I changed jobs and we moved to a Dallas, where I worked a rotating shift, two weeks on days and then two weeks on evenings. 

My wife, Barbara quickly got a waitress job at The Flying J truck stop restaurant on I-20 where she worked afternoons from four to midnight.  

One Friday night I got home about forty five minutes to an hour before Barbara. I was watching T V and having a cold Corona. 

When she got home Barbara came into and sat down on the arm of the easy chair.  

I like to watch T V lying on the floor and have been doing it most of my life. This gives me the perfect view up any women in the room’s skirt, be it my wife, Barbara or her female friends. 

This time she didn’t have on any panties. Barbara knows I have a panty fetish and she always wears panties, so I wondered what was up. 

As I drank my Corona and looked up her skirt I found myself getting horny. 

When I mentioned that she looked a little frazzled, Barbara said, “I smoked a little pot after work.”  

Besides being a damn good waitress, Barbara’s very good looking.  

Besides great tips, Barbara gets free pot from times to time from the drivers so I know that she smokes occasionally. 

As I contentedly looked up her dress Barbara leaned back and told me, “I have a couple of joints in my purse. You can have a toke if you’d like.”

I don’t smoke pot very often but I said, “Why not, I think I’ll give it a try.”  

When I went into her purse I found her panties and the pot. This made me curious, but I didn’t said anything, 

I just lit one, took a toke and then handed her the joint.  

I don’t know why, but Barbara always Bogart’s, takes two or three tokes at a time before passing it on. After taking her first toke, Barbara leaned back on the arm of the chair and spread her legs a little wider.  

I was keeling beside the chair, marveling that she had on no panties and contemplating getting my face between her thighs. I love giving women oral and especially Barbara. 

I often give her oral after work but usually only when I’ve had a couple beers and on a Friday so I can sleep in on Saturday morning. 

On her second puff I moved my head to Barbara’s knees and started kissing and licking her legs just above her knees. 

She tried to push me away, saying, “Wait Hon, I need to get up and wash up first.”

“No baby,” I said, “Let me eat you now.”

Reluctantly, she said, “OK,” as she spread her legs wider, “But I’ve been on my feet working for ten hours and I’m not exactly fresh.” 

I didn’t care about her odor; I loved the smell of Barbara’s pussy. She’d had that same odor many times before she’d take a shower or bath. I loved her sexy aroma and the way she was extra wet. 

Pulling her ass right to the very edge of the chair’s arm and pushing her legs even widely apart, I gazing longingly upon what was to me the most perfect pussy that I’d ever seen. The wetness of her arousal glistened upon her clean-shaven lips, her womanly opening expanding and contracting just a little in rhythm with her breathing. 

Still on my knees, I moved my face further between her legs and heard her moan, “ummmmm,” as I lightly lick the inside of her thighs. If possible Barbara moved her legs even wider as I licked ever higher up her thigh. 

Hitting her pussy, I teased it gently for a moment before retreating and licking her other thigh. 

I felt her hands come down to stroke my hair and then gently caress the muscles of my neck as I blew my warm breathe softly across her clit. 

I smiled as the cool air evaporated my moisture, the sensation bring Barbara closer to an orgasm. 

I took her now swollen clit between my lips and gently suck on it, the sensation causing her to moan, “Ohmifuckinggod,” 

Pulling back and releasing her clit, I started use my tongue in a way I knew drove Barbara crazy, sometimes quickly, other times slower. Moving it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around her clit while working a finger inside of her. Penetrating deeply, I moved it in and out in at the same pace as my tongue moving against her clit. 

Barbara moaned, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” as her feelings swelled in her body. 

As they intensify Barbara’s body shook with an earth shattering orgasm. As she withered and moaned helplessly on the arm of the chair and I continued to work on her with my tongue, I realized that this was the best oral I’d had in a long time.

Sated, Barbara slid bonelessly from the arm of the chair down on to her face on the carpet. 

Quickly flipping her skirt up and moving between her legs, I grabbed the cheeks of Barbara’s ass and pulled them apart. 

Before Barbara realized what I was doing, I was shoving my stiff cock inside her tight, rippling, red-lipped pussy. 

Moaning, "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh," in pleasure. Barbara looked over her shoulder and gave me a slack-jawed, look of apprehension. 

As I pushed it into her cum slick tunnel, her pre-fucked pussy spasmed around the head. Her orgasm was making it relatively easy for me to penetrate her, despite how tight she was.

"N-no, wait," Barbara cried. "D-don't…Please…No. I don't wanna do it this way.”

"Just relax," I said, my cock throbbing inside her pussy. Then with a moan of pleasure, I slowly pulled back as I savored the tight wetness of Barbara’s pussy. 

Then I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me as I slammed back into her. 

I fucked her like a machine, pumping in and out until my cock had rubbed every inch of her tight pussy.
I wanted to please Barbara, so I reached around her lean hips and found her clit with one fingertip. As soon as I touched it, Barbara’s pussy clamped even tighter in a spasm of hot response. 

Then I rubbed her clit while I continued to ream her pussy with steady strokes of my hard cock. 

Even if I hadn’t known Barbara like a book, her feverish response to the thrust of my cock and the feel of my finger on her clit made it easy to read her body’s needs. Her arms suddenly collapsed in the storm of arousal and the angle of my cock rubbing the velvety walls of her pussy became unbearably exciting.

I increased the speed of my fingers on her clit and gritted my teeth as my balls tried to discharge too soon. 

Barbara was whimpering for joy, unable to coherently complete the sounds of her pleasure. 

And then suddenly her butt pushed urgently back against my crotch. Strangled gasps escaped her lips as her pussy franticly squeezed my cock as her body trembled in orgasm. And so was I. 

I could barely suppress a scream of ecstasy as my scalding hot cum boiled up in my balls and flooded Barbara’s pussy. 

We quivered together in a storm of shared ecstasy until sleep over took us.

                                                                                       * * * * 

The next morning, in a very sultry tone Barbara murmured, "You have a beautiful cock and I’m going to enjoy sucking it," 

I was speechless as Barbara woke me up by lower her head and engulf my cock in her warm sensuous mouth. I gasped as she closed her lips around it and then started to bob up and down. 

When Barbara deep throated me, I felt her lips press against my pubic hair as she swallowed my whole cock. No one had ever done that before I met her and I almost lost it at that moment.

Removing her mouth from my cock, Barbara asked, “How’d you like giving me oral last night?”

I’d recognized the aroma of her pussy. I’d smelt it many times but usually after we’d had sex. I’m no fool, I know the aroma of a fresh fucked pussy and whether Barbara admitted or not, last night her pussy had been fresh fucked and full of cum when I’d went down on her. 

Instead of telling her that I knew, I said, “It was the best pussy that I’ve ever tasted.”

Laughing, she said, “That’s because I’d worked ten hours.” Then with a sly little smirk, she asked, “Do you want me to be like that more often?”

Knowing that I was sentenced myself to years of ‘cream-pie’ lubricated with other men’s cum, I smiled innocently and said, “Yes, that would make me very happy.”
That's when I felt the pleasure of Barbara’s mouth engulfing my cock again. 

Her mouth was wet and warm. I shivered as I felt her tongue passing over my cock. She was so good at sucking that I could never believe it. The sensation was always too much. 

She was bobbing up and down the entire length of my eight inch cock like it was a pop sickle. 

I whimpered with joy as she continued to suck my cock. Barbara sensed that I was close to blowing my load so she cupped my tight balls, massaging them as she tightened her mouth around my cock. 

That did it. "Oh shit, here it is,” I wailed, “I'm cumming," but it was more of announcement than a warning.
That was twenty years ago and I can’t even guess how many truck cabs Barbara had climbed into over the years to get a few joints and to get her pussy filled with cum for my eating pleasure. 

I’m sure she eventually guessed that I knew, but she lets me maintain my dignity by keeping mum.

The end…



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