Efe had a body to die for. The boys as well as the girls always had their eyes on him. He had eyes that seemed to announce sex in its very orbs. I always had fantasies about him till one day when my fantasies became a reality. On the fateful day, he was seated at his balcony reading a book. I went over to chat him up which had become very usual of me.. we got to talking about school and all sort of topics till he asked me into his house. I declined because normally, being the shy person I am, I don't visit people in their houses. Pls don't ask me why.

After much persuasion, I went in. there and then, he told me that he wanted to make love to me. My heart skipped three beats. This was something I've always wanted from him. I said no, mumbling different reasons why we shouldn't do it but my dick reared its head and nodded a yes in reply.

He looked at me passionately. I recognized that look. I had misinterpreted the look all along. He had desire me from the very first day he saw me. I felt on top of the world. He told me to strip. I said no that I wanted him to strip first. I wanted to catch first glimpse of his dick. He bared all and reveled in his naked glory. I was awed. He watched my mouth water. His seven inch cut dick with a curve to the left was staring at me. I wondered if I should rush out of my clothes. He didn't give me time to decide. He came close to me pulled off my clothes all the while looking in my eyes. When I was naked, he held me in his arms still apart. He was holding my waist to be precise and slowly, sensually rubbed his dick with mine together. The feeling was out of this world. The two dicks rubbed. His eyes were glazed with passion. I finally broke off trying to see if he really desired me. He came after me. I backed up to a wall so he would not hold my waist but he had other ideas. He knelt down and took my eight inches into his warm mouth. This did a whole lot of good for me. I finally gave into the feeling. We necked and heavily petted our passion greatly aroused. He was fisting both our tools. We held on to each other like one would die without the other. He suddenly broke free as his eyes glazed over almost giving a superhero look, he panted, calling my name as he shot six hot ropes of jizz on my body. I panted with my chest heaving hard I thought I would die. I almost screamed as he fisted my tool more quickly thereby giving me an earth shattering climax. The room turned dark as I climaxed and held on to him like a dying man. If I had died then, I would have died a happy man. We continued being lovers after that and i always stopped by his house to say hi!



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