My name is pete iam 19yrds old and have quite a fit body.

I was starting at a new gym and after the introductory session found myself alone, I tried various equipment and was listening to my i pod when i was conscious of another presence.

I looked up to see a young guy about 18yrs he was very slim and looked a bit like a chaver he had a pair of tracksuit bottoms on and a muscle top he had a piercing in his lip and eyebrow and after a first glance i got on with my work out.

After about ten minutes i noticed that my gym buddy was bending over a bench and pumping weights it was then i noticed how cute his butt was his tight buns seemed to wink at me as he worked the machine.

I was sort of spellbound and when he suddenly finished and sat up he turned around.

it was then that i realised that a he had a mirror on the wall in front of him and had obviously spied me ogling his arse.

Without a word he stood up and stretched out it was then i was treated to the sight of his belly button and a thin wisp of hair disapearing down his tracksuit bottoms and when i noticed the cute bulge in his crotch.

I pretended not to notice and continued my workout.

After i had finished i left the gym and quickly got undressed wrapped in a towel i headed for the steam room which was empty.

I lay down and drifted into a dream about my gym friend i was awoken from my dream when the door opened and my chav friend came in also wrapped in a towel.

Not a word was spoken as he sat across from me i pretended i was still snoozing but sneaked a few peaks at him.

he sat and gradualy opened his legs i could see a bulge under his towel and as he relaxed i was conscious of spotting a blonde bush of pubic hair.

At this point i was sporting an amazing hard on and desperately trying to conceal it,

My steam buddy suddenly got up and let his towel fall oh my god i was aghast he was hung like a donkey he stood hands on hips and for the first time spoke.

Hey man you like my meat,? i was dunbstruck but managed a nod, you wanna suck me ? again i nodded

my new chav god then moved closer and i rose from the bench gently licking his cock end the saltiness of precum assailed my lips as i worked my mouth down his meat, after a while he muttered that he was about to come i grunted and as his balls went rigid spurt after spurt of his young seed pumped down my throat i was in heaven.

When he had finished pumping he grabbed me roughly and turned me over i felt finger assaulting my arse and first one then two found there way into my hole at this he muttered in my ear that he was going to fuck me

I didnt think he would be hard again but then felt the end of his cock as it demanded entry into my butt he pushed and i yelped more and more of his massive cock entered me i was a blur of colours swimming in my eyes as the pain subsided replaced by a feeling of being filled,

he certainly wasnt going to be gentle and started to plough my arse giving an occasional grunt of pleasure.

After a short while i felt him go rigid and the first gush of cum entered my butt, i felt awash as he filled me with his juice

when he was finally spent he withdrew his cock collected his towel and started to leave.

As he got to the door he turned gave a smile and said im Richy and i will see you next time im in the gym my cock needs the exercise and your arse is just right for its workout.

Needless to say that my chaver friend and i have become gym buddies he often works out on my arse when no other members are around and i still enjioy taking his seed down my throat.




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