giving me pleasure in their own way. I didn't even feel my pants sliding off me. I only notice it when I felt the air hit my legs. Before I could say anything levy's lips brushed against that ticklish spot on my neck near my left ear. I laughed slightly pulling back.

"Like that huh?" levy asked cockily. It was a turn on for me.

"Let us massage the front part of your body," Maxwell stated.

I turned over. They were great. They slowly with passion-filled purpose slowly moved their hand on my body. Charlie was massaging my feet (I didn't even care where my shoes were.) Maxwell had my thighs, and levy had my chest and stomach. Obviously, I had an erection. (hey, wouldn't you?) Levy soon noticed it, slightly touching my sex with his fingers.

I jerked quickly. "Ah, stop please I-"

"Shh," Levy whispered.

"No! I already tol- ooh" Levy had his hand under my body, inside my boxers gently rubbing the area between my butt cheeks. I didn't even feel him put his hand underneath me. It felt so good, they were right I couldn't help myself. I grabbed levy's chin and aggressively kissed him on the mouth. When I pulled away after several seconds, Maxwell interrupted the moment,

"Well we know the drill guys. Let's go Charlie." As they walked out levy- after seeing a what the hell look on my face- explained,

"Yeah, we had an agreement whoever you made the first move on was the guy that got to have the first turn with you."

"What about the other two?"

"They each get a turn right after me, but I'm going first," he smiled smugly. His hand that was motionless in my underwear started to move again. As his hand was working its magic, his mouth was doing the same with my neck.

"Hang on!" I grabbed his ear with my right hand pulling him off me.

"Ouch!" he whined in pain, withdrawing his hand from my bottom.

"Is that why you were so nice to me?! Do you even like me?"

"Of course I do. Me being nice wasn't an act. I am just being myself. The others were too."

"Yeah right." As I started to get off the bed, he grabbed my head turning me around kissing me more passionately than my boyfriend ever had. His lips practically sucked in my entire mouth. He offered his tongue and I accepted it giving him mine. Our tongues were wrestling then I felt him pull back. I realized that my eyes were closed. I opened them seeing his brown eyes locked on mine.

"I really do like you. You're like no guy I have ever met." He stated stroking my cheek with his hand. Moving his hand down, he started rubbing my erection through my sheer boxers. He knew just how to massage the head of it. He slid a couple of his fingers down through the opening of my boxers stroking the shaft.

"Relax," he cooed. Gently biting my ear. His mouth then moving down to tease my nipple, with his inhuman tongue. I happen to look down and saw his amazing tongue at work. He was flicking it at inhuman speed. I could barely see it. It was such a blur. I enjoyed the tickle it caused.

"Stop, time for you to lie down," I stated. He pulled back leaving me room to sit up. He laid down on his back on the same spot I was in. his head was leaning back against the pillow (which I had just then noticed.) "Relax." Taking off his shirt, I rubbed his chest, moving down to his stomach rubbing his abs. I pulled of his pants revealing no underwear and a large thick uncircumcised dick. I loved the fact that he manscaped.

On impulse, I took it in my mouth. I sucked using slow suction and lots of tongue. God the taste of him was ... indescribable. It was like sweet and otherworldly, that I'm sure very few people had had the pleasure of sampling. I took my time making love to his dick. Protruding my lips forming a tight moist ring well lubed from my spit. I popped off his head with a loud 'pop' sound moving to lick the shaft like I licked a Popsicle countless times before. I moved to his beautiful hairless sac. So huge they might has well been a pair of basketballs. I licked and nibbled on each nut more intense, than I had with any other guy before him. Hell, I could have smothered myself on his nuts. Taking in his, essence and honestly I have always enjoyed my balls hairless. (Well not mine, but you know what I mean.)

"Do you want me to go back to slobbering on your dick, or do you want me to stay on your balls?" I asked after I had my fill of his bad boys.

"Whatever you want," he grinned, breathing shallow breaths. His hair was drenched in sweat.

"Am I doing a good job?"

"Best I ever had. No joke."

I smiled the biggest most heartfelt smile I had in a long time. His hand brushed against my face pushing my hair back in place.

"I don't know about your boyfriend, but I can tell he doesn't give you the attention you need." I could see the sadness in his eyes.

"It doesn't matter. I know he doesn't, but he's better than nothing," I smiled, Then added, "It's a long story." We both took it as the end of that conversation for a while at least.

I went back to making love to his rod, thinking about how right levy was that Jason didn't give me what I deserved. I dumped Jason from my mind as I focused on using my tongue and slurping, while simultaneously controlling my gag reflex.

"I'm about to cum," he said desperately. I sucked harder and teased him faster with my tongue. "Ahh! Fuck!" as his cum flowed in my mouth I got the essence of what made him taste so godly. It squirted so quick I barely swallowed it without missing a drop. His vampire milk (as I would later call it) was shimmering on his prick glistening off to his testicles as it dripped down. I wiped some off with my index finger and found it really sparkled. Catching me looking at it, now that his high was wearing off he spoke,

"Yeah, vampire cum sparkles. In ancient times, vampires were worshipped as gods. Humans would offer themselves to us to be cured of infertility- Men and women alike. Soon they found out it made the best fertilizer in the world for crops and so on. Actually our cum was used to make gold and silver long ago too."


"Yep. In fact in the beginning of the middle ages mortals established farms to harvest it for gold, silver, and fertilizer. When they used it as fertilizer, they found whatever was used made the plant immortal and grow in some cases ten times larger than they should be."

"Do you ever use your cum for anything?"

"Oh yes. We use it for the garden."

"What garden?"

Smiling he said, "Its out back you wanna see it?"



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