My older brother is a complete asshole, four years older than me and he doesn't let me live it down. Today I will tell you about how I got started with other men and the guy who is the sole owner my ass. Growing up I always thought my brother kellon hated me, because of the way he would speak and treat me but boy was my mind changed. Kelllon was huge and muscular Police officer; let's just say he influenced the way I looked then and now. He was the guy that got all the girls, fucked their brains out and moved on, I on the other hand was the spoiled baby of the family, I got the little sisters and cousins some of whom moved on to him much to my annoyance and I was a thorn in his side form the day I was born. We have two older sisters (twins) that are married who along with our parents have spoiled me rotten

Today is Saturday and Kellon and I had a big argument or in our terms a "Cuss out," nothing new as it was a daily occurrence but today it ended with him punching me in the stomach then walking out of the house, where are Parents when you need them? And I decided that some pay back was in order, I walked into his room with a bottle of kerosene in my hand deciding his "Loose Lotion" the stuff he uses as lube for sex, was going to get a chemical change. And I knew where he kept the master bottle, right in his top drawer. Opening the drawer I picked up the bottle and started uncapping it. The scent that it gave off alone was making my cock hard. "Your cock look like it is going to get as big as your brother," turning to face the person who said that I noticed it was Rushelle.

There was no hiding it I was at full mast and my thin boxers were no help. "Awe," I stammered, as she continued to assess my body, "then your puss must be very loose considering how much he fucks you." It was not until I had finished saying those words that I realized that they were said out loud and not just in my head.

She pushed pass me annoyed, I could tell, hoisting her already short skirt up as she sat revealing a white lace crotch panty, "Come," walking over to her like a programmed robot, "kneel," she commanded the anger in her voice was still evident, I obeyed and waited expecting an assault, she reached out and grabbed my right hand and started to pull aside her panty with her other hand bringing my hand in contact with the puffiest pussy I had ever seen in my life. "feel," she said "does that feel slack? Stick your finger in for a better feel"

Still speechless, I was getting dizzy with excitement, here I was touching my brother's girlfriend pussy, and she wanted my finger up inside her. My brain was screaming "NO!" even as my middle finger eased up into her cunt, "Damn," I said out loud, "that is a tight pussy".

She looked at me, "see" in that same instant I had pull out a little and started a slow finger fuck causing her speech to become slurred, " ah- I t-tol-d-d you-u"I was so enthralled with playing with her pussy, my other hand made its way to her clit, it felt like it was calling me; I pushed her legs wider apart with no objection from her and leaned down to taste my first pussy.

On impulse she tried to disengage my mouth from her pussy but I held on, and somehow managed to get her clit into my mouth to be assaulted by my tongue, she gave up her fight dropping the rest of her body to the bed leaving me to her pussy soon I felt her hand pulling my head pressing it into her pussy more she was screaming. "Fuck Me Now, I Can't Take It Any More." Not satisfied that I was not giving her what she want she grabbed my hair and pulled me bodily onto her and said, " put that cock into me now," before pulling me into a sensual kiss. I felt her hands in my boxer and she freed my then 7 inch monster and guided me into her velvet warmth slick with my saliva Fuck was all I cud manage to say, she started muttering as though she was in a daze, "kellon never got me so hot as you, Fuck me till I cum"

And I did just that, I moved my mouth to her left breast damn they were beautiful and started to suckle like a just born babe I cud hear her breathing quickening with the added stimuli and her body was wreathing beneath mine because of my lack of movement she wrapped her legs around my slender waist and pulled me completely into her, and that set me off I started to pound her pussy I knew she was accustomed to my brother's even bigger cock but it was mine she was begging for now so I was going to give it to her the best as I could. I realized then that thinking of my brother made me a lot hornier and aggressive still clasped on her breast I started remembering how she screamed when my brother was fucking her and I wanted to be better than him. I hear myself grunting as I was sure I didn't have much longer. I was going to lose it and I sucked on her breast even harder for anchorage when her body started to spasm then her screams confirmed she was Cumming, my body then started to spasm as her pussy muscles squeezed my cock causing me to shoot off inside her. I collapsed on top of her and released her distended nipple from my mouth and began to flick it with my tongue.

"Get off me you baby," she said breaking the silence. I slowly got up and sat down as she got into a sitting position, "who taught you to suck pussy?" She asked with a curious look in her eyes.

I knew the way people in our neighborhood looked at men who did that, they put them in the same category as Gay. Bowing my head I said, "please don't tell anyone I did that to you," I pause little then continued,"it's just that your pussy looks so good that I wanted to taste it".

She leaned over kissed me on the cheek and said, "I will never tell a soul, that was my first and I want more." Then she got up straightened her clothes and hair and left.

I made my way into the shower realizing that my stomach still hurt from the punch kellon had given me earlier an thought if he punched me like that for drinking his juice what will he do if he found out I fucked Rushelle. I had no sympathy for him he fucked a lot of my girl friends so I guess pay back is a bitch. I toweled off and pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and crawled into my bed almost asleep before my head hit the pillow

Between sleep and wake I felt my body being lifted up off my bed my head was so blank that I thought it was my father moving me from the couch to my own bed. He lifted me up even at 16 instead of waking me up; it annoys my brother allot. My body hit the bed but instead of being covered with my blanket I felt a hand lift up my butt off the bed and with one swift movement my boxer was off. I felt a body cover mine and a hot breath on my neck, the perfume that I smelled was not my father but rather my brother, I came to reality when I opened my eyes and was staring into the expressionless face of my brother I was instantly afraid he was going to finish beating me up I made a move to get out from under him I pushed and tried to turn but his body kept me pinned I looked around for something that would help me get away from him, but I slowly realized that I was in the middle of his king sized bed and I could do nothing.

I finally found my voice, "Kellon, please don't hit me, I am sorry for using you juice," I was so scared that tears were slowly coming down my cheeks, still he said nothing, "please forgive me, I won't do it again, my stomach still hurt where you punched me and it is hunting more now because you are lying on me."

He ease sum of his weight but pressed back into me making me feel his entire weight but this time he brought his mouth to my ear, " that did not bother you when you were fucking my girl friend earlier." His voice was heavy with anger and I had to try to apologize

" I am sorry I didn't (mean)," the word was snuffed out of my body when I felt his mouth crushing mine his hand coming around my neck and his tongue forcing its way into my mouth.

"Oh you will be sorry alright, I saw the whole thing, and since Rushelle refused to put out tonight I am going to do to you exactly what you did to her" I looked into his face it was just as cold as when I first woke up.

I gulp a huge breath of hair, "I am sorry."

He shouted, "Shut the fuck up, because I am still going to fuck you," I hadn't noticed that he had a handcuff in his hand until I was bound to the heat board of the bed. "That is just to keep you from trying to get away, oh and this is to keep you quiet," he said coming wrapping one of our dad's tie around my head gagging me. he slid off of my body it was then that I figured out that it was his cock that was lying on my stomach all ten inches of it, my mind was racing how was he going to get all of that in my ass I started to cry again.

He noticed what I was looking at, "I must say you are the first guy I am going to fuck, but I hear guys can take a lot more length than women, and I sure hope they were right because you are going to pay for fucking my bitch. Step one eating her pussy," he said and made his way to the end of the bed lifting my legs, pushing them up until they came into contact with my chest.

"No I thought to myself that is nasty,"

"That is a beautiful hole you got there little bro," he said rubbing my exposed whole with his finger, that was beginning to feel good, then one moment it was his finger the next it was his tongue, the sensations were unbearable, I was moaning, " so u like that, huh slut?" and he dove into my hole with his tongue again this time I felt his finger pressing into my hole I winced at the invasion but his tongue soothed the pain away but when he felt that my body relax he retract his finger only enough for a second to join it then a third. I was almost near the point of orgasm when I got accustomed to his third finger and was rotating my hip to meet his fingers, "it seems you are ready for step two, fucking her pussy, you faggot."

My body tensed up as his fingers withdrew from my ass, he let my legs fall to his side I felt his cock at the entrance of my orifice, my body was stiff with fright, with o strong push he pressed his cock into my never before fucked asshole, the pain was unbearable, he pushed again causing me to try and dislodge to the foreign object form my body, "Don't fight me you little bitch your ass is mine," he said, I guess it turned him on more because he withdrew and rammed his full length into my body. "Fuck! you are so tight," he said, "I can feel every movement in your body. All I could do was cry.

There was no time for adjusting to his size, just him fucking me, "you are in for a long fuck," he said as I turned my face away from his and let the tear roll. Unable to speak I will my body to endure, thoughts of hatred toward my brother made it easier. "Oh baby I should have fucked you so long ago, your ass is way better than a pussy, I don't want it to end." He said and continued to thrust into my aching hole but this time he corkscrewed it and it hit a spot that changed my body's response to his, again and again he hit that spot and my now flaccid cock began to stiffen, I began to push my body back to meet his thrust I realized I needed it, it felt so good , I was making inaudible noises in my throat because of my impaired speech but somehow Kellon understood them and clasped his lips to my left nipple and began to fuck me wild, long deep strokes every time them fast short stroke it was killing me. My body began to spasm as my cock erupted streams of hot cum between our bodies it was the hardest I had ever orgasm. " your ass is squeezing my cock like a vice grip and I can't hold out much longer," he started to pound me harder to his satisfaction and his cries of ecstasy were loud and familiar but seemed more intense his body stiffened as I felt shots after shots enter my body he was coming in me.

His body collapsed onto me and I could not control my tears form coming again, my brother raped me, and I hated him for making me feel good doing it. I was so lost that I didn't feel him open the handcuffs that bound me and removed the gag from my mouth, it was not until he pulled me into a spooning position that I realized I was free but still his arm kept me prisoner. I cried myself to sleep, knowing that I have no love for him now after he hurt me so bad.

I was out like an hour or so when I came back awake as my brother slipped his cock back into my sore hole from behind, it was like he was making love to me, he was kissing my neck and rubbing my body with his hand caressingly. his movement were gentle, again I felt like I was going to cry, I tried not to but I couldn't help it, I started to cry louder when my body released its contents on the bed, I was ashamed of myself for reacting this way. I knew he was near because his breathing became heavier but his thrust remained constant he erupted in my body sending shots after shot to meet those that were there from earlier.

I pulled my body away from his and jumped off the bed as fast as I could my arms, my stomach, ass and my legs were sore but what he did to my heart could never be repaired, "Kyle stop," he call to me.

Since he first gagged me I found my voice, "you fucking bastard, I would have forgiven you for hitting me, because I loved you, but now I hate you, I hate you for never loving me back, I hate you for raping me, I hate for hurting me like you did, I hate you, I hope you die the most painful death." I turned and ran out of the room to the safety of our parent's room, bolting the door behind me; I heard him come to the door and tried to open the door but left when he realized that I had locked the door. I picked up the phone and tried my dad's cell but was soon reminded that he was out of service area.

My father was a cop also and would move from place to place for weeks at a time conducting training; now that we were older my mom would accompany him leaving my brother to look over me. My emotion were all over, I had no more tears to shed and sleep evaded me, I saw the sun come up and knew what I was going to do. I opened the door and realized that he was asleep rite at our parents door, so I stepped over him trying not to wake him a made my way into his bed room and retrieved the tie that gagged my mouth, climbing up to his bed I tied it to the roofing rafter then tied it around my neck. I jumped off of the bed but my body was held mid air instead of dangling, I looked down to see my brother had caught me. He put me back up unto the bed then climbed up in front of me and took the noose from around my neck.

" you should have let me die," I started to pound him in the chest making him loose his balance and jumping to the ground I followed suit, " you always said you wish I was never born, I was going to fix that so I could never be in your way ever again."

One moment I was standing facing him the next I was laying on his bed with a stinging in my face, I felt my tears coming again but there was none to come. He slapped me; he dragged my body to a standing position and his arms enveloped my smaller body. He held close and felt water would hit my shoulders occasionally, he was crying. He pushed me just enough that I could see his face and the hurt he bore on it, "I am so sorry," he said, "for hurting you like I did, but I would never, never want you to kill yourself, even more because I hurt you," I was about to speak but she place his finger on my lips,"Shush, you don't have to forgive me, hate me all you want but don't try to hurt yourself." His tears were still flowing, "I couldn't live if you did, then who would be here for mom and dad," his hands were now stroking my cheek, "I love you, no older brother could never not love the little brother that tries to be just like him, I don't deserve your forgiveness but I promise you I will never hurt you again." He pulled me back into his arms, I realized that I could never hate him, I loved too much to hate him, but I still couldn't trust him, I had never seen him cry in more than ten years that touched my heart. I pushed him away from me and walked to my room; he just stood and looked as my naked body left the room.

Weeks had passed and still I could not bring myself to talk to him our parent had arrived the day after the incident and were leaving today again for another two weeks, they however were accustomed to us not talking to each other for weeks at a time so they didn't look into it, I am glad though because my dad probably would have killed kellon, my sister Mary on the other hand was not impressed and demanded that we fix it or she would, not even Kellon wanted to be on her bad side, she was pretty as mom and a tyrant like dad the few times she gets mad So the occasional how do you do were all we tendered. I fucked a few girls savagely to prove that I was still a man, they got off but my orgasms were almost empty, they were not as resounding as the ones Kellon forced me to have, it only made me want him to fuck me again.

Marcy was a good lay but it was not all that anymore, so after I just slept through to the early hours of the night, I was awaken but kellon's voice he was on his cell, " You're what?" then a pause, " are you sure it's mine," another pause, " I have to ask, I don't know If I was the only guy who's been fucking you," of course he did he knew, I fucked her, then I shot up off the bed, this kid could be mine also, I walked across the hall to his bed room, he heard me coming and signaled me to be quiet. "Well I guess it is mine," pause I was worried sick that it was mine, I would have to leave school, find a job, if I survived dad. "What do you mean you want money to fix it," he was getting angry, "I will kill you if you try to harm my baby," that surprised me he said me, "if you don't want it, I do so you will have the baby and hand it over to me have that," with that he hung up the phone.

I looked at him he looked at me, "Kellon, I didn't use a condom."

"It's okay, it doesn't matter," he said

"But, it could be mine," he saw the worry in my face and walked up to me and took me in his arm.

"It will be fine, I can't let her kill it knowing that this child could be mine or a part of you," he kissed my forehead, "and if it is a part of you then it won't matter because you are a part of me. So stop worrying I am going to take care of this."

My tears were flowing and when they made contact with his chest he lift me head and looked into my eyes and said, "I will always protect you," I wanted to believe him. Our eyes were locked unto each other it was as thought my body depended on his, I raised my body on my toes and brought my lips to his, my tongue entering his mouth, as he sucked in a breath through his teeth and twisted his head away from mine, " I can't do this," he said turning away from me.

My hand caught him by the shoulder, "please!"

"I hurt you so much the last time," he said.

"Can't you see you are hurting me more now by rejecting me," I said quietly turning him back to face me.

"I promised you I would never hurt you again," he said and was going to say something else but I stopped him when I kissed him again, this time he kissed me back and wrapped me into his arms. I never guess kissing a guy could feel that good, we kissed and our hands began to explore each other's bodies, our shorts were at our ankles by the time we come up for air.

I stepped out of mine and fell to my knees, his manhood was already at full mast when I took it in hand and guided it to my mouth, it was too huge and could barely fit in my mouth but I started to suck on its bulbous head dripping a salty slime from its slit I lapped it up not in any way grossed out by it, "oh fuck baby, that feels so good," he was moaning, and his body reacted to the sensations my mouth was giving to him. He move his hand to my head to steady himself, "you are the best, baby bro, fuck, fuck, fuck, I am going to cum." his hand started to feed me his cock more faster I started to suck on his cock more earnestly he was grunting, he tried to pull out but I grabbed his butt cheeks and held him in place as he shot a thick load in my mouth. It was so mouth that I started to choke and was forced to swallow some, but the salty taste turned me on more. "Fuck that was awesome," he said pulling me up and pressing his lips to mine smeared with his own come licking and tasting himself on me. "I taste good don't I? "He asked.

"Uh huh," I said waiting to see what next he would do

I didn't have to wait long because he leaned in to kiss me a lifted me off of my feet resting me gently on his massive bed, "on your hands and knees," he commanded not like a bully but like patient lover. When my ass was up in the air I felt his warm breath on my asshole, I began to push back anticipating that his tongue would touch me like he did the last time, but he took his time, "I am not in a hurry baby, I need to do this right, so you would know how much I love you, ok." I thought to myself this fucker was talking too much but my thought got cut midway because his tongue connected with my asshole. He was eating my hole and I love it, fingers were fucking me and I didn't care I was moaning and grunting I didn't want to open my mouth out of fear the neighbors might hear me and catch us in our incestuous act of sodomy.

I was now at the point of no return my ass tightened around his fingers, "I am cumming, oh fuck," and I let out a streams of hot cum unto his bed. He continued to finger my whole until my body stopped its spasms. I threw my body down on the bed my eyes closed still letting what happened settle in my brain when I felt his mouth envelope my softening cock his mouth felt so good, when he had sucked me clean I crawled up my body and began to kiss me hard.

"I love you baby, and no one will ever change that," he whispered on my lips

"I love you too," I returned my cock was stirring between our bodies and I knew what I wanted more than anything else, "make me yours, and fuck me please."

"I am sorry but I can't fuck you," he said.

I turned my face in disappointment, "why?" I asked, "after all we have already done"

"Why," he said, " look at me," I didn't want to but he turned me face towards him with his hand and kiss me lightly on my lips, "because I am going to make love to you," he kissed me again this time I kissed him back, " I will make you mine, you deserve nothing but the best."

He stretched his hands over to the top drawer next to his bed and pulled out his loose lotion, I was secretly glad I didn't tamper with it now. Taking a large amount he started to work it into my hole with his finger then he put a huge amount on his cock and lubed it up, "are you ready?" he asked me.

I said, "Yea, just go slow with that horse cock."

"Relax, and I will stop if you asked me to," he said. The head of his cock found my lubed entrance and began to take depth I bit my lips with pain, but I didn't want him to stop slowly he inched up into me, " half way there baby," I remembered feeling full but this time full was feeling better. His balls touched my ass cheek signaling that he was all the way in me, "I love you," and he started to kiss me again gently, and caressing my body with his roaming hands.

His hips started to rock softly stirring up my inside, we were both groaning in each other's mouths, still lock in ours kiss , "make love to me," I hissed as I came up for breath. His rocking was driving me crazy combined with his hands on my body my passion was rising he pulled out his cock out of me and slid it in slowly back at a different angle again he did that each time at a new angle exploring my inner depths, we were in a trance, my body could take no more my prostate could not take it no more of his hypnotic movements and I was soon rocked with a chart topping orgasm. He stifled my cries of fulfillment with his mouth in a hard kiss, when my passion climax had subsided I knew I needed to make him feel good so I whispered onto his lips, "fuck me hard," his eyes flickered as though in disbelief.

" oh baby I am going to give you whatever you want," his thrust began to pick up and I was closing in on another orgasm, " I am close I am going to make you mine forever baby," he was shouting his thrust were hard many times knocking the breathe out of me but I loved it I spread my legs wider to greedily take all of his cock that I could manage to get, he was now giving me long thrusts and I was knock over the edge unto my third orgasm together. "your ass is milking my cock like it is hungry baby, fuck, fuck, fu-ck, I am coming," his movements stopped and I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me with fulfillment in his eyes, "I love you, and I refuse to share your ass with any other man, do you understand me, I will kill anybody that you let touch you like I do."

I looked up at and said, "I am yours."

Eventually I fucked him up the ass and demanded full and sole custody of his ass after I found out he started to fuck the sissy boy next door, then we agreed that we could fuck other guys but our ass were off limits. I have never cheated on him yet. Oh yea Rushelle had a daughter that I name Claire, no one cud tell who her father is if they had to judge between me and kellon, her mom left town soon after she was born, now the only thing we compete for is her affection. Dad threw a fit when Kellon told him about Rushelle, making it clear that he would not spend a penny more on the baby besides birthday gifts, yea right the little cutie has him wrapped around her little fingers and I have lost my position as baby of the family, imagine kellon has to ask Dad's permission to take His (Our) daughter out. And My days for crying are over, Bye.


Kc Caleb

[email protected]


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