This is a story of lost innocence and found pleasures. Of forbiden love and lust.

In my very young, innocent years as just before and as I entered my pubesent years. A very close relative of mine and I discovered the wonderful pleasures of a gay relationship.

It began innocently one summer evening as we lay in bed, spending the night together. I was laying there in my underwear trying to stay cool on a hot summer night.

My Nephew was laying beside me, also in his underwear attempting to stay cool also.

At some point in my fitful sleep, I must have become exposed. My underwear was lose fitting and I often slipped out. Lately, I often became arroused and would often awake with an erection.

I awoke with a strange, very pleasurable, new feeling. I realized, someone was fondling my penis and testicles. At first I was shocked, but I just layed there feeling the pleasure.

It was quite bright on the back porch area because of a full moon. I opened my eyes slightly to see my nephew (he was a year and a half younger than I)gently fondling me with his right hand and fondling himself with his left hand.

I noticed he too, was erect and obviously very excited by what he was doing. He was gasping in short breaths and rolling his head from side to side.

I too was having trouble keeping my breath. I opened my eyes and he notice I was awake. He paused and asked if he could keep doing what he was doing. I told him I didn't mind.

As we lay there, I started asking questions. I was quite puzzled as to what was happening. I always thought only girls liked boy parts. He said he thought the same, but he saw my hard dick sticking out of my underwear and he had the strongest urge to touch it. He explained how he had become extremely aroused just looking at it and just had to touch it.

We were both prepubesant at that time, so no ejaculations took place. But the warmth of his touch was so, so wonderful. I started fondling him and he too loved the feeling.

We discussed these feelings in great length and agreed to tell no one of our indescretions. We knew the riducule we would be facing if anyone found out. We both agreed to silence and to this day, no one knows what we did.

Together we studied everything about gay sex. Believe it or not, my younger nephew was the aggressor in this relationship. He led the way with most of the experimention. I loved it looking forward to each overnight. He was so in to this he must have spent every minute thinking of nothing else.

We made up games such as cow, where we would lean under each other like a baby calf and suckle each other. This of course turned into sixty nine, where we enjoyed each other at the same time.

He introduced crossdressig after a few weeks of exploration. This started one night when he put his older cousins under panties in the bathroom. When he put them on, I loved it. I guess in reality, I am Bi and he was gay. I became more and more excited as he dressed more elaborately in girl clothes.

One night, several months after we began this relationship, we were going at it in our normal sixty nine finally. All of a sudden, it became more pleasurable than ever. I was breathing so heavy and hunching against him. I had to release him from my mouth in order to catch my breath.

He stopped and I screamed at him to continue. I grasp him a fondled him to keep him interested. He took me back in his mouth and finally, my penis started pumping cum. He jerked away and sat back watching the sperm fly whild I moaned with pleasure.

Needless to say, we were both shocked. He began touching my semen and stared at it in total amazment. I lay there spent by the explosion. I sain, "what the hell happened?"

I kinda knew, but I didn't know for sure. He said he thought it was called "cumming." He had heard that we shoot out cum inside a girl and it makes babys.

At a loss, I told him I did not know guys could make each other do that. He got a wash cloth and cleaned me up. As he wiped, after being totally spent and not wanting to be touched, I became aroused again.

He was in our version of being dressed like a girl. He was wearing a garter, hose, bra, and high heals. I loved to caress the flesh above the hose and I began doing this as he wiped up my cum.

I worked my way slowly up to his erection and began playing with him. He understood and reciprocated.

While doing this, he began telling me about how he had heard that a guy could stick his dick in another guys rear and it was like having sex with a girl. He told me he wanted to try this if it was okay.

We studied the possibility and since he knew more about it than I did, he would put it inside me first.

We discovered almost immediately, we needed lubrication. We used vasoline, putting on my anus and his penis. He slipped right in. He was alot smaller than I at that time so I had little problem accomidating him.

He fucked me for quite awhile. He said it felt really great, very warm and moist.

He finally got off and asked me if I wanted to try? I agreed and we greased up. I mounted him doggy style. We had a little problem at first due to my size. Slowly, he managed to slip me inside. He was right! He felt wonderful! I began moving in and out slowly at first. Again I could feel the pressure building. I again began breathing very hard. As I pumped faster, he began groaning with what appeared to be pleasure and pain.

I slowed and let up on my thrusts so as not to hurt him. Finally, I came even harder than the first time. He held on tight as I came.

Over the years, he became my go to person. He loved me and trusted me and I him. I moved on to girls and him. If a girl wouldn't put out, no problem, I would go and get him. He would dress up for me and we would tear each other up!

He moved away during our high school years. I did not have another guy I felt comfortable with. I have been searching my whole life for a lover like him.

I have had a couple of men since, but it never went past a one night stand. They just don't compare.



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