Morning arrived on the space going trader ship Eris. We were two days from landfall on Arcadia and there was work to be done in preparation. I unwound myself from the tangle of warm sleeping bodies in my bed. As I crawled out of the bed I left a warm spot that the twins immediately snuggled into as they slept back to back under the covers. We had burned off a lot of energy the night before. I smiled and my cock twitched as I remembered the writhing flesh and cries of ecstasy that echoed off the walls. Even after two years we still approached having sex together like it was the first time. We didn't fuck like that every night. Hell, there were even nights when I slept alone and didn't mind. It was enough to know that all I needed to do was ask or even give a significant look and one or both of them would have eagerly crawled into my bed at any time with their strong hands and soft lips, their hard wonderful pricks and their tight willing asses.

It wasn't always that way, though. I had lived pretty much alone on my ship for almost ten years, moving cargo from planet to planet. Sometimes turning a profit and sometimes losing it. Things happened.

I still recalled the first day I met them. That wasn't a happy day by any stretch of the imagination, but it turned out pretty good in the end, I thought.

It was my fourth night since landing my ship on Iskander. I would have left as soon as I unloaded my cargo and gotten paid, but customs officials on this planet made you stay for five days to guarantee that your cargo wasn't defective goods.

I knew that ahead of time. Some of the stuff I had picked up at the last minute on Hellespont would last a good seven to ten days before breaking down.

I'm not a cheat by nature. The majority of my goods are top quality. I like making money and most of the time I strive to have repeat customers on ever planet I visit. Ask anybody on two dozen planets. They'll tell you that Captain Jazz Ford is an honest man who sells top quality goods. But I'm also a great fan of the man who, thousands of years ago stated 'There's a sucker born every minute.' If you are willing to buy it, I will certainly sell it to you.

At a reasonable price, of course. You want I should starve?

Another great sage back in prehistory stated 'A man's gotta know his limitations.' And I certainly have mine. Between thousands of planets and thousands of cultures no matter how you load your cargo, there is going to be something somewhere that they will declare is illegal. But I plan my loads and my trips carefully to avoid such pitfalls.

Oh, I always make sure that there is some small 'forbidden' item in my hold. Usually a luxury thing like books or fresh fruit or small gems. That way they can be 'confiscated for the good of the kingdom' and disappear into the pockets of whoever is in charge. It's like paying taxes.

But there are certain things that I will not transport. Not willingly, not ever, not anywhere.

First thing on that list is slaves. That is why I hated landing on Iskander and did it as seldom as possible. Their society ran on slavery. Without it, their whole economy would collapse. Slavery.... Involuntary slavery, anyway, set my teeth on edge. It made me fundamentally sick and I didn't mind ripping off the warlords of Iskander when I thought I could get away with it.

But as a free trader I have to govern myself by the laws of economics, as well as the laws of physics. It just so happened that this end of my trading run took me too close to Iskander with a cargo bay full of items that would sell there for a high price. If I had given in to my pickiness and skipped on to the next stop, say Boonesboro or IX, I would have lost money and made virtually nothing this run. So I had to swallow my pride and pretend that I was honored that the mighty lords of Iskander smiled on my poor self and my pitiful wares.

It always took a long soak in a very hot bath with a vigorous scrubbing when I left there before I could feel clean again.


My ship was already loaded and ready for takeoff. With the proceeds from the cargo I brought in, I had purchased metal farming tools and other implements that would sell like hotcakes on Boonesboro. Just the metal parts. Boonesboro was still an agrarian society. They were high on native wood and medicines, but poor on metals. Their craftsmen would waste no time in putting wooden handles to the hammers and axe heads and things that I had brought. And not shipping the wooden parts meant I could stow more metal.

Economics, like I said.

The remainder of the profits I had traded in for pure gold ingots and coins. Gold was almost always a good medium of exchange no matter where you went. The ingots were locked in my ships safe and the coins were in a pouch on my utility belt that only opened to my touch. That sort of thing tended to discourage pickpockets.

The following evening my mandatory wait period would be over and I would be taking off a soon as the tower sent word. I was spending one last evening wandering the markets and factories, looking for one more item to add to my cargo. I suspected that it was probably a fruitless exercise, as Iskander produced very little besides fairly crude metal tools. And slaves, of course. But sometimes I got lucky and found something unique that I knew would sell somewhere else.

And I actually did get lucky, in a manner of speaking. In a couple of ways.

I had just finished up purchasing a load of colorful locally woven cloth that would sell good on IX. It was fairly inexpensive and wouldn't take up a whole lot of room in my cargo bay. I knew somebody somewhere would buy it. I made the deal and added a healthy tip to have it delivered immediately to the port. I wanted to finish loading tonight.

I was turning to head back to my ship when I heard an awful noise coming out of an alleyway just across the marketplace. Angry shouting and screams of pain and the sharp 'crack crack' of something striking flesh. It wasn't uncommon on Iskander to see a citizen beating his slaves. Some of them did it just for fun, it seemed. But something about the rage in that voice and the terror in those screams made me move closer.

I moved down the alleyway until I could see what was happening. The scene filled me with a deep disgust. A fat, sweaty citizen was standing in front of a large post where two slaves were chained by their wrists and the collars around their necks. He was swinging a long leather whip with all of his might. The whip was striking them hard enough to make the blood fly with every stroke. From what little I could see of the two past his corpulence, they had long open cuts and were bleeding freely. They screamed and sobbed and tried to get away from the strokes but the way they were chained left them no room to maneuver.

It occurred to me that if I let this continue he would beat them both to death.

Call it a sense of honor. Call it a sense of nobility. Call it stupid, for that was what the little voice in the back of my head was saying to me when I stepped in. I just couldn't stand by and watch. I couldn't walk away and know it was happening. I'm a jackass sometimes.

As the citizen swung back with the whip I raised my arm to catch the tail against my forearm. The last two feet of the whip quickly wrapped around my arm and the tail slapped into the palm of my hand with a sharp 'crack' and blood immediately flew, a few droplets striking me in the face and spattering my clothes. As I closed my hand around the tail I saw that there were several small sharp metal blades on the tail of the whip. Nasty.

As the citizen tried to swing forward I set my center of gravity and pulled back, snatching the handle of the whip out of his sweaty hand. He turned, at first in astonishment, then in rage when he saw me holding the weapon.

'How dare you?' he screamed. He pointed at the whip dangling from my hand and screamed again 'That is my property!'

I held up my hand and let him see the blood flowing down my arm from the sharp nasty little blades. I said calmly 'You struck me.'

He blanched and immediately stopped his tirade. He knew, as well as I did, that by the laws of his planet since he struck me first and drew blood I could immediately kill him and be entirely inside the law. He eyed the blaster at my belt and the very large knife sticking out of the top of my boot. I wore those weapons openly to discourage thievery and confrontations. They were not, of course, the only ways in which I was armed.

Unable to vent his frustration at me, the citizen pointed a trembling finger at the two slaves and screamed 'Three weeks! Three weeks I have had them! One thousand gold talents wasted! I have beat them and beat them and they still will not serve me willingly! Every time I have had to take what I wanted by force!'

I stayed calm. It took all of my willpower to do so. I shook the bleeding hand for emphasis. 'And for that you struck me? I have done you no wrong.' I glanced at the two slaves still chained to the post. All I could see was blood stark against pale white flesh and the fact that both of them were still breathing. I dropped the whip to the ground and my bleeding hand went to the butt of my blaster at my hip.

He went even paler when he realized his bluff wasn't working. 'Your pardon, sire!' he groveled. 'I did not see you there! I meant no offense to you!'

I stared at him for a moment, watching this fat disgusting creature sweat under my gaze. Finally I dipped a hand into my pouch and threw a handful of coins in the dust in front of him. He looked down and I could see his eyes greedily counting up the golden coins.

'Three hundred talents?' he sounded insulted.

'Give me the keys to the chains and walk away.'

'Three hundred talents?' he said again, a little louder. 'I spent....'

I cut him off with a wave of my hand. 'You walk away and I let you live.' My hand moved just enough on my weapon to make sure he knew I meant business. He eyed me shiftily and I could see the fleeting thought that maybe he could reach into his robes for whatever weapon he had hidden there. I just stared at him until the thought died in his mind. Everybody knew that traders were always armed and armored. Sure, a sharp enough knife or a blaster hit in just the right place could kill me. But he would have to be very fast and very good.

He knelt down on the ground and scrabbled for the gold coins in the dust. As he rose and turned to walk away I said 'The keys.'

He reached inside his robe and my blaster was suddenly an inch from the tip of his nose.


His piggy eyes crossed as he stared at the barrel of my gun, he dipped one finger down into his belt with exaggerated care and dropped a set of keys at my feet. Then he stepped back with his hands in plain sight and fled back down the alley.

Great job, Jazz. Now what?

I looked down to the two huddled bodies. All I could tell from the moment was that they were still alive and breathing. First thing I had to do was get them some medical attention. Then I could figure out what the hell I was going to do with them.

I flashed a silver coin at a young boy out in the street. He came trotting up and I pressed the coin into his hand and held another just like it in front of his eyes. 'Fetch me a cart and something to pull it. Big enough to fit these two.' I indicated the two bodies behind me. 'And hurry!' The boy trotted off at a fast clip, avarice giving his feet wings.

I knelt and unlocked the shackles from the tangle of arms and legs. They were barely conscious at that point. A closer inspection told me that they were both males. Fairly young. Early twenties at best reckoning. They were both skinny and underfed and I could see old scars under the fresh cuts. None of the slashes seemed to be life threatening at the moment so I just waited.

I was turning to see if the boy had returned with the cart when one of them spoke weakly. 'Master' he said. 'You saved us. Our lives are yours.'

I snapped back 'I'm not your master, boy. I'm just an idiot.' But he had faded off into unconsciousness along with the other.

A clatter of hooves announced the return of the boy. He was leading some sort of small draft animal pulling a rickety cart half full of hay. One by one I loaded the bloody forms into the back of the cart and told him to lead me to the nearest healer. It took two more silver coins before he led me to the stall of a man he claimed was his uncle and a great healer.

The uncle took ten more of my silver coins but cleaned and dressed the wounds, putting in a few stitches where necessary and had his assistant clean most of the blood off of them. My two charges never stirred during the entire process.

As more and more money was leaving my pouch I really began to kick myself for a fool. What was I going to do with them? I couldn't just free them and go on my way. I couldn't even cut off their collars while we were on this planet. On Iskander once you were a slave, you were always a slave and slaves were required to wear collars. If I let them go they would either get resold in the market or killed as escapees.

The best I could come up with was take them along to Boonesboro and try to find someone to take them off my hands. Maybe a farmer who needed a couple of strong boys to help work his farm. Kind of an apprenticeship program. I had a few contacts there. Maybe someone would help me out.

So I had the boy come along to the spaceport. The customs official at the gate gave me some grief, both about the boy with the cart and my two new charges. A couple more of my few remaining gold coins helped settle the matter.

My cargo lift was down and locked where I had left it. The merchant from earlier had delivered my cloth and it was in an untidy pile in the corner. I spread it out and laid the two unconscious forms on the pile of cloth. I flipped the boy with the cart one more silver coin and told him to beat it as I unlocked the lift and rode it into the belly of my ship.

Locked inside the comfortable and familiar confines of my own ship, I felt my jitters and nerves leak away. This was just a cargo problem and I could figure it out. I got to work.

My ship originally had four staterooms when I bought her. I kept the biggest for myself and used the others for extra storage and other things. I knew the room right across from mine had two bunks in it and decided to put them in there. It took an hour of cursing and sweating to get the room emptied out and the stuff stowed away somewhere else. Making extra room on a cargo ship was no easy task! I had always used every available extra inch of space to load in as much as I could carry. I ended up with some crates and cartons lashed down in the passageway. It didn't leave much room to walk, but it was doable.

One by one I carried the two former slaves into the stateroom and strapped them down lightly to the bunks there. Just one strap to keep them from falling out of bed. Once I got them in I grabbed my debonder tool and cut off those hateful collars and tossed them out the airlock back onto Iskander soil. I didn't care about their laws anymore as my ship was sovereign territory. And frankly, I hoped I never set foot on this planet again as long as I lived. I'd rather take a loss in profits.

With that thought in mind I decided I wasn't going to wait another 48 hours to leave the place. I snugged a few more straps down over my sleeping charges and headed for the control room.

Eris. That's her name. My baby. My girl. My ship. I had always kept her in tip top shape and she had saved my bacon many times by always being ready to scoot or fight, depending on the situation. She had never let me down and tonight was no exception. A few quick flips of some switches and all my boards and her tubes went from standby to hot in milliseconds. I had already figured my orbit to Boonesboro based on leaving the next night. It took seconds to change the vectors and lock it in. My baby girl swallowed the numbers and everything popped up green. I slipped a strap over my waist just in case I had to jink around some. Iskander had nothing in the way of planetary defenses but they did have a few old patrol ships. I could outrun them in a hot second if needed.

A quick check of the scope showed the air around the port was clear. I pressed the contact and we lifted, making the upper atmosphere in seconds. There was some confused squawking coming from the planetary band radio but I ignored it. By the time they figured out who I was and where I was going it would be much too late. I stayed at the controls, a little tense and wary for any possible pursuit until we were well out of range of Iskanders patrol ships. Then with a sigh I locked my boards and relaxed. We were now free and clear of that nasty little planet.

And I now had three months before we reached Boonesboro to figure out how to get myself out of this mess I was in. 'Captain Jazz.' I said to myself 'That noble streak is going to get you killed one day...'

I headed back towards my cabin with an eye on taking a long hot shower. Eris had large water tanks and a great recycling system so I could have as much water as I wanted. Remembering the events earlier, I looked down and saw that my jumpsuit was covered with old dried blood. Making a face, I stripped off as I went down the passageway until I was down to my shorts. I tossed my belt and armor and weapons into my cabin and slid the jumpsuit into the washer. It was one of the newer Harriman-LaCroix models and it only took sixty seconds for my jumpsuit to drop back into the slot, clean pressed and folded. I never skimped when it came to personal comforts and cleanliness.

I had only intended on taking a peek at my newest passengers when I hear a noise. A groan and a soft thump and whispered voices. Sticking my head in the door I saw that one of the young men had managed to unstrap himself and was on his hands and knees on the floor, one hand on the bunk trying to rise. The other one was awake and trying to figure out how to get loose from the straps. I stepped in and put a hand under the ones arm and helped him up to the bunk. As I tried to step back he grabbed my hand and pressed it to his lips. 'You saved us, Master.' he said and kissed my fingers again. 'You saved us. Our lives are yours.' With that he slid back down to the deck on his knees and bowed his head.

Oh, for crying out loud.

I picked him back up and set him back on the bunk. Then I went over and helped the other one who was still trying to get unstrapped. I showed him how to unbuckle himself and stopped him when he too tried to bow to me and kiss my hand.

'Look' I said 'I am not your master. From now on no man is your master. My name is Captain Jazz Ford and you are on my ship. You can call me 'Captain' or you can call me 'Jazz'. We have left Iskander and you won't ever be going back there. You are slaves no more.'

As I looked back and forth between the two young men I was beginning to notice that they looked remarkably alike. Same builds and noses and eyes. Same freckles and fair skin and it looked like their hair was probably red, but there was still too much dried blood in it to be sure. And they stunk! It was a reek of fear and sweat and blood and neglect. I decided to do something about that right away.

The refresher in my cabin was always something that I was proud of. It was a deluxe model from Harshaw and Co. that I had installed myself years ago. Even though I was (up to this point, anyway) the only person to use it, the thing was big enough to hold four or five people in a pinch. A panel in the floor would slide out to make it a large bathtub (I loved a good long hot soak now and then) or it could be a shower with multiple shower heads and spray settings. I figured a good scrubbing was our first order of business.

I pointed to the first one who had gotten up and said 'You...' then I paused and asked 'What is your name?' Once again he slid to the floor and bowed his head. 'I am called Seris, Master.' Then he stopped himself and said 'Master Captain Jazz, sir.' He pointed to the other who had also slipped to the floor and said 'That is my brother, Deris.' Deris bowed his head to the floor and said 'We are yours, Master Captain Jazz sir.'

Aw, for the luvva...... I almost blew my top. Never having been a slave, I had no idea what it had been like and how they had been trained young to act like that. It just never occurred to me to act any other way than I did.

'Stand up!' I almost shouted. Both young men got up slowly, one hand on the bunk to hold themselves upright. 'You will never be allowed to bow to anybody ever again. When you speak to me you stand up tall and look me in the eye and call me 'Captain'. Are we clear on that?'

Neither one of them managed to look me in the eye, but they both murmured 'Yes, Captain.'

As they were both still weak, I had them put their arms around my shoulders and walked them across the passageway into my cabin and into the big 'fresher. I set them down in the seats molded into the side wall and got the water running. Hot, but not too hot. Just enough to make it steamy in the little compartment. I left my shorts on, but kicked my soft ship boots off outside. Seris and Deris stared in wonder at the shower. I suspect that they had never before seen such a thing. I put myself under the spray of water and rinsed myself down quickly. Then I stepped over to Deris and began slowly peeling the bandages off of his wounds. They were little more than barely clean rags and I could replace them with waterproof bandages out of my own kit later. I pulled the young man to his feet and stood him under the water and began gently scrubbing him all over. They both wore nothing but breech-clouts which were filthy anyway. I unwrapped his and tossed it to the side. Being careful of his wounds, I scrubbed him all over his body, leaving not a square centimeter un-cleaned. I even went so far as to pull back the foreskin of his penis and wash underneath that. When I took hold of him there, Deris immediately started to get an erection in my hand. That stirred some feelings in my own crotch, but I pushed it quickly aside.

No time for that, right now. Besides, I chided myself, I was old enough to be these young lads father. I had to stop and think, trying to remember how old I really was. Damn! Crowding fifty in a few years. On some planets I could be their grandfather!

Cripes. I'd been alone too long.

When Deris was as clean as I could get him, I sat him back down on the seat and pulled his brother up under the spray and repeated the process. The only difference was when I pulled off Seris' breech-clout he was already sporting a firm erection. And when I took hold of his cock to wash him, he shivered and moaned a little. I could feel my own prick responding in my shorts. It was distracting. I had to be firm with myself and push those thoughts to the side yet again.

Finishing with Seris, I set him back down next to his brother. As I was always casual with skin, especially in my own ship, I stripped off my shorts and tossed them into the pile and set to scrubbing myself as thoroughly as I had them. I had had sharp words with my own cock so it was only about half hard when I pulled my shorts off. It was nothing spectacular, in my mind. As far as pricks went, anyway. About six and a half inches long when fully hard and six inches around. It was nothing to brag about, but it had served me well all of my life.

Seris and Deris were both staring at my cock as I washed. I saw them whispering to each other but couldn't hear under the spray. While they stared at me, I looked back and was fairly pleased with what I saw. As best as I could tell, they were twins. Maybe even identical, but they were both too banged up and bruised to be sure. As I had suspected, they were redheads. Maybe five-six or seven. And like I had said before, fairly healthy and well proportioned aside from the cuts and bruises and neglect. I figured it would only take me a week or so to put enough meat back on their bones to look normal and healthy again. And, as they watched me, they both sported healthy looking six inch hardons that stood straight up from their laps. That made my prick twitch again and I had to do some heavy math problems in my head to make it go away.

When I turned off the shower, I dried myself off and gently patted each one of them dry. Then I sat them both down on my bunk and applied new bandages from my first aid kit. I decided for the time being that it was a good idea to have on at least a pair of shorts so I grabbed out three pairs. They had to be shown how to work the fastenings and my shorts hung off their skinny hips precariously. They both spent a lot of time hitching them up, but they were proud of their 'space clothes' as they called them.

In my small galley, I prepared us all small portions of soup and crackers. I was actually ravenously hungry, but I didn't want them to gorge themselves to the point of being sick. I knew that with malnutrition you had to take small steps to get back to normal. From my medical kit, I got out two sleeping pills and had each young man swallow one as we ate. They needed rest to heal and I really really needed some time to myself. Both to think and.... other things.

They were both yawning and sleepy as I helped them back into their cabin. I slipped them out of their shorts and set them aside and had them lay down on their bunks and covered each with a blanket. As I turned to leave, Seris blurted out 'Mas..' then stopped and continued 'Captain Jazz sir?' I looked at him and he slid the blanket off of his body. Despite the sedative he had a pretty stiff hardon. 'Don't you want us now, sir?' Deris had also slipped off his blanket to show me his body and his identical erection. He said 'We are yours, sir.'

Hoo boy. What an invitation. But it was way too soon. I covered them back up and patted each one gently on the cheek.

'Soon, perhaps.' I said. 'Right now I want you to rest. When you are rested and healthy again, we will see. Now go to sleep.' With that I turned the light down to a dim glow and shut the door behind me.

Moments later I was in my own bunk stroking my cock to get rid of the ache in my balls. The sight of that much naked flesh and those hard cocks had gotten me all worked up and I had to work hard to control it for too long. With a small towel across my hips, it didn't take me long at all to come....

I felt much better after that and went to sleep myself.

Morning came early on my ship. It always did. Even though I had a direct feed from the control room to alert me to any potential hazards, I always went up and checked the boards and the screens first thing as I arose. Seeing everything was green and we were on course, I headed back to my 'fresher then slipped on a pair of shorts, a shirt and my soft ship boots.

I thought that I should take a quick peek at the lads just to make sure they hadn't gotten into any mischief while I was sleeping. I figured that the combination of the recent trauma and the sleeping pills had knocked them out for the duration, but I hadn't lived as long as I had be being careless of details. I slipped the door open quietly and peeked in and the first bunk I saw was empty! I could see the door to their little 'fresher open and nobody was in there either. Stepping further into the room I looked into the other bunk and found them both cuddled together in that small bed.

That didn't really surprise me all that much. As brothers on that stink hole of a planet they had probably slept together all of their lives. And I knew as doped up as they were they didn't do anything but sleep. I closed the door quietly behind me as I left.

As was my usual routine, I slipped into the small compartment I had outfitted as a gym and spent an hour working out. I often spent as much as six months at a time between planets with no real work to do and I didn't want to get out of shape. As I neared the end of my workout I was beginning to sweat so I stripped out of my clothes and went for a brisk jog on the treadmill. Just a couple of miles at a fair to rapid pace to get my heart pumping real good then I would go hit the shower.

But as I trotted along on the moving belt my mind flashed back to the night before to Deris and Seris sitting naked in the shower and looking at my prick as I washed while their own cocks stood up hard.

Damn, that was no good at all. Usually I didn't have any problem getting my run in. But trying to jog with a hardon was uncomfortable and a little dangerous. In disgust at myself, I turned the machine off and headed for the 'fresher to clean up.

The next couple of days went pretty swiftly. I drew a sample of blood from each of them and fed them into the autodoc analyzer. I ran the whole gamut of tests the machine could do and the only thing it found besides mild malnutrition was a slight infection which we cleared up with a quick round of antibiotics. I kept the two mildly sedated and made them rest as much as possible. I didn't leave them unconscious, just mildly buzzed so that they wouldn't move around too much and give themselves time to heal. I would only rouse them out for meals and to change their bandages. Luckily for me (depending on how you look at it) the sedative I gave them was a mild hypnotic as well, so it made them talk easier without being self-conscious.

I discovered that Seris and Deris were not native to Iskander, as I had surmised. The Iskandrun tended to be dark haired and swarthy. But they were never picky about where their slaves came from and exotics like the two lads were highly prized. As far as I could tell they were taken off of a passenger ship during a raid when they were probably five or six years old. They were sold as domestic slaves, at first. Their first owner was an elderly man who treated them as fairly as anyone ever did slaves on Iskander. He fed them and taught them and didn't beat them very often and rarely took them into his bed and even then he wasn't capable of all that much. When they were about fifteen their elderly master died and they were taken to the slave market again.

This time they were bought by a fairly wealthy sub-chief of some sort to entertain his wife. The chief and his wife were outwardly charming to their guests but cruel to their slaves behind closed doors. The two were beaten often and forced to suffer cruel tortures if they didn't satisfy the chief and his wife.

Luckily for them within a year the chief fell out of favor and he and his wife were beheaded in the public square. Seris and Deris got to watch, along with the other slaves of that household before they were sent back to the market. It was all they could do not to cheer out loud when those two heads rolled in the dust.

Their third owner was a landholder who had a large farm. The boys were put to work in the fields at first, then trained to be household servants again. The work was hard and demanding, as the landholder was fussy about his house and environs, but he rarely beat them, preferring to teach them how to perform their duties.

As the landholder and his wives had a large contingent of 'personal' slaves to satisfy their needs, the brothers were left alone for awhile. Sexually, anyway.

But their luck was not to last as a blight wiped out a series of the crops that year and the landholder was forced to sell many of his properties. Including about two dozen of his slaves. Seris and Deris went back to the slave market yet again.

This time they had been bought by the fat pig I had taken them away from. They told me that he had beaten them constantly from the very first day and would force himself on them suddenly without warning. Seris called him a 'very cruel and hateful man who screamed all the time, smelled bad and had a very small penis.' I would almost have laughed at that had I not almost cried instead. If I had known all that he had put them through, I would have killed him on the spot.

Those poor lads. I explained to them the best I could that they were free now. That they were no longer owned by anybody and they were free to live their own lives as they saw fit.

Then I did a stupid thing.

I told them of my plan to try and find them someone who would take them in. Hopefully on Boonesboro but if not then on Arcadia or possibly Vespa IV, those being the next stops in my route.

'You want to be rid of us?' cried Seris.

'We have tried to be good for you, Master Captain Jazz sir!' cried Deris.

'We can't help it we sleep all the time!'

'Please don't be angry at us!'

'We will do anything you say!'

'We will be helpful!'

'We will cook and clean for you!'

'Help unload your boxes!'

Seris looked up at me with huge sad eyes and said 'We even offered ourselves to you!' And he looked like he was going to cry.

Deris, just as woebegone looking added 'And you didn't want us...'

Oh, holy mother of......

I held up my hands and yelled for quiet. They both shut up and looked a little frightened at my outburst.

'First of all' I said 'I'm not trying to be rid of you. I am not angry with you. I'm trying to find a place where you can live your lives and be free and happy. A place where you can have a home of your own and meet a girl and get married and have children and live your own lives. If that's what you want.'

'We want to stay here with you, Master Captain Jazz sir!' Deris said.

And Seris piped up and said 'Even if you don't want us to share your bed with you.'

'Look' I said, getting a bit exasperated. 'It's not that I don't..... want you in my bed. When you got here you were both hurt. Hell, you're still hurt. The stitches won't come out for another three or four says at least. And besides.....' I paused. 'When it comes right down to it, I don't force myself on slaves. I don't think I could do it.'

I looked them both in the eyes and stated 'I only sleep with free men.'

Deris said 'We are free! You told us so!' Seris nodded, his eyes bright.

I nodded and held out my hands again, palms out. 'So I did. So I will make you a deal, right now. Four days until your stitches come out. If, during the next four days you two will rest and behave and let yourselves heal up, we will see what happens after that.'

I started to turn away and then stopped and added 'And if either one of you calls me 'Master' again in the next four days, he can stay in your cabin while the other one comes to my bed.'

I suspect that was just about the smartest thing I had ever said in my life. Neither one of them ever used the 'M' word around me again.

And they behaved themselves admirably.

I dropped the sedatives during the day and cut down on the doses in the evenings. That way they could get used to the hours that I keep. I figured even if they decided that they didn't want to stay with me after all, I would instill a good ethic of early rising and keeping busy. I also increased their food intake slowly, so as not to shock their systems. They soon started to fill back out a little and my shorts didn't hang quite so loose on their hips. I took them into the gym with me every morning and had them do easy lifts with the small hand weights and ride the stationary bike at a slow pace. I went back to my usual grueling routine with the weights and pushing myself on the treadmill and working on my aikido. I figured a soon as I could I was going to start teaching them basic self defense and move on up from there.

If they were going to stay with me or not, they were going to know how to defend themselves!

Even though they behaved themselves and went out of their way to cause me no trouble, the following four days were difficult, to say the least. I wouldn't say the days were hard. My shipboard routine was easy and relaxed. It was me that was hard. Constantly. The brothers were looking healthier every day and knowing that they were as eager as puppies to crawl into bed with me and do their very best to make me happy was driving me to distraction. At least twice a day I retired to my cabin to ease the pressure and more than once awakened from a dream with a hardon that demanded attention. I don't think I had jerked off that much since I bought the Eris ten years ago.

The morning of the fourth day started pretty much the same as any other. For the first few moments, anyway. I arose and padded to the bridge and checked the boards and screens. The space around us was clear, we were on time and on course and everything was functioning perfectly. I patted the control board and told Eris she was a good girl. I know it's silly, but I always did it anyway. She always treated me right and I wanted her to know I appreciated it.

As I stepped into the galley to start breakfast, the brothers rose from the table with big grins on their faces. The scamps had arisen before me and had breakfast already made and laid out on the table!

Deris saluted and said 'Good morning Captain Jazz sir!'

Seris also saluted and said 'Breakfast is all ready Captain Jazz sir!'

'Today our stitches come out.'

'And we have been as good as we could.'

'And neither one of us has said... that word.'

'So nobody has to wait in the cabin.'

'Neither one of us wants to be left out.'

'We are so eager to show you how much we appreciate you saving us.'

'From that horrible awful smelly man and his whole planet.'

'And made us free men.'

'Slaves no more.'

'So now we can share your......' I held up a hand to quiet them. It must be a twins thing, this way of talking after each other. But it was making me dizzy looking back and forth as they chattered. I could already feel the blood rushing to my face and my prick twitching around in my shorts. And from a glance, I could see that both of them were sporting erections under their shorts. Oh my, this was going to be an interesting day.

'New rule:' I said 'No chattering until Captain Jazz has had his first cup of coffee. A simple 'Good morning Captain' will suffice until I am awake. Okay?' They nodded.

I sat down and they sat opposite me at the galley table. There were plates of eggs and toast and sausages and hash browns with glasses of orange juice and cups of coffee. All of it was synthetic, of course, but it tasted just as good (after you had been on the ship for awhile, anyway) and was loaded with vitamins and minerals.

'This breakfast looks wonderful. You boys did a great job. Thank you.' They both beamed at me in pride. We tucked in and ate.

After we finished I sat and sipped my second cup of coffee while the twins cleaned up the galley. It was actually Seris' day to clean up but they worked so well together that I didn't fuss. They had two days to do chores and I had one. If they wanted to work together it didn't bother me, as things got done faster that way. My ship was a monarchy, but a fair one.

I cleared my throat softly and said 'So today we take your stitches out.'

They both looked at me and smiled widely. Seris started to say 'And then we can....' but his brother elbowed him in the ribs and he stopped. I had to turn my head away to hide a grin. I was as eager as they were!

I hid my face in my coffee cup and said 'We'll see what happens after that.'

After cleanup was done I took them both into the gym for our morning workout. We all needed to burn off some energy. I flipped down the med table in the corner and had Seris lay down on it and I instructed Deris to walk a mile on the treadmill and use the small hand weights. First thing I did was drew a vial of blood and run it through the analyzer. While it processed I got out scissors and forceps and removed the few stitches and made sure everything was closed up good. He would have a few more scars, but would heal up nicely without any permanent damage and the autodoc chimed and came up with nothing but green lights.

Deris still had some time to go before his mile was up, so I had Seris slip off his shorts and turn face down on the table. I tossed a bottle of massage oil in the warmer and a few seconds later was drizzling a warm stream of oil down his back and legs. I gave him what I found out later was his very first massage. It was somewhat startling for him, as no man other than his brother had ever really touched him so tenderly. For me, it was an incredible turn on. They were both building up their muscles and the combination of the pale smooth skin and the scattering of freckles across it was very sexy. Seris sighed and rolled his hips and made little appreciative sounds under my hands as I worked. From the corner of my eye, I could see Deris watching us as he walked, his mouth slightly open and an obvious erection poking out the front of his shorts.

When it was time to switch Deris practically leaped off the treadmill and ran over to the table, tossing his shorts aside as he arrived. His hard cock bobbed proudly from his crotch as he climbed up on the table. As his brother had done, Seris watched us from the treadmill as he walked, his eyes a little glazed. I made him put his shorts back on to prevent an injury but the front of the shorts were poking out stiffly.

I tried my best to ignore the young mans hard prick as I worked, but it was difficult. Twice while I worked on him my elbow grazed his prick and each time he twitched and moaned. They were not making it easy on me, that's for sure!

When I rolled him over and started rubbing the warm oil into his back, Deris immediately started groaning and grinding his hips into the table. I slapped him playfully on the ass and said 'Stop that. If you make a mess on my table you are going to clean it up. This is supposed to be for relaxation, so relax.' He took a deep breath and relaxed, but little groans of pleasure still escaped his lips as I worked.

When Seris had finished his walk, I showed the two the first dozen moves of a good Tai Chi routine and had them stretch out while I did a quick two mile jog. I watched them work out for the first mile until my prick was getting uncomfortable in my shorts. I finished the next mile with my eyes closed.

As I stepped off the machine I turned and saw the twins standing at the med table. Seris held the bottle of oil in his hand and Deris said 'It's your turn now, Captain Jazz sir!'

Ah, me. I had a feeling it was going to feel both really good and slightly uncomfortable laying face down on that table. I may have to look into putting a thicker pad on it.

Even though they had never given a massage before, the lads made up for their lack of experience with enthusiasm. The sensation of two pairs of warm strong hands gently working my muscles was a pleasure I hadn't felt in quite some time. My mental accountant immediately zeroed the books between us. Just that moment was worth what I had gone through up to that point. Heaven! If I hadn't been fully aware of what was going to happen next, I would have relaxed and fallen asleep.

Their hands worked from my neck all the way down to my feet and back up, slowly working the warm oil into my skin. At times it felt like there were several dozen pairs of hands on me as they left not one square inch of my body (the back part anyway) untouched. My prick, which was incredibly hard at the time, was trapped up underneath my hip, but both of them made a point of reaching between my thighs and caressing my balls more than once.

All at once I realized that I was feeling something touch me besides their strong warm hands. It took me a moment to figure out that they were kissing me gently all over.

I waved a hand and said 'Don't do that. It feels good, but that oil can't taste very good.'

'We don't mind, Captain Jazz sir.' said one of the brothers.

'It's not that bad and it's on your skin so it tastes good to us.' said the other.

'If it feels good to you then we want to do it.'

'We want to make you happy.'

'And not make us go away.'

'Because we want to stay with you here.'

'We don't want to be anywhere else.'

'On some other planet where we have to get married to a girl.'

'And raise children and work on a farm or something.'

'We don't really like girls all that much.'

'We would rather be with a nice strong man.'

'A strong and handsome and gentle man.'

'Who loved us like we love him.'

'And would share his bed with us when he was lonely.'

'Someone like you, Captain Jazz sir!'

Whoo. They made my head spin when they did that. I had a feeling that I wasn't going to be able to break them of that habit so I was just going to have to learn to live with it, I supposed.

I was pretty sure that if I took them into my bed (as I fully planned on doing) that there was going to be no dropping them off on another planet. I was going to end up stuck (well, not really stuck, but you know what I mean) with them for quite some time.

Would it be all that bad? Having two eager young men willing to help out and work with me and spend time with and make love to? Hell, no. Not really. I had been pretty much alone for the last ten years. Sure, I spent time on each planet I landed on. I had friends scattered all over the galactic rim that was my trade route. I even had a few occasional lovers here and there. Even a few girls. But the shortest transit between any planet on my route was three weeks and the longest took five months. You can get pretty bored and lonely in five months.

Besides, now that they were getting healthy and putting on a little weight and muscle again the twins were just sexy as hell. That red hair and fair skin and freckles... those sleek strong bodies and hard cocks were almost mouth watering. Hell, they were mouth watering. And the thought of both of them together......

Okey-dokey. I couldn't take it anymore. Without a word, I rose up off of the table, took them each by the hand and led them down to my cabin. I took us first into the 'fresher and we all piled in and rinsed all of that oil off of our bodies. Unlike the first time though, we were all together under the spray, moving around and scrubbing each other and touching and kissing and caressing whichever body happened to be within arms reach. I remember standing in one place, holding a hard cock in each hand and moving from one mouth to another while they shivered and moaned at my touch.

We got about to the point where we were going to end up staying in there for a long time when I decided we had better get out and dry off. Eris had a large water tank, like I said before, but I didn't want to strain her system too much. And I would rather be laying down to make love than standing up any day.

I shut off the spray and Deris jumped out and grabbed towels and they both moved on me and dried me off, then did each other. Seris took my right hand and Deris the left and they pulled me into the cabin and we moved onto the bed. I found myself laying in the middle of my large bed with a warm eager body on either side. As they touched and kissed me back and forth I began to lose track of who was who. It seemed like I was just in a tangle of warm willing bodies. Just a pleasant blur of strong soft hands and warm kissable lips and soft skin rubbing all over my body. Somebody's mouth was locked onto mine as our tongues touched and played together. Somebody else's lips were kissing and licking my chest, gently nibbling on my nipples. Somebody's hand was stroking my cock and somebody else's hand was gently squeezing and stroking my balls and the insides of my thighs. My hands stroked up and down to fine strong backs and cupped a warm ass cheek in each palm and squeezed. They writhed against me and we were all making little moans of pleasure. I just closed my eyes and faded off into the experience.

Bodies shifted around and I felt a warm mouth close on the head of my prick, a tongue like a soft smoldering ember slipping over and around inside the mouth. Whoever's mouth that was left mine and I felt another sensation on my prick. Opening my eyes, I looked down and saw both brothers leaning over my crotch. Seris had my prick in his mouth, softly sucking up and down and Deris was licking up and down the shaft in time with his brothers movements.

Oh my, that felt good. I closed my eyes again and groaned aloud in pleasure.

A few moments later I felt them shift around again and I looked. Deris was now sucking my cock slowly and gently, just enough to feel really good and keep me hard, not trying at the moment to make me come. He had his hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock and moved it up and down with the bobbing of his head. He was kneeling between my legs with his ass up in the air at the end of the bed, his feet just hanging off the edge. Seris moved up and kissed me. My hand held the back of his head and my tongue went into his mouth. Knowing that my cock had been in that mouth just moments ago made the kiss even more exciting. I felt my prick twitch in his brothers mouth.

Seris pulled back after a long moment and looked down at me and smiled. He said 'We didn't have a coin to flip, so we drew straws. Deris won... this time. Would you like me to get him ready for you?' Not really knowing what he meant, I just nodded. I had a feeling that whatever he was talking about was going to feel pretty good.

Seris rolled off of the bed and walked around behind his brother. He put his hands on the upturned buttocks and stood there for a moment with an ass cheek in each hand. Then he went down to his knees behind his brother and I saw his face move in between Deris' spread ass. Deris moaned deep in his throat with his mouth full of my cock. I couldn't see, but I suspected that Seris was sticking his tongue in Deris' asshole.

The redheaded twin with his lips wrapped around my prick moaned and sighed and slowly writhed his hips into the mouth of his brother. Then as he saw me watching, he looked me in the eyes, took a deep breath and swallowed my prick down his throat all the way to the root. He bobbed his head up and down a few times with his nose buried in my pubes and I could feel his throat contracting around the head of my cock.

My eyes rolled up in my head with pleasure.

As Deris let his lips slide back up to the head of my prick I could see the entire length was glistening with his saliva. He ran his lips and tongue over the head a few times and then slipped me right back down his throat again. After he had done this a few times, he slipped his mouth off of my cock, reached back to touch his brother on the shoulder and said 'Now, brother.'

Seris lifted his head from his brothers backside and Deris went up on his knees and crawled up my body until he was straddling my hips. I felt his brothers hand grab my cock and hold it straight up and down (like it needed any help with that) as Deris lowered himself on my crotch.

I felt the sensitive head of my prick brush against the smooth skin of his ass cheeks then come to a short halt at the rubbery ring at the entrance to his anus. Deris took a deep breath, then another as he pressed back and I could feel him opening himself to me. As his ass opened to me and I slid ever upward, he panted a few times and gasped 'So big! So..... nice. Oh my god... oh.... So nice....' A few moments later I was buried all the way in his ass and his hips settled down on top of mine. His channel was hot and tight and gripped my prick like a satin glove.

Seris spooned up to his brothers back and began kissing and nibbling up and down his neck and the side of his throat. His one hand came around and wrapped around his twins upstanding cock while the other went between his ass cheeks and caressed my balls and shaft while his brother moved slowly up and down on my prick buried deep inside him.

'Is it nice?' Seris whispered in his brothers ear.

Deris moaned and rocked back and forth between his brothers hand squeezing his cock and my prick in his backside. His eyes were closed and he had a dreamy look on his face as he rode me.

'It's very nice, brother. Nice and big. Hard and soft at the same time. Warm and gentle, just like we dreamed it would be.'

'Do you think I will like it?'

'Mmmmm... oh yes, you'll like it. Captain Jazz has the nicest cock...' and he placed a hand down on my chest and began rocking up and down a little harder.

'I'm a little jealous of you, brother.'

Deris reached back with his other hand and caressed his brothers cheek. 'Poor Seris.' he sighed 'Poor poor Seris. Come around here and I'll make it up to you.'

Seris stood up and walked around the bed until he was standing with his feet on either side of my ribs facing his brother. Deris ran his hand between his brothers thighs and, placing a hand on his smooth ass cheeks, pulled him forward until Seris' cock slipped into his mouth.

The twins had told me that they had been often forced to 'perform' together for the entertainment of their masters or their guests, so this was nothing new to them. Watching one redheaded twin sucking the other ones prick in and out of his mouth, I could viscerally see why this would be something worth watching. I'm willing to bet that I got a better show because they were doing it willingly. And they had been each others tenderest lover for as long as they could remember.

Deris slipped into a faster rhythm, bouncing up and down on my cock as he sucked lustily on his brothers prick. Seris groaned and held his brothers head in his hands. It was erotic watching the muscles in his back and butt ripple and flex as he moved his hips back and forth.

I decided to make a more active and less voyeuristic role in events. I slipped two fingers into my mouth and got them well coated with my saliva, the reached up and parted Deris ass cheeks and pressed my fingers to his rosebud. Deris gasped and tightened up, then moaned and relaxed as my fingers spread him open and slipped up into his rectum. He said 'Ah! Ah!' then 'Aaahhhh......' as he realized what I was doing and relaxed into it. As quickly as he relaxed to my intrusion, I slid my fingers all the way up inside of him. My other hand slipped down and wrapped around the other redheads cock as he bounced up and down on my groin. I pulled back his foreskin and could feel the pre-come dribbling from the tip. My thumb spread it all around the head of his cock and I stroked him up and down as he moved.

And once again we just all melded together into a blur of moving bodies, we were nothing but hands and penises and asses and mouths and little cries and moans of pleasure. Deris was squeezing my cock with his ass and his brother was squeezing my fingers with his. I could hear little wet squishy sounds as Seris' prick slipped in and out of his brothers hot mouth.

Amazingly enough, as good as it felt fucking Deris in the ass, it was Seris who succumbed first. He was bucking his hips back and forth between my fingers and his brothers mouth and I could feel the smooth hard cheeks of his ass tightening around my hand. He was moaning constantly. Suddenly one of his hands came around behind him and pressed my hand deep up into his backside and he groaned loudly and started shaking as his rectal ring clamped down on my fingers hard. He cried out and shook and I could see his brothers adams-apple bobbing up and down as his come jetted down his throat and Deris swallowed him down.

I could see the young mans knees shaking as he started to sag backwards. I released his twins prick and moved my hand to the small of his back to keep him from falling on my chest. My fingers slipped out of his spasming asshole and I kind of rolled him to the side and down onto the bed where he lay there panting, his pale skin flushed and covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

Deris smiled down at me and licked his lips. I smiled back and my hand went back to his still hard prick and wrapped around it and stroked up and down his length.

'Are you gonna come for me too, boy?' I growled.

He flexed his rectal ring around my prick several times as he rode me and said 'Oh yes, Captain Jazz sir! I was just waiting for the right time.' He slid up and down a few more times and added 'Wanted to make sure my brother was happy first. Didn't want him to be too jealous.'

The other twin rolled over to face us, a little out of breath, and piped up 'We like getting sucked almost as much as we like getting fucked.'

'So it wasn't a bad exchange.'

'Since you can't really fuck us both.'

'Because you only have one cock.'

'Even if it is a big beautiful hard one!'

'The only thing we like better....'

'Is getting both at the same time!!' they chorused together.

With that statement made (almost like they had choreographed this ahead of time) Seris rolled up and leaned over my waist and gently pulled my hand from his brothers prick and replaced it with his own, then lowered his head and took his brothers cock into his mouth. Deris groaned aloud and said 'Oh god.... Oh yes...' as his hand wrapped in his brothers short hair and pulled him hard into his crotch.

Deris' anal canal tightened down on my prick even harder and he started riding me faster and faster, only moving an inch or two each time. I had been fighting off my own orgasm for quite some time now and I decided it was time to ride it out. I started bucking my hips up into the young redheads ass, slamming my prick into him hard, with one hand on his thigh and the other on his brothers back.

All at once the movement of Deris' hips went from back and forth between my cock and his brothers mouth to trembling and his ass tightened down on me even further which made little stars pop in my vision. He clutched his brothers hair in his fist and cried 'Ooooo...oooo. Ooo. Ohhhhhh...' and bucked his hips hard between us. That was enough to send me over the edge. I cried out and shoved my cock into him as far as it would go and started trying to do my best to fill him completely with my come as I shot off inside him over and over. I could feel something warm hit my belly as a drop or two of his come escaped his brothers lips.

We all stayed frozen in that position for a moment or two, lost in our own little orgasmic world of bliss. Then Seris released his brothers prick from his mouth with a kiss that made Deris shiver and twitch while he was still impaled on my prick. Seris dipped his head and licked up the drops of come from my belly, then turned his body and snuggled up under my right arm and laid his head on my chest. His brother slowly leaned forward until he too was laying on my chest and they kissed each other thoroughly.

Lost in a post orgasmic haze, I lay there with an arm around each of the young men as we all panted and sighed together. With a twinge of regret, I felt my prick slip out of that tight ass and flop down on the bed as a puddle of come oozed out of him and down onto the sheets.

I had almost drifted off to sleep when I felt them both start moving. Deris lifted himself up off my chest and crawled off the side of the bed and stood next to his brother.

'We need to get you cleaned up, Captain Jazz sir.'

'We can't leave our captain all messy.'

'Or his bed either.'

'Just in case we need it again later.'

'So into the fresher you go and I'll get you all cleaned up.'

'And I'll change the sheets.'

'So we can be ready for the next time!'

Oh lordy. I had a feeling that these two were going to be the death of me for sure. I'd die happy, but much sooner than I had planned.

Seris took me into the 'fresher while his brother started stripping the stained sheets off the bed and feeding them into the washer. Under the hot spray, the young redhead scrubbed me all over, leaving no inch untouched until I must have sparkled. Then he had me sit down while he washed himself. I just sat back and admired the view. They were still too skinny and needed to add another fifteen or twenty pounds of muscle and just a little more fat to look healthy again, but all in all there was nothing physically wrong with either of them.

Nothing that good food and exercise and lots and lots of sex wouldn't cure, anyway.

Deris stepped into the shower while his brother was finishing up and they kissed each other warmly. We stepped out while he washed and Seris toweled me and himself dry then waited for his bother.

After we were all clean and dry and dressed in shorts again we went down to the galley and I spent the afternoon teaching the brothers the finer points of cribbage. We played several dozen games until they started to get the hang of it, then I left them to play against each other for awhile. I reclined into a more comfortable chair in the corner and read a book while keeping half an ear on their banter.

At one point I perked my ears up when it sounded like they were having an argument. Then I realized that they were betting on the outcome of the game and the prize was me! I listened for a moment then cleared my throat. Two heads swiveled in my direction and I said 'I am going to fuck Seris next. Deris went first. It's only fair.' When they both started to rise, I waved them back down and said 'After dinner. Go back to your game.'

A few minutes later I heard them again.

'So it's settled.'

'The loser cooks dinner.'

'And the winner gets to suck the Captains cock!'

'I am so going to win.'

'You don't stand a chance! I'm ten points ahead!'

'You are going down, bother!'

'Only on the Captain, Mister Chef!'

With a smile, I tuned them out again.

A few minutes later a shadow loomed up on front of me and I saw Seris standing there with a huge grin on his face. Deris was sitting at the table, his face in an exaggerated pout. He looked on in dismay as Seris knelt in front of my chair, opened my shorts and tugged them down. As Seris leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth I said 'First rule: Never bet anything that you don't want to lose!'

After dinner they tried to pull the same bet over the cleanup with myself as the prize again but I quickly squashed it. I was still getting over the after effects of Seris' talented lips and wanted to save some energy when we went to bed that night. If those two had their way they would have drained me dry.

I was delighted to find out that both brothers had been taught to read and write. Their first owner on Iskander had taught them so that they could handle shopping lists and other chores and apparently had a small library that they were allowed to read from. Their reading level wasn't as high as it should have been, but it wasn't too bad. The library archive in Eris' computer banks was huge and was capable of printing out any book it had in storage. And when you finished with the book, all you had to do was slide it into the slot and it was wiped clean for the next time. I always had two or three books laying around for idle moments. I helped them both select books and left them curled up in the chairs reading while I attended to other things.

That became a lifelong thing for both young men. Afterwards, if they weren't working or playing or sleeping, they were curled up somewhere with a good book.

While the twins read I burrowed my way back into the cargo hold. I knew where every bit of my cargo was located, even if it had been in there for months. Hell, there were several boxes of specialty tools that had been in the back of my hold for over two years waiting for the right market. I knew they were worth a small fortune and I had gotten them for a song a long time ago. I always thought of them as my retirement fund. If I got full market price for them I would make enough to live out my life on almost any planet.

Like I really wanted to live on a planet. Boring!

But what I was looking for was a pallet load of medical supplies destined for Arcadia. They had come cheap from IX and I knew the shopkeepers in Arcadia would snap them all up. I knew that there were two small case lots of surgical lubricant in the pallet. Saliva was all well and good when you had nothing else, but I preferred a well-lubed ass to sink my prick into. It just made the experience so much nicer.

It took me the best part of an hour to shift things around in the hold enough that I could reach the stuff that I wanted. I hauled out the first case and as I was about to turn around again, my prick started getting hard just thinking about what I was going to use all that lube for, so I grabbed the other case out as well.

It turned out that that was a pretty good idea, in the long run.

Then of course it took me almost another hour to put everything back and close up my cargo hold again. I was tired and sweaty by the time I got everything back into place. I hauled the boxes of lubricant into my cabin and set a couple of tubes by the bed and stashed the rest in the storage closet. The tubes were the new type that were self warming. All you had to do was twist the cap and wait a few seconds and the stuff came out almost body temperature.

What will they think of next?

By this time, of course, the lads had gotten curious and had come looking for me. And when they saw that I was all sweaty they demanded to know what I was doing, and why hadn't I gotten them to do it?

I had to stop them both in mid-sentence before they got that whipsawing back and forth twin-speak thing going again.

'Look, boys. If you stay with me, one of these days you are going to be sick of seeing the inside of that cargo hold. There's been a few times when I was, I know. But this time I had to do it because I was the only one that could. Don't worry, you'll get plenty of work to do when we get to Boonesboro.'

I turned to head towards the 'fresher for another shower (my second one of the day so far) when they both crowded in behind me. I had just meant to jump in and rinse the sweat off but the next thing I knew I was practically surrounded by naked bodies and big grins.

What's a man to do? I surrendered to the inevitable.

We all crowded together under the spray but I kept the pace of the action deliberately slow. We took turns washing each other, although the twins hadn't gotten dirty. But they did so enjoy scrubbing me all over. I felt like some sort of Caliph or something amidst his harem. I imagined that if I had wanted, I could have lived a life of sybaritic luxury with those two at my beck and call to serve my every whim.

It was a nice thought for a moment, but that kind of life wasn't for me. I enjoyed working and I enjoyed being a trader and I enjoyed getting hot and sweaty loading and unloading my cargo and counting my money when I was through. I enjoyed traveling from planet to planet and talking to different people and I enjoyed the long trips in between.

In short, I was a trader, not a Sultan.

But I still enjoyed the shower with the twins. It was more fun than a basketful of puppies. I made sure that I paid attention to each one of them separately as well as both of them together. There were lots of kisses and soft caresses and just touching. At one point I had Seris pressed up against the wall of the fresher, my mouth pressed to his and my tongue in his mouth while his arms wrapped around my neck. Our cocks were trapped between our bellies, pressed together. I felt a touch on my back and Deris came up behind me and wrapped his arms around us both. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my backside and his lips on the back of my neck.

I knew from prior experience that I much preferred fucking to getting fucked, but I didn't mind it now and then. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later and I briefly wondered what it would be like to have one cock in my ass and another in my mouth at the same time.

Hell, we had plenty of time. I'd find out.

But I had something different in mind for tonight.

When I couldn't take it anymore, I shooed them out of the 'fresher and we all toweled off.

This time when we hit the bed I had the presence of mind to put down an old blanket on top of the sheets to catch any mess we might make. I figured we were probably going to make a good one.

I maneuvered us around until this time Seris was in the middle. I wanted room to be able to direct the action the best I could. They both tried so hard to please me and I wanted the focus to go in another direction for a change. Deris and I leaned over the twin in the middle and took turns kissing him and each other. We caressed his body up and down while his hands were trapped on the outside and could only touch our backs. It was something new for both of them and they enjoyed it.

While Deris was engrossed in kissing his twin, my hand went down to his fine upstanding prick and I slid my head down on his belly to admire it. It was nice and hard and thick, surrounded by a little patch of red pubic hair. I stroked him up and down a few times, then leaned down and took him into my mouth. They always felt so much bigger in my mouth than in my hand. There was no way I could deep throat him like they did to me, but I gave him my best and I didn't hear any complaints. He writhed his hips and groaned into his brothers mouth as I sucked on him.

But I didn't want him to come yet. As I pulled away he made a complaining noise but I ignored it and went back up on one elbow next to his head. I touched Deris on the head and as he looked at me, I leaned in and kissed him and said 'Roll over on your side.' and gently directed him in that direction. As he turned with his back to his brother, I had Seris also turn to spoon up behind him. Seris reached around for his brothers cock but I pushed his hand away and said 'No. Not yet.'

I snagged a tube of lubricant off of the night stand, twisted the cap and let it warm up in my hand. In about twenty seconds it felt like I was holding a metal prick. Very nice. I grabbed Seris hand and squeezed a glob of the lube onto his fingers.

He looked a the gob of goo and said 'What's this?'

I said 'It's lubricant. Makes things nice and slippery. And it helps stuff slide inside other stuff real easy. You'll like it, trust me. It lasts longer than spit. Try it out on Deris.'

Seris parted his brothers ass cheeks and began smearing the warm lube around his rosebud, making smaller and smaller circles. Deris moaned and sighed softly. Then slowly, gently, he slipped one finger up into his ass. Deris said 'Oh! That feels so nice! It slid in so easily! Oh that's so nice!' He looked over his shoulder and rolled his hips and said 'Give me two fingers, brother.'

Seris, always the willing and patient lover, slid his finger out and slipped two up into his brothers asshole, opening him up further. Deris moaned and ground his hips into the mattress.

Seeing that it was going well, I got some more lube on my fingers, reached around and started smearing Seris' prick with it. His erection had gone down a little, but my touch and the warm lube made him spring right back to attention. He made little pleasurable sounds in the back of his throat while I stroked him.

'Do you like fucking Deris?' I asked.

'Oh yes, Captain Jazz sir! He has the warmest tightest ass. I love fucking him and I love it when he fucks me!' Seris shivered a little and pushed his pelvis forward into my stroking hand.

'Deris, do you want your brother to fuck your ass now?'

Deris groaned deep and pushed his own hips back into his brothers fingers. 'Yes I do, Captain Jazz sir. I want him inside me almost as much as I want you inside me again!' He looked over his shoulder again and said 'Please fuck my ass, brother. I want you in my ass.'

I reached over and placed a hand on Deris' hip and rolled him face down on the bed. Nudging with my body and hands, I got Seris to climb on top of his brothers body, straddling his hips. I slipped a little more lube on my fingers and spread it generously on the head of his cock. As Seris pulled his fingers from his brothers asshole, I aimed his hard prick at the opening and watched as he penetrated his twins willing ass. I kept my fingers wrapped around his shaft until my hand was trapped between their bodies.

They both moaned in pleasure. I'm not really sure which one was enjoying it more. They both seemed to love getting fucked but I knew that there was no feeling in this universe like having a warm slippery ass to sink your dick into. As Seris slid back a little I pulled my hand out from between them. He started fucking in and out of his brothers upturned butt and I put a hand on his ass and said 'Slowly...... slowly. Make it last a long time. Don't you want to get fucked, too?'

Seris groaned again and I could see his ass clench up and relax over and over again. I think I almost made him come right then and there. He bit his lower lip then looked at me and gasped 'Please fuck me Captain Jazz sir. I have waited and waited for that!' He groaned again and added 'I was so upset when Deris won that I almost cried.'

'Well' I smiled. 'We don't want that. I don't want to make you cry. I want to make you come, instead.'

Again I squeezed lube on my fingers and slid them between Seris' ass cheeks, smearing it all around the opening to his anus. He moaned and sighed and wiggled his hips, which made his brother groan beneath him. I could see Deris' legs flexing as he lay under his brothers impaling prick. As I pressed one finger to his opening, Seris pressed backwards, taking me inside and slipping back out of his brother a little. I pressed forwards, pushing him back down and in. He moaned again and said 'Oh! You're right! This is very nice.... Warm and slippery and it goes in so easily! More please, Captain Jazz sir!' I slid my finger in and out of his tight clenching hole a few times and he said 'Give me more!'

As he had done with his twin, I slid my finger out then slipped two in past his rectal ring, making him groan even louder. I moved them in and out and rolled them around, stretching him open. Every movement of my hand made Seris flex his ass and wiggle his hips which also made the redhead impaled on his prick moan and sigh. Deris couldn't move very much, but I could see him flexing his legs and his toes curling and uncurling with pleasure.

I rolled up onto my knees and straddled the two young men's legs, and laid my hard prick on Seris warm soft ass cheek. I put one hand in the center of his back and asked 'Seris...... do you want me to fuck you?'

He looked over his shoulder the best he could. I could see beads of sweat forming on his forehead and shoulders. He said 'Yes, please. Please put your hard beautiful cock in me Captain Jazz sir!'

I said 'Tell your brother what is happening.'

Seris began a running dialogue of the events, almost whispering them into his brothers ear.

'The Captains fingers are still inside me, moving around and they feel so good..... His hard cock is laying on one of my ass cheeks. It feels like a bar of molten steel against my skin.....'

'He has the lubricant in his hand and I can feel him smearing it on his cock. Just knowing that he is going to stick that in my ass while I'm fucking you almost makes me want to come right now...'

'Oh! He's sliding his fingers out of me! I can feel the head of his cock between my cheeks. Oh my god, it feels huge! Like he's trying to put a fist in my ass! Oh my god.....'

I pressed forward and slipped past the tight ring of muscle into his ass. Seris gasped and said 'Oh my god, brother! He's inside me! Feels like he's tearing me apart.... Oh god, deeper and deeper inside.... I don't know if I can take him all.... Ah god it feels so good.....'

I slid all the way home into his tight ass. When I hit bottom I just stopped and held us all in position for a moment. Partly to calm down a little and partly to savor the moment. Seris' commentary had gotten me pretty worked up. It felt for a moment like I was in my own porn flick. Feeling my prick squeezed by his tight rectal channel and knowing that he was as deeply buried in his brothers ass was quite the sensation. I was already breaking out in a sweat.

When we had all calmed down just a little (or at least I had) I pulled on Seris' shoulders until he rose up on his hands. Then I slid out of him about two inches and pulled back on his shoulders sliding him simultaneously into my cock and out of his brothers ass just a little. Seris got the idea quickly and started moving his hips back and forth between my hard cock in his ass and his buried in his brothers. I put my hands on his hips and held on for the ride.

As you can expect, none of us really lasted all that long. It wasn't one of those epic marathon fucks like you see in the flicks or read about in books. In reality, when you are fucking someone (or getting fucked, or both, as the case may be) and it feels really good, your first instinct is to race headlong into your orgasm. And between the feel of my cock buried deep in a tight slippery ass and the sight of the little pile of willing young bodies fucking there in my bed and the cries of pleasure we were all making and the slap-slap, slap-slap as Seris drove his body between my prick and his brothers soft ass cheeks was enough to make me lose control and start building towards my peak rather quickly.

Deris was grunting and groaning and grinding his crotch into the mattress, his hands clenched into tight fists on the blanket. Seris was moving his pelvis back and forth faster and faster and his strokes were getting shorter as he began to pant and I could feel his ass tightening up on my prick. I moved a fraction closer and began to pummel his asshole with my cock, driving into him as hard as I could.

The sweat was dripping down my back and forehead and getting into my eyes. I took one last glance down to see my prick disappearing into the young mans tight clenching ass and closed my eyes. My hands gripped his sides hard enough to leave marks and I rammed my prick up his ass with all of my might.

Suddenly Seris gave out a long shuddering cry and both his rectal channel and his ass cheeks tightened up on my cock so hard it almost hurt. His ass began spasming around my prick and he shook and shivered hard beneath me. Deris squealed and pushed upwards so hard it almost upset us all off of the bed. That sent me over the edge and I added my cries to theirs and started spewing my come into the young mans ass beneath me.

I had wondered, since I had already come twice that day, if I might have some trouble the third time. I shouldn't have worried. With those two in my bed it was no problem at all.

We lay in a trembling pile for long moments then slowly collapsed into a sweaty jumble scattered all over the bed. We were all dripping with sweat and coated with the lubricant and Deris had spurted his sticky jizz all over his belly and down into his pubes. Both young men had come leaking from their asses and down their thighs.

Groaning like the old man I felt myself to be, I got up from the bed and headed for the 'fresher for the third time that day. After a moment or two, the lads crawled off the bed and followed me in. They both used the facilities to rid themselves of the ass full of come they had received then joined me under the hot water. This time we limited ourselves to a quick kiss each and a rinsing off of the sweat and got back out.

I toweled myself off as they finished up, then took the blanket off of the bed and fed it into the washer. I whistled for the lights to dim and crawled under the covers. My eyes were almost closed when I felt the bed move and a warm body slid in on either side of me. Two shoulders snugged into my armpits and two heads lay on my chest and two arms went around my waist. I patted each of them on the head gently.

'Good night, boys.' I said.

'Good night Captain Jazz sir!' they chorus sleepily.

I wondered if I would ever get them to call me one name or the other, rather than both.

And wondering about that, I slipped off into a dreamless slumber.

As I said, that was two years ago. The idea of dropping them off on a planet somewhere never came up again. Under my tutelage the twins became master traders and experienced spacers. With their minds so closely linked, they took haggling prices and made it an art form. They learned ship handling and cargo lading and I taught them all of the self defense that I knew so that they became instant death with hands or a knife or a blaster or pretty much any other weapon you could name.

And almost every night at least one if not both of them came willingly and eagerly into my bed.

They might be driving me to an early grave, but I didn't mind it all that much. If I have to go, I couldn't think of a better way.

I have left Eris to them in my will.

So some day in the distant future, if you happen to be at the market and encounter a pair of redheaded traders showing their wares, stop and take a look. It will always be quality merchandise. Buy carefully, but be sure that they won't cheat you.

And if you are a handsome young man and they invite you back to the ship for a drink to seal the deal....

You can be sure that will be well worth the price.



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