When I was about thirty I got a computer and hooked up to the internet. While it was still pretty primitive then, compared to today, it really didn't take me long to find a gay chat room just the same. There was a room for the city I lived in, and I spent a lot of time there that winter, talking to lots of guys and meeting a couple of them once or twice.

One evening while it was raining and windy outside, I sat there and started chatting to this guy who was a few years older than me. His profile said he was a 'selfish and ravenous bottom', who was interested in 'testing his limits' and 'demanding constant anal sex'. This was turning me on quite a bit, and there was a picture of his ass on his profile that looked pretty hot.

I privated him, and we started to talk. I asked him questions about his ass for a while first, like was it shaved, and had he ever had a dildo up there. He told me that he had been fucked by a dildo a couple of times, but that he didn't really like the experience. He wasn't shaved, but if I wanted to I could shave his ass before I fucked it.

This sounded pretty hot to me, and so I told him I was into coming over and fucking him. He gave me his address, and I rode my bike through the dark and stormy night across town to his apartment building. He buzzed me in, as we had arranged, and then I just walked into his suite, since that was what he wanted. He was laying face down on the bed, and I ran my fingers into the crack of his ass before stripping my own clothes off.

He was a bit older than me, but in pretty good shape, with a nice curvy ass that beckoned to me with its sweetness as he lay there. I stood there naked, letting the tension build as I ran my fingers over it.

I made sure I kept my underwear close at hand, since I thought they might come in handy with this character. Sometimes with bottoms there is a line crossed, and they can be really pushy. When this happens, the only thing to do is stopper their gobs with something and carry on regardless. I knew from our chatting that this guy was pretty uninhibited, so I wanted to be ready in case he turned out to be a pushy bottom. I really felt instinctively that this was what was about to happen.

I licked his crack for a while, then probed his sweet ass with my tongue. I really didn't want to shave this guy's ass right that night, but would have liked it if he had been shaved before I arrived. You can't have it all though, I thought to myself as my tongue stroked his hairy hole. He moaned loudly in pleasure, and I put my finger up his ass next, while keeping my face close by to watch the fun. First he took one finger, then two, and then three up his ass, and I spread them out to stretch his horny ass a little looser in preparation for my hard cock.

He was talking from time to time, telling me to stick my fingers in his hole, and how much he wanted my cock up there, and words to this effect. It was pretty hot to listen to at first, but by the time I came around to fucking him it was clear that he was going to be much more aggressively talkative before we were done. I eyed my underwear, to be ready to react when this nelly nattering became too tiresome to take more of.

I knew that he wanted me to fuck him, but wanted to make him suck my cock first, and if nothing else this would at least stop him from talking. I kept a finger up his nice ass while he sucked me for a while, and anytime he came up for air I just pushed his head right back down on my cock. He loved it, and moaned and grunted noisily as I did this to him. He slurped loudly on my cock from time to time, but I just kept putting it back in his mouth anytime it came out.

After a bit, I knew that it was time to put my cock up his ass. I bent him over a chair next to the bed, and then started to get his anus nice and lubricated. It wasn't long before he was loudly demanding that I fuck him. I obliged him without much more delay. His ass was not tight, but then I have never liked a tight ass. He knew how to get fucked, and bent over and thrust his sweet ass against me as I penetrated him relentlessly.

All of this was going pretty well, except now he kept demanding that I fuck him harder, or faster, or in some other way than how I was doing it to him right at present. This wore pretty thin pretty fast, and at last I knew that the time had come to deal with it. I reached for my underwear and told him to shut the fuck up, while I stuffed them into his open mouth. At first he tried to take them out, but then I just reached up and pushed his hands away from his mouth.

I could tell by the precum gushing from his cock that this was really what he wanted anyways, and so giving his ass a good slap for emphasis, I told him to think about the cock that was held by those underwear, and that was now deep in his ass. This made him moan, and I started to fuck him faster and harder. He was squealing and moaning still, and so I reached down and spread his ass cheeks nice and wide apart so that I could get up deep inside him. He loved it, and spread his legs open wider.

I fucked him for at least a couple of hours, in various positions. I let him take my underpants out of his mouth long enough to stop for a cigarette once, and then put them right back in as I rolled him over to fuck him again. He was able to take it all nicely, and I knew that he was really turned on by what was happening. There were moments when parts of my underpants came out of his mouth, and I reached up to tuck them neatly back in again.

Once we were in the living room area of his bachelor apartment, and I shoved him gently over the couch so that he was made to reach for the back of it to support himself. I fingered his anus and stretched his hole a bit more for him before fucking him again. He would look back over his shoulder from time to time and I knew that I was giving him all he wanted from the way he looked at me.

The early light of dawn was showing grey outlines of buildings across the street outside his window when I fucked him the last time. I was ready to leave, and had even put my now wet underwear back on, though he was still naked there before me. I was about to go when I put my hand on his ass again. There was something about the curvature of it that really appealed to me. I stopped, then knelt behind him and then started to probe his loose, wet hole with two of my spit slickened fingers. He loved it, and moaned again. I could now see well enough in the early morning light to discern the individual hairs on his ass. The sounds of birds chirping outside the window told me that time was short, and I had no intention of staying long enough to be exposed to the harsh light of the early morning sun.

I pulled down my pants and fucked him as hard as I was able, and as the light of day continued to resolve the shapes and images in the room, I fucked him harder still. Finally I came, shuddering and moaning as loud as he had, and slapped his ass cheeks again hard as I did so. He loved this too. I knew that time was now against me, as the first rays of the sun came up. I pulled up my pants and walked to the door. He was still naked.

He stroked my still hard cock in my pants as I left, and asked me to come back again soon. I knew that this was unlikely, since while this had been a hot experience I had found all his verbiage a bit excessive and tedious. For all that, the fact that he let me just walk into his apartment and fuck him had been pretty hot, and that I had stuffed my underpants in his mouth to shut him up had also worked well. I knew that if I ever did go back for another slice of his ass I would bring another pair of underwear to keep him quiet.

I rode my bike home through the morning of what looked like a beautiful day, feeling tired but well satisfied. I was glad I had no plans or obligations for the day ahead, and my only regret was my uncomfortably wet underwear which his mouth has moistened so completely for me. I knew that I would keep an eye out for him in the chat rooms, and that if the occasion offerred, I would fuck him again.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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