He doesn't want to reveal his true name and our protagonist needs a name. 
What are we going to go with?  Marc, Matheo, Ahmed, John, Jean, Jacques, Ben, Bram, Bartel, Giovanni, George, Jorge or José, Jeroen, Jacob, Kobe, Kevin, Ewout, Elliot (Oh I like that one...) or maybe even Cornelius.... ?

Have we had a George yet? No I don't think so, lets spice it up and make it a Georgie shall we? Though he doesn't want his true name to be known, I have permission for just about everything else. Which of course makes no sense to this humble narrator but whatever creams his coffee...

Every protagonist has his or her antagonist... dum-dum-duuuuum!

Don't worry their name is already set, he doesn't care if you know it or not and thinks Georgie is being paranoid. His name is Théo... menacing isn't it. I swear chills down my spine and everything.

I could leave it at that but we do like to paint a picture of the people we read about don't we? Georgie is a pretty boy but he hates being one (don't you just hate those!). He just couldn't help getting stuck with those cursed good genes of his. I mean most of us would kill to have good bloody genes. Not Georgie, Georgie doesn't like his looks so he covers them up... with hair. A beard to be exact. A lumberjack beard... because that is what Georgie is ... a lumberjack.

Though he circumvents the suspenders and the bra. He's all lumberjack all right, from the red plaid shirt to the woolly hat, nicely trimmed beard and full head of hair. All that along with the good genes that gave him one very nice lean body by the way. A strong lean frame to go along with it makes this is one sexy piece of man. The dark hair matching his blue eyes are just the cherries on top of a very delectable ice cream.

He'll of course deny any if all of this, which makes it all the more fun to tease him with a detailed description. (He also has a heart shaped birthmark right on his w- don't ssshhh me! Urg Fine!) I could go even further but that's for later I rather think.

Théo or Théobald as his passport boldly states, quite likes his looks. He's comfortable in his skin, happy with his figure whatever his genes may be. They look quite a bit alike actually, when it comes right down to it. Théo grows dirty blond curls with an equally dirty blond beard. Usually wears grey or black clothing with black boots. They make his dirty blond hair stand out, he likes that. Just imagine a colour for his eyes, I can't see them from where I'm sitting and he's being purposely obtuse about it. He never wore the woolly hat cause he thought it too cliché... how cliché...

Our two main characters work together. Well of course they do. When Théo had first appeared on the scene he's been quite friendly to honest.

Downright nice even.

Théo and Georgie became fast friends. Really buddies. Chums! It didn't hurt that Georgie found Théo rather attractive. Georgie wasn't what you'd call out, though he wasn't in either. Georgie was somewhere in between. As the months progressed Georgie noticed Théo become more and more distant. Théo's mood worsened with each passing day. They didn't hang out as much. They didn't work the same schedules as much. Until the day he actually stopped talking to Georgie. Their other forms of communication became just as unfriendly. His smiles became glares, his greetings became grunts and his chitterchat... chilled silence.

Georgie was convinced Théo had sensed his attraction towards him though he was sure he'd never ever slipped up. He never stared or sneaked a peek and he certainly never touched him. He always acted completely normal around Théo.

Théo's rejection of Georgie's friendship hurt. But if he was going to be a homophobic asshole maybe it was best they weren't friends.

This continued for quite awhile, two full years to be exact. Georgie got on with life the best he could and Théo appeared to be doing the same. Each year though they both participated in the local lumberjack competition. This particular competition centered around three events, which could change from year to year. One year Georgie won, the other Théo. Though they were both equally skilled you can guess what was going on there even if they didn't.

So as usual they prepared for the competition, this year the three events were, Underhand block chop, Single buck and a 60-feet speed climb. I can't really be bothered with explaining these right now so you'll have to wait.

They each trained, they each worked hard, they each ate alone at night and slept alone at night and contemplated the point of life, the universe and everything. Alone. Albeit over a nice whiskey each on their respective sleeping porches. They both favoured Dillon's The White Rye, which is odd cause I'd never heard of it before. The again I never knew Japan makes whiskey and they've apparently been winning prizes left, right and center(fold)!


The day of the notorious competition arrived! TADAAAA!

The usual suspects turned up and everything was going smoothly. All the men were warming up, centering their energy, focusing their Chi.... When Georgie spied with his little eye a very nice new contestant surprise.

Lets name him... Ahmed, I think Ahmed works really well for this lanky ginger stud. A rose is a rose under any which name, am I right? Or does that quote go differently... 

Ahmed had some serious skill with a serious body and serious twinkly eyes. Which seemed to eye Georgie every chance they got. Georgie was really enjoying the attention and as you can imagine Théo was not.

His mood and attitude plummeted and he started making rookie mistakes. You my dear reader are probably just as uninterested in the details of said mistakes as I am. So let's just say they had Georgie worried. His none-friend was acting strange, even more strange than usual.

His animosity now not only directed toward Georgie but Ahmed as well. Which Georgie couldn't understand at all! Everything came to a head (I just love that expression don't you?) during the 60-feet speed climb. The men were focused this event was a tiebreaker indeed. Ahmed in the lead, Georgie a close second and in third place Peter.

Were you expecting Théo? Yeah so was I but apparently he's steadily dropped to seventh position. How embarrassing ha!

All seven contestants sped off at the sound of the signal. Ahmed quickly in the lead with Georgie a close second not so secretly enjoying the view of Ahmed's strapped buttocks. But poor Théo didn't even get half way before he clumsily slid down. Once bottomed out he detangling himself from his ropes and kicked the sparring pole in futile frustration. Which probably wasn't the best idea while still wearing his spurs, cause it got stuck and fell on his ass. Which was ohmylord so funny! Trust me I saw the footage.

Ahmed won, Théo lost. Georgie came in a tight second.

After the award had been handed out and received, everyone started clearing away their shizzle. Georgie was getting a very good chatting to from a very happy Ahmed. Who was doing everything in his power to get Georgie's number and Georgie was going to be very willing to give it when eventually asked.

Théo passed them and bumped Georgie's shoulder with his very heavy tool bag, knocking the man off balance.

"What the freak is going on with you today!" Georgie snapped.

Théo turned eyes blazing. "What the freak is going on with me!" he yelled outraged. "What the shit is going on with YOU! You better never come near me  ever-a-bloody-gain! YOU HEAR!" he spun around on his heels and stomped away to his car leaving a seething Georgie behind.

That's IT! Enough is enough!

Georgie ran after Théo, leaving a numberless Ahmed behind.  Before he could reach him however Théo revved his engine and speed off spraying poor Georgie with dirt.

This didn't deter him. Georgie gave chase.

He wasn't going to get away with it this time. Not this time. This time he'd gone too far! He was going to get some answers and he was going to get them now or there would be some serious ass kicking in his very near future!

He arrived only second behinds Théo but that was enough time for him to slam his front door shut before Georgie could even cut his engine.

His adrenaline still surging Georgie strode up the porch and banged his fists on the cabin door. Hard!

"OPEN THIS DOOR YOU SON A SHIT! OPEN IT NOW" He yelled between bangs.

The door flew open revealing a still equally angry Théobald.


"WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU!" Georgie yelled right back. "Why are you acting like a complete shithead!"

"What's gotten into me! WHAT THE FRAP HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU! Fawning over freckle face at the competition today like there was no tomorrow." He barked. "I mean seriously! WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!"

"I CAN FAWN OVER ANYONE I WANT TO!" Georgie yelled once again, anger reaching a new high. "Who I want to date is none of your business!"

"DON'T YOU WORRY YOU'VE MADE THAT CRYTAL CLEAR!" He bellowed back. Their voices hadn't dropped volume throughout this whole exchange. "You just had to rub it in my nose today didn't you! You just had to bat your eyelids and pout those lips and throw him sexual glances every chance you got." He ranted

"I don't bate my eyelids!"   --he does actually--



"How would you know! YOU NEVER LET ME IN!"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" Georgie howled exasperated. 

--Ohmylord isn't this just thrilling!--

"I'm talking about how you ignored ever advance I ever made to you! How you never gave me the frapping time of day! How you never returned any of my affections. I mean I could have handled it if you weren't bloody interested but you were giving me so many mixed bloody signals it was driving me INSANE!" Théo really loves a nice rant doesn't he?

"You never passes at me!"

"Are you blind? I practically threw myself at you!"

"NO! I would have known if you'd been interested too!"



They stood there panting, staring at each other. Their anger slowly retreating as their breath slowly returned. Before long they stood there looking at each other like two lost little boys, cheeks flushed and shuffling their feet. 

Théo stepped aside and Geordie stepping inside before closing the door behind him.

They both trained, they both worked hard, they ate together at night and slept together at night and contemplated the point of life, the universe and everything. Naked. Albeit over a nice whiskey cuddled up on their sleeping porch.


Yeah...so this is what happens when I have no one to talk to, the dog's not here and am crawling up the walls of my apartment and jumping around the place. I have no idea where this came from it just kind of flew out of my fingers. One hell of a buzz to write though. 

I thoroughly enjoy feedback! Let me know what you think, if you have comments, suggestions or whatever let me know below or if you're feeling adventurous email me.

This is a piece of fiction. My piece of fiction which may not be borrowed, altered, taken or copied without my explicit permission! 

A. Sonky



[email protected]


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