I had forgotten how breath taking it all could be as I sat there on the dock. We had had dinner, together, at a small table, dipping our crab in melted butter as the horizon over the bay turned red then purple then royal blue. It was a peaceful and surreal string of moments, great food, a little wine and for dessert the stars.

He had married my sister, three years my junior. That's how long the marriage had lasted. She had been so sweet and so innocent, but as soon as she slipped out from the thumb of my stern father, almost as instantaneous as Kent had slipped the ring on her finger, she had gone wild. The booze, the drugs, the affairs, but after forgiving her time after time after time, she disappeared into eternity leaving him broken and alone.

We had not been close then, and really had no reason to keep in touch, but like the beacon somewhere on the other side of the bay we dined, and Kent had been there for me, when my own wife had lost her battle. It seemed the old adage was true, it did take one to know one. Kent helped me like no one else could. He alone would know how painful it was when you had to finally stop holding the hand of the one thing you loved more than life itself and let it slip away.

I had not seen him in; oh it must have been, five years. He simply showed up at the hospital one day and just sat with me, as Della went through would become her last round of painful chemotherapy. He kissed her on the forehead and told her she looked beautiful, then shook my hand and left. When she slipped away, as peacefully as the doctors could make it, in her sleep, Kent was there again to ease my burden and let me know that yes there was someone who understood.

That was two years ago. Since then he had called and I had called him. We lived less than 25 miles apart but it might as well have been thousands. In the past two years it seemed we had to make appointments just to get together and run.

I had done some dating but found most of the evenings wanting. Somehow from my twenties to my thirties the tables had been turned. I was now a piece of meat, constantly being squeezed and scrutinized to see if I was better than the previous purchase and did I give double coupons. I had come to make the choice to just be alone.

So it seemed that Kent and I ended up spending more and more time together. First, it was an occasional drink at Woody's and a brisk run/walk down the Promenade in Havre de Grace. Before long we started fishing and crabbing together on weekends and once even vacationing together in the mountains for a week of rock climbing and biking. Time kept shifting for us; from youthful glow to tremendous heartbreak to comfort and support to now.

Here we were, two widowed men still attractive and in their prime, just sitting, enjoying each other's company and being dazzled by the display of natural phenomena around us. It was that time of year as summer eased its way to fall. The days were shorter and the evenings had that light crisp bite to them. The muted colors of heat eased their way into vivid depths that dazzled and the air ruffled your skin just enough to make you stop and take notice.

And I had taken notice. The light wind played with Kent's blonde hair as he folded his arms across his chest and just gazed out over the bay. He was one of those men that had always easily been noticed, but the boyish looks and the charming dimples had changed. Before while adorable, he was one of many young men with teeny bopper cover looks and a white smile. Now, despite the scars of quiet pain, when those dark blue eyes turned to you, he took your breath away.

We had cleaned up the table and wandered back out on the pier, drawn to the sparkle of the water and the song of cicadas. We sat there side by side, legs dangling over the edge, sipping our wine and drinking in the good company and the sweetness of the soon to be fall night.

In the distance music played, the old stuff; music that eased you into it and unleashed your senses slowly and seductively. Kent leaned back on his arms and smiled. 'What a perfect night.'

I sipped the last of my red and nodded. 'Getting cooler now...won't be spending too many more nights out here.'

'Great cuddle weather, though.'

'Oh god yeah...' I closed my eyes and remembered, god how I remembered. 'I miss that. I bought flannel sheets, but that only helps a little.'

Kent put an arm around my shoulder and slapped his hand on my chest. 'You really need to find someone Joe. You weren't meant to be alone.'

I chuckled to myself. 'It would be nice my friend, but I'm not going to hold my breath.' Kent nodded his head and looked at the water below our feet. 'And what about you, buddy? Me thinks I heard the pot call the kettle black.'

'Oh man, I gave up forever ago. My needs have changed. I'm too private now, and women...please don't get me wrong, I love women...but relationships with the ladies mean a lack of privacy. It's a natural thing...'

'Two become one...'

'I'm too closed off, I may never be ready for that kind of intimacy again. It makes me uncomfortable. I'm more comfortable with what we have.'

'Plus, I'm a cheap date.'

Kent laughed. I was so drawn to that laugh; the little dimples of his youth were now deeper and longer, teasing you to fall in them when he laughed. 'Listen...' he said. 'Hear that?'

I cocked my head to match his. 'What? The music?'

'Yeah. What's that song?' He bobbed his head and sang 'Dah dah dah dah duh dah...'. I love that!' He stood up and began to sway to the music, moving his feet and his hips gently swirling an invisible partner around the invisible dance floor. It was the Four Seasons and 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You'. I couldn't resist. I stood up and joined him, dancing with my own long gone invisible partner.

Before we knew it we were dancing together on the end of the pier, at first just swaying together to the far off sound of Tony Bennett, then to Vicki Carr. By the time Michael Buble's voice could be heard on the water, I had placed my hands around Kent's back and his hands gently took my waist and we danced with each other, an inch of air between us but the sound of the orchestra filling the precious gap.

I had never held another man in my arms, and I don't know why tonight I suddenly reached out and took Kent in mine. It just felt right and he came to me, softly and without hesitation as we stepped together until the music ceased. We stood there in silence, touching but not moving.

He was looking down on the pilings we stood on, and I at the moon behind his head. It felt good to feel the heat of someone else's body, someone who didn't have designs on what kind of life I could provide for them or silently totaling up my plus and the negative traits to decide if the next step was worth the risk.

In the rays of the moon, I could see the little ringlets around Kent's ear his short hair made when the weather was damp or he got overheated. I wanted to touch them, and tonight I did. I took just the pad of my fingers and grazed them enough to feel their softness and tremble at their determination to be known. Kent sighed. He leaned his face in to my hand and closed his eyes, he too, remembering what it was like to be touched and not scrutinized. He started to say something but I stopped him.

'Just let me breathe...you...a minute.' I said quietly. Kent took just a small step toward me, the air between our bodies finally gone. I could feel his warmth, his musculature and the strength in which he resigned himself to just being held.

He slipped his hands tighter around my waist and put his head on my shoulder. I held him close and we slowly started swaying, dancing to the music of the bay, our hearts beating to the slip of the water and surrendering for the moment to just being. I knew I should be regretting holding a man this close, touching his body and him touching mine, but the moment was there and we both needed it.

Once again, a quiet sigh rose from somewhere. I didn't know if it came from me, or from him. All I knew for sure is that for the first time in a long time I was at peace and felt safe, and strangely enough loved. I put my hand on the back of his head as we danced. He nuzzled his check into the small where my neck gathered to my shoulder. It was oddly, if that's even the correct word, right.

I remembered the nights holding Della this way, feeling her soft body comforted next to mine. I could feel her heart beat again. I closed my eyes and just imagined the two hearts pumping warmth in the crisp of the fall, and that familiar sensation began to trail its fingers from my lightly shifting feet, through and all the way up to my mind, as I lay my cheek on the top of that blonde hair and just became the moment.

'Joe.' At first I thought he was calling my name, asking me a question. His body only held itself to mine and I realized, that like myself, he was just reminding himself that it was me in real time, not a love he had lost in his mind. My response was to simply run by hand in a tiny reassuring circle in the small of his back. He did the same with his cheek on my neck, and we continued to dance.

Slowly as somewhere the music played, the memories faded in a painless glide into the past and the present became clear. It was Kent dancing there in my arms, his body shifting with mine. It was his strong back that my hands explored. It was his fingers that slipped into my belt loops and pulled me in just a little closer. It was Kent's heart that was beating next to mine and the scent that wafted from the blonde hair was masculine and not light and delicate.

Kent turned his face up to look in my eyes. He smiled as he searched my face. I'm sure he could see the same thing missing that I found gone in his. The pain and heartache had gone out with the Chesapeake tide. Wrong or right, the moment was perfect. We were whole again and now could move on.

I felt this strange pull, a need, one I was not accustomed to. There was a heat mingling in the dampness that began to soothe me, dazzle me. This time, it was I who inched in just a little closer, pressing myself into him, my arms wrapping tighter, eliminating all possibility of space between us.

For the first time I felt him, really felt another man. Had it been any one else, I don't believe I could have felt the comfort in his touch. I knew this man from the inside, and the gentle arousal I began to feel seemed simply like a completion in knowing him more. As softly as the water below us melded our lips moved together. Kent turned his face upward towards mine and I lowered myself to his.

I could feel his breath on my face as my lips only needed another moment to brush against the softness of his. There was a plop, a fish naturally jumping from the Chesapeake, or maybe it was the fabled monster of the bay. Whatever it was it drew our attention and the moment was gone. The dance ended and we turned arms still around each other's waist until we sat as we were, feet dangling on the edge of the pier.

We sat in silence, looking at the water, only our hands between us, but this time I was very aware of the man beside me and the fact that his warmth and electricity generated from his little pinky touching mine.

'Another five seconds and I think I'd have made love to you.' I said.

Kent's head cocked to one side, staring into the Bay. 'Damned fish.'

I put my hand on his and rubbed the soft but strong hand. 'Run in the morning?' I asked. He nodded his head and smiled. 'I should go.' I said and stood up. I tugged on the hand I still held and pulled him to his feet facing me. We stood there just looking at each other for the longest time.

'Joe, spend the night.' There was nothing urgent about the statement, it wasn't even a question, just like what was between us, it was just there. I took my free hand and put it on the back of his neck, his strong sinewy neck, and his face came easily to mine and we kissed. Unlike my kisses of the past, this one was tender, passionate and real.

It seemed only natural and only right, our bodies stepping into each other as we kissed and explored each other's mouths with our tongues. A pang of desire hit me, followed by a pang of fear. We stepped away from each other as easily as we stepped into the kiss.

We released our hands and walked side by side back to the house. Kent slipped his hands into his pocket and looked at the ground as we walked up the path from the pier to his back door. I knew that neither one of us was ashamed of the kiss or the dance, but I knew we were both at a loss. This had suddenly become more than we expected.

'Have you ever...?' He quietly asked.

I shook my head and looked at him to ask the same question.

'Once.' He admitted. 'A long. Long time ago.' We were finally at the back door to his house and stopped and just looked at out feet.

'Meet me in the morning at the Promenade or at the house?' I asked.

'On the promenade, I guess.'

'Thanks for dinner.' I said

'Thanks for the company.' He smiled. 'Don't know what I do without your friendship sometimes.'

I tapped his stocky chest with my index finger. 'I know how you feel, Kent. Having you around has gotten me through days I never would have gotten through otherwise.'

He smiled appreciatively. 'I'm glad.'

'Good night.' I told him.

'Good night.' He responded and walked to the door. I had headed for the driveway when his voice stopped me. 'Joe?' He called softly.

I turned back to see him standing in the opened sliding doors. I guess he saw the look on my face, as he didn't wait for me to say anything.

'Maybe it's not what either of us had in mind, but wouldn't it be wonderful if somehow our friendship evolved to satisfy our nights as well?' He said and just stood there.

I didn't know how to respond. I nodded my head with another sad smile on my face to match his and turned to my car as I heard the glass doors slide shut. I stepped in the Camino and started the engine, pulling out slowly for the five minute trek from his house through the lane of woods before hitting the main road.

He was so right. We'd both had great loves and the losses had changed us forever. We didn't want or need to replace them, but we were young and lonely. Our friendship and commonality had served to make us both strong and happy. The waking hours had laughter, companionship and fulfillment. Our nights however were a completely different story.

I didn't sleep well, and more often than not I ached alone in my bed, desperate for a human touch other than my own. I had dated women since Della. I had sex since she passed, but it always came with these strings that ruined the moment. What I wanted was what I had with Kent.

There was something about the time and the place in my life that was being fulfilled by another man. We understood each other's needs. There was this incredible unstated bond and understanding. Kent knew when I was hurting. He knew when I needed to talk and he knew even better when I just needed silent companionship, like tonight on the dock.

There was no need for deep conversation. We didn't even need to discuss the irony of how wonderful it was to dance on the pier. It wasn't even necessary to talk through that kiss, how thrilling and passionate it was or the fact that had a sound from the bay not stopped it, it may have very well gone further.

Could it be that that moment of sexually charged energy between us would last for more than whatever time it took for physical release? I knew this man in every way possible but physically. Was it possible that knowing this man in every sense of the word was exactly what he wanted, he needed, what we very possibly both wanted and needed?

I knew how attractive Kent was, and realized that I'm not half bad myself. I couldn't help but notice the looks we both got from women and quite often from men. Kent has this almost perfect physique. His musculature was toned and tight. Now his mid thirties he still had that deceptive look of baby like softness, but I knew for a fact that no matter how hard you might look there was not an ounce of fat on that man's body.

I approached the last stretch of the woods, the main road almost within sight, I laughed when I recalled the Saturday afternoon in the spring as were running together on the Promenade. We were both shirtless and had shown up wearing almost identical running shorts. Kent even made the comment that people might mistake us for lovers.

We ran together anyway, and the seemed to cause a stir among the other people on the mile long pier. I noticed another man leaned up against the railings in dark glasses that had passed us by several times. When the run was through and we made there way to my truck, as fate would have it, the guy was parked beside us. Dressed in shorts and a camouflage tee, his haircut lending to the assumption that he was military from the Proving Ground just down the road, he came up and smiled.

'I usually don't do this, but I figure the worst that could happen is that I get the crap beat out of me, but getting naked in the middle of a sandwich of you two would be an absolute fantasy come true.' He said, removing his glasses and staring lustily at both of us.

We both froze and remained silent. He guy smiled and shrugged his shoulders. 'Thanks anyway.' He said. 'I just couldn't let the opportunity pass by without giving it a shot.' He got in his car and drove off. We hopped in the truck and remained silent until we got on the Susquehanna Bridge and simultaneously busted out laughing.

But the thought had never really left my mind. I pulled the Camaro over to the side of the lane before I got all the way out of the trees and let memory wash. I had to admit that I entertained that thought ever since the stranger had brought it up. Not that long ago, when the night left me so horny I couldn't stand it, when masturbation and using the sex toys someone had bought Della and I as an anniversary joke that had become an enjoyed regular addition to our togetherness, didn't fulfill me anymore.

I actually drove back out to the promenade alone one afternoon half hoping that stranger would be there and make another offer. This time I would take him up on it, just to see if the release would quiet the fire in inside of me that wouldn't seem to die. I had never had the desire to be with another man before, but I was searching. I needed a release that I couldn't give myself or satisfy with the series of one night stands that had become all too common.

A deer jumped from its hiding place in the trees and darted to the other side of the road. Like the sound from the lake a few moments earlier, I snapped back to reality. Sitting there in the car, I suddenly knew that what I needed was to make love, not fuck. I knew that making love meant a commitment, and I also knew that I was not ready for not did I have the desire for the commitment that came with women.

I felt the hardness in his shorts. I knew that what was needed was the commitment that came with making love to another man, the understanding and personal space that came with that kind of physical pleasure and the time was now.

I opened the car door and locked it tight, leaving it right there, just out of sight of the main road and looked at the trail through the woods behind, now ahead of me. Slipping my hands into my pockets, I walked straight ahead, no fear, no desperation, just acceptant of the fact that everything I needed lie ahead.

It was a fifteen minute walk in the night. I took his time, knowing that this was a huge step, but also sure that what I was doing was not in vain. I knew Kent so well, and replaying the evening back from the first bite of dinner to the stars on a bed of blue sky to the dance ending in a kiss, I knew in my aching soul that Kent was ready as well. In a little while, I was fully prepared to know my friend in a new way and had no doubt that by morning we would be lovers.

I punched the security code into the key pad I had used so many times before that I knew it by heart. I could see light in the front room and upstairs. As I opened the door and let myself in, Kent was standing there in the middle of his living room surprised but not shocked.

'I didn't hear the car. Everything alright?' He asked.

'I walked. The car will be fine until morning.' I said and looked up at the loft on the second floor. I could see the bed was already turned down and there was a single light on in an unseen corner from where he was standing.

I sat in a chair and removed his boots, placing them by the door, next to Kent's shoes and punched the security code into the keypad. Kent flipped the downstairs lights off and waited until I was just behind him. I took his hands and he led me up the stairs. No words even needed to be exchanged; everything had been said that needed to be. It was time. It was just time.

We stood facing each other for a moment, until I just reached out and began to unbutton Kent's shirt. Kent put his hands around my waist and watched me exposed his chest and push the fabric back to his shoulders. Kent closed his eyes as I gently ran my hands across his chest, savoring the touch and the soft blonde fur that shared just the right amount of space with that massive cut chest.

Kent's warm hands made their way into the inside my own shirt as we kissed. I felt both strength and surrender as he raised my arms allowing my light pullover to be slipped over my head and fall out of sight and mind. He explored with his hands my chest, meager in comparison to his but toned and hairless with the exception of that one tuft of black hair in the center a little black trial leading down my belly to beyond my belt.

'Make love to me' I whispered, my lips barely a sigh away from his ear.

Kent pushed himself back and looked deep into my eyes. 'Only if I don't ever have to stop.' He said, the answer to his question unspoken and acknowledged with another kiss.

I heard belts unbuckling and pants slipping to the floor. I didn't know whose, and I don't know who did what, all I rmember is that the moment was right and I was now standing in Kent's bedroom, both of us in trunk briefs as we had been many times before. This time, this time however, when we climbed into that bed, we would remove those cotton intrusions and be together.

I climbed into the bed with a creak, the bed giving to first catch of our weight. I stood there on mys knees waiting for Kent to bring condoms and a bottle of lubricant and place them within reach. For the first time I enjoyed watching Kent's tight ass move in his white under shorts as he moved away and the shifting mound in the front as he came toward the bed and laid the needed possessions on the lamp stand beside the bed.

He joined me, finally, matching the stance on his knees as he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. I couldn't help but moan quietly as I felt Kent's hands begin to travel around my body, and his warm lips moving from my face to mys neck. I let my head lean back to give him access to the taut muscles there in hopes those lips would travel further down and around.

My own hands explored. I had seen the man so many times before, but it wasn't until I actually touched him freely that i wanted to know what he felt like, every crack, crevice and inch of him. I wanted to know the feel of this man with fingers, with lips and with every inch of my own body. I traced down Kent's strong back to the vee his waist made, lightly grazing his skin with my fingernails as I felt Kent's lips and tongue tracing the muscle from my neck to my pec, focusing on the nipple and teasing it to a full state of arousal.

I moaned approval as his mouth made its way to the other side of my chest and his hands began to slip inside my underwear and cupping handfuls of ass. I couldn't wait any more. I reached down and pushed Kent's shorts to his knees and just looked at the masterwork on his knees before me. It was just beginning to fill with arousal, but Kent's penis fell from its nest in dark blonde hair and easily into my hands of putty.

I caressed it and watched it grow at the touch. I had held my own hard cock many times, but this was the first one that wasn't attached to me that I had ever touched or really wanted to. I stroked it and squeezed it and wondered at how much it made me shiver with pleasure to think of the things that were about to happen.

Kent followed the lead and pushed my shorts down and grabbed two handfuls of my thick hard on. He wrapped his fingers just under the tender head, rubbing his thumb over the opening and smearing the first drop of precum across the mushroom. It was thick and responding to his grasp. He slid both hands up and down from tip to shaft, the echo of my body shuddering as he stroked.

I lay back on the bed, allowing my friend and soon to be lover to remove his underwear the rest of the way. I reached his arms out as he waited for Kent to remove his own shorts in hopes he would come to me and I could feel another man's naked body, this man's naked body on mine.

I broke into a mile I could feel as he slowly laid his weight on top of me. There was this jolt of electricity as naked skin touched naked skin. I ran his hands from Kent's shoulder blades to the small of his back, letting the palm of my hands glide over the firm mounds of his ass, cupping them where his tight thighs gathered.

His hard cock was lying right next to mine, balls touching, I could feel the blood pump through it. I moved my hips slightly as we began to kiss again, Kent's exploring tongue moving down my throat, his own hips moving so our hard cocks slid against each other, hard stomachs serving as pressure points for passion.

My legs spread involuntarily as Kent's eager tongue slid down down down until it was there just inches from my dick. He used the tip of his tongue to lick the opening. I responded with a sigh, placing my hands on Kent's short curls, afraid to push his head down for what I was waiting for.

Kent began to lick my balls, lapping each one as I writhed in pleasure. First he sucked one into his mouth, rolling it around gently, letting it drop and then doing the same with the other. When he released it his warm went tongue traced the heavy vein of my hard cock slowly from the base up the thick shaft and then circled the tip. I couldn't help but moan as I felt Kent's mouth open as swallow the red throbbing head of my cock.

Slowly, awkwardly but effortlessly he allowed more and more of that cock slipping it into his mouth, sliding it up and down further each time. The girth stretched his lips and the warm wet pressure made me begin to thrust my hips helping my lover give more and more pleasure. I felt his fingers begin to play with my balls, rolling them and squeezing them as he sucked him.

I had had my cocked sucked before, but this time...this time every suck, every lick was memorized, igniting in a pleasure zone I didn't know existed. The sensation shot through my brain, making me even harder and determined to make it last. I laid back, mys entire body throbbing in need and satisfaction, being taken care of by a blond god with the body of a statue and a mouth that knew how to make a spine tingle.

Kent raised my right leg up, I submitted totally to his will, allowing it to drape over his shoulder. I was rewarded with a warm wet tongue sliding down the crack of my ass and circling my hole now quivering in anticipation. My cock jumped at the sensation, then my body relaxed as the tongue shyly darted inside, making me shiver in a cold sweat. It started at my toes, shimmied up my legs and circled around the opening that was being tongued. I hoisted my leg higher, hoping that Kent could get more of it in and that the sensation would crawl up into my head and explode there inside my brain.

I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled his face to my lips. He melted into me,, his face shining with the sweat and salvia he had primed my cock, balls and ass with. I stroked Kent's hard thick cock and pulled him to his knees, the cock throbbing and jutting just seconds from my lips. I closed his eyes and took it in.

The taste was new, something musky, hot and different from the many women I had explored that way. I did my best to imitate the movements Kent had used and was rewarded with moans of pleasure and encouragements through gasps, deep sighs and a single quiet, 'Yes, Joe, yes...'

It was hard and throbbing, and my tongue found a single drop of salty brine oozing down which I lapped up and swallowed. I was primed for more. I sucked the cock furiously, quickly becoming accustomed to the sheer size of it, tickling Kent's low hanging sack as the cock grew even mightier and harder. I knew from experience that Kent was about to come when I allowed the cock to slip from my mouth and pulled his lips back to mine.

I grabbed handfuls of the short blonde locks of Kent's head, pulling him as close as I could. 'Be my lover' I whispered.

'I am your lover.' Kent smiled.

'Make me feel again, Kent. I need to feel again.' I moaned, sighing in desperation. I opened my eyes to see Kent looking back at me. The sudden wave of loneliness was gone. I kissed him, and looked deep into those blue eyes. 'Fuck me.' I said, not begging, not pleading, just saying what I needed out loud.

Kent reached for a condom and slipped it on. As he carefully spread the lubricant on his hard dick, he put his other hand on my belly. 'Trust me.'

I placed my hand on his and nodded. I placed my hands on Kent's hips as he moved into place. I could feel the head of Kent's sheathed hard on ready at my aa. I spread my legs and readied for what was about to happen. The anticipation of the moment was almost more agonizing than the moment I felt the head open me, slowly and as tenderly as he could, Kent slipped his cock in.

My back arched, and I almost cried out in pain. I felt Kent reach down and hold me still, forcing me to relax and get used to the intrusion. Kent held the base of his cock, only a third the way in and began to move it in a small slow circle, priming my hole and then slipped it in a little farther.

'Oh God...' I whispered. 'Oh my God...' The pain began to subside and a new sensation began. I felt both full and empty, and the need to fill that empty space over came me. I grabbed Kent's neck and forced him to look in his eyes. Nodding my head, Kent began to thrust his hips, gently easing his hard cock the rest of the way in.

I could feel it. The massive cock sliding deep inside me sent a shiver that started at the base of the spine and worked its way up one nerve, one muscle at a time. Soon I could feel himself being fucked for the first time. I could feel it throbbing inside me, impaling me with building pleasure, and I could see by the look on Kent's face how good it felt to him.

I thrust my own hips meeting Kent's dick in mid air and forcing it deeper and harder inside. The bed creaked and I grabbed hold of the head board hoping the solid wood would help the cock be driven deeper and faster. It's what I wanted, it's what I needed, it was what was making my heart scream 'I'm alive!' in my chest.

Kent held my legs in the air and began to slam down into me, impaling my virgin hole with as much force as he could. Our grunting echoes throughout the bedroom, drowned out the slick sound of a hard cock sliding in and out of a hungry ass. Kent grabbed my cock, now so hard it barely moved even though the force of his thrusts shoveled every muscle of my body hard against the head board.

He began to stroke my cock, sliding his hand from tip to base as his own hard on slid from head to balls into my ass. As he pulled his dick out he slid his fist up to the base, pulling the skin almost over the head. Our eyes were locked in a heated glare as our bodies wracked with pleasure resigned themselves to years of need and desire setting the bed on fire.

'Fuck me...' was all I could say as heI felt his balls fill. I couldn't hold off much longer. And with one last relaxed moan I let another hard thrust of cock inside me send me over the edge. The first ribbon of cum shot straight in the air, and somersaulted before landing perfectly in the center of my chest. The second burst sent Kent over the edge. I felt the piston action get faster and shallower as the condom inside my no longer virgin hole fill with shot after shot of Kent's cum.

The white hot stars in the room danced all over our brains, and the pleasure we made with our bodies overloaded them. When the rhythm in the bed returned to a regular heartbeat, I was still naked on his back, knuckles still white and grasping the headboard. Kent was still deep inside of me, my legs locked at the ankle around his lower back, and Kent's hands were covered in spent semen.

Kent released my cock and slid his hand's up my belly and around my waist. As tenderly as the water outside lapped the shore, we came together again, sweat upon sweat, heart upon heart and kissed. The past was behind us now, and the first of many many tomorrows just ahead.



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