As a typical horny, gay teenager, there was a lot of stuff out there that would have me lock myself in my room every day to whack one off whenever I could. Magazines with male models, the hot skater boys in my street, the buff guys at the gym, it was all enough to keep me going. Being 19 years old, sex was a big part of my life. I wanted to try everything.

I watched a lot of porn from when I was young so I already knew a lot about sex before I even started. Certain things would get me hornier than others, like seeing athletic guys in tight fitting tank tops or singlets. It made them look so manly and like they would take control. That was a big turn on of mine, a man that could take control. Not someone who would tie me down to a bed and have his way with me, someone who would tell me what to do, be a little forceful and know what he wants.

I saw this quality in my brother, Ryan, a few times that, I admit, I was slightly turned on by when we would play wrestle and he would pin me down. He was a 21 year old Personal Trainer who was in amazing shape. He didn't care who was watching when he came out of the bathroom in just a pair of boxer shorts. He had ripped abs, perfect, hard pecs and biceps that bulged from his arms, even when he wasn't tensing. He had trained me a few times which got me to my athletic self that I am now. Defined pecs that weren't as big as his, but they were noticeable, abs that you could see the outline of and small biceps.

He had mostly looked after me when we were growing up. We never knew our mother and our father was always away on business. So Ryan had taken care of me all these years which made me respect him. He'd always barge into my room at 8am yelling 'GET UP CHRIS! OR YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!'

Luckily I was good enough to hide all my gay porn from him over the years. It came as a shock to him when I finally came out at the age of 17. He was fine with it all though. He respected me a lot more for having the guts to come out and protected me anytime someone would give me shit about being gay. That same year was the year I had my first experience with a guy.

As far as I remember, it was on my best mates, Adam's, birthday. A bunch of us guys went over to his to have a few drinks and party. He had the place to himself that weekend as his parents didn't want to impose. We ended up having a fun time with just the guys. Even though I came out to them first, they were always still my best mates.

Once the party started to die down and the guys started to crash, it ended up just being me and Adam left outside on one of the couches chatting. He told me about one of the chicks at school he was banging and what it was like. Even though I preferred dick, I still always had an interest in what it would be like with a chick. After our long and little too informative discussion, we sat there in silence for a moment before Adam spoke.

'So... Where's my birthday blowjob?'

We both started laughing but I wasn't too sure if it was entirely a joke. Then he proved me right when he grabbed my hand and put it straight onto his crotch. I could feel his already hard cock in his pants as I squeezed it slightly. He let out a soft moan.

'You want to Chris?' He asked.

'I dunno. What if someone catches us?'

'No one's gonna catch us. Everyone's crashed already man.'

As he said this, he was unzipping his fly and pulling out his big cock.

'It's 8 inches. All the chicks I've been with struggle to suck it. What do you think?'

I was speechless for a moment. Partly because my best mate wanted me suck him off and partly because of the size of his dick. 8 thick inches of cut cock right there for me. He was slightly bigger than me at the time. Mine was 7 and a half inches cut but not as thick as his.

'It's... big.' Was all I could manage to get out.

'Yeah its big. I haven't jerked off in 3 days now and haven't been blown in months.'

All I could do is stare in awe at his dick sticking through his jeans, kind of leaning downwards from the weight of it with a drop of precum on the tip. He reached his arm out and put his hand on my shoulder.

'Don't just stare at it with your mouth open. Put that mouth to use and suck my dick.'

His hand moved from my shoulder to the back of my head as he pushed my head down to his big cock. The only thing I could do now was open my mouth wide and start sucking. His cock filled my mouth after 4 inches as I started to suck on it. The feeling of it in my mouth was amazing. I could taste his sweet precum as more came gushing out. He began to moan while my lips tightened around his throbbing dick.

He let go of my head to allow me to get on my knees while he took his shirt off. I looked at his toned body which he got from all the years of riding bikes and surfing. My tongue went straight for his right nipple while I caressed the left. He let out soft moans while I licked down his sexy body, back to his cock. Grabbing it, I licked all the way up his shaft and circled my tongue around the head. He moaned in ecstasy before I felt both his hands on the back of my head. He tried pushing my down onto his cock to try and get as much in my mouth as he could. Once his cock hit the back of my throat, I gagged.

'Ha ha. Just like the chicks use to. But don't worry Chris, you'll learn to take it all.'

At that moment, I knew I was his. The way he talked, told me that he was going to make me take all of his massive cock in my mouth tonight but this won't be the last time we do anything like this. He was in control and it made me hornier than ever. My cock was aching in my pants to be let free. I unzipped my fly and pulled my hard on out. Adam looked down at my cock while I stroked it.

'Wow Chris. You're pretty big yourself there. Let me have a taste.'

I obeyed him, stood up and moved so my dick was in front of his face. He looked at it for a minute before grabbing the base and slowly moving his mouth over it. His tongue brushed against my shaft and lips sucked onto it, making me moan. I thought my moans might wake someone else up but I didn't care. The first time a man is sucking my cock and it felt amazing. He took more and more of my dick into his mouth until I realised that he had the whole thing down his throat. I was amazed and so turned on. I nearly came right then and there now his throat. He sucked me off for a while longer, swallowing every bit of precum I gave him before taking his mouth off my cock.

'Where... did you learn... that?' I panted.

'I've experimented before with a guy. Maybe someday I'll tell you who. But for now, I want you to be able to do what I just did to you. Get on your knees and keep sucking my cock.'

His authority was a huge turn on for me. I did as I was told and got back on my knees. My lips slowly engulfed his throbbing cock until it hit the back of my throat and made me gag again. This time, instead of pulling away, Adam put both hands on the back of my head and pushed me further down on it. My eyes started tearing up from my gag reflex but he kept forcing more of his dick down my throat. Before I knew it, his whole 8 inches were down my throat and my chin was touching his balls.

'Fuck man. You're a natural. Now you can deepthroat my cock. Keep sucking for me.'

I slowly sucked him off while he sat back. He enjoyed every moment as he moaned. After a while, I noticed that he was slowly thrusting into my mouth. His hands returned to my head and he started thrusting more. He stood up while I stayed on my knees and started thrusting harder into my mouth, filling my mouth with every inch of his cock.

'You love my dick, don't you Chris?'

I looked into his eyes to see that he was in total control of me. I tried to say 'yes' but it was muffled by his massive dick.

'Yeah you love it. Suck my cock bitch. You're gonna take my huge load.'

He was still thrusting while I was jerking my cock. I felt his cock get even harder and I knew he was about to blow. One final thrust and a moan from him and he was flooding my throat with his cum. 3 days of cum filling me while I swallowed every drop. He started sliding his cock out but held the end in my mouth. I knew he wanted me to suck every drop of cum from his cock so I obeyed. He sat down and I sat next to him, both of us trying to catch our breath.

'Dam you're a good cock sucker Chris. Take your shirt off. Now it's my turn to do something for you.'

I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head before feeling Adam's hand wrap around my cock. He started jerking me off, getting me closer than I was before. It didn't take me long before I felt the cum building up for my climax. He felt my cock twitch so he jerked faster. I moaned before blowing my load all over my chest and abs. Adam went straight down and started sucking the cum off my cock, then licking it off my body. I just enjoyed the feeling of his tongue exploring me. When he finished, we decided that we should probably go to bed like the other had. As we went inside, we looked at each other.

'Thanks for the birthday present Chris.'

'It was my pleasure. Happy Birthday Adam.'



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