Chapter One.

In the beginning, the earth was created by the God's. The big three were then sent to control their realms. Zeus in the heavens, Poseidon on the earth and in the oceans, and Hades in the underworld.

The God's would mate having their wives birth children and children mating and birthing children. The cycle repeats until they decided to mate with the human race.

The humans and the God's were not in favor of these relationships as they made a law to end relationship such as those. They were to never mate with the humans ever. All results of those relationships were not allowed to mate either.

Due to the bi-godol children they revolted against the God's and the humans claiming the bi-godol children created a war between them both. The God's not willing to assassinate their own children, so they created weapons of destruction to do it for them.

Zeus created the Angels. Poseidon created the Mutants. Hades created the Ninja. With their creations they created the ultimate line of defense...or so the God's thought.

10,000 years later, in 2014 Hawaii, the war as they God's and Human's know it changes drastically.

Chilie stares at himself in the mirror. 6'4", platinum blonde hair, dark emerald eyes, full pink plush lips and perfectly white teeth. Freckles that echoed throughout his hairless surfer body. His washboard eight pack and small outie belly button that sat above his tan v-line leading to his perfect uncut eight inch cock. He looked as if Apollo and Aphrodite had conceived him in the most beautiful-est of ways.

He stood in the surf-shack bathroom that he worked at. The smell of the ocean consuming the bathroom as the natural smell of urine soon disappeared. His boss was sure to come and complain as he knew Chi went to the bathroom it was going to be a 45 minute unwanted bathroom break. But Chi used these moments to try out on these new abilities he was having.

He peered back in the mirror and breathed in slowly exhaling heavily. He slowly begin to repeat pulling motions back and forth from the sinks fosse. He did this for a minute then the fosse began to slowly shake, occasionally dripping water. The dripping water then changed from occasional dripping to a fluid flow then to a consistent stream as he used the water stream to paint the walls of the Hawaiian influenced styled blue and green men's restroom.

He couldn't believe what he was doing. Just last week he conquered fire while setting up for a bonfire that the surf-shack host every month. And even more recently the air and wind while practicing a dance. Chi continued to paint and dance with the endless stream of water that he had pulled from the fosse eventually slipping from the water that dripped from the walls and onto the floor. Chi laughed at himself before air drying the room with his newly discovered abilities.

Chi stepped out the bathroom in his "Jimemal Surf-Shack" board shorts and matching flip-flops. His hair blowing in the wind the sun setting on his rock hard body. Those martial arts classes and surfing lessons are coming in handy because everybody was envy of Chi's body and hair. His platinum blonde hair hung to his shoulders just like the cliché surfer.

"Hey Chi! Think fast pretty-boy!" yelled his co-worker Adam throwing a Frisbee in Chi's direction. Adam was very envious of Chi's body and hair often comparing him to Zayne from the boy-band One Direction.

"Ha! Nice try douchebag!" Chi yelled back catching the Frisbee behind his back. Chi took off running in the in sun baked sand leaving dust behind creeping up on Adam and eventually tackling him when he wasn't looking. Adam and Chilie had something. They didn't know what it was but they definitely had something. The feelings they got when they were together would make even the old and decrepit fall in love all over again. They were such a great catch. Chi and his Zayne-Godliness apparel and Adam with his Zac Efron body and looks just made them the most envious people in the little town of Paia, Hawaii.

Embraced in the tackle, Chi on top of Adam laughing and wrestling around a bit, slacking off on the job, putting them in a moment. It was a Sunday afternoon, no one was at the beach, and nobody ever goes to the beach on Sunday afternoons. Adam leaned in his head towards Chi, rubbing his nose on his.

"Rubbing noses isn't going to get you what you want Ada," Chi whispers softly.

"It's not but it's going to get you to do what you want."

"And what's that, I may ask?"

"This" Adam says slowly pulling his and Chi's head closer until their lips lock in a long awaited kiss. Lips locked, Adam pushes his tongue into Chi's mouth and wrestles with Chi's lounge. Exploring each other's mouths everything becomes unaware to them and they block out all other distractions of the world. A loud boom explodes in the background breaking the passionate make out session that the two were engaged in.

"What the hell was that?!" The bathroom had exploded and its shredded pieces were flying all over the sunburnt sand. "Dude, we need to take cover from whatever the fuck that is!" Adam added pushing Chi off and grabbing his wrist and pulling him off the ground and behind one of the Lifeguard booths. "Look dude, if one of us survives and it happens to be you, like, could you not tell people what happened before this. I mean, you can tell people but not about the kiss. I'd rather them not know about it."

"Yeah. Sure bud. But if you survive and I don't, you have to tell people." Adam stormed out from behind the booth outraged from what he heard and was immediately swallowed into the sand. Chi peered out around the booth because he hadn't heard Adam bitching anymore. All he could see was the hole in the ground closing back around. He wondered if he had done that because after what Adam had said that's all he wanted to happen.

Another boom went off, then screams. Jessica. The store manager had been in the back taking inventory, and hadn't seen what was going on outside as Chi had seen. Chi rushed to the store kicking the door down and finding Jessica behind the register and a shining gold figure tearing the shop looking for her. Chi began to spin his hands in a full body circular motion until the wind in the air picked up enough force and then thrusting his arms towards the figure violently pushing him towards the wall with a few things flying towards his too. He and Jessica rushed out of the shack as it exploded behind them. Chi sent Jessica to call the town's fire department.

"Ambulate in nomine deorum templa tibi et caligo commendat." A winged man appeared. "Figere propter hoc damnum est a malo est" he spoke again now turning towards Chi. "Chilie James Carter?" "Come with me. I'll answer all your questions once I can conform your safety." The winged man then arose to the sky, and over the ocean. Chi followed. He grabbed a surfboard and paddled out on to the ocean until he stood and push and pulled the water, moving him through, following the winged man for hours. Chapter Two They soon arrived on an island. There sat a tree and a barley manageable hut. It looked as if the hut could fall apart if you accidently breathed on it. "Chilie Carter? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Soloman Georgeoffrey Hays. I am from the decent line of the πριν clan of angels that Zeus created back when the war first started. I am currently looking for a team to put the war to end so that I may return home and reside where one of my stature belongs. I believe you are once piece that will help me achieve this goal. I have casted a spell that will draw me near when someone has chosen the same path as me. Someone who has fallen in love with a human. The Gods do not allow this to happen and want to exterminate the children that are a result of a God and Human mating. You my friend from what I seen are a result of this. You have the ability to bend the elements I see so you must be from the Diwane Clan created by Poseidon. His line of defense. Mutants that could bend the elements. Mostly human attributes but immoral like the Gods along with other elements. I am here to train you to work with your abilities, train you to master your abilities, and conquer them." Chi just sat in the sand appalled Staring at Solomon's' godly body. Solomon was built much like Chi. Short strawberry red hair, blue piercing eyes, beat red lips, and freckles that didn't stop at his face. His shirtless body revealed the perfect golden-brown tan, with his hairless 12 pack washboard abs, deeply defined v-line and probably a cock just as big as his."I understand. When do we start? Chi asked. Chi had no ideal what he was getting himself into, nor did he care just as long as her got to see Solomon's gorgeous body more. Solomon led Chi into the broken down hut. Inside the hut were stair that lead underground and opened to a plethora of rooms. The dojo being the room they walked into first. Solomon showed Chi his room and the night was at ease and then drifted off into sleep.

The next one and a half years the two trained intensely together growing closer to each other and learning new abilities. Solomon learned telekinesis and telepathy, how to control will and healing abilities. Chi learned how to bend other materials like the earth, metals, plants, and elements from the periodic table.

One day the two had gone into the small town of Waiohinu Hawaii and attended the bar to celebrate their new found abilities. They partied for the next two nights for it took longer to get drunk due to their god livers. They over did it and we kicked out the bars for being overly intoxicated. They stumbled into a hotel lobby trying their best to keep it together.

"Welcome to Waiohinu Hotel Nine, how may we help you today?" the desk clerk asked. His salt and pepper mustache crept up in his nose and around his aged faced and tired eyes. Chi just slammed a one hundred dollar bill onto the counter. He had pickpocketed it from someone's pocket in the bar earlier that night. Solomon slummed onto Chi's shoulder made the man ask no questions. "Two nights and three days is what this will get you" the man said handing Chi the room key.

234. Chi entered the room and tossed Solomon onto the bed. Chi begin to strip Solomon as he knew Solomon like to sleep in his boxer briefs. Chi did the same, stripping down to his compression shorts and climbed into the bed with Solomon.

Chi laid in the bed, staring at the ceiling as Solomon laid next to him, passed out from being drunk. All Chi could think about was the last year. How he left his family with no consideration. How he had these powers. How his family wasn't really his family. How these stories of Gods are true. How the Gods could not accept someone like Solomon. How could someone not accept Solomon?

"Shut up! You think too loud!" Solomon said is a drunk blur tossing his hand on Chi's chest.

Chi ignored and went back to thinking. But this time all he could think about was how hot Solomon was. How his eyes made Chi fall in love every time they made eye contact, how Solomon's voice was like melting chocolate, how kissable Solomon's lips were, and how big his dick was.

Solomon slowly moved his hands down Chi's body and into his underwear and gripped Chi's dick, slowly stroking it. Forcing his lips onto Chi's body teasing his nipples and kissing up his neck until their eyes met and filled with lust. Their underwear came off and they embraced in a passionate kiss, kissing down each other's body. Solomon kissed until he met Chi's eight inch cock and slowed it whole. He sucked his dick til he was on the brink of cumming, then flipping him over, licking and teasing his ass. Chi begged Solomon to stop. Chi returned the favor and did the same only this time penetrating Solomon's ass. Chi held Solomon wing straps and ram his ass hard fast and deep arching Solomon's ass. Solomon arched his back pushing back on Chi's dick in sync with the trust. Chi fucked Solomon until they both came in sync. Solomon fell fast asleep in Chi's arms excited for the next day.


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