We were relaxing. Just sitting around the living room watching the teevee and enjoying being together. Jenny and Sandy were on the couch, Jen with her head in my wife’s lap. Sandy’s fingers were running absently through Jen’s short red hair while we watched the show. The little redhead was curled up like a cat dressed in flannel pajama bottoms and a snug t-shirt, smiling happily with her cheek and one hand laying against the warmth of Sandy’s thigh.

I had my recliner leaned all the way back with a small pillow under my head. The teevee screen was framed in my sight by my slippered feet. Daniel was kneeling by my chair, his arm over the arm of my recliner and my hand on the nape of his neck just below his collar, massaging him gently as I was almost slipping into a light doze. He was kneeling on a soft pad covered with some sort of chenille like material that was remarkably soft and comfortable. It was actually a dog bed that we had bought expressly for that purpose.

At first Sandy had worried that it might be considered a bit insulting or degrading to buy them pet beds. Jen and Daniel had offered up no complaints but my wife was a worrier. I stood there in the store with the two beds in my hands (one pink and one blue, appropriately) in front of all three of them (on our first buying expedition after meeting them) and said "We bought them collars and leashes. We had their names engraved on the tags. They are not animals. They are our pets. And I think pet beds are entirely appropriate. They aren’t for sleeping on. Not unless somebody really misbehaves, anyway." I frowned at our two subbies and they both gulped and looked at the floor. "They are just to keep their knees off of the hard cold floor when necessary. Besides," I added "You know how I am. They are both going to be on their knees quite a bit. I would rather that they were comfortable as possible while they are down there." I could see Jenny and Daniel both blush just a little.

And I was right. They both spent a lot of time on those little pet beds. But so far only Jenny had to ever spend a night on one. She had gotten distracted teasing Daniel while they were washing the dishes and knocked my favorite coffee cup off the counter, breaking it into pieces.

I wouldn’t have minded it so much. Accidents do happen, after all. But when I confronted them, she tried to shift the blame onto Daniel. He was more than willing to take the heat, but I smelled a rat and grilled her until she confessed that it was, really, all her own fault.

We are tolerant of many things, but dishonesty isn’t one of them. So Jen got to spend a night curled up her little pet bed on the floor, sniveling over her well-striped bottom while the rest of us were warm and comfy and snuggled together on the big bed.

And while I had taken my hand or a crop or paddle to their smooth pink bottoms several times in the month since they had become ours, that was the first and only time so far I had done it for punishment rather than foreplay.

Daniel had sighed several times during the show and I could tell he was a little restless. Nobody had played with him at all that day and he was feeling a bit neglected. Sandy and Jen had been in for a "nap" earlier in the day and, since I was busy on the internet, I had him kneel outside the bedroom door so hear could hear them and just let his imagination run wild.

That sort of thing always got him wound up and ready for some fun. And so very eager to please anybody to the best of his ability in hopes of getting some release of his own. Hearing his wife’s cries and moans of ecstasy drove him right to the edge every time.

That had been several hours ago and Daniel was feeling very neglected indeed. He turned on his knees and laid his chin on the armrest of my chair, those big brown eyes of his looking up at me wistfully. His hand went to the inside of my thigh and started stroking slowly up and down, seemingly innocently. But I knew better. He was trying to get me horny, as he’d been trying to do all afternoon. And while I wasn’t going to let on, I had been fighting it myself all afternoon, just to stokes his fires a little hotter.

I was a real bastard like that, sometimes. But, truth be told, I was getting a bit bored watching teevee anyway and ready for a little creative nap time myself.

His hand was slowly moving higher and higher up my thigh, getting closer to my crotch with each move. I could feel my prick starting to swell and knew that it wouldn’t be long before I was obviously aroused and there wouldn’t be any hiding it any longer. Especially since I had changed into loose fitting flannel pj’s myself. Any second now the front of my pants were going to be tenting up over my hardon.

My little pet boy sighed again and moved his hand just a little bit higher, almost but not quite touching my cock. He knew better than to touch directly without asking. I reached down and grabbed his hand and held it firmly.

"Stop." Daniels eyes went wide and he looked forlorn. I lifted his hand from my lap and set it up on the arm of my recliner.

"Stand up and strip for me, Daniel. Let me see you."

"Yes, sir!" He jumped up and quickly stripped out of his clothing, taking time to fold each piece as he’d been taught and laying them down beside his feet. That tag on his collar jingled as he moved. I could see the ladies watching from the couch. Sandy smiled and Jen licked her lips as her husbands naked ass came into view.

Once he was naked he stood next to my chair feet slightly spread, eyes forward and his hands behind his head. We had taught them the display positions that we liked. This one brought Daniels crotch just below eye level as I leaned my chair forward. I leaned over and again admired the little gadget that Daniel wore most of the time.

One of the rules that we had all agreed on when Jenny and Daniel became ours was that when they weren’t in active sexual use that they would be kept in chastity at all times. We kept very strict control over their pleasure. Not just to be mean, but to heighten the pleasure when it was allowed.

Even though they had been husband and wife for five years when they became ours, our pets had only been allowed to play with each other sexually twice since becoming part of our household. Being selfish allowing them pleasure made it all that more sweet when it was allowed. And both of them admitted that it had been the best sex they’d had since their honeymoon.

Daniels cock and balls were locked into an ingenious little plastic device we had bought off of the internet. It had a ring that encircled his shaft and went underneath his ball sack. A curved plastic tube encased his prick. It had holes in it to allow for air circulation and a good sized one in the tip to allow him to pee. The tube itself was just a hair longer than his cock was when it was soft. And it snapped to the ring and locked together on the top with a small brass padlock. Sandy and I held the only keys.

The thing was designed to make it difficult if not impossible for Daniel to engage in any sort of sexual activity without permission. Not only did it make it nearly impossible for him to touch himself or for anybody else to touch him, it made it almost completely impossible for him to get an erection, being encased in that little tube.

After the first time I locked him into it and had him kneel by the bed and watch while the rest of us played together, he described it as an "exquisite agony". But each and every morning before work Daniel came to either Sandy or I with the thing in place and requested to be locked in. And Jen wore a metal and plastic device that locked around her hips under her business attire every day as well.

It all served to keep our pets happy and sexually primed as well as reminding them who their owners were. It was a good arrangement.

My hand slip up the inside of his warm strong thigh and cupped his balls in my palm. Daniels mouth came open slightly and he made a little happy sigh and his face flushed a deep red at my touch.

Poor Daniel. It was so hard being him some times. I would imagine, anyway.

He’d been raised in a fairly strict religious household, where sex was not discussed at all and even swearing was considered a grievous sin. As he grew up and discovered what he could about sex from his friends and classmates the echoes of his upbringing kept him fairly well repressed until he had met Jenny and discovered that girls and being with them was a beautiful and magical act.

Even though his eyes had been opened and his view of the world expanded, he had still spent the first twenty four years of his life thinking that sex was only meant to be between a man and a woman. Anything other than that was considered disgusting and perverted and would make you less than a man.

To make it even more difficult, Daniel had discovered that he was pretty much a natural born sexual submissive. His need to serve, to be "taken" by a dominant ran all the way to his bones. But while he craved sexual servitude it still shamed him deeply to be the plaything of another man. Even though he physically enjoyed being with me and submitting his body to me, it still bothered and humiliated him to a degree.

Evil bastard that I was, I enjoyed it when his face turned red with embarrassment. I’d love to live somewhere that it would be acceptable to take him out in public dressed in little or nothing at all and at the end of my leash. I imagine that experience would leave him quivering jelly in my hands and ready to pop at the merest touch.

Until that time came I could settle for making a spectacle out of him in front of the girls. Having him submit to me in front of his pretty little wife both shamed and excited him as much as it did her.

"Shall we let your pretty cock out to play, Daniel?" He groaned again, lightly.

"Yes please, sir!"

"Do you think you deserve it?"

"Yes, sir! I’ve been a good boy today!" I leaned over and look at the ladies. The teevee show went on unnoticed as they took in the sight of Daniels nude body.

"What do we think, girls? Has our pet boy been good enough today that he might deserve a treat?" Jenny lifted her head and nodded earnestly.

"Yes, sir!" she said. "Daniel has been very good today! I think he deserves and extra special treat!" But then she was his wife and I expected her to stick up for him. Being the greedy little minx that she was, I’m sure she was hoping that her husbands treat would involve her in some way.

Sandy smiled and petted Jens head fondly and winked at me. Then she assumed a bored expression and said "That’s up to you of course, dear. I guess he’s not been too horrible today. Besides, all of that pitiful sighing is getting on my nerves. Please do something with him so I can watch my show."

And that too, was an act. Sandy liked Daniel and his fine pretty little cock as much as any of the rest of us. And I’m sure she too was hoping my plans for Daniel were going to involve her.

All the while we were talking I was rolling his ball sack around in my palm and one of my fingers had extended behind and was teasing up and down the bottom of his ass crack. Not trying to gain entrance, just softly rubbing up and down between those soft butt cheeks while I watched his nipples get hard and smiled as goose bumps traveled up and down his body at my touch.

"You realize of course if I let you out to play you will have to show me how bad you want an extra treat."

"Yes, sir!"

"Are you ready to sing for your supper, Daniel?"

"Oh, yes sir!"

"Go fetch me the key, then. And be quick about it!"

As soon as I released his sack Daniel whirled away into my office and was back in seconds. The key was attached to a little anodized aluminum tag with his name engraved on it that matched the tag hanging from his collar. Per our custom, he held the tag in his lips and knelt down by my chair again with his hands behind his back. Those big brown eyes of his were wide and hopeful and though he was trying his best to stay still, it seemed like his whole body was in motion with his need.

One hand went behind his neck, pulling him forward until his chest leaned against the soft arm of my recliner. The fingers of my other hand gently took the key from between his lips, my index finger tracing softly down over his nose and over those soft full lips and then coming up under his chin, tilting his head up. I leaned forward until our foreheads and noses touched and whispered "You are a good boy, Daniel."

A glance past his head right before our lips met showed Jen watching, eyes wide and bright. Seeing her little stud muffin of a husband submitting to someone else, especially another man, always turned her on. Before they had met us, Daniel had never so much as kissed another man, let alone any of the other things he had done since then. We had all discovered a wonderful new world together.

Daniels mouth was warm and sweet, as always. As he opened to me, I heard him making little noises in the back of his throat and I could feel him shiver as my tongue slipped into his mouth. And I could feel my prick stirring and pushing up against the fabric of my pajamas. My fingers curled into his thick brown curly hair and pulled him back after a moment or two while I looked into his eyes, seeing the need that made his cheeks flush in desire. Smiling, I tugged on his hair then patted him on the cheek and said "Stand up, boy."

My pet rose to his feet again in the display pose with his hands behind his head. I cupped his crotch in one hand while the other inserted the key and removed the lock before disassembling his chastity device. Daniel sighed happily as his prick slid out of the tube. Dropping the pieces on the shelf on the other side of my chair, I stretched and massaged his cock and balls while he sighed again and rolled his hips at my touch.


"Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!"

I rubbed and stroked him until I could feel him starting to get hard, which didn’t take long. Once he was about half hard I released my hold on him and picked up the pieces of his plastic keeper and had him hold out his hands. I dropped the tube and it’s parts along with the lock and key into his hands and said "Get this cleaned up and put away, boy. And hurry back. I have plans for you."

"Yes, sir!" He whirled away on the run, desire lending his feet wings.

Looking over at my wife I said "Love? May I borrow your pet for a few minutes? I have a job for her."

"Certainly." Sandy said, swatting the little redhead lightly on the butt with a smile. "Get up you lazy beast! Sir needs you!" As Jen got up Sandy reclined into the warm spot she had just vacated and stretched out on the couch, her head laying against the arm as she smiled and set to watch the show. And I’m not talking about the one on the television, either.

Before the petite redhead came to a stop by my chair I motioned for her to strip out of her clothes. As her husband had done minutes before, she folded her thin t-shirt and flannel pj’s after taking them off and put her socks neatly on top and then stood before me naked but for the collar around her neck.

Jenny was small and almost too thin, but still exquisite to look at. She had that fine pale skin and bright green eyes attributed to true redheads and a scattering of freckles across her face and shoulders. Small firm breasts and tiny very sensitive nipples. Her hips flared out nicely and she had strong firm legs and a nice tight compact little butt. Her little body had brought Sandy and I as much joy as her husbands had. Just seeing her standing naked there was almost enough to make me change my plans. I growled a little in lust and then motioned her down so I could whisper in her ear. Quietly, I explained what I wanted her to get and some of what I wanted her to do. She shivered in anticipation and smiled.

As she rose I added out loud "When you meet Daniel in the hallway you may kiss him. Hands on his face only. No more than five seconds. Understand?"

"Yes, sir! Thank you sir!" She spun away to fetch what I was going to want. And I knew that she would count aloud in her head and use all of those five seconds to her advantage.

When Daniel came into the room we could clearly see that his wife’s kiss had the expected effect. His stout six inch prick was completely hard and bobbing in the air in front of him. And I admired his body as he walked over to my side. He’d joined the Army right out of High School as a combat engineer. After two years he’d taken leave and flown back home to marry his High School sweetheart Jenny and brought her back to live with him on the post in Georgia. Five years and two combat tours later he had gotten out and they’d moved back to Colorado where we had met them and convinced them to be our pets. But even after all this time Daniel still looked as good as he did when he graduated.

Though he was only 5’5" tall, he carried himself like a much larger man. His whole body was smooth and muscular and well toned like an Olympic athlete. Just seeing that hot tight little body made it feel like it was ninety degrees warmer in the room.

While he was gone I had moved his little pet bed from the side around to the front of my chair. He knew what that meant and I saw him lick his lips in anticipation as he knelt down in front of me. Even as soon as six months ago, Daniel would have quailed and probably gotten either angry or physically sick at the idea of having another mans prick in his mouth. But he had discovered that serving others, even and especially another man, excited him in ways he had never before even imagined.

And me, being the greedy and self-serving bastard that I was, took advantage of that as often as I could. Barely a day went by that I didn’t have my prick in his or somebody’s mouth. The lad was developing quite a talent for knowing just how I liked it. His pretty little wife was no slouch either. Mine was the second cock she had ever sucked. I was the second man she had ever been with, period. Sandy was her first other woman. And she liked it so much I was afraid we had created a monster. A very hot cute little submissive monster.

And what could I say about Sandy? After twenty five years of marriage she was still the apple of my eye. She knew me and my body and my deviant ways better than anybody else in the world. And having two additional attractive and willing sexual partners just made me want her more. When she came out of the bedroom a little while ago, hair mussed up, lips all puffy and smelling like Jenny all over I had nearly burst into flames.

But I just stoked that fire and waited for Daniel to be ready. And now he was.

I patted my knees and Daniel placed his hands palm down where I indicated and then I covered his small warm hands with mine.

"Close your eyes, Daniel." With a small sigh he did so.

"I asked your lovely little bride to give us a hand. You don’t mind, do you?"

"Oh no, sir! I don’t mind at all!" I motioned to the little redhead and she came in smiling and stood behind her husband after passing me one of the items I had her fetch. I tucked it down by my leg to keep it warm until it was needed.

"You should see her. She is wearing nothing but a collar and I can tell just from looking at her that she is turned on. Her nipples are as hard as a rock. Jenny has a blindfold in her hand and she’s going to put it on you."

Daniel shivered and his cock twitched in the air, completely hard. A little sound escaped his lips. He shivered again as her small soft hands settled the blindfold over his eyes and snugged it securely to his head. Those little fingers lingered in his hair for just a moment and she leaned down to whisper something in his ear. A flush spread from his face down his chest. Another motion from me and she kissed him lightly on top of the head, then rose and moved over to stand at my side. I reached out and cupped one small firm ass cheek in my palm and squeezed it gently. She wiggled and pressed back into my hand.

"Quite the handsome husband you have there, missy." She smiled and nodded to me over her shoulder, then looked back at her kneeling husbands body.

"He was the best looking boy in the whole school." she said. "I’ve been in love with him my whole life."

"I can see why. He’s extremely hot. Turns me on every time I see him. Even with his clothes on. And look how hard his prick is." I leaned forward and wrapped my other hand around the shaft of his thick hard cock. Daniel stiffened in surprise and a little moan of pleasure came from deep in his chest. I squeezed her ass in one hand and his cock in the other. I knew not to stroke him too much, as wound up as he was, or someone would be shampooing the rug in front of my chair before the night was over.

"Do you like your husbands pretty cock, Jenny?"

"Oh yes, sir! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!" Her small hands were crossed on her belly, clutching together and moving slightly up and down like she wanted to squeeze her own breasts or slip down between her thighs, or both. Of course she was forbidden to do so without prior permission.

"Do you want his cock inside you?" I felt her shiver and her warm flesh tightened up in my grip as her hips gave an involuntary twitch.

"Mmmm... Yes, sir! More than anything!"

"And mine? How about both of us at once? Maybe we’ll make a little redhead sandwich out of you again. How would you like that?"

Jenny trembled hard and I could feel the sweat popping out from her pores. She made a little squeak and stoppered it by biting her lower lip. We’d been there before and she’d really enjoyed herself, though she had trouble admitting it. The experience had left her tired and sore for a couple of days afterwards.

I figured that squeak was answer enough. I released my hold on his member with one last little squeeze and a pat and leaned back in my chair and looked over at Jenny. I could smell her excitement like incense in the air.

"In just a moment that pretty husband of yours is going to have my cock in his mouth. And you are going to help him do it. Do you want to see Daniel sucking another mans cock?"

"Ooohh... not any man’s sir. Just yours."

"Should I let you stay and watch or send you away? Maybe I should just have you kneel in the hall and listen like he did while you and Mistress were playing."

"Oh, please don’t do that, sir! I don’t..... I don’t think I could stand it."

"It was good enough for him, why shouldn’t it be good enough for you?"

"Daniel is..... Much stronger than I am, sir." I stared up into those pretty green eyes, now wide open and pleading for mercy. Her legs were tightly clamped together and her hips were churning ever so slightly, like she was trying to fuck something that wasn’t there.

After a moment I patted her little bottom and said "We’ll see. If you behave yourself, maybe...."

"Please, sir! I’ll... I’ll do.... Anything you want! Anything! Please don’t send me away..."

"Alex Cable!" Sandy frowned at me. "If you make my pet cry I won’t let you play with her anymore! You hear me?" I sighed.

"Yes, dear."

Is it possible to be dominant and hen-pecked at the same time?

Apparently, it is. Okay, back to what I was doing.... I patted Jenny on the ass again and said "Here’s the deal. Daniel cannot see what he is doing and he will not be allowed to use his hands. You are going to be his eyes and his hands so he can earn his extra treat for being so good today. So, if you don’t do a good job, neither one of us is going to be happy. Understand?"

"Yes, sir! I’ll do my best! I swear!"

"I know you will, dear. Now the first thing you need to do is take my cock out and make sure that it is nice and hard for your husband."

"Yes, sir!" It was obvious that wasn’t going to be too difficult a task. The crotch of my flannel pajamas were tented up and everyone in the room could see that I was just about as hard as I could get. Jenny bent over and her small nimble fingers unbuttoned my fly and my prick sprung out and waved in the air. She made a small happy sigh and her little warm hands wrapped around the shaft of my cock. Her fingers lacked a good distance of being able to reach all the way around.

I’m not bragging about the size of my prick. It was only a shade under seven inches long when hard and about six and a half inches around. Pretty average, I’d guess. But Jenny’s hands were so tiny and delicate that when she held me in her hands it made me look like I was hung like John Holmes. It was kind of an ego boost.

Those little hands stroked up and down a couple of times, then she looked at me and said "Would you like me to suck on it first, sir? Just to make sure it’s good and hard?" Like it wasn’t already!"

It took a good portion of my self control not to groan out loud at the thought. Affecting a look of bored indifference, I said "I guess that’s not too bad of an idea. Might as well give my pet a bit of a head start. Make sure that his performance won’t be too disappointing."

Jenny knelt down next to me, making sure to trap Daniels arm between my leg and her small firm titties. As she leaned over to take me into her mouth she said "I’m sure my husband won’t disappoint you, sir." Her hands tugged down on my foreskin, exposing the purple head of my prick and her little tongue shot out and lapped up the precum that was oozing from the tip. Then, taking a long slow breath in, she opened her mouth wide and slid the head of my cock between her lips and into her mouth, sucking on me gently.

"Mmmm... It’s too bad you can’t see this, Daniel. Your little wife looks so sexy with my cock in her mouth. And knowing that she’s doing that just to get me ready for you makes it even sexier."

"I wish I could see it, sir. My Jenny is always sexy, no matter what she is doing." Daniel was always so valiant. A perfect gentleman. I’m sure in the days of yore he would have been a knight. Kind of an odd combination: valiant and brave yet sexually submissive. Who was I to argue with perfection?

"And she’s especially beautiful when she’s ahhh..." I could feel him shiver just a little. "When she’s doing it for me."

Once again, I had to fight the urge to groan out loud. Just seeing how wide that little bitty woman had to stretch her mouth open to take my prick in made it look like I was hung like a mule. And even though she was lacking a bit in experience when we got her, Jenny was learning the oral arts quickly. She was now an expert in not only what Daniel liked, but in what Sandy and I liked as well. It never took me too long between those hot little lips before I was ready to come.

But I had other plans. Plans that theoretically culminated in shooting my load somewhere else than down her throat. Reluctantly, I wrapped my fingers in her hair and pulled those exquisite lips away from my cock. Turning her head towards me, I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the nose and said "Now give your husband another kiss and make it quick. I’ve got other thing for his mouth to do."

"Mmmm... Yes, sir!" She turned and wrapped her arms around Daniels neck, her mouth immediately opening to his. I could hear the little noises of satisfaction and a bit of urgency and I could see both of their bodies responding to each other in not so subtle motions of their hips and tightened muscles. If I had let that go on for very long they would have been going at each other like crazy.

It would have been entertaining to watch, but it wasn’t what I had in mind at the moment.

I coughed gently and the little redhead pulled back, a bit startled, as if she had completely forgotten that I was there. She glanced at me and then down at her husbands hard upstanding cock and said "I think he’s ready for you now, sir." I smiled.

"You are always so handy to have around, little pet. Thank you. So, Daniel. Are you ready to show me how much you want to get rewarded?" He licked his lips again, both in anticipation of what he was going to do and savoring the taste of his wife.

"Mmmm.... Yes, sir! I’m ready!"

"Good boy. Jenny, dear? Daniel is not allowed to use his hands so you are going to have to help him. I want to watch you put another man’s cock in your husbands mouth. Specifically, mine."

"Yes, sir. I’d love to. Ready honey?" She placed a hand on the back of Daniels neck and her other hand wrapped around the shaft of my prick. He nodded and she pulled him gently over until his mouth was about half an inch away from the head of my cock. She stopped him and said "Stick your tongue out, baby. It’s right there."

Daniels tongue slithered out and bumped into the head of my cock. He twitched just a little, then proceeded to run his tongue all around the head of my cock slowly and gently, just the way I had taught him. He turned his head this way and that, licking my prick like an ice cream cone while I sighed in pleasure. Then finally, he opened his lips and slid my meat into his mouth and I was engulfed in the warm wetness as he spread his saliva all over my cock, working it slowly in and out.

My hand slid up his arm and shoulder and up his neck to twine my fingers gently in his hair, feeling his head bobbing in my lap while I sighed in pleasure again.

"Mmmm... Good boy, Daniel. Very nice. Very good. Nice and slow, boy. Nice and slow.... Mmmm..." I measured his pace with the grip I had on his hair, slowing him down just a little. Jenny still had one hand gripping my shaft. I reached down with my other hand and loosened her grip and laid her hand palm up on the arm of my chair. Then I reached down beside my leg and placed something in her hand and closed her fingers over it. She looked down at her hand and shivered in anticipation.

"You are such a good boy, Daniel. You do know so well how to make me happy." I ran my fingers through his hair. "So happy in fact that very soon I am going to come inside you." Daniel made a little happy groan around his mouthful of cock and started to move a little faster until my grip tightened in his hair again and almost brought him to a halt.

"But I’m not going to come in your mouth."

The kneeling man paused for just a fraction of a second, his mouth opening a tad wider and his hands tightened on my knees. Then he moaned deep in his throat and his whole body rocked with a shiver.

"Would that be okay with you, do you think? Would it make my little pet boy happy if I filled his tight little ass with my come?" Daniel moaned and shivered again, then nodded slowly on my prick and said "Mmmmmm-Hmmmmmm!!"

As I’d said before, Daniel had never even kissed another man before he became mine, let alone get fucked in the ass by one. The first time had taken about a week of gentle coaxing, with fingers and increasingly larger toys before he could relax enough for me to penetrate him. And even though it had been a rather painful experience it had only taken about a minute of me stroking in and out of his tight firm little butt for him to come long and hard.

I let him rest and recuperate for a couple of days afterwards and give him some time to come to grips with the experience, leaving the ball in his court for the time being.

Five days later he came and got on his knees in front of me, red faced and stammering, and begged me to fuck him again. And it just got easier after that.

But since he had only been mine for a month so far, he had only felt my prick spreading his ass open three times so the experience was still fairly new to him. And as far as I knew, Sandy had only taken him once that way herself, hammering him from behind with her strap-on. When she reached down and turned the vibrator on he had howled and made quite a mess on the bed beneath him. That was what we like to call in our household "a fun evening."

Anyway, it looked like he was more than amenable to getting fucked again, which was more than fine with me.

"I’ve asked your hot little wife to help us out again. You don’t mind, do you?" He shook his head slightly and mumbled "Hmm-mmmm!"

I nodded at Jenny and she got up and moved behind her husband with the tube of lubricant in her hand, her face flushed and eyes wide. She flipped the top of the tube open, squeezed a gob of the slippery lube on her fingers and reached down between his ass cheeks. Daniels body shivered again at her touch and his lips tightened down on my prick as he went "Mmmmm......"

Sandy hopped down off of the couch and knelt down behind her little pet, plastering herself to Jenny’s back, her hands sliding around that slim waist as her thighs snugged up around Jenny’s hips. My wife leaned down to Jenny’s ear and started whispering gentle directions. The little redheads face was flushed a deep pink. She had never, up to that point, ever played with Daniels ass before. The new experience, bolstered no doubt by Sandy running her hands slowly up and down her body, was getting her wildly excited.

And I wasn’t faring too poorly in the excitement department myself. Daniel was making little noises as his wife played with his butt and the combination of that and his lips and tongue slipping up and down my prick were making little lights flash in my vision and I could feel the sweat prickling all over my forehead. It felt so good that I vowed to myself right then and there that we were going to be doing this more often.

As a matter of fact, it felt a little too good and I needed to slow down some myself. Twining my fingers in his hair, I pulled Daniels mouth away from my prick. He whined a little but used his now freed mouth to say "Ooohh.... Oh my god...." Then he opened his mouth and groaned louder as a second of Jenny’s fingers slipped into his butt, stretching him open wider.

"Does that feel good, my pet?"

"Mmmmm.... Oh yes sir! It feels wonderful!"

"Is she getting your butt nice and lubed up for my cock?"

"Aaahhhh.....Yes sir. She is!"

"That’s good. Because I don’t think I can wait much longer. Jenny girl! A bit more lube and make sure he’s nice and slippery. Then you can give me a bit. There’s one more place I need you to guide my cock into this evening."

She gulped and her eyes got wider and she said "Yes, sir!"

Sandy looked up at me and nodded, then had Jen slowly pull her fingers out of Daniels butt while he groaned. Once she was out I had him stand up and turn around, guiding him with my hands on his hips. Then I grabbed those firm little butt cheeks in my hands and spread them apart. Trembling a bit, Jenny reached between her husbands thighs and grabbed me and wiped a bit of the lube on the head of my cock, then kept it aimed straight up between his cheeks while I guided him down.

Daniels hands came down on the arms of my chair and I got to both see and feel as first the head of my cock nuzzled between those soft firm cheeks, then came to rest, pressed up against the little rose of his opening. It was open just a little bit, since her fingers were so small, so just the tip penetrated him. I watched the muscles in his back flex as he tried to calm and relax himself enough to allow me entry into his tight little ass.

This was a new experience for him, as before I had him either bound face down over a pile of pillows or on his back with his feet up on my shoulders while I penetrated him. Those times I took him as my property. Now in this position he was forced to give himself to me, which was, at least emotionally, a whole new ball game.

I could also feel, as his body weight pressed down, his sphincter muscles spasming as they fought against what his body considered an unnatural intrusion. Even if his mind craved it, his body fought against it.

My pets mouth came open and he was alternately holding his breath and gasping as the tip of my prick levered him open a fraction of an inch at a time. His gasps were interspersed with muted cries of pain which were almost music to my ears. Not that I enjoyed causing him pain. I’m not a sadist, so to speak. But I knew, as Daniel himself explained to me, that if it weren’t for the initial pain then the pleasure that followed wouldn’t be as sweet and poignant.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the head of my prick popped through the ring of muscles and into his anal tunnel. Daniel stiffened and cried out "Oooooohhhhhhh...... Owwwww....... Ohhh my god...." and all of his muscles tightened up as he froze in place. I could her Jenny making sympathetic noises and saying "Just relax baby... just relax.... You can do it....."

My palms were holding his smooth bottom and I could feel the muscles in his butt were clenched up tight. Very slowly, like a flower unfolding with the coming of the sun, he started to relax and the shaft of my prick slid deeper and deeper into him a bit at a time. After what seemed like an eternity I felt Jenny pull her hand out from between us and Daniels bottom came to rest in my lap with my cock firmly planted all the way in his ass.

He was still breathing heavily and making small noises of mixed pleasure and pain. I reached up to his shoulder and pulled him back into my chest and cuddled him into my arms. There was a fine sheen of sweat all over his skin and I could taste the salt of it when I pressed my lips against the side of his neck and hugged him to my chest. I felt a movement and glanced around his shoulder to see Jen and Sandy lifting and spreading Daniels legs until they were draped over the outside of my knees, both giving him something to put leverage on and also spreading him open so they could both watch the action.

"Mmmmm...... It feels so good inside you, Daniel." I whispered into his ear. "I am the luckiest man in the world to have you as my pet." And I moved my hips beneath him, moving my cock buried deep inside his ass just a little, making him shiver and gasp. His hands came up to cover mine and he squirmed back against me. "And you feel so good inside me sir. Aaahhhh.... I don’t want to ever be anything but your pet....." Glancing down over his shoulder I could see that his fine prick had softened about halfway with the initial discomfort.

"Jenny girl."

"Yes, sir?"

"Do you think that sweet mouth of yours can get your husband hard again?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Do you think you can make him come?" Daniel groaned and twitched at my words.

"Oh, yes sir! I know I can!" My hands went down to Daniels slim hips and I rocked into him again making him squirm and sigh.

"Here’s the deal, then. If you can make him come with those sweet lips of yours and if you manage to swallow every single drop then I will allow you two unlimited play time together tonight. All night long. How does that sound?"

"That sounds wonderful, sir! Thank you!" Her hands came up and hesitated. "May I begin, sir?" I waved a hand. "Whenever you are ready, love."

"Thank you sir!" Her slim little hands wrapped around her husbands half hard shaft and began stroking softly and she lowered her head and started peppering the smooth skin of his cock with little kisses and licks. Daniel groaned lightly and moved against me again, one of his hands going down to gently tangle in her short hair as she moved busily in his crotch.

I myself had been so tightly wrapped by the time I got all the way into his awesome little ass that it had been a struggle not to come right then and there. But now I had settled down to a slow simmer, just reveling in the feeling of his body against me and the rhythmic movements of his pelvis as he started moving slowly between my prick planted in his ass and his wife’s hot little mouth. Jen had gotten him hard again quickly and slipped the head of Daniels cock into her mouth and was sucking on him slowly, her slim little hands sliding up and down the shaft in time with the movements of her bobbing head. And the more she sucked the more Daniel squirmed against me, his inner muscles squeezing my prick like a milking machine.

I could tell from his movements and his little gasps of pleasure that it wasn’t going to be too awful long before Jenny won her prize. Like I said, we’d only let them play together twice since they became ours and both times that was with us watching. This would be the first time we allowed them to sleep together alone without being locked in their chastity cages and unobserved. And the little redhead was working hard towards that goal.

Besides, even if it was difficult for him to come out and admit it aloud, Daniel had found that he really enjoyed being fucked by me. He referred to it as "The ultimate sacrifice to pleasure." And so far I had made him come at least twice each time I had fucked him and was hoping to do it again right now. I imagined that between me and that hot little nymph of a wife of his Daniel was going to be sore and tired and probably walking funny tomorrow morning.

It’s a good thing it was the weekend. It gave him an entire day to recover his strength.

If I let him rest, that is. We would see.

Whilst I was lost in the reverie my pet had started moaning louder and moving more in my lap. He had broken out in a hard sweat (as had I) and the musk of desire in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Just under the sound of Daniels moans I could hear the little slippery suctioning sounds Jenny’s mouth was making on his prick and I could hear a low moan come form her as well. Glancing down I saw that Sandy had slid a hand down between her pets thighs and was fingering her as Jenny’s pale skin turned a rosy pink color.

As my pet squirmed in my lap wriggling like a caught fish I knew it was only going to be seconds before he reached his peak and started coming. I decided to use those seconds to have a bit more fun with him. One hand came up and grabbed his chin, pulling his ear closer to my mouth.

"Are you going to come for me, Daniel?"

"Unnnnnhhhhh!.... Yes, sir!"

"Do you want to come in your wife’s pretty little mouth?"

"Oooohhh..... Yes, please sir!" His whole body trembled and he was bucking his hips up and down in my lap. Daniel had put both hands down on the arms of my chair for leverage and they were clenched into fists.

"Ask me nicely."

"Oooohhh.... Please sir. Please sir let me come in her mouth... Please sir, I want it so bad! Oooohhh...." His tight sphincter was squeezing my prick as it moved in and out of his ass and his cheeks had tightened up as well, the soft skin and hard muscle stroking me as he bounced up and down on my lap. All of that together with the sights and sounds and smells were driving me right up to the edge. I decided I wasn’t going to try and hold off and abandoned myself to the pleasure. One hand went to his hip and the other to his shoulder and I began to buck up into his thrusts, driving my prick home hard in his soft little ass.

"Come for me, Daniel. Come for me, my pet. Fill her mouth with your come and I’m going to fill your ass with mine." Jenny was moaning around her husbands cock in her mouth under Sandy’s ministrations. I’m sure the extra vibration was driving my pet crazy.

My good boy had just been waiting for permission. For as soon as the words left my lips he cried out and bucked so hard on my pole that if I hadn’t had a firm grip on him he would have flown right out of the chair. He cried out and shook and all of his muscles turned rock hard. I thrust up into him all the way as he clamped down on my prick and the lights danced in my eyes as I started spewing inside of him over and over as I tried my very best to fill him completely up with my hot sticky come. Somewhere, as if from a long distance away, I thought I heard Jenny give a muffled cry as well. My wife has some talented fingers and knows very well how to make her pet shiver and squeak when she wants to.

I’m sure if someone would have walked into our house at that moment, they would have been immediately sure of what was going on just from the sounds we were all making. And I could almost picture the neighbors out on their porch shaking their heads and muttering "They’re at it again!"

We were kind of loud. But we enjoyed ourselves.

Afterwards I sent Daniel and his wife in to take a shower together and then sent them off to bed in the small bedroom with goodnight kisses and told them to have fun. Daniel was looking a little worn around the edges but I’m sure Jenny would have no problem getting him roused and raring to go again.

After I rinsed off myself Sandy and I locked up and crawled into bed ourselves. Alone in our bed for the first time in months. My wife, like Daniels, had no problem getting me aroused and ready for another go 'round before we dropped off into an exhausted slumber a couple of hours later.

As I said before, that was what we liked to call in our household "A fun evening."

And it was.



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