I have been in choirs pretty much all of my life, and being raised in a black Southern Baptist church community meant that I was at pretty much every rehearsal and sang every time the youth choir had to. It was basically ingrained in me.

Choirs are families, dysfunctional ones; well, more of a dysfunctional group of people that share a few things in common and have to see each other pretty frequently. Freshman year of high school I was in two choirs. The first semester I was in the freshman choir and then in second semester I was moved up to the audition-only choir because I was a tenor and I could fend for myself with sight-reading. Both semesters I was around this one person that was going to be graduating. I didn't know really anything about him except that he jerked off multiple times a day. According to him at least twice a day and as a freshman with crazy hormones I was really quickly lusting after that senior.

Here is the thing about that I get uncomfortable being around the person I lust after day after day and then also at after-school rehearsals. It almost drove me insane. Quickly cause of that non-ending lust for him the year just seemed to end.

Junior year was about the same, with me harshly lusting after a guy. That time I had a chance though. This guy was not only gay, but versatile and very open to letting people flirt with him. On the way to one of our trips I tried to make passes after him even though he had just recently ended a relationship, and they were ignored. That's how that year went, me making passes at him and then they bouncing off as if nothing had really even happened.

Then there was senior year. Senior year was were everything changed. Well, to an extent. The same guy from junior year was still there and so was another gay guy. Very promising lucking. Because it was senior year all of the seniors were turning 18 when their birthdays came, and all of the gay guys just happened to be seniors.

The guy from junior year and I were still being very friendly with one another, or I was being very friendly with him. That kept growing and growing until our first trip. On that trip, I was determined to have some sort of a pleasurable sexual experience and I kept pushing that guy. So, on the first night I got him extremely horny and it was not difficult at all. Before lights out had been called I was standing beside him while he laid in a top bunk and the one under him was free. I whispered a lot of things to him. One time I said "If I get cold I'm coming up there with you". Another, "we can have a lot of fun tonight if you want to".

Repeatedly, I was throwing hits at him and then lights out was called and I got in the bunk that was beside his in the upper one just like him. Then we started passing his phone back and forth messaging each other because there was absolutely no signal anywhere to be found. While passing the phone back and forth I told him "I am going to suck your dick tonight" and he responded "no" and I said "yep, I am going to and you are going to love it to". I couldn't see because the lights had been turned out, but I knew that I was making him very horny because he kept rolling around.

I told him that he knew he would like it too and that he was getting rock hard from me giving him the idea of getting a blowjob even with about 12 other people in the large room. The majority of the people had fallen asleep or turned off their games and so I got out of my bunk, without hitting the person below me and maneuvered over to go rub his dick. As I did that I told him to move down to the lower bunk. Out of horniness he did it very quickly and there was a moderately loud thud as his feet hit the ground.

I moved over and kneeled on the floor beside the bed to get in a somewhat comfortable position to give head. Letting him get comfortable, I grab his dick again and start jerking him off, and he is rock hard. I know that I am 7.5 inches and since he was slightly smaller I guessed that he had to be somewhere around that ballpark as well. He was uncut and his dick pushed harshly pushed up towards his belly button.

Once he got ready I used my skills that I had only used once before. I started with his head, putting his hot head into my cool mouth and just started sucking while shooting my tongue all around his head. I could feel his body tense and he exhaled really sharply. Immediately precum surged from his piss slit and I used my tongue to scoop it up. Swallowing it down I had also managed to pull up his foreskin. Instead of nibbling on the skin I decided to stick my tongue between the space of his foreskin and head. It drove him crazy. I couldn't stay there to long and went down to his moderately average sized balls. I sucked one into my mouth while slowly jerking his dick. He wanted to steer the ship and tried to fuck my hand slightly and instead I worked with his rocking to keep the slow pace and he stopped moving exhaling loudly. Switching to the other ball I used my other hand to start feeling up his thighs and his ass.

When he tried to move my hand off his dick I went back up to it and put all of his dick in my mouth in one sweep and as I pulled up I was greeted by copious amounts of thick precum. That was all I needed to move into hyper mode I started bobbing, creating an irregular pattern between deep-throating, his head and mid shaft, the entire time utilizing the softness and warmth of my tongue. Still rubbing his body I decided that I would also add in jerking whenever I was going halfway and going to get breathe. For him not to be moaning he got pretty loud and was still continuously leaking precum. After a while, he decided that he could not take it anymore and that my pace was driving him insane. So he my hand and started jerking himself really quickly and to gain back some control I put my mouth over his head and started with a lot of force sucking up all the precum that he was making and our session was becoming more and more audible. I didn't care and I kept going and soon enough I was greeted by a hot, thick load that tasted very similar to his cock.

Nothing happened with the other guy I just told him that if he were single that I would fuck him recklessly for his 18th birthday present; however, as the odds came up he was with someone when his birthday came around.

One of the benefits of being in a high school choir is sometimes you get really hot interns. And senior year we got the hottest intern. He skin was caramel and his voice was amazing. At the very beginning when he first came he knew more about me than I knew about him, somehow he had managed to memorize my name before I knew him as anything other than Joey.

He has tattoos too and that was one of my things back then, Latinos and tattoos. Daily I had a view of his crotch and it seemed pretty nice and fat for someone that was flaccid. Days passed before we had our first conversation and I had mentally confirmed that that sexy intern of ours was gay and that I possibly had a chance with him. I immediately thought Hell yes and even tweeted about it later that day.

He was weird in the way that he could always make me laugh and keep me smiling even when I was upset and I didn't even know this man.

Soon enough he gave me his number and told me to use in only in emergencies. Of course I willingly took it and was like will do. As I walked away he called my name and I turned around and he said looking at me and smiling "only for emergencies" laughing I said "gotcha, see ya tonight at rehearsal" and he said ok.

Not realizing it at the time, my parents were not in town and after rehearsal I had no way to get home. Looking at Mr. Joey, I held up my phone and mouthed the word emergency. He walked over beside me and whispered "what's up?"

"I need a ride home"

He looked up for a second and then looked back at me and asked "Where do you live?"

"By the new McDonalds"

"Ok, I was going that way anyway, I got you"

"Okay" I said grinning.

For the rest of the rehearsal I was struggling to keep myself under control my testosterone levels were way off chart and I had to sit down the entire time to prevent everyone from seeing my woody.

At the end I hopped into his car with him and there was awkward silence. Then he glanced over at me and asked "Why are you being all weird?"

"Me?" I asked "I think it's you"

"Yeah, sure" he grunted and as I looked over at his lap I saw his dick at full mast and it had to be at least 8 inches if not more.

"You sure you aren't being weird?" I ask knowingly "Maybe it's your body just being weird, it happens"

Right then he knew he had been caught "Ummm...It's not weird"

We pulled into my drive way and no one was at home and I was prepared to take advantage of the situation.


I'm Loving the D


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