I had always felt it in my heart and even thought about it daily, but I never pursued it. The first time I saw another man's dick I knew I wanted to play with it. When I was about 7 I stole a porn mag from my mother. It had Peter North in it. Damn that vanilla dicked looked good. Fast forward to 1994. I was at the University of Illinois. I was one of those quiet types. I worked, I studied and was focused on my schooling. I met a guy name Robert my forth year there. He was cool and use to call me Davonna. My name is DaVell. Robert was the jock type. He only befriended me so I could help his ass pass. We kept in touch after college and actually became real close friends. I got hired in Milwaukee designing clothes. He later became a coach for a High-school in Chicago. During the summer he would come and visit. One day I was at the studio and my model didn't show. My coworker Barb said she'd wear the dress, but I needed a larger woman. Barb said she had an idea. I ended up wearing the skin tight black dress. It felt funny, but natural for some reason. Barb made the adjustments and commented on how juicy my ass looked. We played around and I looked up and saw Robert. He was laughing his ass off. I felt so embarrassed. Later that evening we ate pizza and had some drinks. We decided not to go clubbing that night. I took a shower and went to the bedroom. When I started putting lotion on I saw Robert looking at me. I was like Damn, why you spying on me. He said he was Horney and the shower he just took didn't work. I been thinking about your ass all day he said. Was this real or was Robert fucking with me? He walked over to me and stood right in front of me. His white veiny dick getting hard. He told me to suck it. I smile and licked the head of it. I started smiling and stopped. Was this really going down? Robert said, don't stop baby. I swallowed my man pride and had fun. I sucked his cock. He grabbed my head and fucked my face. I swished slob on all the dick that entered my mouth. He said he was gonna cum and pulled out. He said he didn't want to cum yet. He sat on the bed next to me and told me to stand up. Robert asked me to spin around the way I was earlier when I had the dress on. He stopped me and pulled my ass towards his face. I felt his strong hands grab and jiggle my ass cheeks. Next was the most wonderful thibg I've ever felt. He licked my asshole. He did it over and over and occasionally put a finger in.

'So tight!',he said.

His fingers felt so good. He pulled them out and stood up. We shared a very seductive kiss. He said he wants me to be very submissive. I laid down and he got on top of me. I spread my legs, but kept my knees folded.He kissed my thighs and made his way to my nipples. He sucked on them and squeezed them. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably. Our faces finally met. We tongued and he pushed his hard cock in me. I clenched the sheets and shouted. Robert paced his pumps. He made love to my man pussy. It hurt a little then felt really good. After fucking me like this for a while he eased out. He asked me to turn around doggie style. He asked if I had any lube. I said get the vaseline from the bathroom. While he was gone I felt my whole. It was so gapped! He came back and greased up my ass and his cock. He said I had a sexy chocolate ass. He put the head in. He warned me that he fucks better this way. This time when he fucked me the vaseline made a popping sound as he went in real deep. He hit something inside that made my cock jump and throb. He kept hitting that spot and I screamed for Jesus. I was cumming! My hole couldn't fully close cause he was in me. My semen gushed out. Robert picked up his speed and gave my ass the fucking of a life time. Soon he came. I shouted for him to leave it in. His cum covered my insides. I was so hot I wanted more. I stood up and told him how wonderful he was. Now I wanted him to submit to me. Don't worry Robert, I'm a bottom. He laid down on his back. I went and got a wet soapy towel and cleaned him off. I asked him to spread his legs. I gave him head until he got back hard. I felt his semen slowly coming out of my ass from his last nut. I got on top of that white dick backwards. Look at my ass baby! I rode him. I looked over my shoulder to make sure he was looking. I pictured he was Peter North. I gave him all this ass. I felt him in my stomach. This your ass baby all yours I said. Robert bust again. As I rode him I masturbated and had a powerful nut. I eased up and laid next to my lover. There was no turning back now. I got my first taste and was hooked.




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