Two work friends and I were always playing ball late at night at this park near our office. We'd play when it was really late -- usually until after there was no one around. After we would all come over to my house to play XBOX, watch movies, and old porn videos I had.

One day after all my other friends left, my one friend, Chris, stayed behind.

Chris sat on my couch flipping through the TV Guide playing with my dog as I grabbed a few beers from my fridge.

"There's a documentary on gold mining on TV. How I Met Your Mother is on, and Entertainment Tonight. Which one do you want us to watch?" Chris asked, as I came back into the room and handed him his beer.

"How about that porno we were watching last time you were over? There are a few DVD's over there beside my TV," I suggested.

"Yeah, sure!" he said, excitedly, as he put the porno on and we started watching it.

Chris sat on the floor. I lay on the couch. Chris and I were always so physical on the court it always felt like we were flirting with each other. I would pretend I didn't like it but I did. Outside of games that tension is worse. We tried to keep our space from each other when we were alone but there was no denying we were hot for each other; neither of us had the guts to do anything about it.

"Wouldn't you like to have my mouth wrapped around your cock instead of hers?" he said that day, referring to the actress in the porno we were watching.

I knew it was joke but when we'd watch porn it was obvious we were mutually into each other when we watched. It wasn't the first time Chris said something like that. He'd say sexually suggestive things pretending to joke, but inside I knew what was up.

"Now that you're single, don't you want me between your legs sucking on your cock late at night?" he'd said smiling after the movie was over.

That day I finally came out with it and said, "Honestly Chris? You know, I really can see myself fucking around with another guy. Sometimes. If I really think about it. Being single sucks though," I'd said, frankly. It was nice to see myself finally admit to it.

After saying that I got up from the couch and crossed over to where Chris was sitting and undid my sweatpants. He reached up, pulled my dick out, wagged it playfully and then starting to suck on my cock. After blowing me, he stood up and pulled my shirt up. I stepped out of my sweatpants, and Chris reached around behind me and started playing with my asshole with his finger.

"Like how I do that with my finger?" he said, as he started fingering me with two fingers. I nodded and ran my hand across his chest, pinching and playing with nipples with my fingertips. He kissed and licked around my neck as he wedged his fingers deeper inside my ass. Eventually he pushed me back onto the couch and started playing with my cock -- licking my foreskin with his tongue.

"I love it when you do that." I confessed, watching him suck away. "Do that some more," I confessed.

"Thick cock," he said, working his mouth father down my cock, sucking all the way down to the base, letting the spit along his tongue ease my dick deeper inside his mouth. I loved watching him suck my dick, watching his face as he tasted my juices inside his mouth for the first time.

He stood up and stepped out his jeans, turned around to back me and said, "What do you think?" he said, parting his ass cheeks. "How does that hole look back there? Ready to stick it inside me?" he said.

Instead of fucking him right away, I stuck my finger inside his hole. "My turn." I said.

His hole was tight at first so I wet it with my fingertips to let it slip in.

"Feels good!" he said, moaning. Then, rimming his crack, I turned him around and started sucking on his dick harder and faster until finally came.

I remember playing games with Chris after that and remember how good it felt to release the tension between us that day finally.




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