This story is 100% true.

I want to write the story of the only time i've ever had a sexual relationship with a male. Albeit a somewhat fast one. It's going on twenty years now that i still think of these moments to make me cum because they were so erotic for me. The moment that my pleasure surpassed my modesty and shame and turned me into a closet cock worshipper.

Christian and I used to have sleepovers all the time. We were at the age where our cocks could cum 6 or 7 times a night in a sleepover. We would sit there and act like we weren't distracted until everyone went to bed. His bedroom was far enough away where we could at least hear the porn and talk with each other without worry of being heard by anyone. His bedroom happened to have a bathroom off of it, and unbeknownst to me, you could use hair conditioner as lubricant.  I never experienced so much pleasure, we had towels to wipe up the cum. It was a jerk off buddy paradise. This was in the days when i didn't have any porn, so going to Christians house for a sleepover was always a treat for me. 

Going to catholic school put the whole "you're not gay" thing in my head. Where the notion of it wouldn't even cross my mind. Everytime i wanted to watch the porno for the novelty that it was a porno. It started with him in his bed and me leaning against it. We would simply get naked and Jerk off together. His cock was about 4 inches he would jerk off by rubbing his fist against it while pressed on his stomach, he always used lube. My cock is 7 inches, and i beat it with my hand wrapped around it. For me i didn't even see Christian. He took his time, thats for sure. 

After my first cum watching VHS big tit cock sucking fucking porn He decided to move down onto the floor with me. He asked if he could watch me jerk off, i think my cock impressed him. So we sat on the floor and watched porn together, watching each other jerk off. The intensity of the porn on my system kept my cock rock solid and wanting more. Finally, he asked if he could watch me cum. I didn't say anything, i just moaned and i pumped splurt after splurt of cum all over my chest, it was a good cumshot i must say. "ol faithful" he said. 

it's still the same night, we are now in our boxers ready to go again, he asked if he could "try" something with me. My cock was starting to betray me, chasing the pleasure for my cock had led me to this bedroom with another male watching me jerkoff and cum. Now, he wanted to lay on his back and have me dry hump him, with our cocks against each other while wearing our boxer shorts.  I protested to going naked bc to me i was still there for the porn and not wanting to soil my porn source i reluctantly obliged. 

As i write this, my cock is throbbing in my hand, i'm stroking it slowly writing this bc it's so erotic to me. Our cocks were so hard through the soft shorts. I wasn't really getting the job done, since i was reluctant i wasn't putting the motion in the ocean. Christian asked to switch and since we were this far i figured why not just let him do it. O how good of a decision that was.  Without thought of what i was actually doing, i laid on my back and spread my legs for him.   Christian and his 4 in cock was a little dynamo. His humps were the perfect mix of pressure and softness, our boxers gave us enough to just slightly stimulate our sensitive cocks. For five or six minutes i had my cock pleased for the first time by someone else. 

He began to moan and so did i, i was starting to really focus on his constant persistent stroke of his hips. Each time our rock solid cocks would rub against each others. I still didn't think about what was going on, all i knew was that my cock was rock solid and that christians cock felt good against mine. On my stomach i began to feel a wetness, never knowing or having someone cum for me before it took me time to realize it.  i was so embarrassed. Christian came rubbing our cocks together soaking our shorts and my stomach. "O god! Did u just cum?!" i said embarrassed and full of shame. "Y-Yeah." he managed to utter as he shot his wad in his shorts. He laid next to me on the floor as i jerked a hot load out of my cock, from all the edging from the humping i sprayed all over my chest, i can still feel that hot load hitting me to this day. I freaked a bit, noticing that we pretty much had sex, at least to my view. So that was the end of our escapades for that night.

He made an interesting case by pleasing me so well when humping me. I was back the following weekend to sleep over again. For, the porn. The whole week tho, i was focus on his hard cock through his shorts. Him watching me cum. The feeling of the lube on my cock. Again, we acted like we weren't distracted until everyone went to bed and we got our cocks out. Things moved a little faster, with us already on the floor and christian complementing my big cock and he watches me jerkoff. Christian shot his wad but i chose to just keep my cock hard, which turned out to be a very good decision. After a few minutes i got out the conditioner and used it to lube my cock. It had my head spinning, i held off till christian rehardened, and he gently nudged me with his hand and motioned to the floor, he was too shy to outright ask me, but the pleasure he gave me last time had me yearning to feel him rubbing his cock against mine again. Only this time we were naked and used to conditioner to lube our cocks and groin, so we could slip and slide against each other. 

When i first laid on my back was the first feeling i had that i would cave. It wasn't the porno i was chasing anymore. It wasn't the porno that was pleasing me. The porno wasn't the pleasure i seeked.  For the first time, another naked body touched my cock, his hard cock and mine slid against each other.  His hips stroked my cock perfectly. Each time just adding me ever so slightly closer. I was on my back missionary style legs spread for my friend and his four inch lubed cock humping me. My body began to betray me and i started to succumb to the pleasure. I began to moan, grabbed Christians head and grabbed his ass with my hand.  He humped away, and i took it. Laid on my back and took it. The only thing i wanted was more of this pleasure in my cock. We started to lose some lube and needed to reapply, without speaking a word, he dismounted, grabbed the conditioner and put a glob in his hand then proceeded to grab my rock hard 7 inch cock and pumped his hand up and down on it. The sight of it, watching me lay there and let him wrap his hand around my rock hard cock and pump it without protest, was the moment that i turned. 20 years later if i could recall a pleasure it would be that one. I was his completely now, no apprehension, no shame. All i wanted was more of him. He didn't stroke me for long at all. It was still my first handjob. 

He remounted quickly, and those four or five pumps that he gave my cock with his hand was what i needed. I didn't want to cum. It was so fuckin hot bc i was trying so hard to fight it, but i my mind was losing the battle with my cock. Each time he pumped his cock and bare naked hips over my 7 inch rock hard throbbing cock, my cock won a little more, and my mind lost a little more. Mind you, i hadn't cum yet this night, and i had been rock hard for 45 minutes to 1hr. Then there was no more mind, there was just the waves and waves of intense sensitive pleasure pulsing from my cock. My head tilted back as i lay on my back and let my friend hump me missionary, then i feel it start to creep up my solid dick. It was the thickest load i ever felt, his stomach was firmly against my cock and it still shot out with so much pressure. Christian wasn't stopping. i was on my back, rock fuckin hard blowing my virginity all over my and christians stomach. The spurts were never ending, and then christian pulled his cock back and started to cum too. There i was, laying on my back , covered in my own cum that was just pumped out of me by a friend who is now jerking his hot load all over my stomach and cock. As i laid there, conquered, waiting for christian to bring a towel to clean up. The shame was gone,  I wasn't confused anymore by the feeling, the only thing i could think about was christians hard body and cock pumping my load out of my willing wanting meat. Realizing the first load that was ever pumped from me was from a male. I still fantasize about it till this day. I hope you boys enjoyed ; )


Doom Guy


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